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Lover of Jazz, funk, great food, intelligent women, cooking, red wine, old whiskeys, rugby, good books, modern art, design. Humanist. Trump disgusts me!

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@zakwilliams @MaryGeise He was an inspiration and a great person. He will always be remembered @realDonaldTrump They all know you are an idiot and a moron. They just laughed and laughed after you hung up. Ha ha ha ha
Retweeted by john JayThere is no dignity and intelligence if you vote for @realDonaldTrump @bakelakis54 @Guldenhof_Hans @estherouwehand Helemaal met jou eens! Het is zo overduidelijk een farce wat in Wit Ru… @TaraSetmayer Fox News = racists People who watch #FoxNews and believe it = racists @PoliticusSarah What a disgusting little figure of a man @realDonaldTrump isVery soon, it's going to be moving day for 25 million Americans. The #TrumpEvictions are beginning.
Retweeted by john JayKamala. It’s time. Let’s go.
Retweeted by john Jay @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump The balance of Trump’s presidency. - the economy is in shambles - The highest unemploym… @GOP @Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump Ha ha ha. Is his mother with him? @SanderQuote Heel goed dat zij dit doen!! Beide boycotten is sowieso goed maar niet om zwarte piet. @JoostNiemoller Ik ben blij dat we stoppen met Zwarte Piet! @adamwren He will be slaughtered! With words and arguments of courseIt’s no surprise that @realDonaldTrump shares Putin’s deep disdain for Americans who served their country & counte…
Retweeted by john Jay @USATODAY @bevdevwarrior Look at all successful countries in the world and they all have: high taxes, open borders…'ve covered this administration since day one. @realDonaldTrump is not the same man he was then. He's incoherent,…
Retweeted by john Jay @lanerodrigs1979 I think she is perfect!! @GOP Mainstream Americans will follow her too. Together with Biden they will overturn the incompetent moron @realDonaldTrump
@TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Not true and as always lies lies lies and lies. @oterribletruth @Mike_Pence Absolutely @TeamTrump You are scared SHITLESS. Ha ha.Another great one! Lol
Retweeted by john Jay @jules1327 @JoeBiden They are the white racists red necks of the USA @egbertlachaert Wel blij dat FB dit doet!! @ReallyAmerican1 A total idiot @realDonaldTrump @LindseyMustGo Another deranged old white racist @TeamTrump @IvankaTrump @TeamTrump @IvankaTrump @TeamTrump @IvankaTrump First Barbie is as dumb and ignorant as her corrupt father. @realDonaldTrump @Newsweek Ha ha ha what a dumb fuck he is. @TeamTrump @Mike_Pence What a dumb and disgusting hypocrite @TeamTrump @IvankaTrump Who gives a rats arse now 160.000 corona deaths!! Children still in cages being raped by yo… @TeamTrump It will always be someone a million times beter, more decent and intelligent than you 2 clowns. @realDonaldTrump @ReallyAmerican1 Good work @realDonaldTrump @JanDriessen @amsterdam @sailamsterdam @AmsterdamNL @PortofAmsterdam @KPN @Heineken_NL @TommyHilfiger @kaitlancollins He played with himself. @OzcanAkyol Man wat een dom volk is er. Ik heb respect voor je. Dat je dit soort berichten moet ontvangen. Pff @hnkdvrs Gewoon naar België. @GOP @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence What we saw again was a sociopath that has no clue what he is doing. He lies so m… @GOP @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump only lies and tries to play golf. He hasn’t done a decent day of work in his all@life#thetrumpplague is a combination of him calling #Corona the China virus.NOT TRUE! Him lying every time he is on TV.… @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump All #NFL I layers should kneel during the anthem! If you don’t kneel you are #racist @realDonaldTrump more testing does not equal more cases more testing does not equal more cases more testing does no…
Retweeted by john Jay @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump The #NBA should kneel for #BlackLivesMatter and against @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump the stock market is not the economy the stock market is not the economy the stock market is not th…
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Retweeted by john Jay @mattgalb99 Twit @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Bull shit @GOP @realDonaldTrump LiesAmazing & beautiful couple. Eight years of no scandals, no mistresses, no impeachment hearing and no pandemic!!!
