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Lawyer, academic manque. Lover of pets, truth, justice, and Doctor Who. All opinions are purely personal. Retweets do not mean assent. (Pronouns: he/him/his.)

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@LibDemGranny @BradleyWhitford @johncardillo Applicable today. @victorianclare @Jess_H_Anderson They’re friendly feral, both at least 11 years old now, that my wife and I have be…’s a sombering thought that the most relentless opponent of the right to vote is our Nation’s highest court. @victorianclare @Jess_H_Anderson Little Susie says hello, with Chauncey Gardener watching on... need this. @victorianclare So Bear should be; it suits him.
Please share with the rest of the UK how to see it.
Retweeted by John Wirenius @toddwoo60345976 Perfect song for the tweet!Dark Shadows Ep. 1037: PT Maggie, like our Maggie, knows what is needed in an emergency: Coffee!
@bongomansam Lennox, Framingham, Sturbridge, Collinsport. @sarahcpr More of a Duchess of Malfi than Romeo and Juliet, but yeah.
@Whonivores @DonaldSchmidt I know, right? Dracula the lounge lizard, strumming her pain with his fingers, killing her softly with his song, FFS.
Also, Elliott’s rat like teeth puncturing Lucy’s neck and his genteel slurping is very Nosferatu-goes-to-the-opera.WTF am I watching? This 1968 version of Dracula (a piano playing, Denholm Elliott, looking like a young Orson Welle… @naoko_mori That’s why she’s not coming for Caterina to me as ancient folk songs play on WQXR: What language is that? Me: I dunno, but if she sings “hey-no…
@Whonivores They lovingly care for us when we are under the weather... @peacelovingnj Stay as cool as you are, and keep on keeping on. No advice, because you know what is best for you—ju… @IrisVersakos @ClassicMovieHub @IrisVersakos @ClassicMovieHub Best line in the film! @GeneMThompson @ClassicMovieHub Yes, and Lugosi has such a strong, eerie presence.Don’t let them down! we have the proof: R-appointed judges impede ballot access in 87% of voter suppression cases. It means that de…
Retweeted by John Wirenius @ClassicMovieHub @frid_barnabas @I__Barnabas @TheHeatherPeter Would be great to meet my fellow fans irl
@MPSellars @WhenWeAllVote @BradleyWhitford Granted,but fiction has its functions, and trying to inspire is one of t… @Richard_Schiff @snuffywalden So very, very good. Thanks to the whole ensemble, Tommy Schlamme, the crew, and @snuffywalden @ButtockPennock From your mouth to the Universe...The West Wing stage play is a classic mix of sweet and tart, with the superb ensemble summoning our old friends eff…
@ButtockPennock This. Wotthehell, wotthehell?
@DonaldSchmidt @TheRealMcCray @OhMrsJohnson Mine too. She survived Liz, Roger, Barnabas, and a farrago of ghosts,…
@TeresaCCarter2 @thespybrief The way it should be! @AnthonyJClark @ButtockPennock @TimEdwardsZero4 And in NYS (especially upstate!) @AngryBlackLady This. (Also an adoptee). @erinscafe I know, it’s just embarrassing. @industrial_book Co-sign; thanks for the good thought! @DanaLPride Pansy Faye is in your mind...
@jillianives @cmclymer You tell ‘em, ferret face! @OhMrsJohnson @I__Barnabas @MayMayair I thought that was Cassandra’s coffee.... @s_petofi @I__Barnabas I *loved* Madam Findlay; between her and Aunt Hannnah, the diva was strong. @Elizabe02941118 @I__Barnabas Just chilling...
Your reputation precedes you.....Happy Saturday and . . . Goodbye, Mr. Bond by Blotto via @YouTubeProof of life! Thanks, @terri2718 @awv2000 @TheRickWilson Admittedly, not by much.
