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John King @JohnKingCNN Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Dorchester, MA. 1st job: Paper Boy. Current job: Dad, CNN Chief National Correspondent/Inside Politics. Fan of hoops, Red Sox & The Patriot Way.

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"Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested the House speaker will "suffer death or she'll be in prison" for her "treason."…
Retweeted by John KingAs of noon today ⁦@garywfuller⁩ admission from the Acting Capitol Police Chief:
Retweeted by John KingIt is the official trial acknowledgement of their oath as jurors. Souvenir/momento forward to saying hello!
Busy #InsidePolitics 12pE today: #BidenHarris meet with new SecDef + signs buy American exec order. And the House d… no one on Kelce At the goal line is a very novel defense.Stepped in this one once before and heard it big time from the Midwest. #both Trek or Star Wars? Softball in football. Yikes.Rhymes with Raven nice there was right call but not going to work much longer @LukeRussertOk minds ..... Visited when staying in KC in first campaign. 1988. So circle back whenever I can. like I need a two day, or at least two meal, trip to KC. The post COVID list grows ....... day at a time ....... Bryant’s pls ..... #KCvsBUF No beef w #KC but since my guys golfing hoping #Bills comeback for long waiting @wolfblitzer
Vermelho ou azul? eclectic but awesome decorator young Jedi Jonah is. baseball cards. And basketball cards. And legos. And ...... ⁦@DanaBashCNN⁩ has a very proud (and hungry) viewer this AM! morning. And have a great Sunday ⁦@abbydphillip⁩ no. This is CNN!! Different mix but the cable treadmill awaits. ⁦@abbydphillip⁩
Hard to work the Magic Wall with mittens. But the studio can be pretty cold! suggests he prefers a Feb. timeline, as laid out by McConnell, for Trump trial: “I haven’t heard the detail o…
Retweeted by John KingIn the mailbox today: 3 holiday cards postmarked between 12/14 and 12/21. From MA & RI. Urgent, no. Ridiculous, yes.Hank Aaron was not only one of baseball’s greatest players, he was also a remarkable American hero, whose persevera…
Retweeted by John KingA special shoutout to all of the items I moved from the counters to the floor to make this 9/10 happen.
Retweeted by John KingCourt papers from 100+ cases reveal that Capitol rioters were a cross-section of America. A tech CEO... and folks w…
Retweeted by John KingTrump’s campaign paid more than $2.7 million to individuals and firms that organized the Jan. 6 rally that led to v…
Retweeted by John King📸 Hello from South Bay
Retweeted by John King.@BarackObama on Hank Aaron:
Retweeted by John KingNo trips outside the Washington area next week for President Biden -- still unclear when he will fly for the first time on Air Force One
Retweeted by John KingWord the House will deliver its Trump Impeachment paperwork to the Senate on Monday adds another big wrinkle to the… news re the death of the legendary Hank Aaron. From the Braves tribute/statement: "20 seasons of 20 or more hom…
Big change everywhere -- including new Covid plan and re-enagement with WHO. But also big immediate #Biden challeng…
Is the very same worry raised by President Biden. Don’t think he reads Republican talking points. Think he understa… days ago: joe biden 4th in IA 344 days ago: joe biden 5th in NH 333 days ago: joe biden 2nd in NV but at just 2… tv producing in your future? Oh, wait ..........been there, done that. matters. We shall see what level of cooperation will come in the days and debates ahead, but it is a chang…“There is truth and there are lies” today turns a page.“We must resist the culture in which facts are manipulated and even manufactured,” the new President addressing one…“This is the day our democracy picks itself up,” ⁦@amyklobuchar⁩ as the #BidenHarrisInauguration ceremony begins. for watching but not correct context. Said ran very much against Obama in sense of Obamacare/Iran deal/immi… as one. Longhand for resilient. left: attendees beginning to arrive for #BidenInaugural Bottom right: National Guard troops in sleeping bags… "Duke" Cunningham, one of the corrupt GOP congressmen who received a midnight pardon from Trump, made a BRIBE…
Retweeted by John KingBiden won 25 states and DC. Won popular vote by more than 7 million. Electoral College 306-232, margin Trump called… at departure: “We were not a regular administration.” Fact check: true.Tiny dot above House office buildings to right of image is Marine One banking toward Maryland and Joint Base Andrew… Crisp but gorgeous morning. is because of this - VOTING. And a testament to the strength of a system that repelled an attack from a soon… we begin this new day, thanks to the hundreds of #CNN coworkers you don’t see on TV who in challenging times mak… parish? And good morning. of luck with the #math or #maths, as I have learned! morning. final hours expose the fraud of #Trump "drain the swamp" promise. Pardons to several influence peddling swamp c… sure this says I'm No. 1. Twice!!!!