Retweeted by john Jay @GOP @realDonaldTrump Lies and fake news @realDonaldTrump All kneel for the Anthrm please @Mike_Pence Hypocrite
@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump A comedy show with lies and fake news @karebear0517 Obama and twice @Jacco67 En mijn zoon is lichamelijk en intellectueel al zoveel sterker dan ik ben! Laten we een keertje lekker. Gaan lunchen? Gezellig.As a lifelong Republican, I am proud to support @JoeBiden for President. This election is about decency, the rule o…
Retweeted by john JayUSPS ran like clockwork. There was no reason to touch it. But this is what Republicans do. They falsely claim gover…
Retweeted by john Jay @Ms_Hanneke Waar jij voor pleit is absoluut niet nodig. Het is verschrikkelijk dat het is gebeurd maar het is de ei… @JoeBiden gaat ook op hard! #thewall #TrumpFailedAmerica
Retweeted by john Jay @Jacco67 Vaders moeten op een gegeven moment slimmer zijn dan fysiek sterker dan hun kroost. Op den duur is slimmer zijn ook niet genoeg!And again he himself @realDonaldTrump is his own downfall. Yes!!!! A strong message. can get a Covid test with results five times faster in Rwanda than in the United States. We are a failed nation.
Retweeted by john Jay @knipoog50 @reneerotterdam @SigridKaag Deze haven werd voornamelijk gebruikt om de bevolking van eten en andere noo… is trending so here’s your reminder Trump was all about Epstein and Maxwell.
Retweeted by john JayRetweet to destroy trumps day and move #TrumpMadeInChina to #1 in America.
Retweeted by john Jay @PeterHebly @reneerotterdam Mogen de kerkklokken wel gebruikt worden om de mensen op te roepen voor de kerkdienst?… @EWdeVlieger @reneerotterdam Nou daar snap ik ook helemaal niets van! Ik was er zelf nadat er geschoten was om een… @crzyfkinworld And by being part of society instead of the society being afraid of the police is how the police will earn Respect!!
@TrumpFeck @Stop_Trump20 I @ValaAfshar He was such a beautiful soul. @EelcoHoecke Echt belachelijk! Sander is een mooi figuur! Eerlijk intelligent en goed gebekt. Een topper die gekoes… @opblaaskrokodil @reneerotterdam In Amsterdam ook geen problemenDe hypocrisy en de gluiperigheid kent geen grenzen bij de @GOP. @LindseyGrahamSC is het toonbeeld van lafheid.…
Retweeted by john Jay @JoostNiemoller Hoe meer immigranten hoe beter voor ons allemaal!He will lie. He will cheat. He will steal. He will break laws. He will collude with Vladimir Putin. The only way to…
Retweeted by john Jay @brucewayne5687 Beyoncé @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Ha ha ha. You are really squandering the USA like all of your other businesses! @GOP @realDonaldTrump And you are spreading fake news. @Jacco67 Kijk en dat is nou vakantie vieren! Geniet geniet geniet! Van elkaar en van jullie plek. @wierdduk Dat kan zijn maar WIJ BV Nederland zijn echt heel rijk!
@DonWickenhagen Prayers never help but she is in my thoughts @SamONeillSA I never knew there were so many ignorant dumb people in the USA @GOP @realDonaldTrump The GOP and everything associated with them have turned into the Nationalist Racist party of the USA
My Congressman Matt Gaetz called me a “creep” today for asking if he was homeschooling his son Nestor during the pa…
Retweeted by john Jay @TeamTrump @kimguilfoyle @DonaldJTrumpJr @DiamondandSilk @RandPaul All racist together. @blueeyesgraysky @robert_etc @Athletics @AthleticsPR Then you are dumb nazi toowhat kind of shithole president takes a three-day golf holiday in the middle of emergency stimulus negotiations in the middle of a pandemic
Retweeted by john Jay @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Bull shit @missfeas @jimmyotx @GOP Ha ha ha. Then more will die! @GOP Also ... * No eviction protection * No money for hazard pay * No help to cities and states * No help for the…
Retweeted by john Jay @KingOfContent18 @GOP Incompetent bastard @realDonaldTrump 160.000 dead. @GOP 5 million infected 160,000 dead
Retweeted by john Jay @GOP 160.000! Deaths. @Scavino45 @WhiteHouse 160.000 corona deaths.Does anyone remember what Damien grew up to be?
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Retweeted by john Jay @GOP Ha ha ha.