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@Popehat Not only well done but prophetic. Old conservative white men are not good at this. @iowahawkblog @jasonpinter Cubby Newburyport @GerberKawasaki Ross, your bloviation is showing again.Ima just leave this here wouldn't it be something if both Kavanaugh and Foster were seated at the same time and present throughout each… Wilbur Ross. Anyone who wears expensive slippers as their primary footwear probably couldn't appreciate that th… who film people to upload and mock are antisocial jackals
Retweeted by ohreallyI feel better being on the side that welcomes refugees, trusts women, gives sick people health care, kneels to prot…
Retweeted by ohreally @WalkerBragman Why is it assumed she hasn't helped? Nothing in this story addresses that. Lets get an answer before leveling the accusation. @conorsen He'll do it before midnight @nusr_ett you just served a luxurious meal to a tyrant who is Literally starving his own people while you cook. Wit… @IvanTheK Yup. Too willing to play the game and getting bad advice.
@RobProvince No they don't that's foolish to say that. @bjcreigh 6 to 1 odds most of those guys aren't married and wish they were. @RobProvince Feinstein prob didn't have any role in BK's PR efforts. @BradMossEsq This is nuts. He would have categorically denied it which would in all likelihood is a lie and is certainly relevant today. @IvanTheK "she's mistaken but actually I have no idea". @roddreher Did the fifty-three-year-old lie about the 17 year old? @RobinWigg @TheStalwart I was told that the "boiling the frog" metaphor had been exiled from reasonable discussions. @nomadj1s Just remember: when getting kicked in the face the first thing to do is identify who is kicking you, don'… @PlanMaestro Who the hell buys Heinz spicy brown when you can have Guldens? Heinz makes only 1 good product and tha… @mbusigin @conorsen Good things it's infrastructure week. @rickygervais Or any wars. All atheists. @asymmetricinfo @finalflower @_mattwells How do you expunge something that never went into the official record but still possibly happened? @mark_dow You may end up right but this is quite premature.
@JerryDunleavy @RobProvince Complete garbage. If McConnell did this many, prob like you, would be all " it's games… @RobProvince @mirriam71 He appears to have lied quite publicly if the allegations prove true. He clearly refuted th… @TheStalwart It's tenor and idiocy is consistent with Napoleon Dynamite @burgessev Perfect non sequitar. @DavidSchawel Not me. Coach is a clown but not me
@realDonaldTrump So really what's it like being an unmitigated sociopath? @AndrewCMcCarthy I don't always agree with your views but it would be hard to disagree with this one. Enjoy.A library customer told me "women's groups" were destroying libraries by insisting on diverse collections. Apparent…
Retweeted by ohreally @JonahNRO Omg any time someone describes themselves as a patriot and an independent thinker. @TheStalwart @RSkidelsky God doesn't play the market. He just owns it for eternity. @jus10castelli That strongest person in the world line must have been the one that got you.
@RampCapitalLLC Where in the hell is up in smoke? Cheech and Chong pioneered the genre. @EconomPic @DaveBabulak It's prob just a builders fee. If a true ladder. Lil suspect. Just have a broker to do it a… @AnthemWP @billsweet Blam @RobProvince Dude when you pulling this one down? That boner seems to have gotten muey bigger and muey harder. @liamstack @byrdinator Did you punch him? @TheStalwart I would proffer that the BS hedge fund meltdown in summer 07 was the real canary. @emptywheel @KevinMKruse How much you want to bet Trump somehow thinks he'll get the forfeited Trump Tower apt back for himself? @MarkSZaidEsq What kind of limitations come into play as far as how much cooperation, against whom, etc? @noalpha_allbeta @SpeakerRyan nice try @johnwcbragg @ddknyt @maggieNYT @MarkLandler Yeah that's genius. A coercive deal is sure to fail and so is meaningl… @ddknyt @maggieNYT @MarkLandler If it doesn't hurt then how does it help? If it doesn't help then why do it? This i… @davidhogg111 Those were purchased by Samatha Powers under the Obama administration in 2016.
