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Senior Reporter @thedrum. I write about media. I like mad ads too. I think I am funny - debatable. LinkedIn

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@pkafka All of that and superb illustrationsI'm ready to be a CEOWe must invent the framework of content + consentWe're less about marketing and more about make-thingPersonal human connections are at the core of the NEW cultureWe can't storyyell to storysell @Addsorg Like hating Cheltenham Races but enjoying the pics of the drunks @Addsorg I'm a fan of watching people argue about it @Will_Humphrey @vicpolky Do it. I'd defo publish thatThe battle lines are drawn The marketers clash There is no end in sight @zgardner11 @ohjawbone True. It's the best-paid team in the league that's lagging a BIT during a pandemic after X y… @ohjawbone We've forgotten how to manage having a shite team @KBallsays I'm glad you bring that up. Hopefully this series addresses that. A bit. Something a bit better than r… @Greybo 👁
I'm going to have a fridge beer It's like super market pizza, just not quite thereBut how did it taste? @EstherKeziaT I got stung by ebay like 100 years ago and never tried it since. Stupidly. For guitar debris, it'd probably do the job!The things I would do for a pint of German beer in a pub right now are untweetable. The list is long. And shameful.Mostly guitar things, they are 17 times cheaper than the guitar shopsI bought things from Amazon breaking a several year boycott. Jeff, enjoy the money. What a sad little life. @loudmouthjulia There's the pick-me-up today needed 👍#no #one #uses #hashtags #any #more #have #you #been #asleep #in #å #cave #for #six #years #? @jonmundy I have just bought thisTook a while but we have the script written and have built much of the game in Unity. Gameplay loop is solid and ad…, that was easy. Twitter's gidBeen programming the So You Want My Job? column for The Drum's fun Looking for cool/smart people/cool senior marke… have a lot of holidays booked in this next month. Can't wait to forget how to write, And talk And socialise And… @DaftLimmy They should try writing jokes. That might help. Limmy, gie them a hand. it did - scratch that hot take then Dumb Ways to Die campaign made a return in February, I honestly believe you'd have handled this thing a whole lot better. @creature_dan The PEOPLE want Ms Brown telling them to 'fecking buy this' in their ads. But you are too caught up… @creature_dan Ad land needs to watch MBB to understand the wants of the REAL BRITISH PEOPLE They industry has exis… likes, better keep the bit going MORE LIKE SINBOX!Inbox, more like binbox *huge audience applaudes rapturously*YouTube Ads telling me to stop eatingThe wealthy pay for fasting regimes The poor get them for freeDiscovery has joined the ranks of broadcasters offering a '+' streaming tier
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨Apocalypse ravages ITV's top shows in climate disaster ad campaign
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨You should watch The Guilty on Netflix. It is a Danish movie from the perspective of a police dispatcher and it is…
@megancgraham How do I get them onto my stuff? Could really do with the engagement boost. 🙏🏻 @waywelive There's a part of me that doesn't want to meet the sort of person motivated enough to hang about in virt… business twist I never saw coming was Netflix’s pivot from “we will pay you $1 million to design a better recomme…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨I feel represented @bmorrissey Less, and better panels for 2021. Pegging networking at about 60%+. I would agree with that. I miss it.👇 noice's Theme Park Is Looking Fantastic
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 @tprstly It went from defiling the rotten corpse of trek in sometimes interesting ways To b tier mass effect side… 👉 What is your experience with virtual events? Be honest. Do you see a video and wish someone, PERHAPS A J… even miss Dmexco, even tho I got my clothes binned by my hotel and was roomless on my last night.I miss having to go to a connected TV panel at 8am with a hangover. I think.Events teams had to rapidly upskill. Editorial had to rethink what makes a good programme. The very fundamentals ha… found it harder to ringfence/justify the time to log into a virtual festival when the work load was at ca… think we can safely say there isn't a HUGE hunger for virtual marketing events Events are for networking. Going… for it. can’t. stop. laughing...🤣😭🤣
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 @AuracleDMG Really bad blogs have of course left out the caveat. And it is an important one. Netflix marks its ow… @ShephaliBhatt End of last week. Roughly.Not sure whether 'watch' means the first 30 secs of ep 1 or the entire season, but impressive regardless. Will ne… am so stingy with the heating No heat until the boogers freeze into your beard john I know how to live with my means as a journalistThis Tory MP calling out the Daily Mail for BS COVID-denying excess deaths data is a beautiful thing 👏👏👏
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨Ugh, I'll finish it tomorrowThread: How to be motivatedSeem to be a lot of Black Friday mobile tariffs out there. 3 nudged me to review mine, and I'm now saving £6 a mont…'s another + on the market... this time from Discovery. I take a look to see what's on offer. via @thedrumWent out a cycle there, and went from being depressed about lockdown to relieved I don't HAVE to go out in that. G…'m an Aldi man. 👇 was laughing at vaccine nationalism we're seeing today Then I remembered remember Scotland's been lauding antib… where a Stories TM feature would actually good On a subscriber-supported news website. Catch up with reporter…
Rick and Morty shill for the PS5. It's so lazy. I love it.
Sum up your job using a gif. @aimeepearcy_ My mum raised me never to lie And my dad raised me never to get caught running Instagram accounts de… @aimeepearcy_ If it makes you feel better It is probably just one weirdo running the whole network Rather than a cluster of them.At the helm of the Irish/Alba empire I jailed a two-year-old. (Crusader Kings 3). 1000 years later, Trump was clea… @swodinsky advocate of consumer privacy X Commiter of evils that must remain hidden @MongoIndustries It feels good to confess. The burden is gone now. @samueljscott You are among good company. Britain and Amazon Prime have both made that mistake.It's the weekend. You don't have to talk about ads. Let's FlIP the narrative. Why not share with me the most evil…
@andrewjsimmonds I'm really fond of the song I like how horrible and grimy everyone is in it, it contrasts well wi… @laurakaykelly Laura. I forgot to buy beer. Am I legally allowed to do that? Is it fine as long as I buy food along… @laurakaykelly Couldn't live without it @laurakaykelly Is a bike helmet an essential?Worst thing about culture war is that the talking points repeat every damn year. They never advance. They are not s… @nickjcal Spending a lot more time with Escapist these days. You've done a great job with it. If that's any consolation.Check out #WandaVision on the brand new cover of @empiremagazine
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 @Audiosilver @chrismsutcliffe I would like this twice if I could @Audiosilver @chrismsutcliffe Meta level. Mordor won and owns the rights to LOTR. Looking forward to the TV show o… not enough hours in the day he tweeted @LarnerC This got me through a crap spot yesterday @chrismsutcliffe Unless you read the books. Then hobbiton is fucked @chrismsutcliffe through my Fleets. Lots of marketing lads. Are women...Glasgow mate
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨This year, there's been a lot of Zoom and Gloom TM @clairestrickett I think it's a good idea. In the right hands. For the right reasons. Which this isn't. Joe Rogan'… the HuffBuzz news and I still think the DTC sex toy news is the bigger story. But I am probably. Wrong. Again. @chrismsutcliffe @Flipping_Pages You can tell the Media Voices lot are on the Pae. It comes through
@Flipping_Pages There he is. Peter knows! @Stephenyoung85H A violent spillage of it. 🌶