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The least racist person in the room.
Retweeted by John CleeseTomorrow join @JohnCleese live from @NowhereComedy with @CamillaCleese Ask him anything, watch from anywhere! Limit…
Retweeted by John CleeseJoin me tomorrow! Bring only your best questions. You can watch from anywhere. I'm told there are only a few ticket…
@billybaroo49 @NowhereComedy @CamillaCleese YesSome #fawltyfanart Thank you @wojciechmatusz me tomorrow for a live virtual event! The Cleese Shop @NowhereComedy Have your questions ready for… old friend Nicky Henson died earlier this year His son Keaton has just released this album in his memory 2 days join me for The Cleese Shop @NowhereComedy with @CamillaCleese You can watch live and talk to me from any…
A throwback to @jamieleecurtis and I looking quite handsome! #afishcalledwanda last ! A moral Evangelical And the daughter of Billy Graham..."While tens of thousands of families mourn loved ones, in the Carlton Club the lucky few will be toasting the Gover…
Retweeted by John CleeseWhoops !! think some non-college educated white men prefer masculinity to affection Not so for their sons... power to you elbow, Jaime And to the other bits too... Trump's campaign is running on fumes. He still hasn't cut the check he promised.
Retweeted by John CleeseIt would be interesting to know why Fox, of all people, turned the story down first time round @JohnCleese Agree, especially in a secular society, you can believe as you wish, but do not impose on the majority.
Retweeted by John CleeseHumour, except for puns, is about human foibles and weaknesses People who are kind and generous and intelligent ar… @JohnCleese Exactly. And many disabled people would find it funny too. They are able to select what makes them laugh and what doesn't.
Retweeted by John CleeseOnce you've grasped the difference between affectionate teasing and nasty teasing you'll be able to understand what… at a drive-in rally in Philadelphia for Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama slammed President Trump,…
Retweeted by John CleeseMY NEW VIDEO: #NoOneWantsYourGuns This video exposes the smears and lies Trump and the Republican party have sold…
Retweeted by John people might start thinking Giuliani is a creepy old man.
Retweeted by John Cleese
Just a few days away! I'm very much looking forwarding to meeting you and having a nice chat! Join myself &… @svanbox @JohnCleese And some folks have all four humors yet absolutely no humour.
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese Nobody understood that better than Doug Piranha.
Retweeted by John CleeseWhen people say 'That's not funny', it means 'I don't think that's funny' When a 'humour critic' wrote that the sc… always accompanies a loss of perspective love sesquipedalianism agree But I do not agree that a society should accept, as its norm, a level of sensitivity that is set by its m…'s a mini-Trump This is the 'All four feet in the trough' brand of Conservatism Bordeaux is a Claret. Some Wednesday wisdom for all you... just the right amount drinking enthusiasts.… uses the word 'unfair' to describe any situation where it's hard for him to break the rulesI think you're trying to say that senses of humour differ I agree people feel better if they can cling to certainties Those who are more internally self-confident can cons… twits will be familiar with the idea that you have to be slightly intelligent to realise that you're not very in…'s sad, folks, but there's nothing we can do about the literal minded. Rosser, if you don't understand irony and… fair ! He says he doesn't approve of paedophilia That's a start very, very important point And he's going to be opening up a TV channel next Having poisoned our press, he's mo…
Speaking as a recovering Democratic cannibal and Satanist baby-strangler, I'd like to thank QAnon and Fox News for… Saturday I will be answering all your questions (unless they are too dull and polite). Join me and… will be extra rudeness as @JohnCleese cant throw anything at me from Dubai.
Retweeted by John CleeseIf you appreciate Dr. Fauci, RT.
Retweeted by John Cleese
Retweeted by John CleeseThis ad goes up next week on TV in North Carolina on Fox News. Retweet to help keep it there through the election.
Retweeted by John CleeseTrump Republicans are as shameless as psychopaths some of his followers are calling Joe Biden a paedophile ! As a head teacher once said to me "the sad thing ab… Long List of Shady Financial Mysteries Trump Still Refuses to Explain – Mother Jones
Retweeted by John CleeseTop of The Form! From At Last The 1948 Show. people who support Trump are the ones who regard his behaviour as normal to shore up their collective ego a threat ! Next : "I'll start telling the truth to the American people"
Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. via @VanityFair
Retweeted by John CleeseHave you compared your computer to a fish yet? A Compaq advert that ran in the 80s. week you and I can chat virtually with @CamillaCleese & @NowhereComedy I'm told the space is limited so get yo…
We scientists have discovered The 'God' gene. After much research and many sleepless nights, I share with you some… #PiersMorgan ‘alleged’ phone hacking being re-investigated by the British Courts may be a reason why #ITV ar…
Retweeted by John CleesePresidential. 👏
Retweeted by John CleeseI feel like Biden needs to demand that Trump agree now not to seek asylum abroad if he loses the election.
Retweeted by John CleeseThis is about 50 years too late but significant nevertheless. Kudos to @MrKRudd for smelling the coffee eventually.
Retweeted by John CleeseSo much respect for these people.
Retweeted by John CleeseThank you to Grace Tame for the artwork.
I wonder if there's any chance that the person who is chosen as BBC Chairman might know something about how to make… has been in my drafts forever and i don't know why
Retweeted by John CleeseSaturday October 24th I will go live with @NowhereComedy answering your questions (if they're rude enough). Moderat… country started to decline when we stopped calling Moros “sunshine” and telling them to sit down. Or, better, s…
Retweeted by John CleeseHow do I owe to thee? Let me count the ways.
Retweeted by John CleeseIs the Government in Breach of its Own Anti-Corruption Strategy? – Byline Times
Retweeted by John CleeseDear @realDonaldTrump, Hahahahahahahaha! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by John CleeseLatest QAnon-starter conspiracy theory A secret team of crazed, blood-thirsty raccoons, fed on the entrails of the… up for a spot of Silly Olympics? @montypython #montypython think Richard Grenell should understand that the more lies you tell, the more you will get challenged Simple as that...Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican, told constituents that President Trump cozied up to dictators and white supremacists,…
Retweeted by John CleeseBe fair ! He only did this because Putin told him to Trump is full of shit. And so are you.
Retweeted by John Cleese
Thank you, R2P2 And apologies to Diogenes, for belittling his habitation extra news President Trump's influential supporter, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is telling close associates he beli…
Retweeted by John CleeseIPSO has always been a bad joke A body set up by newspapers and paid for by newspapers, pretending to protect the… SEAL who killed bin Laden slams Trump for 'trampling on the graves of heroes'
Retweeted by John CleesePlease listen to Oborne Murdoch had in any way disapproved of Pox News, he could have corrected it with one phone call His shift now is… kind of expect the race to tighten just because a 10.5-point lead is quite gargantuan in this day and age of high…
Retweeted by John CleeseListen to Nate Silver before anyone else now for something completely different, some shots with my favourite creature, the lemur. #tbt, people with literal, fundamentalist mindsets don't accept the concept of norms Anything not written down does… @rlanglands1 Pretty low, but not so low as to work for MurdochJust to be very very clear, Amy Comey Barrett is in the minority with her views on: -Abortion (20% Americans want t…
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese Oooh that man just got buried again
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese You can never take that away from him, can you?
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese But now his toxic corpse is polluting our groundwater.
Retweeted by John Cleese @JohnCleese An accomplishment that took him a lifetime to achieve!
Retweeted by John CleesePlease explain If it's illegal, why isn't it being stopped ?, You omit the one redeeming factor about Roger Ailes He's dead very same symptoms I get when I undertake my once-a-year reading of a Daily Mail
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