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John Bizzell @John_Bizzell Very South London

Events Manager @TweetMRS/@TweetMRSpride and Knackered Usherette @swkplay, but please don't blame them for the over-exaggerations and blurry photos posted here.

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Bradley: "After being elected in 1945, which labour MP was nicknamed the Red Queen?" Contestant: "Clement Attlee." :-O #TheChase @andycooper19 You're not still in the clutches of that bubonic hangover I hope? @DrRachelLawes I'm too hot to scratch my nose, never mind cast on! @DrRachelLawes This is not knitters' weather Rachel!It's a shame @HWicks and her colleague Eleanor Langdale didn't get to present this brilliant piece of research live… @daveyvermaak I don't start on the spirits till elevensies, David.Breakfast: 2 x Nurofen, a Solero.
@TheFailureBaler It's very stirring. @Eunioa7689 I love a good theme tune. @smjef Swoon... @smjef I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Somewhere on the outskirts of Cooper's Crossing obviously.You know when you start humming Black Beauty but it keeps turning into Flying Doctors halfway through? No? Just me?
@stewtippler Ha! I don't even think my school uniform had a 28 waist, Stew, but your flattery did distract me from… love poem to a thermometer, by John Bizzell aged 39 The closer you get to the number hiding in the waistband of…
"Scully was appallingly gregarious - so outgoing she was practically incoming." A #SundaySentence from We Are All C… @stevenperkins I just hooted so loudly at this in my garden birds flew off for miles around.
Nothing replenishes my electrolytes like a full tits'n'teeth tap routine and ⁦@AnnaJaneCasey⁩ brings this Prom home… @pennycrossrec Are you suggesting you want me to do something mucky for you Sarah? Or were you just rubbing your bounty in my face? @daveyvermaak With 12 likes, I'm pretty sure my tweet has already has an impact on their company strategy. @PaulVittles Really I should just go straight to the factory and fill up a skip.My knees are sweating.It's weird how Marks & Spencer wrap each of the 16 chocolate teacakes in the pack individually when they're all sup… finished The Closer I Get by Paul Burston. I have never rooted harder for a character to be gruesomely murdere… @RichardYoung Packet is the collective noun for Porn Bears, so I can see the confusion.I'd do a lot of mucky things for a packet of Pom-Bears right now.
After reading this as an e-book, I raved about it so much Mother B bought herself the hardback, which @neiljgower h… @shinyperson Well, that absolutely fits with my theory that she is an immortal, drifting through time with a Restin… @shinyperson This is Daisy Mae's favourite spot, in the dust by the back door. Occassionally she rolls around on he… @shinyperson Same here, though much like a sunburnt holiday-maker on their last day at the beach she refuses to mov…
@jemazing Bewildered Slanket. @Furr_Like_Purr Her Resting Bitch Face makes my heart melt. are nice: cat edition. 🥰
@garryinnorfolk A+ combo. @albert_bernard @TweetMRS (like me) you are struggling with the absolute state of everything today, I recommend getting a copy of August's… @LauraSkitt_ I use it constantly. And I mean it every time. 😘 @LauraSkitt_ @benjiw This is marvellous!
@k8rhod3s @bertsbooks @CorsairBooks @OrendaBooks This is definitely the book we're all reading not-by-the-pool this summer! @sara_northey @bertsbooks @CorsairBooks @OrendaBooks I'm hearing that a lot. Excited to read both of these on my su… to my bow-tied book bundle from @bertsbooks! 🤗📚🤎
@onawintersnight @skbarrone @swkplay I'm actually 'on holiday' that week and the one after. Not sure I'll be able to go anywhere, bu… @onawintersnight I know, but I'd give it all up to be pretty. @CrispinBeale @mTAB @TweetMRS 👏👏👏 @LanguageInsight @TweetMRS 👏👏👏Congratulations to the finalists for this year's @TweetMRS Operations Awards! My heart is sad that we won't be cele…
Bradley: "Which Jane Eyre character shares his name with a town in Kent?" Contestant: "Wandsworth." :-O #TheChase"I eat this / Without remorse and / I promise you, / Dear friend, / That I will not waste / Even a single crumb / O… @flyboy1977 That's the one.I dreamt of a man covered in coarse, dark hair who played the balalaika.
