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@johnwayneparr Thankfully not a thing here in Ireland apart from a few disgusting knuckle draggers. @BusDamn Good work champ. If you need any help with nutrition hit me up 🙂🙏🏽After following #JorgeMasvidal career from the backyard brawls to the bodog beach I'm delighted as a fan to see him…’ve just downloaded the Covid Tracker App! Join COVID Tracker Ireland to fight against COVID-19. Let’s all do our…
Retweeted by Coach Kavanagh @Haranasaurus @johnwayneparr Well because I'm not 5 I'll let him go first then I'll go. @johnwayneparr I'm not a cruel idiot so no, I just like human fighting 🙂 @001annkavanagh Nah not having thatHis name is Apollo.My Cock
@felderpaul Does it really matter who's better at exercising when you could whoop them?Camp paid in full now let’s go brake some necks @ufc
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Carl Sagan was a special person. 25 years ago. Incredible.
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghThe loss of a father, a coach, and a dedicated supporter of the sport. Condolences and rest in peace Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.
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Very sorry to hear of the passing of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. A genius of combat sports and absolute inspiration to… fook @LoveIsland it’s all about Fight island this month 👌🏻🌴💯 @ufc @btsportufc @UFCONFOX
Retweeted by Coach Kavanagh @olskool94 I wouldn't let the fear of someone being offended stop me from asking questions and trying to understand… @SteveMannDog They don't trust you. @mikewhoatv Marvel > DC @001annkavanagh @MexicanKing4 😅
Hours before Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor knocked out their opponents in seconds, they were practicing those e…
Retweeted by Coach Kavanagh @orlaghhunter Jesus😅 doesn't quite get that he's a wee bit too big for the bed he used to lie in as a pup 🐶 🤷🏻‍♂️ @SlurmzMackenzi1 @CWarriorsgym I'm watching it on YouTubeThe original @CWarriorsgym Celtic Warrior Steve Collins with a few great lines in a great movie. @MexicanKing4 Name 1 ufc fighter getting 5k. I already know you won't be able to but thats not even the point. Look…️⃣-time Olympian and '84 gold medallist in the javelin, @tessasanderson spoke positively about MMA and the opportu…
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghI've a had a few UFC fighters pull me aside fight week and say something along the lines of "I might not like your… was saddened and shocked hearing about #GhislaineMaxwell having a terrible accident within the next week 😔Ima gonna get me dat tree fiddy @herbie747 @orlaghhunter 2 dagsMMA comeback of the year? I think it's pretty obvious who that award should go to... 😏
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghSo @orlaghhunter has abandoned me and the dogs for a few nights. Going to try and catch a rabbit with Valko now for… @DublinLive Used to enjoy this source. Unfollowing now as you're becoming same as the other outrage media trying to…'s not lying update. Big news- first vaccine approved for limited use in humans- Chinese army only. Company is called Ca…
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Car salesman "so its a great car, everything you need." Customer "cargo space?" Car salesman "car no go space, car go road."IMMAF is the only legit international governing body for #MMA as to all published criteria for sport recognition. A…
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghI am nominated for comeback of the year in @FightersOnly world MMA awards! You can vote in the link below 👊🏼
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghMy dad rings me to remind me that the bins are being collected tomorrow. Without meaning to quote any song he was e… @ORourkesgym @mandy_boehm_mma @SBG_Ireland Ill bring the biscuits 😅 @DavidPo37343595 @MireikaEdwards @dillondanis @KingRyanG Good advice because when you make silly bets the house win… @peterqueally @P1RU @dillondanis Aldi was doing a special 🤷🏻‍♂️
