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@reds_19_ I think he has to let them know a week or so after the World Series ends.
Morgan's slash lines from '75, '76 (when no one heard of slash lines): .327/.466/.508 .320/.444/.576 Stole 67 in…
Dick Williams resigns from Cincinnati #Reds president of baseball operations job
Retweeted by John FayDick Williams steps down as #Reds president of baseball operations
NL Central run output in the postseason: #Reds 0 Brewers 2 Cubs 1 Cardinals 16, but they were shut out in the deciding game.
Dick Williams "foresees" Bell and his staff coming back for 2021. #reds
#Reds offered Marcell Ozuna $50 million over three years, per report. MLB Network's Jon Heyman reported before he s… @BsballAndTurf25 BABIP is .167 today. Don't think you can advance bases on that. @mwblev0 They made the postseason for first time since 2013. Two of the best players (Senzel and Moustakas) missed… outs to go for #Reds to extend the season. Galvis, Barnhart, Akiyama due up in the 8th. @BsballAndTurf25 Only one was a hit. But when you only hit four balls hard and only one over 100, it's not bad luck.#Reds since the second: 1 hit, 10 strikeouts among 15 outs, 1 hard-hit ball. @BsballAndTurf25 You're right. Only 4 balls over 95: Votto 99 in the 6th, Moustakas 100 and Saurerez 98 in the 2nd… season is down to 9 outs. Moustakas, Winker, Senzel due up in the 7th.Castillo is done: 5 1/3 innings, 6 hits, 1 run. 1 walk, 7 strikeouts. 103 pitches. Runner at first is his. Sims in. #Reds down 1-0. @DaBigDaddyTaddy As I pointed out in earlier tweet.Braves take 1-0 lead in the fifth. Castillo up to 92 pitches. The 2-2 pitch to Acuna could have been called a str… @ekyCOMprof 3 times. @bbolge They hit .211 in the regular season. So this shouldn't be a total shock. 1-for-14 with RISP is a bit shocking.Marty Foster's strike zone is inconsistent. Senzel took two strikes that were called balls. Votto rung up on a ball… @cj2539 Or you could say hitting .211 and winning 31 is pretty good.Castillo strikes out Swanson with a 99 mph fastball. 0-0 after 2. #reds @DennisCAbrams @Matthew_Ryan4 I would not be surprised if this format is used next year. First two days have an NCAA Tournament feel. @cj2539 Won 31 despite him and lost 29 because of him, right?22 pitches so far for Anderson to get one out in the second. #Reds have runners at first and second.Braves starter Ian Anderson was picked third in the 2016 draft, one pick after Senzel. #redsESPN opened the broadcast by saying Bell shook up the lineup because the #Reds did not score yesterday. Failed to n… @ovrthroensamoan Farmer can catch. Freeman is hitting .250 vs. LHPs Ozuna is hitting .356 vs. LHPsCasali is dealing with a sore left wrist. That's why Barnhart is in the lineup. "It's nice to have Tucker Barnhart…
@cackermn @ky_nickwilson The Braves led MLB in the big offensives categories and didn't scored till the 13th. The o… on double steal: That's being overaggressive. That's on me. A mistake by me trying to score a run. #redsGerat at-bat by Moustakas. 9-pitch walk. #redsOn to the 13th. #Reds pitchers have struck out 21. Castellanos, Votto, Suarez dues up.Golden Sombrero for Duvall. #redsGolf talk has distracted ARod. He didn't talk about Winker bunting. #Reds first and third, no outs.Frist postseason game to be scoreless through 11. #Reds pitchers have struck out 19. I know stat expert, but that seems like a lot. @MdmattMd It's not a normal year. And this game has been kind of fun to watch. Now, go back to yelling at that cloud.Sims comes up big after leadoff walk. 0-0 going to the 11th #reds @caplondon Was used to save innings in the regular season, Not a factor in postseason.Braves have one sac bunt this year. #redsSims will face Duvall, the guy the #Reds traded to Atlanta for him to start the 10th.We're going to extras. Iglesias has thrown 26 pitches. If the #Reds get the lead, I'd bet he wants to pitch the 10th. @sle99 Iglesias has an 0.56 ERA in his last 16 games, and Acuna hit a ball 111 mph off Bauer his last time up.Raisel Iglesias was down 3-0 to Ronald Acuña Jr. and struck him out. First time that's happened to Acuña this seaso…
