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John Bizzell @John_Bizzell Very South London

They call me Biz. I'm 6'5", you can't miss me. Events Manager: @TweetMRS/@TweetMRSpride. Knackered Usherette: @swkplay. Books/Theatre/Blurry photos.

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@HanneliusRec Thanks guys!
@allodarlin Thanks darling! @mirhalberstam Why thank you! @occasionallyzen Thanks!Before 8am my flimsy indoraptor life had been snuffed out by the deadly jaws of the unstoppable T-Rex and we though… @DanielleDDTodd Thanks. #FeelinGoodAsHell @Snafflepuss Thanks Patchmina. Old in years, but still a spoilt baby at heart. 👼💀💩Very proud of the six (total) people who came out in the rain for #MelbourneStreetEatz tonight: all British or Iris… @KarenEmbra Thanks Karen! I'm ready for many more adventures and many less Frozen sequels in my future.Footnote: I had to post this three times before I got the correct number of days in a year. FETCH THE OLD LADY A COCKTAIL.Jake (4-and-a-half) and I (38-and-365-days) just saw #Frozen2. He says he'll explain the plot to me if i explain wh…
Holiday update: Tiny Teddies for breakfast. Again. 🐻😋💥 @wuk_tracey Coffee!!! Put down that cup of anxiety and get a mug of comforting tea. My parents are looking after Da… @wuk_tracey It's absolutely allowed. The booze blues is the pits. A big mug of tea might help. xxx @sebtown @ArmisteadMaupin I love the idea of loneliness being not 'barren but beautiful.' I've definitely had that… @sebtown Thank you! @allodarlin @ArmisteadMaupin It's one of my favourite books of all time, though I'm far from impartial."She was lost in another time, when loneliness wasn't barren but beautiful, when snapshots and love letters and the… @Islingtonlibs Thanks! I'm loving both.Hey @Islingtonlibs, your copy of Picnic At Hanging Rock has made it with me all the way to Hanging Rock! We'll both…
Don't crow too loudly about expertly mastering someone else's coffee maker, for you may step out of the back door w… @flyboy1977 You turn me into a raving maniac.Holiday update: an actual kangaroo in the actual back garden., I devoted a solid 10 unregrettable hours of the 16 I spent flying from SFO to MEL watching the entire first…
@flyboy1977 YOU GOT THE SINGLETON BIT RIGHT HA HA HA. Ha.Clang, clang, clang went the torrential rain on San Francisco for two whole clanging days. I ate a tacro, drank man…
@Furr_Like_Purr Remember that time you told me there was a high-pitched whine coming from my corner of the office b… @bobqureshi130 I prefer my boys lactose intolerant.Just finished re-reading the copy of @ArmisteadMaupin's Tales of the City that I bought when I was twelve, whilst s… @waveatthetrain I can't see that helping, babes.Holiday update: my lengthy explanation of how Jane Olivor's One More Ride On the Merry-Go-Round is the spiritual an…
@LucyEckley Lucy, make yourself an ENORMOUS martini and you're halfway there! @jemazing Will you be Jemma? Or will you still be charging your phone from the two-bar generator at Keflavik airpor… @SuttonArms Thanks Jack. I promise not to come back demanding martinis... @tonypony Thanks!Well, that's quite enough work for January. I am very much buggering off on holiday. First stop: the bottom of this… @allodarlin Only if I shouted at him in German at the same time.My first office move in over 13 years at @TweetMRS has so far dredged up: a tin of Dax for my long lost hair c. 200… finished The American Lover by Rose Tremain. Whenever I roll my eyes about her calling her contemporaries 'med…
The man opposite me on the train home dropped his leather gloves between my feet and as I handed them back I felt a… @thebeercolonel This has been on my TBR list for years. It WILL be read in 2020.Lunchtime read: for those of us who like to imagine what Dr Henry McCord was doing during Elizabeth's Whitehouse ru…'s some GREAT news to start the week: 1) it looks like @albert_bernard has persuaded the brilliant…
@skbarrone Mine is too small for this particular trip. @flyboy1977 Fountain Lakes. parents have leant me a suitcase, with luggage tag, for my holiday. @waveatthetrain"We may conclude that Italy is the land of instant sex - not the Anglo-Saxon stuff you have to peel and bring to th… finished A Single Thread by @Tracy_Chevalier. The impeccably researched and often poignant story of a 'surplus…
@ChloeRazor 2011!!! @PalmerAlan #99p @flyboy1977 A leather shirt, leather hat Leather gloves, leather spats Leather chaps, leather pants Leather socks,…