Retweeted by ohreallyDozens trapped in storm surge as Hurricane Florence nears landfall on the Carolinas
Retweeted by ohreally @ianbassin @gtconway3d Gonna be hard to arrest him since the police already killed him. @JuliaDavisNews Jfc
@maxwelltani Good thing it wasn't the slow forward plan.My god is Chuck Woolery an idiot.This "isolated island" garbage needs to stop. It sits right beside some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.… @MikeDrucker Whoa. That is like an absolute zero kinda cold take. Bravo. @awealthofcs @ATeachMoment Wow. The Fords have owned them since 64. Might be time to unlock some value and get some… @awealthofcs @ATeachMoment While that's true, so far, it's crazy how quickly Lions people getting warped. Gonna tak… @BradMossEsq Well, he did it. Of course he did. Tell me you didn't see this coming.Amazing visuals, becomes v real @AtticusGF They should pull their accredition, burn it to the ground and then sow the ground with salt. Amazing how… @mediacritizer @BradMossEsq So you're chairman of the Tucker Carlson fan club? So I guess that makes you an idiot intentionally.
@CAVandy Find a way. Greatest lol city in America. Seacoast of NH hidden gem. @CAVandy Had them beat by 30 years. This place is genuinely awesome. @jaketapper @kaitlancollins @TheLeadCNN As witless as he is graceless. @TaviCosta It just keeps happening. Where once it was @TheBubbleBubble now it's @jessefelder . @mims @VegaVandal Got the same one 4 yrs later. @CBSNews @JuliaDavisNews This not only would have been better dealt with via actual legislation it woulda sailed th… @TheStalwart Gundlach has lost his marbles. Shortest tenure as THE bond guru ever. @realDonaldTrump Shackleton would tell you South Georgia Island is inaccessible. PR is next to some of the busiest… @KYRRadio @EpsilonTheory Haha right. He gutted the regulatory framework and greased the skids to the gfc. @jerseymike711 @MaxBoot Nice self own bro. @carlquintanilla @CitizenScreen When all we had was television things seemed a little calmer than today.Unsurprisingly, the same poll respondents named Five Guys best hamburger
Retweeted by ohreally @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson No you're just dumb and don't understand things. @CAVandy Oh man. I thought this was going to be about someone from Russia. @DonaldJTrumpJr Why still defend a father who slapped you in front of your dorm mates when you were at Penn? You st… @PitchingNinja @BillKristol Pedro's disappearing change no question. @dandrezner Just running the presses. @Bing_Chris @maggieNYT It will obviously be garbage. Not even worth following up very much. It's just Trump stuff s… @BlairHduQuesnay Congrats. It will actually be better when that's all he does. @JWGOP Oh my God holy s***. There are already Roman candles flying through the windows of the White House. Imagine the tweetstorm.
Omg total effin fire @JuliaDavisNews This strikes me is a completely transparent paper tiger @DavidAFrench Holy cow. What is going on with Fox News in these invented people? @pearkes @TheBuddhaSmiled Get sterno. Have mre type food. 20 ins. @TaviCosta @jessefelder Amazing how I can now read a tweet and w o looking, know who retweeted it. @MaxBoot @PostOpinions What about the possibility it's a gift to Israel? It makes more likely that extreme plo elem… @Coach_Crash @DavidAFrench This is garbage. Why should he believe her? Anyone could have said that. Worst blaming t… @awealthofcs @TR401 That don't count @mark_dow Or un-dignifies or classlesses or.... @paconner @Politics1com Our President is simply an idiot. @ReformedBroker @blsuth A dumb child at that. @cd_hooks @chrislhayes @subtlerbutler Wow. I'm no dove but I hated that idea. 7% seems really small. But it was sol… @JuliaDavisNews I must be naive but what do we need to discuss with the Russians about our sanctions? The only acce… @IvanTheK This is the correct take. @EricOchotnicki @MishGEA possible but at what price? Significant equity dilution? Thumbreaker rates to refi the deb… @JuliaDavisNews Arent those red/white striped shirts some kind of symbol? @mark_dow I saw this at work every day in 2010 and beyond. Ppl would not invest due to disliking the president. Lit… @J_Sull @IvanTheK Chief evangelist and Chairman OB. @bySamRo @realDonaldTrump God what an utterly embarrassing person. He thinks it's gonna be a rally. Pls don't let him speak.