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A charming nobody. USGamer, Kotaku, Paste, Escapist, etc. Annotates games on YouTube. Jason Statham looks like me. john[dot]learned[at]gmail[dot]com

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@Learnonaut It has some good ideas and I'm usually surprised by what references it strip mines over others, but it… @Learnonaut Yeah that doesn't helpI don't love this Castlevania show, but I do feel that it's getting progressively better
Going to do a quick stream of the Pocket Bravery demo-- a 2D fighting game for Steam developed by a Brazilian team… @wd_bartlett Not if they do it right. The F2P games that figure it out are a lifestyle; they expect you to play eve…
@GamingAngelGabe Correctamundo. Applies to everyone you loveThe Ubisoft F2P shift should remind all of you that these people want to make money first and something with depth…
@AndrewElmore Right?Dear Green Knight, Please be as good as you look. -Everybody
@KyleOrl My 5yo has been doing this with the kids in the neighborhood. The call it Umungus @ajohnagnello The first Sonic. Only one button and not much to Green Hill Zone. We also play A Hat in Time occasion… @oleivarrudi I think Yuji Naka coded this
@Learnonaut Getting there tonight. Love The Good Ones
@xpatriciah Protein shakes. I prefer normal, creamy PB in them, but the powdered stuff works fineBusy week, but I snuck in about 15 minutes of Fightcade this afternoon. I kind of pulled a dick move on someone and… @zhandlen Wait, this one specifically @zhandlen My dad was friends with the only guy on our side of town that rented LDs, so we would occasionally just h… @bobservo Totally normally people are unleashed
@ajohnagnello Anthony. Of course I do. @AutomaticZen ...? @GenePark @ajohnagnello THAT'S what I want to hear @ajohnagnello @GenePark This makes me more interested, honestly. The thing I love most about the remakes of 2 and 3… said, I love the idea of "end of timeline" games. Give me an old ass Ryo/ bitter divorcee Robert/ best life-li… sure why I never considered this, but is Buriki One the MOTW of the Art of Fighting games? Old ass beefcake Ryo is right there @gosokkyu Pretty sure that "window instalation Ryo" stance is lost. Tears in the rainMore interested by the minute like beefcake Ryo. That's it. That's the tweetQuick doodle of the not-so-great US Agent. Sharpie, crayons, plates on a Target kids' scribble pad @aokajiya I accept this as gospel truthSeems that it's the PS2's turn on the eBay nostalgia wheel and now I want to sell everything and retire @aokajiya But where did the guitar go?"As sure as a child will douse an iPad with ice cream" is my new favorite true-to-life idiom
@GaryBuh Shows how behind I am @GaryBuh Castlevania: Order if Ecclesia is a good proto-Souls if you guys have the access to it @ajohnagnello and I would kill for the time to play any of them @kidfenris What the f--
Best of luck to all of those catsThe Giant Bomb news just feels like losing 1Up all over again. @wd_bartlett Yes. I was That Kid @jjmahoney3 I'd like to get them professionally framed at some point, all three in a row. Ask me about this again in five yearsThis copy of Jedi was issued in 1986. By the inflation calculator I just used, that would be a $100 movie right nowI helped my dad sell off his Laserdisc collection a few years ago. But not these. These stay with me until the end… seems that another 6 months has passed, and Prince's face-melting guitar solo from the 2004 Rock Hall show is ba…
@nadiaoxford out the Suspiria remake because sure, let's get weird
@OtherWhiteTofu Does Kojima still watch Lethal Weapon?
@cyangmou Thanks buddy!Shit. It's May @cyangmou 3rd Strike Symphony of the Night Hagane KOF XIII Lords of Thunder @MikeJMika Happy neckerchief Friday Love, Charleton
@Foone Is that Duke in Captain Comic? @AutomaticZen I felt when Steam sales were an annual event we would kind of get to this point. I was wrong then, bu… @The_Katbot @bobservo @ShaneWatch Metal Gear PSP, I think @ajohnagnello Art imitating life @PemrichBlue I have most of the Japanese books. The problem is that they're in Japanese, and my reading is pretty s… I know own this? I'm on the back end of my video series and have wondered if I needed it from the beginning
@kobunheat verklempt @gamespite, I became less interested in Returnal after learning that it was a roguelike. Still, I hope the people flipping… there it is @Foone @Foone Are you...are you playing...Double Dragon NG? @FloppyAdult @merrittk It might be the Only Game That Matters @CrescentEsports Oh, my car
@SpinningSkull @LimitedRunGames Hey, still Konami @LimitedRunGames WhaaaaaaaaaatAttention: all of my people @jenlearned1 No... @Luceobrien Go to KFC and ask for a Double Down. They may give you a weird look, but they'll want to see yours when you realize what it isCome work with us so that when I finally have time to put together the NES games that have been floating around in…
Retweeted by John Learned is the name they gave meCheck out today's lunch hour stream for SNK's seminal Art of Fighting. We'll talk about why it, in fact, is seminal… *band* names. GrrrrrrrIf a Nier remake reminds us of anything, it's that it was always a goldmine for awesome, weird potential names. My… allergies are God's greatest "fuck you" for liking decent weather
@OtherWhiteTofu @HG_101 These guys are goddamn wizardsYessssssss. Thanks, @HG_101 folks! @bobservo Some list of possible next AC locations for 1Up, I think @bobservo once wrote a totally serious story about the next Assassin's Creed taking place at BM and it made me foll… realize that some of the super important work you've recorded has busted audio that you can barely hear? Yeah, me neither
@nadiaoxford If I had infinite time and cash, I would do the whole thing over again from scratch with extras. alas @nadiaoxford I have since stopped doing this for all of the reasons you've listed. Sorry, Annotated SOTN watchers,… @kidfenris No: Black Tiger. We need BT and Magic Sword @kidfenris I...I don't think there's anything else to add... Cyberbots, maybe? @Learnonaut @Learnonaut my godFighting game stream at noon as usual. I welcome your laughter at 12:00 EST @yumecaty Mads!
2nd shot down Kombat time. Let's see some magicHi. Random, but important: give to cancer research if you can. Give to St Jude if you're able. Punch this garbage…
@SurielVazquez Strength to you and your fungus tokensThere is no better authority on the shmups than this. Buy this book and be saved @Learnonaut Remember when joker appearances were rare and impactful?I'm doing an organized outdoor trail run today and it feels weird. I mean, past the whole running thing
Funny. Half the people in my TL are making jokes about Capcom Captain America move lists today @Learnonaut Oh, this explains a lot @zhandlen I'm doing this laterLooking at Super Potatoe's eBay page and woof these prices @rusty_shackles @bigredrobot ...there's another MOTW?