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Actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and proud farmer. UN Ambassador. #idey4u email:

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A day In the office....#idey4u beg, make u no bring me come inside ooo what’s going on👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Happy 1st bday John Dumelo Jnr! Daddy loves you to bits. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Then what will happen ha ha so what do you want to be done now? What do you want to happen to the girl so let’s meet.’t matter. She’s apologized was amazing with the biochemistry students of UG. Creating awareness about breast Cancer is surely the best w… @NufuFestival As always, @johndumelo1 is ever supportive. Here he is with @lily_paemka .
Retweeted by MrDumelo...and a celebrity guest. Actor & entrepreneur @johndumelo1 is at #NufuFestival2019. Mr. Dumelo, who is our cele…
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“It’s time Africa shifts its focus from the “Cutlass and hoe” farming to and mechanized and technology based farmin… @johndumelo1 believes Africa has to work together to improve Agriculture @SparkSahara #Africa4IR
Retweeted by MrDumeloWe need to move to a mechanized approach in agriculture to be able to compete in the global stage - @johndumelo1 #Africa4IR @SparkSahara
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My 3 day visit to Tanzania starts today. First engagement is a one on one interaction with the youth on the importa…
Lol’s why I re-predicted see way your eye die said after la. That means between 65th and 90th the 65th minute there will be a goal in the man city match2034 be honest I would love man city to even draw. I’m a Liverpool fan 😁 straight win for arsenal as well. way he answers his questions..... @BorisJohnson 🙏🏿’t worry @sarkodie 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Talk again ooo are not discretional. It’s pure permutations. boss. I predict correctly. (Sometimes) know 😜’s sue them then....let’s get a good lawyer. Any suggestions? morning, friends. John Dumelo impacted me with an immense amount of wisdom I few seconds. You might underestim…
Retweeted by MrDumeloStatues have always been erected in honour of great men but hardly for critics. Interestingly, it’s the critics tha…
Any problem? to ready market, irrigation, good farm hands and topography of land👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾’s been great interacting with each and everyone of you. I think we should do this often. #askDumeloSend me a dm there’s hope, a lot. A lot of youth should get into politics and change the narrative. I believe in their ideologies. I’m a socialist said #askDumelo oooo really don’t think majority of politicians have failed this country. Secondly my focus is on job creation, and eq… is, i could have said I will create 10,000 jobs by establishing x y and z. But that’s all talk. At least let… Bro. We can even start in a one bedroom. Let’s start small but think big certainly do. #askDumelo is based on my track record that I can say I will create 10,000 jobs because I have already created 100 jobs.I can tell you I will build factories, establish businesses etc to create jobs. But what if I dont or I can’t. I ca… It’s worth it. But we shall start small small. be honest, it will be premature to let you know the plans I have to reduce it. I’m more of a doer than a talker. working on something like establishing Silicon Valley in Ghana with a group of guys. It will take some tim… I do. @JonBenjamin19 really your friend? Why does he keep trolling you? I have. I have seen the billboards in town are those who promise and don’t deliver and those who promise and deliver...that’s the difference enough, it’s booming now. it’s jobs the youth want. So I can’t omit that from my message. What I will actually do is to create the jobs,…’s why we need to vote for him. “downs” teach you a lesson. Lessons that you can use to get back up. dad is Halfe Guan half Ewe. My mum is half Fante half Ashanti. asked about MPs not presidents did atip3 not knowing my shorts were torn’s wait and see then. Actions not words. I can’t enrich myself through politics. I can only create opportunities…’s why those who perform poorly are voted out.... It’s in Capecoast. And also from Ashanti region will rise again!’m ready when he is import everything. It’s time to export everything! acceptable. It has to be withdrawn, modified and assessed by all stakeholders before reintroduced.’s fetching water by the river shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. It is the people that… and nyadua stew pls. don’t intend to enrich anyone. My goal is to create equal opportunities for all....’s my guy Charles!!!!’s a topic we have deliberated on severally. Sometimes the covers are stolen by the scrap metal guys....we need… myself? That’s laughable.’s being worked on. Soon ma need to feed the nation.... up we need to make the local chicken prices competitive, that way, Ghanaians will start patronizing it. Imported… have already employed people and even linked some youth up to gain employment. I do what I say.... have one in my pocket. with business plans to secure funding, technical support and any other thing the company needs GFA is an autonomous gov interference.’m grateful to God, jobs and opportunities using google. They have some templates.’t be like can be better than me. you have your own machines? tomorrow sorry.