Just finished Forced Out: A Detective's Story of Prejudice and Resilience by Kevin Maxwell. It is a triumph of the… finished Miss Benson's Beetle by Rachel Joyce, an intelligent and emotional historical female buddy adventure… finished A Talented Man by Henrietta McKervey. An interesting read for Dracula fans, but I felt like I was fee… @DestinyAngel25 @TheFailureBaler @BarnesElodie @waveatthetrain Wow!
@DrRachelLawes TOO. CUTE. @DrRachelLawes Thanks! I've always loved wearing a Fair Isle jumper. I'd like to work up to knitting one for myself in time for Christmas. @paperbluecat NO HOT BEVERAGES NEAR THE KNITTING! @TheFailureBaler There were some terrible tangles along the way... @matson_taylor_ @nomadbooks 😷🐮👍Ok, the red is a bit brazen, the pattern section is all over the place and weaving the ends in will require a secon…
@SarahMRS2016 It would be nice to have something to sit on when I come over for our garden party. @SabrinaQ_mrx @TweetMRSpride Might nominate you for the @TweetMRS President's Medal for this. @wollesyarn I'm a novice knitter - took it up at the start of the lockdown here in London as a way to keep my finge… @KarenEmbra @LoveCraftsCom @craftginclub That's GENIUS Karen. @KarenEmbra @LoveCraftsCom @craftginclub Thank you! I'm not sure about the red. What's that you've made? Some kind of... extender?Fresh supplies have arrived from @LoveCraftsCom for my new #knitting project. I'm going to have a crack at stranded… @DestinyAngel25 @TheFailureBaler @BarnesElodie @waveatthetrain It will be worth the wait Elizabeth - your piece is… @PalmerAlan @NationalTheatre And let's not forget our true theatre friend, who has been there through shows good, b…
Everyone, this is the successful, compassionate and charming @Dancunill. He speaks multiple languages and looks lik… @SarahMRS2016 Well, each pair takes me about six months, so if you're looking to stuff the families stockings around 2025 I'm your man!
@allodarlin @Tate Honestly, even with the masks and the distancing and everyone's hands smelling like vodka, it was… of the things I've missed most in the last few months is a 20 minute glance around a gallery followed by an int…
@bertsbooks I've read Queenie, but Mister you got yourself a sale on the other two. I look forward to untying the bow! @bertsbooks Go on then. What can you recommend with either a plucky heroine overcoming people's expectations of her… @TheFailureBaler I love it. Thank you.It's here! Issue 3 of @TheFailureBaler with this beautiful cover by @BarnesElodie on the outside and my poem VPN on…
@MrWJWilson @sixthemusical @elaine_paige It's belter after belter this afternoon! I brought the house down with I'm… @skbarrone @British_Airways @VirginAtlantic Result! @skbarrone @British_Airways Meanwhile my flights with @VirginAtlantic from May, both legs of which were cancelled o…"'I will never be happy again,' she said, as if grief was something you put on, like a hat." A #SundaySentence from… @IngerChrisRec @swkplay @skbarrone @fourpurebrewing Maybe you just need to invest in a full prescription gas mask?… @IngerChrisRec @swkplay @skbarrone @fourpurebrewing The mask/glasses collision is a shambles. I'm going to have to… @LauraSkitt_
I've seen some provocative theatre at @swkplay over the years, but nothing has challenged me as much as their new o… @GemAlkis @swkplay @IngerChrisRec @swkplay Lager! #Butch @MrWJWilson @swkplay Honey, this show is FREE and there's going to be nothing BUT drama. @mricop Absolutely not, Mandz! I'm sure you could make even this diabolical item look stunning. if you ever end up… week's lockdown Saturday matinee is going to be the best yet, as it will be in an actual theatre. I'm on my wa… @flyboy1977🎶 Who's looking good today? Who's looking good in every way? Not me 🎶 @KarenEmbra Steady there! Next I'm going to try the same pattern but knitting in multiple colours (rather than self-striping wool).
@KarenEmbra The lucky wearer thanked me with multiple glasses of wine so we're even McStevens! @disco_s Yes please. Friday night on Friday Road. X @DrRachelLawes Thanks. 💥💥💥 @mricop I'm working on something else for you. @vicmaxey These wouldn't fit in your bumpers. @anna_mearsy Kniza Knizelli @skbarrone Wait till you see me after my first wine in four months babes!