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@NotAirid @Boy1drr 💜LMAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Joeyyo this blue skies mod for doki doki is INCREDIBLE. thank you all so much for watching. can't wait to (maybe?) fini… @itsWaddles_ @100TJackiee @Daymeeein @lexieyuh @scarrfries @maids uwu ^~^LIVE NOW FOR DOKI DOKI BLUE SKIES w/ @100TJackiee @Daymeeein @lexieyuh @scarrfries @maids VOICING ANIME GIRLS WOOAH…’ve already notified players via discord, but killjoy is officially BANNED from our tournament as well Riot Game…
Retweeted by Joey @AbbyTheMS @BigFnDawg00 @OnTheFlyTwitch yeah so riot games actually contacted me as well. its already been disabled. @KingEmail0 ?playing more doki doki blue skies with friends (including FEMALES) voicing the characters in about 2 hours!… @oFabz Peach @iScenario WHAT @dxukkaj yes @iRhezd yes its godlike @dxukkaj’s peach milkshake might be the greatest thing on planet earth
@JhbTeam @OnTheFlyTwitch oh @Blankzy_ this the winning bracket fr fr @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch yeah that seems about right @Blankzy_ @OnTheFlyTwitch mako really gonna fight all the way through loser's just to lose to yall AGAIN @ltsCamo @OnTheFlyTwitch @OnTheFlyTwitch official JoeyTheSuperJew prediction @SkreetMan @100TJackiee @OnTheFlyTwitch LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @BigFnDawg00 @OnTheFlyTwitch god damn you SNAPPED @ltsCamo @OnTheFlyTwitch pretty much exactly that, yeah🚨 OTF BRACKET CHALLENGE 🚨 You could win $50 by watching our tournament 💸 TO ENTER: 🡒 RT this tweet 🡒 Follow…
Retweeted by Joey @atSerpentine yeah @atSerpentine man hopefully you can see why it makes way more sense, before, the 3rd match would knock out one of t… @atSerpentine oh yeah everyone said it was a great change and i agreed @atSerpentine ?☁️ OnTheFly Valorant Invitational ☁️ ⟶ 12 Teams, Double Elimination ❌ ⟶ Winning Team gets $200, 2nd gets $50 💸 ⟶ F…
Retweeted by Joey @Avalanche100T its actually to the point where its hard to remember what its like to be with a big group of people LMAOthanks for watching tonight's stream! back tomorrow night to play more Doki Doki Blue Skies w/ @Daymeeein @Blankzy_ @Avalanche100T @xbarkoo @koordell @SamManlol @BasedGothlol @Blankzy_ that shit was fun fr @Avalanche100T so much going on in life for me right now i miss being able to spend entire days doing absolutely no… GAMES MOCKINGJAY PT 2 WATCH PARTY STARTING IN ONE MINUTE
Retweeted by Joey @Classify very good so far, hope yours is as well @Blankzy_ @OnTheFlyTwitch @SamManlol @BasedGothlol he said "easy" @Mako @Avalanche100T @koordell @dxukkaj @OnTheFlyTwitch 🤔
Nadeshot saw me samman and Carlos were in the tournament and said no cuz he was too scared
Retweeted by JoeyFINAL TEAM - TOURNAMENT IS THIS SATURDAY ➡️ @Avalanche100T @Mako @koordell ⬅️
Retweeted by Joeylive in 10 minutes - be there to see the final team announcement! @Froste @OnTheFlyTwitch☁️ OnTheFly Valorant Invitational ☁️ 🚨 FINAL TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 ➡️ Also, stick around to help us decide the brack…
Retweeted by Joey @Icy_Rapture np man sorry i had to dip instantly and im glad you’ve been having fun streaming :DLETS GOOOOO TY GUYS @lexieyuh IT DID! @Chriztopha_ widePeepoHappy @lexieyuh YOOO LEXIE TY @ItsDuDD real ass shit @fvckwill @ELPWSwastakentomorrow perhaps? PauseChamp @sophiesolit LMAO probably a good idea @RCrabbioli @sophiesolit still the austin tx area very close to where i am now 🙂 the poggers thing is the fact im moving with friends @umar__haroon @100TJackiee i appreciate you sir thank you for always being a good presence in chat @BaGrizzle_ @100TJackiee thank you very much for watching it was fun to have you in chatpogged off today thank yall for the gifted subs and thanks again to @100TJackiee for teaching me how to play! OTF…! Learning how to do a 16 star run with the help of @100TJackiee! This should go VERY well…
Retweeted by Joey @chaselyons this picture is so funny to me with all the trash and laundry in the background LMAOOO @Mako need a gaming is forever flag to fly outside at the front door @100TJackiee @shivisdumb @atlantaslatt @100TJackiee feelin a bit sick atm but ill probably lob that stream within the next hourishFINALLY learning how to speedrun Super Mario 64 w/ @100TJackiee teaching me! TONIGHT AT 11PM CST…
@Wis_Alt I AM A PRO MINECRAFT PLAYER I DONT NEED ARMOR @TheSamsman OH NOOOOO @xHitan uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @syhrhys LMAOOOOO @Gavpai LMAOOOOOOOOOOO @100TJackiee damn i swear i just said that in vc a second ago what a crazy coincidence @Gavpai aint we movin in together soon“”I’m the highest in the room” -Travis Scott” -Me 🔥 @Classify man thats some real ass shit.... @OnTheFlyTwitch What's Not Given. 24 hours.
Retweeted by Joey @lexieyuh @OnTheFlyTwitch @Schovee @scarrfries id be too good we wanna make sure teams have a chance to win 🙂 @lexieyuh @OnTheFlyTwitch @Schovee @scarrfries @SkreetMan @Schovee @OnTheFlyTwitch @lexieyuh @scarrfries LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Froste @iMercii_ @Gavpai @Huntrelol thank you man im so excited @Schovee @OnTheFlyTwitch @lexieyuh @scarrfries good luck mannow 10000000% official that im moving in september, this was the main reason my streams have been semi inconsistent… @iMercii_ is probably one of the most strangely composed teams yet... 🤔 ➡️ @Schovee @lexieyuh @scarrfries ⬅️
Retweeted by Joey @ELPWSwastaken @OnTheFlyTwitch @Grahamalott thank you for bringing this to our attention. we are currently working… @dxukkaj @JhbTeam @Froste @TristanGHill yeah @JhbTeam @Froste @TristanGHill already have the address buddy, sending my package now @Froste LETS GO FUCK SPECTRUM ALL MY HOMIES HATE SPECTRUM @Mako gm mako excited to see yalls new house @Nadeshot happy birthday 🤝 @Boy1drr LETS GO ISHAN AAAAAAAAAA @Viperous happy for your success ☺️ crazy that its been a whole year already. and happy birthday as wellthis pandemic stuff is crazy guys !!!
Retweeted by Joey @Huntrelol GAMES MOCKINGJAY PT 1 WATCH PARTY IN ONE MINUTE @Huntrelol yo man im just tryna get these subs in dont worry about itthanks for helping in its creation @JhbTeam @scarrfries