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@JhbTeam shoutout @HEB meal simple fr fr @shivisdumb it in fact was poggers @KyleTheGod_ @HarryButAverage either way this shit wild af i heavily underestimated how much theyd be worth at PSA 10 @KyleTheGod_ @HarryButAverage good lord im excited to send them in then to get graded. the centering on one of the… @KyleTheGod_ @HarryButAverage is this really that accurate? you tellin me i might be able to sell the stuff i pulle… @Class @JhbTeam twitter really out here suspending mfs for the dumbest shit huh @KyleTheGod_ real shit, i think ima open up a shit load of packs, collect all the pog cards, then send them to the… @KyleTheGod_ @JhbTeam no surely not @Class sittin here at 5:30 am central watching back my vods thinkin bout what i can to do betterOnTheFly Podcast #3 ☁️ w/SPECIAL GUESTS 💠 ▶️ NEVER SEEN BEFORE DRAMA & FOOTAGE OF POKIMANE VS JOEY ▶️ Breaking dow…
Retweeted by Joey @Class dog @harrybutprivate NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP @Goombba @100TJackiee no @100TJackiee you will pay for your sins @lexieyuh @100TJackiee WAKE UP ITS TIME @jakkuxd nah fr @lexieyuh DEMON SLAYERPOG STREAM THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! AND WE PULLED A TON OF COOL CARDS! MORE POKEMON CARD OPENING STREAMS HAPPENING S… SHIT WEVE ALREADY PULLED SO MANY COOL CARDS, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH, AND THERES STILL 11 PACKS LEFT TAP TH… LIVE! OPENING 17 POKEMON XY EVOLUTION PACKS (2 ELITE TRAINER BOXES) TAP IN IMMEDIATELY @thegingerbatt believe it or not ive not needed the turkey just sent me into a coma @100TJackiee yo jackbobgood morning i feel better now ima lob the stream soon. sorry for the delay @LazasBautista @hitchariide @HarryButAverage @KaleiRenay damn you makin some solid points @LazasBautista @hitchariide @HarryButAverage @KaleiRenay tummy kinda hurtin after all this thanksgiving food, prolly gonna be live at around 9:30PM CST instead 🙂 @liImorg thank you morg it was fun, i hope you had a good day as well :D @lexieyuh LETS GO I CANT WAIT @scaruki we didnt get one ima have to get it when we celebrate thanksgiving at my parents house in a couple weeks @Gavpai nah fr @Mako da special sauce @jakkuxd yeah dats what turkey breast wifout da skin looks @SkreetMan its turkey breast!thanksgiving dinner at the 4House is SERVED @HarryButAverage yeahOPENING 17 XY EVOLUTIONS POKEMON PACKS ON STREAM TONIGHT LIVE AROUND 8:30PM CST
@OnTheFlyTwitch HOLY SHIT NO WAY @AbbyTheMS YOU AS WELL ABBY @Froste NO FUCKING WAY LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Oreologist he thought thanksgiving was a christian thing not american @xoxabstract LMAOOOOOO this is easily my most frequently asked question but i am in fact jewish @JERMAlNE currently on my way home from my parents house, they got this for free and are giving it to the 4house t… @JERMAlNE nah fr @LazasBautista LMAO thats deadass me @Grahamalott @Daymeeein @100TJackiee @itsWaddles_ @oFabz @HarryButAverage @shivisdumb @Blankzy_ @Oreologist @TheMob @mrpotatohaed ily2 u too man have a great day @okleslie ily2 leslie i appreciate tf out of you thank you for always being there. have a great day as well @notedub on some no bullshit edub i know we’ve had issues in the past but a genuine ass mf i appreciate you man. hope your day is great @daiptix thanks for being one of my first friends on here man. hope ur day is great @sebthe_crab @Innovvator @JayLags_ @ltsCamo @LyttleOne_ @_itsEko @AbbyTheMS @KeviSkillz @NicholiFNST @KyIeMx @_miyamoto__ man LMAO my bad @Blankzy_ blankzy moment lets go ily man @Chriztopha_ ily2 chris happy thanksgiving to you as well man @scaruki @LazasBautista footage not available to the public @xLambo_ it was nice meeting you lambo hope we can do it again sometime. ily2 @Leo__ffs same to you sir @LazasBautista next time we go again. i appreciate you man @scaruki ty scarlett ily and appreciate you (and i happened to notice just now that you should change the twitch link in ur bio LOL) @ELPWSwastaken when both are properly prepared at high quality, its ham by a mile @oFabz lets go fabio moment ily man @shivisdumb ima manifest that into exist shiv ty for being so poggers i hope the rest of ur day is great, ily @_miyamoto__ wait what??? all the individual packs are all vivid voltage except for the 4 near the top! or are you… @Gavpai lfg gav yall know why yall helped become an adult and move the fuck out ill always be so thankful for that. ty man @HarryButAverage @OnTheFlyTwitch @Huntrelol @Gavpai @iMercii_ @lexieyuh @Daymeeein @shivisdumb @BWAMatt @daiptix @itsWaddles_ thank you for helping being a reason for that man. ily, lets grind @lexieyuh ily lexie i hope you have a great day and i can’t wait to hang out again @BWAMatt deadass suckin you off next time i see you ongshoutout to these mfs for, in some way, increasing my quality of life. so many people not named that i appreciate a… deadass bout to cry sitting here thinking about how much i love yall. some of yall are the best friends i have,… @yNope_ @HarryButAverage @itsWaddles_ @oFabz @Grahamalott @100TJackiee @nCaustic_ @XeenNoLogs @Hi46Haris @limbolul @HarryButAverage @100TJackiee @Daymeeein @fvckwill @ELPWSwastaken @Attacksx @xAidanZul @thegingerbatt @oFabz a lot of rare and pog stuff. the xy evolutions packs are the remakes of the originals so they look cool and… @_miyamoto__ im very confused what do you mean @100TJackiee ? @shivisdumb i dont wanna talk about it @Icy_Rapture ah incredibly tough scenes @Icy_Rapture nah everything in the picture is what i currently ownthanks for watching tonight's stream! the food actually came out really good, i think im getting better at this coo… @Huntrelol nah frPRE-THANKSGIVING COOKING STREAM IS NOW LIVE! MAKING ENCHILADAS AND COOKIES TAP IN IMMEDIATELY (or at least leave a… @BWAMatt okay. @Daymeeein what did he mean by this @Oreologist they were literally in stock at walmart, i was shocked. the xy evolution boxes were retail $40 and sell online for way more @JeffThrow nah fr @iMercii_ the mountain dew is just cuz i wanted double xp in cod LMAOi currently own 82 unopened pokemon packs, including 33 XY evolution packs. first of many pack opening streams wil… is not a real person @OnTheFlyTwitch tap in yalli got 4 of these at retail for $40 each, this is currently how much they go for on amazon. @itsKursed i just got a 3900xt its one of the best choices ive ever made
@Huntrelol LMAOOH GOD MY WALLET DOES NOT LIKE THIS SHIT THEY GOT XY EVOLUTIONS IN STOCK AT MY STORE BANGER STREAM INCOMING SOON @lexieyuh @Xouped who woulda thought one word in among us game would cause this @Mako sounds like fun and pink drink sounds like the wave rn might have to stop at starbucks @Mako so far my ethernet splitter broke and i accidently napped instead of being productive. solid 3/10 will try to improve it @shivisdumb @OnTheFlyTwitch shows how crazy they are @itsWaddles_ @D_Tank__ @OnTheFlyTwitch LOL