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@AmyEGardner @chrislhayes @bethreinhard He's a pastor. That is usually a man of god. All of this is so perfectly ungodly. Wtf folks?
How soon will Butina family start falling off of balconies? @CliffordAsness @Nonrelatedsense Yeah. Just pointing out the choice part. @CliffordAsness @Nonrelatedsense Didn't read the article too long. However the synopsis is perfectly defensible. Th… @EricBalchunas @mikemcglone11 @JanvanEck3 @DaveNadig @AstoriaAdvisors Jfc so now comms are lumped in w btc? @JohnJHarwood IS Fleischer after all. @AdamSerwer @KevinMKruse Everyone is gonna get thrown on the tracks before he takes any kind of personal blame. Gonna happen. @JohnJHarwood And Kasich just laughs @JohnFPfaff @Popehat The truth is more evil than fiction. This is effin bananas.aS @realDonaldTrump Bro u r screwed..@HandlerRich blasts the men in that Bloomberg #MeToo story
Retweeted by Ohreally @digby56 @spooknine It's like the Heisenberg principle. Once known it ceases to exist. Djt will get a whiff and find another d bag. @LorenRaeDeJ @Susan_Hennessey What's the reason why all elected officials to Congress and the Senate and all of tho…
@thehill You sir @OrrinHatch can pound sand. You well and truly suck. Sold out at the end of a mostly respectable career. Good riddance. @howardlindzon funny that @MittRomney He's also throwing us down the rat hole of authoritarianism on his way out @DeItaOne @carlquintanilla Translation he was Canadian @nikir1 You are no doubt correct but you will not get the uniformity at BD's. even at the firm level there's probab… @nikir1 I bet what you will find is Ria's are codified whereas bds are whatever the broker wants to do or not do. @realDonaldTrump It was their frozen bank assets from 1979 ya eejit.
@AppFlyer Haha. I know, right? 21m per for 3 more seasons. He's gotta be scratch golfer by now. @PostOpinions @Politics1com Only 9 Gop by my count. Would have been good to see more balanced sponsorship. @jbouie One of my kids fave books. @SamRo Made better
@IvanTheK @CNBCClosingBell So we're ok then @dbongino Sorry about your show you worthless hack of whore @Nonrelatedsense Viva is the undisputed king of paper towels. I will brook no dissent on this. @kylegriffin1 This is incredibly petty of me but...every time I see her I see an old dude in a wig.
Man that is one concise quote. Bra-fukn-vo. @chigrl Man the level of thought and grasp of nuance in this is pretty damn impressive.And these are people who believe in an actual hell.
@realDonaldTrump Strangely you yourself studiously avoided Vietnam previously. @realDonaldTrump If you taxed baguettes the same way you get the same reaction. It's about taxation not global warming. @JoshNBCNews @carlquintanilla Pretty good point in understatement.
@Tyler_Hardin @DeplorableChoir Good pt but in the same vein as op. He prob broke law a few diff ways so why fight.Don Jr. at home printing out emails to shred
Retweeted by Ohreally @TheStalwart @lisaabramowicz1 $4 Waters @freedom_moates Oh wow, now I remember you. The weirdo creepin on all the young girls. @MTerryScrnwrtr @aravosis @TheRickWilson give it a couple hoursYusko going with "we need to get back to normal interest rates". Whatever that means but I think he needs a time traveling capsule. @hmeisler @mark_dow Aykm? Sell the pig hard and watch Sparks fly! @jfahmy Seems like a good way to scare the market. Think it creates worry that the hands aren't steady at the Fed. @DoingRight1 @ksea444 You forgot the "none are trustworthy" option. @SamRo @bcheungz Does it make me bad bc I laugh when things get screwed up? @DeplorableChoir He looks fear in the face then takes a plea and cooperation deal. @maggieNYT He can't bring himself to fire Kelly bc he is an abject coward. @SykesCharlie He's having none of it. @RampCapitalLLC Liars Poker
@Nonrelatedsense @VincePagano @ReaperCapital @SconnieTrader @161phi @KormanBob This both Victorian and patrician. But do what ya like bro. @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk @SpaceX No I have kids and we are up at 6. If he's building rockets then show that instea… @jaketapper @PamelaBrownCNN Which is a really bad not good kinda terrible approach. Wait til US execs in China start getting arrested. @TopDawg_C But on the other hand they did confiscate and display the Glad brand sandwich bags.... @Z_Everson @JuddApatow @DanAlexander21 @Forbes Truthfully that t-shirt should read Trump Aging Lady @iowahawkblog Would kill to know what the argument was about. @daniel_egan Nemo always works @hmeisler Life comes at you fast. @JohnJHarwood Science getting re-defined. @ReformedBroker Rothmans!Me too. @nytopinion @Susan_Hennessey @michelleinbklyn Evil great gazoo @benshapiro @Politics1com What an ass munch.
@swin24 @Susan_Hennessey Narcissism exemplified. Fkn unbelievable. @Rooster_75 @jwgop Whatever his political failings he is w o doubt a great human being.Wow, this picture, sad and beautiful. @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk @SpaceX For inspiring your teenager to play video games in their bed? Yeah how inspiring. @Perth_Tolle Need the etf pls @realDonaldTrump StfuWhatever happens to @weeklystandard, history will remember how it stood athwart a tide of ignorant populism and yel…
Retweeted by Ohreally @BradMossEsq Damn lucky Legos rock.
@iowahawkblog haha this was my tweet on the original @apiecebyguy And that's how it's done in the streets of Soho. @edsbs Maybe, if they are like really big fries. @AdrienneLaF @JeffreyGoldberg And seems kinda brutalThe Sanch is in! @SykesCharlie Jfc talk about stepping on the dogs tail. Conway will wait tho....if he reacts at all... @edsbs I want a camper van for me mum. Snatch.
@edsbs stab stab stab the liver @DavidSchawel @MylesUdland theres a bunch of secret service guys gotta get em too.Pretty big rel strength divergence in spx. 2 yr weekly bars. @Wilson__Valdez call me crazy but somehow i think this tweet by djt ain't gonna age well. @SopanDeb How tf did Hootie get top billing? @DeItaOne @MylesUdland Ringing endorsement. @hmeisler DJT: it will be like some tremendous cultural revolutionMcCarthy to CLE
@Fullcarry They will if ot#giants beckham wtf?This is correct. @CarolLeonnig @Susan_Hennessey God this is grossI bet you can’t just watch this once #ScienceSunday Thanks @SimoneSchnall 👇👇👇
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Listen at the :16 mark — “Get me out of here.” Audible to everyone there. Your president, America!
Retweeted by Ohreally @jaketapper This WH could eff up a wet dream. @ValaAfshar @carlquintanilla Whoa! @ATeachMoment "Practitioners" my ass. @pearkes This story is completely nuts. Great anger if true.
@RepMikeRogers @WIRED It might not solve this hacking but I really want to see wireless electricity.#Breaking Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyer has been indicted for murder in the shooting death of…
Retweeted by Ohreally @AppFlyer Yo Mr. Car, lucky lucky. @Nonrelatedsense I managed apts for a long time. 1-you can have a lease item that clearly states no guns, but if yo… @McFaul Doesnt that sort of undercut the idea of impromptu?