Sunset in DC. governor certifies results of two Senate runoffs. so balance of power in Senate will flip to D on #BidenHarrisInauguration day.Ludicrous? Unreal? Help me find the right word. #Trump in farewell address says “above all we reasserted the sacred… spring afternoon by Boston and Buffalo standards! of our CNN special #Inauguration sets. Capitol ready. National Guard troops on patrol on both sides of most sec… of the patriotic crowds that typically fill the National Mall on Inauguration Day, President-elect Joe Bide…
Retweeted by John KingTrump's been in a foul mood & has lost interest in the performative parts of the presidency he once loved. Another…
Retweeted by John KingBiden DNI pick Haines on China challenge: Intel community must support "more immediate efforts to counter Beijing'… @abbydphillip @DanaBashCNN @JohnKingCNN and @DavidChalian on Thursday at 10a ET for a virtual event as they ta…
Retweeted by John KingBig policy and approach to government change is a day away. Biden DNI pick tells Senate IGs and whistleblowers are…
Great to see amazing effort by @the_USO to bring meals and coffee etc to troops here on #Inauguration2021 duty in DC.starting pitching next, please? #inauguration scene setter/context here from @DavidChalian: #podcast #cnncan neither confirm nor deny. Rudy way: do as i rant, not as i do.'m happy to see many of the Capitol rioters arrested. I'm sad to see so many of those who incited them--from polit…
Retweeted by John King#sad this #MLKDay2021, this memorial closed to the public because of extraordinary Inauguration security measures.…“The AP’s review found at least three of the Trump campaign aides named on the permit rushed to obscure their conne…
Retweeted by John King
Any chance #Senate will #ConvictTrump? Should #Biden deny #Trump post-presidency intel access? @SenAngusKing Sunday #InsidePolitics podcast: is one new normal to celebrate. Changing my Sunday alarm to a little later now, but will be up in time to watc… week for ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ and a big transition for ⁦@abbydphillip⁩, too! #InsidePolitics 8aE #CNN challenges for new #Biden administration and for the now what with #Trump GOP: #InsidePolitics 8aE ⁦@MiaBLove⁩… new Democratic Senate deals w #impeachment trial & #Biden agenda. In a tense Capitol. #InsidePolitics 8aE ⁦… “off the charts” DC & state capitals on alert. The security challenge #InsidePolitics 8aE ⁦@juliettekayyem⁩… #Biden inaugural, #trump final days post insurrection & impeachment in fortress Washington: #insidepolitics 8aE…
New #s from Pew Research Center: *29% Trump approval; 68% disapprove *68% do not want Trump to remain major nationa… rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was born #OTD in 1929. The @USNatArchives holds many primary sourc…
Retweeted by John Kinga thorough reminder the #Biden #Inauguration closes the #Trump term but this debate is anything but ending: Abandon… Nixon could go to China. Only Trump could bring us here. Gr8 insights from @CNN white house team:
wait ......Santa ....???? Police officer Eugene Goodman, as seen last week and during his days as an Army infantryman.
Retweeted by John KingTODAY, Trump trade adviser Navarro continues the assault on fact, math, judgment of the courts (meaning continues a… awful impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues. The Labor Department reports 965,000 Americans lost their j…
Retweeted by John KingThe Trump Presidency, Day 1,455. about burying the lead.