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Selfish. Wanted to keep playing the game he loves. All about what he loves @JoeyMulinaro Joey when people were saying Big Ben should retire:
Retweeted by JoeyWashed up 100% agree. Talked about just that with the man himself a couple shows ago ⬇️ @TJAhlefeld Purdue guy @JoeyMulinaro Nick Hardwick
Retweeted by Joey“Were gonna play dodgeball cuz I want a man with some balls” *eyes bloodshot* “BALLS” *twitching* “BALLS HAHA… support this best glow up of all time is offensive lineman after they stop playing football and it’s really not close @JoeyMulinaro needs a coaching job somewhere. Not necessarily to coach, but just to drop these money one-liners 😂
Retweeted by JoeyThe AFC North is so back @JoeyMulinaro
Retweeted by Joey @JRodgers11 Just Harvard stuff no biggie @JoeyMulinaro While she ditched his ass in there he coded an app for all the bachelors to use to wait in line and m…
Retweeted by JoeyBennett waited his whole life for the one big shot to use the Harvard line and it got completely thrown back in his faceAll the PDA kids from high school watching the love language segment my love langauge #TheBachelorette
Retweeted by JoeyBennett is such a Bottomtooth from Family Guy
@Pacers @RaysBaseball @Dodgers Idk but y’all need to sell theseEveryone has a Davis
Retweeted by JoeyIf this tweet gets 6969 retweets by 10:07est we will release the Matthew McConaughey early!
Retweeted by JoeyIf I get you 6 feet of a receiver I’ll be happy😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by JoeyGet excited...
Retweeted by Joey @JoeyMulinaro Crying
Retweeted by JoeyI ASK AND HE DELIVERS!!! 🤣😂
Retweeted by JoeyHigh school football coach updates team on COVID @calebpressley All time line here POV of girls view at the club Murray looks like that old black and white footage that looks like it’s in fast forward when he runsSteelers kick the Browns ass and the Cowboys getting embarrassed at home on national tv. It doesn’t get much better. @JoeyMulinaro COMON
Retweeted by Joey3 Guys Drank Every Time Troy Aikman Said "Job" Tonight And Well, They Drank A LOT
Ya don’t say @Reflog_18 @bakermayfield @BIGPLAYReflog @miamiuniversity @_BigBen7 Lol weak but I’ll take a 30 point winWe have been waiting for this forever!
Retweeted by Joey“A mood”. 38-7. Big Ben 24-2-1. Buy now, Steeler nation ⬇️ bout to make me their bitch with the new season of Unsolved MysteriesThere's No Way On God's Green Earth That Skittles Are Only The 19th Best Candy @FeitsBarstool Welcome aboard the bandwagon boys JohnnyThe fact that this was 15 years ago. Wow! Fun to be on Cup of Joey with @JoeyMulinaro and @Brady_Quinn!
Retweeted by JoeyVictory Monday at HQ. Celebrate the best day of the week:
Retweeted by Joey15 years later and @Brady_Quinn and @MattLeinartQB still have some serious unfinished business surrounding the Bush…
Retweeted by JoeyMorning @nateburleson go Steelers @AROD They were thinking too bigAlways fun my man! @JoeyMulinaro
Retweeted by JoeyBush Push game happened 15 years ago last week! Tomorrow I look back with the two QBs from that legendary game…
MOOD #GoBucs
Retweeted by Joey @StevenCheah Bucs go off Steelers dominate @goingdeep is going to be wild this weekWeek of handshake takes. Skip Bayless’ super bowl @JoeyMulinaro Killing me 😂😂
Retweeted by Joey @JoeyMulinaro Wow Joey lmaoooooooo
Retweeted by JoeySean McVay with an interesting preview for SNF on 4:25 in October with Buck-Aikman on the call makes me want to eat chili and not do my homework @JoeyMulinaro But seriously he’s incredible and everything I wished Martavis Bryant would be
Retweeted by Joey @AdamLefkoe Even better @JoeyMulinaro your postgame reports for barstool are already legendary
Retweeted by JoeySteelers Nation I’ll be rocking mine tomorrow. Get your Victory Monday shirt now ⬇️ Beat The Living Shit Out Of Cleveland, Move To 5-0 move by Rudolph to have his chinstrap undoneOhhh Boy Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm Has Tested Positive For COVID
Retweeted by JoeyIt’s either going really good or really really bad for you when the broadcasters are talking about memes with 10 minutes left in the gameDerrick Henry and Chase Claypool could Star in the next Alien movie cuz those dudes are freaksOhhh Boy Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm Has Tested Positive For COVID just can’t state enough how much I love Chase ClaypoolWe play grown football in PittsburghPut 60 on ‘em
Retweeted by JoeyEvergreen tweet 😬😬😬 saw a Christmas commercial. It’s October 18. What are we doing guysSomewhere proud papa @JoeyMulinaro is smirking and uttering a “geaux tigers” under his breath.
Retweeted by Joey @JoeyMulinaro yo @Dameshek. I think we found a bigger Steelers fan than you
Retweeted by Joey3 Rivers to a Steelers Win Week 6 vs. Browns @BIGPLAY_dave RelaxHoodie under jerseys. It’s time.It’s Week 6, people. In bulk.
Retweeted by Joey Jones is the real life version of how every QB looked in NCAA 14
Retweeted by Joey
600+ yards to KJ Costello smh @Dameshek 2 pregame (open and initial sideline) 2 the first offensive drive for Pitt 1 when talking about Kareem hu… Dame is always good for an October scare at home that ends up being a final score of like 19-12Last night my fraternity brother Schuyler Bradley was shot while protecting fellow members of Acacia and is now hos…
Retweeted by JoeyMore like Mo Dix cuz that guy blowsMe having a nice little Saturday: Tom Rinaldi ready to wreck it: Saban are you going to coach tonight’s game? Saban evolution of Joey’s hair is phenomenal
Retweeted by JoeyDrinks 1 IPA Cup of Joey on Monday features 2 guests for the first time. 12 year old me (and 27 year old me) is going nuts about it. Any guesses? @AROD They thought small and big things happened, Alex
Mom got the 20 pack of scooby doo fruit snacks in Florida and said I couldn’t finish them by the end of the week've Made A Bet With Browns Fans I May Regret Cleveland wins I’ll wear a @bakermayfield jersey every Sunday gameday until Week 17 when we play again. If Ste… @BIGPLAY_dave @ColinCowherd @Reflog_18 Need to raise stakes a little moreTWO WEEKS until the return of #TheMandalorian and this little fella. Buy here:
Retweeted by Joey Best Football Stat You'll See Today 1st or 2nd year QB are you starting your franchise with? @willcolon66 & @JoeyMulinaro have their answers, but…
Retweeted by Joey @danorlovsky7 @Browns @steelers Booooo