#DarkShadows Ep. 1014: Angelique’s usual policy of 20,000 lbs of DDT per insect has backfired massively, leading Qu… @PinotYouDidnt @lynn_valepixi More leeches than worms, actually.Thank you, @kathleighscott! I ordered the #DarkShadows Movie Book (the “slightly dinged-up edition”) from her new w… @frid_barnabas @ButtockPennock Co-Sign!! @AnthonyJClark Dame Peggington of Noonington, the sophisticated sage of box wine? How lucky you are!! say that in the old days at Collinwood, he would stare through the windows at the Old House, and the sleep of… @MaPeel @thegridkid Those were the days, as the episode has it. @CousinBarnabas Did @CousinBarnabas grab the Zeitgeist or what? @MaPeel Not to rehearse an old grievance, but they disallowed “dimity.” As in plain dimity frock. I feel like Leo M…
@I__Barnabas Well it ain’t Wendell Wilkie! (Wait that’s not Carolyn...) @I__Barnabas Very stylish.
@RivkaGheist Also, he’s adorkable!This times 1000 @Whonivores @RealFloppyLion “That’s the last time the parish will refer to the 39 Articles as ‘Historical documents… @DonaldSchmidt At one point I thought he was going to offer her a bite!Dark Shadows Ep. 999 (!): A good ep., but as the credits roll by, the viewer can’t help but notice a balding man se…
My glorious AF wife Kathryn helped with my latest campaign video. Whatever the polls say we have to stay calm and r…
Retweeted by John Wirenius @AnthonyJClark @Anthony Ease up, hoss: @awv2000 Here’s an interim goal...Transylvanian Lullaby - The Aces via @YouTube @awv2000 Here’s a superb ensemble version: @awv2000 Here’s a version of la Folia for your perusal: @ButtockPennock That’s actually quite comforting; many thanks! (I’m having fun watching you in Parallel Time, by the way!)
@EagleHCaretaker Should we go into the Collins Mausoleum sand tell the honored dead we love their memory? maybe ro… @RivkaGheist Admirable of you to help! @thelaceylondon “Shut up with the ‘Nevermore,’ willya?”Dark Shadows ep. 992: The aunt of PT Angelique and Alexis, Hannah Stokes (Paula Laurence) has great energy and loop…
@DonaldSchmidt @ArthurWyndham @PrimeVideo @hulu You’ll love the extras! @zugenia gotta admit it, not a fan. title aside, it’s not Bram Stoker’s plot; Reeves is terrible as Harker, and le… @AuthorAlliance Niv, right after his Oscar announcement was interrupted by a streaker: “Isn't it fascinating to thi… @AuthorAlliance David Niven’s “The Moon’s a Balloon.” @DonaldSchmidt @ArthurWyndham @PrimeVideo @hulu Yeah, that’s when I began subscribing and then bought the coffin set. No more commercials! @ButtockPennock @BarbaraKJanik @bobbywesson And this Episcopalian chimes in “Amen.”
@victorianclare Sarah Caudwell’s Hilary Tamar mysteries-a short (4 vols) series of comic novels about a law don and… one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent.
@squiddleterror @lynn_valepixi About right, though he was never as full-bore crazy as the 1991 David, who seemed to… Barnabas Collins ushers his guests inside with the aplomb of a vampire in need of a stiff drink. @CCbklyn Thank you! @awv2000 Thank you, mon ami! @victorianclare @RS4VP Congratulations! @inkedandkinked Thanks!
@DonaldSchmidt Thanks, Don! @BawbHgc @DSEpisodicTweet I love that ep-Barnabas deciding not to kill David, but making him look like a complete l… @terri2718 @DSEpisodicTweet @ButtockPennock Who could blame him?Nine years ago today, my beloved la Caterina and I were married. How very fortunate I am.
@toddwoo60345976 Tie it to the Leviathan plot, as a foreshadowing, maybe?This. This is Donald Trump's America.
Retweeted by John WireniusSod this. Just donated $100 to @JoeBiden for having to be the only sentient being onstage. @feistybunnygirl @JillFilipovic You can both be right. @sesskasays Sincerely sorry for your loss; love your channel—we’ll wait for you.
@DonaldSchmidt Yup! @toddwoo60345976 I think Jamison Collins (father to Elizabeth and Roger died in the 40s, so Roger would have been i… @toddwoo60345976 Well, Louis Edmonds was 43 in 1966, so that gives us an approximate range for Roger’s age in 1966-1971. @DonaldSchmidt Roger’s taste in women requires only that they be: (1) Supernaturally super-powered; (2) totes insan… Collins is never happier than hen setting himself up for a fall... #DarkShadows