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Just popping my head into Twitter for a moment. Very few of you probably noticed, but I'm taking a social media bre… first book NOTES FROM THE SHADOWED CITY is sold out in hardcover, but is still available in paperback. Thanks to…
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @justinmsiebert @novelmemphis Awesome. Sorry the delayed response. Taking a social media break.
everybody stop tweeting and retweeting for one goddamned minute
@matthewdowsmith I'm sure she's right! @tadethompson that's super cool and has nothing to do with politicsshe’s decided to sack out on my rewritten pgs got a new cat offering her opinion on my wip @UnheimlichManvr She's very judge-y yet we still love herTwitter identify this woman so she never pays for her own drink again.
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsDay 3 NaNoblahblah in the bag. Y'all don't care and that's fine. But I got mine done. I GOT MINE @JoshuaMarsella Death of a child is just too hard for me at this stage in life.Hereditary @cmpriest They keep us honest! You think this is good? I will put my butthole on it.what the cat thinks of this manuscript're not going to learn anything useful about the election outcome on here until 7pm, i.e. when they start counting votes.
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @GoshDarnMyLife Fucking hell, Olbermann should know better. @PRMcDonough You might enjoy the oeuvre of James Ellroy. His American Tabloid would fill two of those categories -…
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @TylerGHale Yes. Sometimes I don't like being right.
@MrPersimmon I ran into him at Bev Foster's chiro once. He looked cuh-razy @Spanky_McMuffin 😀 @SofiaAjram I like writing a little bit most days. 500-1000 words. I skip days without a thought, though. It tends… @BobPastorella @YoYo_Ma That is REALLY a weak claim to fame. YOU WIN @HorrorPaperback @YoYo_Ma He's amazing. I've been writing a lot of this new novel to his Beethoven ConcertosMy cousin is married to @YoYo_Ma aggressive attempts to get me to NOT vote actually made me try harder TO Vote. This is how you get Satanists to the polls.
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @HenryLovesYou hale satin @Zwolf666 I did it in 2008 and 2009 writing the beginnings of my first and third novels. It's worth it, I think. Wh… no knowledge november! i simply do not want to know anymore! i’ve thought enough! i do not think therefore i do not am <3
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @captainperson Yeah yeah, and Rex Stout would pound out a Nero Wolf novel in two weeks and was best friends with P.… @pattonoswalt @WisDems sherwood waggy has had enough of your shitI've completed day 2 of NaNoWriMo. It's the first time I've done this since 2009. 4k words in the word bag. Did yo… @DefGrappler I'll see if I can find his family here in LR and let them know. Thanks! @DefGrappler I don't know what APS is and sorry to admit, don't know what an ABLE account is either @k_wade_a I'm still doing just 20lbs, since I'm also doing weights. I live in an exceedingly hilly neighborhood, so… boosting.
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @SofiaAjram The Tower is the coolest image of these, imo.I have rucked 3.5 miles. I have lifted weights in the backyard, huffing and puffing and sweating. My titties hurt,… @crimeculture it depends on what you've been feeding your dog i guess @crimeculture kate are you trying to freak me the fuck out because you're succeedingI just received this message on Facebook from a guy I hung out with in 1988 for about a week. He was a rich kid pot… @michaelwehunt I lost the SJ award to an author I never heard of. But I read her book afterwards and, sheesh, it was good.I am so anxious right now regarding this election that I might try to distract myself by posting content absolutely… @brad_proctor Ooof, that music is so good too. I hadn't seen that video. Thank you! @brad_proctor Good! @ThomasJGriffin0 New technology. A LED environmental set using real time game engines to adjust for camera changes.… got my mind blown last night when I learned the THE MANDALORIAN is shot entirely on set. @michaelwehunt Thank you, Michael. It means quite a bit to me coming from you who has written one of my favorite co… look at that. Called it. Congrats to Brian Evenson on winning the World Fantasy Award. I knew this months ago… dicks. @dixonsd Thank you!
