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Over-reading Dad, healthy skeptic, fan of the minority, low threshold for boredom, musician, digs on the arcane

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jeeeesssussss christ
Retweeted by ohreally @ReformedBroker Thk U. All is nuts. @michaelbatnick I know you either looked up imp or already knew it. Don't matter. @LizMair The GOP must be clicking its heels. @alphaarchitect @EricBalchunas @WisdomTreeETFs @JeremyDSchwartz It's actually pretty good, knowing firsthand... @MOBOAwards Abby rd
@cullenroche A Bunker @jvogs02 @michaelbatnick For the record I wasn't dragging anyone just wanted to stir it. @TheStalwart Makes not one bit of difference in this whirlwind. TA won't help. @TheBubbleBubble Colombo enough with the doom cult. Everything can't always be perfectly bleak all the time for thi… @michaelbatnick @jvogs02 Well it is apropos and I am the shizzle of obscure but correct word usage. @michaelbatnick @jvogs02 Oh yeah. But knowing the imp you can be just wanted to make sure you hadn't fallen into credulity. @michaelbatnick @jvogs02 Fair enough but in the hands of fools. Let's not cherry pick. @TheBubbleBubble Or the next recession may be typical. Also that's not how Occam's razor works. It is merely a star… @AndrewThrasher @sentimentrader higher than what? Top of the island? Than from it's curr price? What?This just up by TRB. All true. Anyone subscribing to mkt forcasts, short ter-ism and other hair on fire ne'er do we… @ROIChristie @__i960 Thx for the response. Did you read Faber's aticle? @Ninio45 @RajShah45 @POTUS It was garbage. NH has a significant opioid problem and offering advertising, death pena… not realize John Cazale already knew he was dying before he even started shooting The Deer Hunter. He arranged…
Retweeted by ohreally @mikedariano The Davinci book is truly a slog. @michaelbatnick Ultra. And ppl say the CIA has no sense of humor. @todd_harrison weekly bars so the ma is 200 week no?
@ROIChristie But strangely enough missing both best and worst days gives even better returns and better Sharpe. @mikedariano @vgr @farnamstreet @tylercowen @RyanHoliday Medici book v good. @Nonrelatedsense grovel backwards @5_min_macro Same forehead @choffstein @lhamtil See whiskeyWounded US Army vet, Jay Fein deadlifting 275 lbs on one leg! Read about his story here:
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@SopanDeb Wut? Which Rondo is Rondo talking about?This may be trite or maybe not. But when Trump labels the ongoing investigation as the "Mueller" investigation it s… @victoriouscake Valium and red wine. And water. @traderstewie Good looking steak. But the premise on cold vs room temp doesn't stand. Great article for any steak l… @MZHemingway He was authorized under FBI protocol to use his authority to speak to the Press at his own discretion… @InTextCetacean Pooty much. @historylvrsclub Back before Bill got the really big house.This just in: Charlie Baker, the Governor of Massachusetts, is taking shots with the locals in Southie #Boston
Retweeted by ohreally @gillianim @sfchronicle Having a car in San Francisco is idiocy. I lived there I know.Also known as steadfast discipline. And a lot more difficult. But still true. @pm maybe wide of the mark but still funny. @usatf We should all be so lucky to have that kind of grit. This is righteous. A fkn 100! @LanceRoberts What exactly is the "composite of individual and professional investors"? From what sources and how i… @mikedariano 60-40. kinda like the pension model.
I'd just like to point out the irony of Jeff "I don't recall" Session up on his high horse about McCabe "lacking candor under oath."
Retweeted by ohreallyWent to the daughter daddy dance last nite. If you can't roll with 8 yr old girls you cannot roll at all.No they're not...
@LizMair Yeah once they are actually rich. And even then it's a stretch.Talking point: Toys R Us was an outmoded box store that couldn’t keep up with Amazon and adapt to a changing econom…
Retweeted by ohreally @conorsen not if that effort reclaims the many who voted for D's. @kylegriffin1 @NewYorker My, that is one small uhh.....podium.This is Đ° genuine conversation between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.
Retweeted by ohreally @jonlorusso @Rajesh_TB @CryptoLeecher @morralexand @rhainw @TheStalwart I did. Nice on the old school diss. Good lu… @Billbrowder Linkevicius is an all day stud. The fkn bravery from a tiny baltic state. Pls Britain enact Magnitsky,… @jonlorusso @Rajesh_TB @CryptoLeecher @morralexand @rhainw @TheStalwart You miss the point entirely. The IRS has al… @JohnCarreyrou @SuperMugatu @AAKnopf Showed it to the wife and she was like "yeah that never made sense, couldn't w… @JohnCarreyrou @SuperMugatu @AAKnopf So how does my my workmanlike but modest wife see this right fkn way and nobod… @JohnCarreyrou @SuperMugatu @AAKnopf "you need arterial blood to get that kind of deep sampling for that kind of te… @JohnCarreyrou @SuperMugatu @AAKnopf This is kinda nuts but when Theranos just started to get a bit of media attent… @howardlindzon evilality @zandywithaz may we all live long enough to regret the decisions of our youth. Hair do. @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump I thought most GOP were against smoking dope. He's had sanctions sitting on his des… @michaelbatnick what's most awesome is the part about "after the great depression". Likean alarm went off or something....Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States...
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Women liberĐ°ted from a concentration camp lay flowers for 4 American soldiers, 1945. Colorized by Malakon on reddit.
Retweeted by ohreally @VegaVandal Is it implausible that Overstock is dead total sham. Well they went into blockchain... @TheBubbleBubble and by early I means years. I think you are a pretty reasonable contrary indicator. Once you throw… @TheBubbleBubble Been right last 6 years cuz I simply have no dog in the hair on fire prediction biz. Lemme guess:… @TheBubbleBubble Early=wrong @TheBubbleBubble Poss true. Since you have been braying abt this for 6 yrs where does that leave you? @EconguyRosie This is vague or specious. So far 10 wks in 2018. What is the method of comparison? @jonlorusso @Rajesh_TB @CryptoLeecher @morralexand @rhainw @TheStalwart sorry but wrong, no interpretation. sale is… @IvanTheK @kentindell @jciv @TheStalwart against ordinary income. one for one on losses in same tax yr.London is the capital to the highest number of Russian oligarchs who all recycle Putin money. Government should sto…
Retweeted by ohreallyThe responses OMG. Doomed. @TheBubbleBubble Are you familiar with the concept of confirmation bias? @UpdateMeNowOk @daniel_egan Fidelity does a study on this every year. Their number is 260k for a couple, based on f… @daniel_egan Sounds like sales pitch was pitched. Better is to just have adequate and broad exposure to equities t… @allstarcharts buy it, that is 1995. @stevenplace Yet. She gonna get cruxified.
@NickatFP Affectation of the worst sort.