@stuarthickey @ComeFromAwayUK You will be #THRILLED when @NikkiBower and I come to kiss the fish. I'm absolutely delighted for you Stu. xxx @vicmaxey I have two speeds: tween or retired. @robertrush @occasionallyzen Not every day can be a marmalade sandwich. @waveatthetrain @site_gallery @JulieVincentTSR @BH_Bradshaw Sorry I missed you. Flying visit for work. Fingers cros… from a busted business bozo's boozy business dinner with Bette. #BizOnBusiness #BetteInBlackLeather @waveatthetrain @site_gallery @JulieVincentTSR @BH_Bradshaw I'M HERE! For the next 33 minutes...Scene from a very busy business people's busy business lunch at @site_gallery. #BizOnBusiness #BabsOnBubbles @BarrieHawker Yes, I read that back in 2018 I think. Loved it. He has a new one out this year. @LucyEckley Thanks Lucy. Give it two weeks and it'll just be a stream of me moaning about trains and noisy children again. #Content @occasionallyzen And a happy Friday to you too, Jennifer. PEAR YOGHURT FOR EVERYBODY!Scene from a very busy business person's business breakfast whilst travelling on business. #BizOnBusiness
Bradley: "Which London cathedral is dedicated to St Peter?" Contestant: "St Paul's." :-O #TheChaseVERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SOME PEOPLE MOSTLY ME: Bernadine Evaristo has agreed to speak at the @TweetMRS Annua… morning only to the set dec who added a wheelie bin and a couple of cones to the Christmas tree graveyard outs…
There's nothing ill-starred about @gemma_dobson in @TasteofHoneyNT. She gives a brilliant performance in an excelle…, I've never seen #ATasteofHoney before but if the second act tries to tell me spending Christmas alone with Du…'m at @TrafStudios for a taste of @TasteofHoneyNT, show 1 of 2020 w/ @PalmerAlan. @BarrieHawker Good for you! Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up about it later this year. @TheICG #MRSawards submission dates for 2020 are now LIVE, so I guess that's my work done for the day. #TraLaLa @Qualstreet @Photobox @BarbraStreisand Yes, I think I agree. @JulieVincentTSR @Photobox @BarbraStreisand Very much the 'other' Babz.Just finished No One Can Pronounce My Name by ⁦@rakeshsatyal⁩. A kind, but very real, insight into otherness and fr…
Marvellous, my 2019 photo book has arrived from @Photobox. Can't decide if my favourite page is the montage of BARB… @ChloeRazor I'm still recovering from the year at The Ivy...I've already had 👀 on this piece and, no spoilers, but it ends with: "This is very much a work in progress." It's l… Everett's Desert Island Discs, and more specifically Odyssey's Native New Yorker, completely got me over the…
@rakeshsatyal Thank you for writing it! @lisagrimesva @rakeshsatyal Here I am, trying to restrain myself from sharing a year's worth of sensational sentences!"The real danger of an insult, even in sleep, was that it put into slurs what you put into poetry in order to prote…
@KatieMcQuater AND WORSE THAN EVER.Continuing my day of pretending the world isn't (in some parts literally) on fire by introducing @dogatadisco to Gr… face hurts from smiling all the way through The Princess Bride. Thanks to whichever @BFI member chose it. FARM B… @bobqureshi130 @DanielleDDTodd Thanks Bob 😊Welcome to another terrifying day on Planet Earth. I'll be hiding in the @BFI watching The Princess Bride, where al…
@BatesyT84 I read a lot of these reviews thinking... yes, that's Cats. But the whole thing about watching Cats on s… read: distract yourself from the news of tyrants, war and foreign meddling in the Middle East with… @DanielleDDTodd Witches float babes. HNY!Good morning Twitter, it's so good to be back.
After three nights in three separate beds (because travelling, calm down mother), I am so delighted to be back in t… @AlanHath I would have thought you'd be all over a canoe, Alan. Admittedly it's not easy to read at the same time. @disco_s I'm back! And I'm THIRSTY! @smjef Thank you. Just in time to start hyping Impact 2020! Are you coming over to see Caroline Criado-Perez? @waveatthetrain Theatre stats for 2019: 118 shows with 23 companions in 10 cities in 3 countries - so definitely of… I started my first working day of the year with @throwingshade, so I can now add the following to my 2020 r… @mirhalberstam Thanks! I'm back and I've got a humdinger for Sunday. X @Scotjayel HE IS RISEN! @mricop @albert_bernard @TweetMRSpride Sorry! 4) Congratulations to the award-winning @mricop for executing a perfe…