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Over-reading Dad, healthy skeptic, fan of the minority, low threshold for boredom, musician, digs on the arcane

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This morning, Trump met with mothers separated from their children and made an impassioned plea for families to be…
Retweeted by ohreally @balkinishu @billsweet Would split it this way:your orig point is correct re getting your audience. Diff is they pa…
I let my kids have sausage and cupcakes for breakfast. That doesn't make me a bad dad. It makes me a great dad.
Imagine if we spent a quarter as much on addressing some of the underlying economic conditions in South America as…
Retweeted by ohreally @biannagolodryga They also prefer KJU to Pelosi. Staggering. @shonkori @benshapiro @guypbenson There’s not enough taxpayer money to NOT offer free college / vocational training.
Retweeted by ohreally @chrislhayes Hysterical. Most of those CEO's started those companies. @EsotericCD @JonahNRO Never one to let a branding opportunity go to waste. @alphaarchitect @syouth1 @MebFaber True datThis this thread. Hilarious. @realDonaldTrump
@TheRickWilson It's always tough to turn up a branding opportunity. Plus it was only 50 bucks. @Nonrelatedsense @Valuetrap13 That's only cuz you were driving.Game set match. @LizAnnSonders More like depressing. @LizMair The flaw in your supposition is to entertain reducing imigration. Yes countries should reform-v difficult… live feed of me leaving work for the weekend.
Retweeted by ohreally @lukeoneil47 Yeah and it only costs $50.00 @oneunderscore__ This has always been a red herring. He is a yoga expert. @lhamtil @awealthofcs Yup. assume 10 yr horizon, 100k investment. Buy 100k zeroes at disc, 10 yr mat, invest the re… the $TSLA long squeeze continues @EconomPic Was thinking BenicioI’d much rather live next door to someone who crossed a desert to become an American than an American who wouldn’t…
Retweeted by ohreallyI just saw this and my brain broke. It is the W-iest of TF's all of this or least some. But if you start it you will finish it. Just beautiful. Happy Friday. @jvogs02 Still gotta get by Celts. @gtconway3d All of you stop the bickering now. He's a constitutional lawyer of high regard both left and right. He'…
@charlescwcooke We all got our priorities. @teasri Too many poor countries do not want to reform or cannot. Not that easy. At its base it's always about pover… @spooknine When ya got a good grift goin why change it. @spooknine Or actually more freedom and equality. Voting rights, civil rights, womens rights and plenty more.Regardless of affiliation this is really great stuff. Donate if you'd like to help. @goodnesstoyou Glad to help. She'll have her best fundraising day ever. Then tomorrow it'll be even better too.$TSLA now in a long squeeze. @Susan_Hennessey I donated just cuz its great. @teasri Thx @teasri Quote tweet now gone. To whom were you referring? @ChrisRiversAFM @MebFaber Link to IRS splainer, has link to zones that are covered. -The funds are set up by indivi… no longer worries. @murphymike He's actually saying the same thing about his base too. Nothing like being a man of the people. @ReformedBroker It also truly modernized our infrastructure and catapulted our economy.And Trump gets another Time cover.
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@NickatFP The zooAnd so now this. JFC. What more horrible thing comes next? I can think of 2 but am afraid to write them. Hoping thi… @LizMair Zero disclosed at this time. It may or may not exist so it can't be said it doesn't exist.“Join The Space Force” they said “It’ll be AWESOME” they said
Retweeted by ohreally"Tender age shelter". Wow. That's like galaxy brain strength euphemism. @DannyDutch The truly crazy part is when you realize they stripped out the drum track and she's been beating those… @GoddessofGrain So much awesome. @SmartBeta1 @EconomPic @ritholtz @morganhousel Im a gourmand not a heathen.
@EconomPic @ritholtz @morganhousel Freckled is the only civilized way. @EconomPic @ritholtz @morganhousel That's not rotten thats perfect.Who's this goof on cnbc rt now? Jfc. @EconomPic them too @EconomPic or Cheezits. @SonnyBunch I'll bet you that Travolta took the money up front on this one. @dollarsanddata At 20 bucks for a month they were asking for it.Read both. Excellent stuff and makes me wish for this as a sane counter weight to the Dems. We need balance for Ame… @Noahpinion . @CBSNews's the russians.
@ritholtz I keep thinking that it can't get worse and then it just does. Asylum Seekers not run of the mill illegal immigrants. @TheStalwart @neelkashkari Dude that's an excellent angle and v scalable. Take it and run. Burgers w Buffet etc. @a2jean @HaLachmaAnya @libbycwatson Thats actually a fairly brilliant idea. Constant loop with agents comments and… level of callous cruelty of this agent is indescribable.
Retweeted by ohreally @john_sipher @MarkSZaidEsq they are so convincing too. It's almost is if they were really scared kids.A space force is it? It appears we have no more pressing challenges except a lack of the biggest of shiny toys for someone to play with. @spooknine as he added "only part of the children will be eaten". @spooknine Just wait. It will be completely defined when they rationalize eating them.Seriously. Read this=>
Retweeted by ohreally @jposhaughnessy True. Just adding emphasis. @morganhousel Some people think that's okay. @jposhaughnessy Authenticity shouldn't get in the way of truth.
@SeamusLugh @M_PaulMcNamara Pretty impressive. Beautifully crafted and a damning political analysis all with humanity that shines. @EconomPic Fkn lovely.Happy Father’s Day to all.
Retweeted by ohreallyMy dad came here from Cuba all by himself without speaking English when he was 16 years old, and has been kicking a…
Retweeted by ohreally @justsojackelyn @SenFeinstein @POTUS Jesus wouldn't do this. And he's who you cite in yor profile. Seems like polit…