Retweeted by John FayBauer: 7 2/3 innings, 2 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 12 Ks. 103, 73. Iglesias in. #redsThe runner-on-second rule for extra innings is not being used in the postseason, if you're wondering. #redsWe'll have to wait till after the game to find out what the #Reds were trying to do there. Farmer was in no man's land. Double steal? @dougdirt24 Williams had the highest WAR among relievers in the NL at 1.4, according to Iglesias was second at 1.1.Hitters were 3-for-35 (.086) vs. Bauer with runners in scoring position this year. Just showed why. #Reds @realjohnotto2 Albies ball in the first was changed to an error.Bauer through 5: 1 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 8 strikeouts, 68 pitches, 47 strikes. 0-0 game. #redsBig difference between between Bauer and Fried: Bauer averaged 105.9 pitches per start; Fried averaged 81.7. So the… looks sharp, locked in. Fried has only given up two homers all year. That blown opportunity in the first was large. #redsThat's a nice play by Castellanos, especially with the shadows. #Reds @Cincyfan78 @bigstuuuu Think Bell is going with the Senzel's upside -- speed, power. But he's really struggled. And… @bigstuuuu Hitting .190 vs. left-handers#Reds roster: DeSclafani, Romano off. Davidson, Jankowski on for this series. @Entrepreneur_FD @Reds @MLB So if they win the World Series, you fire him the next day?#Reds lineup: Senzel 8 Castellanos 9 Votto 3 Suarez 5 Moustakas 4 Aquino 7 Winker DH Farmer 6 Casali 2 Bauer 1 Sp…
Votto: "I don't even feel like we've played our best ball yet. . . The starting pitching has probably been our fort… Votto on David Bell: "He comes off as quiet, as more neutral, but he's a very intense, very competitive man. I… @johndavis1966 @Reds @Cardinals You are correct. The Cardinals held the tiebreaker (head-to-head). It's not fair, b… @AdamJon38717762 @nightengalejr If you maker "too many lineups" argument, you aren't paying attention to baseball.…
9 up, 9 down for Sonny Gray. Only 32 pitches. 0-0. #Reds @JoshuaC6323 @nightengalejr Francisco Pena is in the player pool as well. #reds#Reds pitching coach Derek Johnson says Lorenzen has put himself into consideration for the starting rotation next… @Jacobcody2Isaac Castillo was 4-0 with 1.26 ERA and .163 opp. average in his previous 4 starts.#Reds took a 2-0 lead in the first. Castillo gave up one in the bottom of the inning, settled in with an easy 1-2-3 second.
Gray on Bauer and the Cy Young: "I don't think there's a chance. In my mind, that guy has hands down been the best… @MattGuye @Reds They can pass the Cardinals and get the fifth or sixth. Reds currently have the seventh seed.David Bell said the first call he made after clinching was to his 35-year-old sister, Traci, who has Down's Syndrom… @RegularGuyAnon Must be a 2 percent chance of the end of the world as we know itCastellanos is getting day off. Bell wanted bench guys to get at-bats. #redsBradley is fine, Bell said. Was available last night. He had soreness the previuos two days. #redsSonny Gray will start Sunday. Bauer will start Game 1, Castillo will start Game 2. Gray will start Game 3 if necessary. #redsSuarez: "We did it for all of the city of Cincinnati. . . This is just the start." #redsVotto comparing this team to 2010-2013: "I like this team better. I really liked those teams. I think we're a (blan… "We've been grinding the last 5, 6 series, this group of guys. It's unbelievable to be going to the postseason." #redsDavid Bell: “Every team goes through tests and challenges and it seemed like we had a lot of them I know all teams… got blown out in three games by a combined score of 33-8 from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, I thought another bad loss… are in. @EvanRVice The Reds could clinch the seventh seed with a win tomorrow. @EvanRVice Bauer's been better lately (than anyone in the NL), and you can use Gray in Game 2.It's 7-2 after RBI single by Akiyama. If this holds, #Reds can start DeSclafani on Sunday and save Bauer for Game 1 of the playoffs.Moustakas coming up big at the right time. Second home run of the night makes it 5-2. #Reds @stenten He warmed up Monday after Nate Jones gave up the 2-run homer.Great job by Iglesias. But he threw 24 pitches. #Reds lead 4-2 after 8.You have to wonder about Archie Bradley's availability. He wasn't used Tuesday against the Brewers when Antone pitched two innings. #redsNice performance for Lorenzen: 3.1 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts. Runner on second is his. Garrett in. So… @Jamieblog This is a video of Jamie after a strike at Stump's Lane. @landdon They could pass the Cardinals and get the seed for finishing second in the Central. @PaineInTheNeck Single, went to second on the throw. But I get your point.Another bonus Bauer's outing: Completely rested bullpen. #Reds lead 4-1 after 4 1/2. @gnilly97 That is correct, sir.Phillies fall to Rays 6-4. #reds#Reds end home scoring streak on Castellanos' RBI single. 4-1.Immediately after I tweeted that Lorenzen got behind every hitter he faced, he jumped ahead on the next two hitters…'s 19 straight runs for #Reds scored via the homer. #redsGalvis makes it 3-1 with his 7th. #redsLorenzen has fallen behind every hitter he's faced. #reds