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climate justice | video games | struggling i bhFraincis & en gaélique | (he/him)

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it's because there's no good podcast can all sleep a little safer in our beds tonight can all sleep a little safer in our beds tonight @lhgluke @Selkies__ yep had considered this, but honestly the spreadsheet is the only way to handle the fractions efficiently @Selkies__ I mean you don't need to actually *count*, the spreadsheet does that for you @shockproofbeats surely one that dresses like a baby with a bib? @NursepollyRgn finally some sense @Selkies__ oh the tog sitch is unreal, will DM you the goods @Selkies__ come hang out it's fun they primarily are used for housing ghosts @Selkies__ come france swim with Úna spooky lil drystone huts are all over the countryside here, apparently the farmers used to keep their tools a…
@JamesMasonsCat Beautiful @multiplebears This is so nice! The lil fella is goin to love playing out there @mpjarmstrong you'll see @GrrlGhost I just want reparations from tall menlot of culinary cowards in the replies here now you're talkin @sazsazsazzz nopineapple in coddle? #foodie @Selkies__ I have plenty of socks and STILL I find myself thinking about screamingly ugly 1970s floral print ones I… @JillDMcA don't get me wrong, this was vgFianna Fáil TD: ah shur I only had two glasses with dinner, Garda the glasses in question: @DanGra87 @BoscoTD and yous dip the bread in it @DanGra87 @BoscoTD there's one of them beside me drinking tea out of a bowl, when there's a perfectly good cup righ… Watch 2020 (no deer yet) @Selkies__ I feel that you could replace the word "masks" with any item of clothing or homeware and this would still be true of you @JillDMcA JILL
@DanGra87 monstersevery time I come to france I'm reminded that french people refuse to put their bread on their plate and just put i… @LNBDublin aw yes! @crobulous ah yes, a pint and a half of "the red baron" @lhgluke :/if you liked pints, you're going to love: @rubot aw they look greatphotography is my passion not enough public homes paris: public *funeral* homes
can't work out if she's grabbing his nuts or his arse @GaryPhelan8 it's a greenwashing operation by one of the world's biggest polluters hydrogen can be produced with r… @Pidge @BrasserieSenne you know I met Steve again a few months ago and apparently his knee has been never the same… @Pidge @BrasserieSenne Pretty sure you can get it in Martin's in Fairview, maybe Redmond's in Ranelagh eitherhonk honk this absolute monster in the park @Selkies__ @Zalando Should be able to show the transfer on your bank account? Sometimes you can even download a PDF of just that transaction @JamesCrisp6 absolute 'mare @JamesCrisp6 jesus they'll all be at itEXCUSE ME?! @Selkies__ get cheek studs @KadriSimson @bartbiebuyck @Energy4Europe @EU_Commission @fch_ju if I was the EU energy commissioner I would simply… I was the EU energy commissioner I would simply not take part in a Shell photo op @francgirardi this one here I reckon it overestimates a bit, but the comparison is probably good @MissNicoragua depends what you do for a living! there's a bunch of jobs in the NGO/EU-related sector where native… everyone, never moving home it seems
@Selkies__ that a bird joke is itshot, chaser @sianvconway 💚BRACKEN💚only reason I care about brexit is that my way of remembering the alt code for € (alt+0128) USED to make sense beca… that's a big duck @mpjarmstrong where's that?! @curates_egg @POLITICOEurope yeah I thought they're *supposed* to like scandal makes them look very mouthpiecey, doing thisI used to get bent out of shape by cyclists ‘taking up’ the road but if you look at this it’s pretty clear that if…
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arrived @Selkies__ advanced Irish @JurassicArse overloaded it seems, straight asleep aboard u secure the bag @jeroenkwakbo nofinally unified, the country is healing @_M_egg @Selkies__ she'll be doing a signing at Eason's when we're back in Dublin
@Selkies__ OH FUCK OFFthat's a goodnight from me, and a goodnight from Úna @SamJamesMorgan really weird, and I can also imagine counterproductive @GrrlGhost really struggled to find the if in the last one there @Selkies__ everyone who liked this is going on a list @s_pastorelli hmmm no context-wise only one of those should be on someone's head...I'm just after seeing a CROWD of fellas in the park all playing cup-and-ball lockdown was too longI'm furioussorry but this is absolutely inexcusable @REDROMINA the science officer failing to follow company quarantine regulations results in a ruined a crew meal and a lost catthe science officer failing to follow company quarantine regulations results in a ruined a crew meal and a lost cat
Me funding the Taliban to target my enemies: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!! Me getting targeted by the Taliban funded by… @JamesCrisp6 ah it was them?! I did notice it was done in comic sans @gothtitty YES @lhgluke Yep it says "I launched the project of the Congo in the interest of civilization and for the good of Belgi… in Brussels to the colonisation of Congo graffitied with "black lives matter", overwritten with "white li…
ba mhaith liom a bheith i mo chónaí i mBaile YEEHAW Cliath @rubot they loud tho @rubot I hate that the planes are back too :-/enjoying the fact the french for a hook-up is an 'ass plan'DUCKLING ALERT @Selkies__ oooooh @judeinlondon2 and where it's basically compulsory to wear a poppy for a chunk of the year🤠🐎 @_M_egg Megán Ní Scríobh @NicLiamo a cautionary tale: never log offhey everyone, shut up.
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@dgahk got a beautiful homecut fade = weak king @quiteclare oh wow, two more days!