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Assistant Professor of English at West Virginia University. Tweets are my own. Poetry is everyone's. She/her.

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@upstaterica @dan_sinykin @seeshespeak @pintsandpoetry 💯 @seeshespeak Good luck! (I can send you my letter if you want to feel less ridiculous!) @seeshespeak I think it's a thing only when and because people have real and understandable attachments to their ho… voted. I did try to smile for this selfie and this is how it came out. @seeshespeak ...I did that...and we got the house despite there being multiple other (some better) offers... @historianjennie @S_Insley_H This seems relevant: So here I'll stay My home, my people beside me And when I think… @historianjennie @S_Insley_H In my experience, it's entirely dependent on what your commute is like. I know some pe… @shmepshmein @S_Insley_H what leaves you cold is harder than what leaves you incandescent @shmepshmein @S_Insley_H It's a good question because it's not what I hate -- so many things!!! Downton Abbey and C… @S_Insley_H black coffee, podcasts (not anti but very rarely remember about them), holiday decorations @BrianGlavey @gloriafisk @RachelFederDU @zugenia wow @crystal_b_lake @gloriafisk @RachelFederDU @zugenia @rabidduckwit YES PLEASE @gloriafisk @RachelFederDU @zugenia My parents, upon moving to Santa Barbara when I was well into my 20s, tried to… @bobbybaird I don't miss those days, exactly, but I do miss having tacos with you in the Ukrainian Village @upstaterica This last part did help just a bit for just a minute, actually. @upstaterica Added in a riff on how I hope he knows that he'll be hissed in public and any restaurant food will arrive spat in. @upstaterica Maybe a dash of calling-Toomey-to-tell-him-I'm-nauseated will go with this coffee and toast?My new breakfast routine is good, but this morning is a heavy lift.This tendency to think of things that happen to women but not to men as not really mattering politically is why chi…
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@AaronRHanlon @zumhagenyekple I haven't read this yet but can't wait -- @AaronRHanlon Also on the modernist beat, allow me to plug @zumhagenyekple 's A Different Order of Difficulty! @AaronRHanlon I wonder if Stanley Cavell counts as an answer to this question...I'm thinking particularly about his… @carallewis also the toddler bald cap is en route @carallewis basically my daughter @AaronRHanlon Have you read Natalia Cecire's Experimental? It's not exactly "interpretation" but she talks about epistemic virtues. @AaronRHanlon (Also someday let's get a bunch of money and do a conference called Interpretation and Explanation or something like that!) @AaronRHanlon following, I am excited about this projectOne shivers slightly, looking up there. @WPRHarvard attn @ARoseCaseyREGISTRATION IS NOW AVAILABLE: For the upcoming reading by M. NourbeSe Philip & Cecilia Vicuña on Wednesday, Novemb…
Retweeted by Johanna Winant @dan_sinykin @thegreatkellino @msatweet @RColesworthy @PhilipLeventhal yeah! 🔥🔥🔥 @zumhagenyekple Well, I'm not good at zen love!!!!! @zumhagenyekple Yes, and -- as I think you know -- I was partially joking. But not all the way. I tend to think of… @feinsod @benwurgaft @benwurgaft Also good! @benwurgaft Grudges are commitments to memory and justice! They're good, actually! @S_Insley_H @V21collective My hair's already got a self-inflicted blunt cut, and I've long perfected the art of holding a grudge, so all I… is going to happen, with one crucial and superb revision! The princess revealed that she actually wanted to be… @SandmanSimonds this morning: "the feet -- mechanical -- go round" @SandmanSimonds constantly, so many @egabbert @PoetryFound This is so good, it's so vividRIP Diane di Prima. On the occasion of her death/in celebration of her life, heres a link to the full pdf of Revolu…
Retweeted by Johanna Winantso i thought today would be a good today to finish this diane di prima selected poems b/c it’s her birthday & turns…
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@shmepshmein @profdgd And @shmepshmein @profdgd Also "Death of Ivan Ilyich" @profdgd Can pre-med, medical, or nursing students take it? My best friend from high school is a palliative care do… @gabrielwinant The log cabin's like, right there on the edge of Schenley Park with a golf course and joggers all around. @gabrielwinant I went down this other Pittsburgh Parks wikipedia rabbit hole a few months ago: @gabrielwinant very unfair to "strikebreaking" that it doesn't get a hyperlink @gabrielwinant I think that's your avuncular dutyThere were a lot of very informative signs about goats and donkeys in general and these ones in particular and also…, I don't think enough of you appreciated the fact that these goats -- "Hobo's Team" -- were supervised by a do… @gabrielwinant Showed this to G and he’s shouting WHAT are good but the team captain/guard donkey is great. not think Frick Park could be more miraculous @SarahEBond @Prairie_Lights @UICtrBook *** Eavan Boland. Yes! @brownisthecolor "Pawpaws are the northernmost member of the custard apple family, kin to soursops, cherimoyas, sug… @brownisthecolor you could grow pawpaws in chicago! @brownisthecolor looks related, but pawpaws are smooth @brownisthecolor nope!Didn't get to eat any this year, but throwback to this great day -- @KristinGrogan @NoreenMasud you were missed! 💙💚🧡💛💜Pawpaw content @KristinGrogan @NoreenMasud Oh hi you are back!!! @gabrielwinant Wow big our dad energy @RachelFederDU 👀
@MEASeybold @JeffreyInsko @ashleyrattner @ryancordell Oh there's this also! Not a good caus… @MEASeybold @JeffreyInsko @ashleyrattner @ryancordell My just-turned-two year old, at least three times a day, asks… @internetalena Thanks a lot, Thanks for Sun in the sky. Thanks a lot, Thanks for clouds so high. @nlmtys I've been a grad student, a VAP, a postdoc, had a fellowship, and a TT job -- a fair number of places for a… @zumhagenyekple @melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective incredible!!! @zumhagenyekple @melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective I had one gin and tonic and apparently that's all it took to start… @ARoseCasey @melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective our faces, what happened to us @V21collective @melnickjeffrey1 I can't believe this particular vision of Johanna is....15 years ago?!
@melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective Oh here it is (I married him) an email from @RanchoGordo that I could subscribe to Bean Club, never ordered anything so fast. @egabbert @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso It shouldn't be possib… @melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective Can't look right now but can look later! @melnickjeffrey1 @V21collective Once went to a Dylan concert on Halloween dressed as early Dylan with my boyfriend… @evankindley @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso Did he kn… @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso It's a go… @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso Realizing… @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso Once I was asked to po… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso Wait no the story actu… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso Oh yeah. One of my fa… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso I've read the Pound on… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @accommodatingly @egabbert @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso I haven't read Carpent… @annehelen I think it's just laziness @str8evesedgwick @tosingtoosoon has been doing it for years! @kjavadizadeh @egabbert @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso @accommodatingly I don't even think of… @kjavadizadeh @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @AndrewEpstein3 @dchiasso @accommodatingly @egabbert There's a whole conver… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 I'd be curious about Dan Chiasson's and Stephanie Burt's ta… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 Josh Kotin is working on rejection, and there's some very p… @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @kjavadizadeh @AndrewEpstein3 I want to keep thinking about this, but I also want to know… @MiriamCadyPhD @oldenoughtosay OMG