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Media editor @thedrum. I tweet adtech/media trends, crazy ads and odd thoughts. A 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🙋‍♂️with MANY questions. 📫

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@DistillaSean Must beBtw here’s what the media universe, sorted by market cap, looked like earlier this year. Discovery was tiny (has go…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨What can brands learn from this? @andynairn Could have been the moderates getting the do-ins. There were too many of those videos to count. They sho… @andynairn The best of the fandom stayed at home obv and were invisible as a result. They'll not be liking it either. @andynairn Got out of town for the day. Came back about 6. It wasn't pretty. Heard the same old songs. A friend was… @axelk
@ronan_shields I think you'd excel in pet detection Ro
This is a very good thing things I did this weekFuture of Media: News brand safety, print & TV commerce, CNN's livestream paywall via @thedrum‘The future is a mixed ecology’: CNN global president on why it paywalled UK livestream via @thedrumHow BT ‘Drew the line’ under social media racism: ‘Not just another creative campaign’ via @thedrum @mightybarnski I'll make it one of our trips!!I was depressed then I did this then I wasn't. So I can recommend this @shaymantim Right you aregrandpa, wat was the pandemic like Better than the acid rain and fire spiders we face today my child
Logistic Solutions, Successful with Partners @wordmancopy I really want you to see this one @waywelive Hope i don't have to tell you how it looks in a gale force wind. Thoroughly excited.That's better @Jon_Christian Eagles can't wear ringz Jonnn @tomfgoodwin Have 46m Americans even heard of bitcoin.WFH is great for certain tasks - like writing and interviewing a bunchI was in the office yesterday and barely did any work Took an hour to find all my tech and get connected. An hour… @tobeconfirmed I don't know. I expect someone to drop a good article for us right below here soo 🥸 @tobeconfirmed Great question. Bitcoin mining ranked about same energy expenditure as Norway. Precious metal mini… @NewDigitalAge1 80% is about right for us too Is it a combination of women actually being busy already? Not having… if bitcoins were layered into the physical world. And people can carry and exchange them without needing elect… @chrismsutcliffe What's your views on character death in the sequel 😅Oh my god marketing @ChelseaFC @Nike tier marketing @AFCAjax'm going there in a week. Where the hills have ayes. look, person at failing business selling X says X is important I'm familiar with this story format as an advert… come you took the same hit from a pandemic as I would dropping an omelete on an old carpet?Why don't *THIS* bother you ghoul?I am not inclined to trust any ghouls walking about with what appears to be good mental health right now if I am be…
@KendraEClark Nodding heavily in approval'Laundrette' resurrected the @LEVIS brand and made a huge impact on popular culture, which got us thinking, they ju…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 This is a ride. Can't wait to see it on the box. is a stunningly brilliant idea.
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨I ate a block of dark chocolate i found on the floor. It looked fine but I have no recollection when dark chocolate… minions die?
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 @Campaign_me I suspect it was @Boultini 's book @caltyler_ , hope you are clapping and stomping
@tprstly 10/10 tweet @Specsavers Hey spec crew, what's the best way for me to find out my prescription from a recent eye test? In-store,… of Rock is on Netflix and it's a perfectly paced, wholesome and funny bit of gear. Jack Black was so good at…
Hustle yourself into a skip you emoji ghoul @claire_foss I am intimidated by these terms I really wish I could hit them back with some adtech terms, get the shoe on the other foot @JPCastlin Thankings JP @lopsidedstephen @xloubellxx Thank you Stephen. First on the bill is a walk-in shower. My days of standing in a bathtub will soon be over!We have a new contender for The Worst Take On Scottish Independence Award™ 2021
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨I used to have nightmares about venom. It's only fair they do tooCan't wait to see this on a 48-sheet next to a school 😈'm also in this place where I think voting should be electronic and we should all have access to local policy vote… hai attempt to disenfranchise the poor I'd love to say I am surprised to see you, but I'm really not. To those… @xloubellxx The fire pit You've foreshadowed my next house tweet The oops 🔥 one @DollyDeighton Adult websites makes the adult 🤓 @StephenLepitak @xloubellxx Gav casa ma casa @xloubellxx Offer accepted. It's the place I have been renting. So that was trickier than I thought it would be @MartynStewart Sorry. I wrote it in johnese. Offer accepted. Thank youOh, they still need to handle the missives. Ah yes the missives. The vital costly missives. ughI think I just bought this house But it's hard to tell because it's written in legalese. @Slightly_Random Good point. If everyone's making 'films' take the lead from paramount and co and get it right in t… @TheGMcConnachie looks like a fake Grand Theft Auto ad. Weirdos @xloubellxx no, don't do thatbetter check linkedinMaybe an unpopular opinion but I'd rather be on holiday today instead of not on holiday. I have a strong bias towar…
Desperately coming up with another Latin fish joke today. Kremlooney playbook? Or the pathetic last gasp of a man who is out of cards to play after losing the 2014 refer… @chrismsutcliffe UnfortunatelyOnly 4% opted in? That's within accidental fingerslip territory too. @barneyfarmer Heritage media influencer. Savage.
@griner They're Forcing it a bit. @Myles_Younger Nice of Kurt Cobain to pop by.Think that's the worst thing I have ever thought never mind writtenJust got an unsolicited message from a fish saying 'seize the day'. It was a carp DMThose after work pints'll be like... fans are more likely to engage if you litter the tweet with 😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣😅🤣😅😅🤣🤣😅🤣☺🤑😙🥰🤩 trash faces @jackabuckley Fair comment Well madeCan GB News (or any other ad-supported linear TV news channel for that matter) succeed in a world where younger aud…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨 @KellyAnn_Taylor @TheDrum What is your fav game? Let's do this right in the open. @KellyAnn_Taylor @TheDrum Maybe that's the voxpop @sammbradley @KellyAnn_Taylor @TheDrum nope, Maybe, DO GAMES INSPIRE YOU TO DO BETTER MARKETING?Jake Paul is an actual genius. If only he had 4 more years at an FMCG brand and a university degree plus full Adobe…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨That's a wee infantile Friday tweet I'm a very serious professional man actuallywas caught picking my nose on a zoom this week haven't quite recovered from being outed as a nose miner yet the t…🕹️If you're sitting on a gaming pitch for @TheDrum, now's the time to throw it at us. Email in my bio.Starbucks's Facebook posts about racial and social justice are getting flooded with hateful comments, to the point…
Retweeted by John McCarthy 🤓🧨
@chrismsutcliffe If shame was a thing I could have/do, I'd be having it big style!!!I have a frankly ridiculous analogy about Sea TV you should pick apart. @RichardHussey1 @bigrichinnes I was a bit worried it'd fall flat. Thank you Richard @bigrichinnes The ministry of silly talks @buffalogiu Real-time data at your fingertips but at what cost?
Disappointed to learn that Peloton is recalling my juggling knives. Something suspicious going on but I really can't put my fingers on it. @Zoe_WithDots Water the spider, starve the rest. tricky but doable. I won't kill another! @miranda_kyte The mint's coming out, it's been on a bit of a landgrab already. Thank you.If putting these all in the one planter is not a good idea speak now or forever hold your leafs