So... if you'd like to read "The Domestic Lives of Superheroes" which acknowledges sex and is in many ways a pastic… track my web hits (I get very few and even fewer after I got hacked and rebuilt my site on a new host). But occas… is kind of interesting. So, when my story "The Domestic Lives of Superheroes" came out in Playboy Magazine, th…
MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU is at its core a witch movie and DEVIL TOO is a venegeful spirit flick but both got that devil spice @dbhfiction If you haven’t seen the first one - MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU - I’d start with itMAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU TOO is some Halloween madness. Indonesian Evil Dead. More frightening imagery than the first…
@MattFnWallace @MeganEOKeefe @KM_Alexander Also, the thing I like about these campers are their price and weight - I can tow them with my Honda Crosstour @KM_Alexander That's it! This is my writing retreat, my camper, my remote workplace. I'm going to drop the newest B… @MeganEOKeefe @MattFnWallace I'm already a third of the way into this book but I'm still gonna try to bust out 50k in November myself. @KM_Alexander I'll probably go with a larger one - the Polar Bear - it's got a 6' clearance and as I'm 6'2" I'll probably need it. @KM_Alexander I'm looking at the Koala. @JonathanLHoward some tax return money and a hunk of... let's call it "left coast" money... and suddenly I'm flush and looking a… @jonNothin 😉 @BrettFavre @realDonaldTrump Another thing that makes this country great is the 1st amendment that allows me to say… @lakanen hillbilly @lakanen jesus h christSCOOBY-DON !!
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsIt took eight years of collecting hooves, ears, lips, and assholes to get this delicious sandwich back on the menu.
BREAKING: Senator Perdue just cancelled our final debate. At last night's debate, millions saw that Perdue had no…
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsBetween Ossoff and Buttigieg, kinda nerdy white guys are straight dunking on Trumpkins dance move at :11 is called "push down your sorrow"'re gonna announce the winners this wknd, so it's my last chance to say before it goes to one of the other nom… @shana_dubois @cmpriest I purposefully photoshopped it crappily, didn't match fonts and stuff Shana, I got a bridge you might want to buy @cmpriest *whispering* photoshopped that in there, don't tell nobodyBoy, that second to last line is a real doozy. out my UNBREAKABLE costume (aka daily walkies poncho)'ve watched this fifteen times and it hasn't gotten old. @SteveAryan Something of this nature is in my 5 year plan, so it'll be after the pandemic (knock on wood) @SteveAryan Rent a widebeam or a dutch barge! At this point, I know far more than any American should about Britai… was "hackers" for sure @SteveAryan Most likely C, but I'd love A. It's just, immigration? Everything I've seen regarding it seems like it… Anderson as Thatcher gives me diametrically opposed physical reactions. I am very confused. one thing this pandemic has proven is that I can do my job from ANYWHERE. Consequently, I'm either buying a narr…
@AOC try not to curse in public, but... 🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsNow do Russia’s almost Halloween! We’ve got horror Recs for you over at #sturgislibrary! @theandydavidson, @johnhornor,…
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsJohn Hornor Jacobs interview – Episode 99 of the Reading & Writing podcast
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsGaslighting experience a plus.JOB POSTING: Minimum of seven (7) years exp. lying, with at least one year exp. lying on television. Must be presen… upon hearing Trump left thousands of supporters stranded in the cold to the point of hypothermia. @hexican Looks like I'm getting a PS5 with all the peripherals they offer
@David_Annandale @RichardPF @SGJ72 @pdjeliclark @writer_north Yes! Thank you!Want some horror reads for Halloween? Check out: The Only Good Indians by @SGJ72; A Lush & Seething Hell by…
Retweeted by John Hornor JacobsOver on @tordotcom, I've got a series overview of Terry Brooks's long-running epic fantasy, Shannara, and a suitabl…
Retweeted by John Hornor Jacobs @realDonaldTrump This won't happen. What we're waiting to see is if you'll be beaten so badly even loading the SC won't be able to help you.