@MireikaEdwards @dillondanis @KingRyanG Thats why Vegas has so many bright lights @peterqueally @dillondanis The weirdest part is that it refills. 10yrs and hasn't lost a drop.If you could last 1 round in an MMA fight with @dillondanis I'd retire and never train again. @KevKMMA Of all the fake ticks I've seen yours is by far the best 😁👌🏼I cant recommend a good long sigh enough. Picked it up from my dogs. I would hear them do it and wonder what their… Bellator MMA Featherweight title challenger, @PCarvalhoMMA is backing the #MMAIsASport campaign 🔥 Let's ge…
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@funkmasterMMA That was not me. That was my evil twin brother 😅 @funkmasterMMA "Where dat ass?"Gladiator. @johnwayneparr Best of luck. Only about 1 in every 5 die so I'm sure you'll be grand 🤞🏼$100k fight. 10% Manager fee, 15% Coaches, 5-10% Training Camp costs, 20% Taxes even with write offs (could be high…
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@RichardOkpala A German Sheppards dogFighters ..adding to @Benaskren 1) Set up an LLC before getting you’re first paycheck( this will allow you to wri…
Retweeted by Coach KavanaghIts incredible watching this back fell asleep on the remote and now I can't change the channel or I'll wake him 🤷🏻‍♂️ @DeVore It was just a wee joke about young people dealing with taxes for the first time. Funny as its a universal c… @DeVore I mean the idea of losing about half their pay cheque to taxes...regardless what country. @SandhuMMA hard to imagine anyone will get to the big league without going thru the @IMMAFed ranks in the next 2 to 3yrs. @PCarvalhoMMA the next Bellator Featherweight Champion?
Retweeted by Coach Kavanagh @fenTOON89 You sound like me hahaIts always so traumatic when you sit with your fighter after the first time they get a decent pay day...and they le… @CraigTeich Well I do mention and own my one assumption. What are the others? He won and she was 'sufficient' in th… @DannyFox_X I dont think you've been following my predictions. @Paschald 👍🏼
@Wrigley81240489 Well he did in rd2 then got caught in the 3rd with a beautiful high elbow guillotine @Wrigley81240489 Thats skill.I thought pena was AKA but now ATT? Looking very sharp tonight 👌🏼Ref bringing that @marcgoddard_uk intensity, love it! Should ALWAYS be this way 🤜🏼🤜🏼 @BrianViera27 Surgery.Thats a glimpse of the future there. If UFC are smart they'll get a top plastic surgeon to fix that cut so as not t… of result if Hansen can avoid knee surgery and keep her cervical/lumbar healthy she'll most likely be a… is an interesting contest. Youth v experience. #UFCVegas4 @EconKeeble For this contest i don't think the cage being a little smaller makes a difference. @btsportufc Whats the point in anything else 🤷🏻‍♂️ @LewC91 @ForrestGriffin He doesn't strike me as the guy to make minor strategic changes during a contest. @AndyDuffy1977 @chrislloyd1987 @ForrestGriffin @PlatinumPerry They'll approve anyone who's not a felon.What a great technical opening fight. I believe I am 1-0 on my card prediction...and I must admit it was a complete… know my fight team watching this. THAT'S why we dont use harness control! #UFCVegas4Fantastic first round of first fight! Picked up a few little pointers there I'll be using as drills 😉 #UFCVegas4 @ForrestGriffin That was literally the only thing I could think of he might be lacking in. That being said I have k… @Serenil I dont think we'd clickGood example of how an oft praised and regularly quoted piece of corner work is 100% motivational and zero technica… @MMA_Jim I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm curious tooUnpopular opinion. Assuming Perry has been working with a solid team the past few weeks/months then just having his… @johnwayneparr He got 4 of them so 4 times the happiness @johnwayneparr 😅 @JulianLaneMMA Let Me Bang Bro! @tYbuns2k Honestly I didn't see weigh ins or know anything of his opponent. Picked him due to his high level team.… @Im_Marcoooo Honestly I don't think much. I presume he's being working with coaches/sparring partners these past we… picks for #UFCVegas4 , who you got? Have to be honest and admit I don't know most of these fighters 🙈 @peterqueally JaysusStarted answering a few dms on Instagram and now the floodgates are opening haha. Can't keep up with the typing so… @Janus_Ltd Wow, thank you!
I feel I'm ready to watch Leon again. And that's always exciting to know. who follows these steps to success does well. 1. Focus on useful education 2. Stay out of legal trouble 3…
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