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John King @JohnKingSFChron

S.F. Chronicle urban design critic, back from a stint at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C. as a Mellon Fellow in Urban Landscape Studies.

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So much going on in our world ... thank goodness for the tulips I pass by on the walk to BART
@amandahess Looks like Mueller is an architecture fan! That’s the logo for N. California “Sea Ranch” - for more inf…
Retweeted by John King @coco_davidge @studiogang Good.... deliberately not fussy, given all the visual activity @JohnKingSFChron breaks big news for a new park of the bay for The City on The Bay: This pr…
Retweeted by John KingEarlier this week, I got an email from a college student telling me something I'd written had shaped the direction…
Retweeted by John King @aarieff Sigh....
No question, Jeanne Gang’s Mira is on the move. The 39-story @studiogang tower tops off next month which robotic coffee spars with an early 1960s vision of the future, historic preservationists to serve as refer…! But the Transamerica Pyramid is getting a passionate embrace greetings to Salesforce Tower from ⁦@KarlTheFog⁩ @LilyJaniak @sfchronicle @AmazingAcroCats I'd TOTALLY read that.....
Some buildings look like exactly what they are — in this case, a jail (sorry, Brutalism buffs!), Biden and Bernie: The B-Boys and the media’s dangerous, self-fulfilling prophecy
SUPER excited about moderating this panel of incredibly brilliant women this Thursday: Incorporating Inclusivity In…
Retweeted by John KingBreaking from the "let's give to the Presidio!" philanthropic pack, a local foundation is steering $25 million to a… great, well researched @SFjkdineen piece on what's holding back Van Ness
Retweeted by John King @LangeAlexandra A diligent reader!This sounds fascinating, with a panel that includes locals Sara Dean and Walter Hood ... Wednesday the 27th @aarieff Agreed. This approach looks good -- city structured the deal, and the community process re activities/enga… reminds me of this 2013 piece of mine. And yes, it drew a lot of flack different sort of Pritzker prize: a planned Bayview waterfront park will receive $25 million grant from John Prit…
Geez, this @tonybravosf piece is good. A straightforward news feature with meticulous details to provide zing @marklamster park isn't even being expanded. What we see is a parking garage that will go up across the street.
@SophieHaigney @SFjkdineen @sarahlovescali I’d say Davis is closest, scenery aside @SophieHaigney @SFjkdineen @sarahlovescali No!ICYMI: “Pier 70 isn’t about one thing. It’s this collection of spaces and multiple scales” @SFShag Thanks! It was tricky -- so much more than architecture gets into the mix. The mix of old and new has real… an update on six facets of Pier 70's change -- from an emerging park to sharp new housing and a sadly vacant d… take on the ongoing rebirth of Pier 70 near Dogpatch, where "the changes are inseparable from the city’s tech-fu…
“We want what emerges to be tough but lovable,” says one designer taking part in the rebirth of Pier 70 -- but that… @JohnKingSFChron No contest. Pyramid still the beauty of the skyline!
Retweeted by John KingOnce an icon, always an icon— Transamerica Pyramid keeping an eye on the new skyline rivals @BlaineMerker Upscale Best Western, pal! 🙄
@SFShag can't be more than $250,000, right? Nice little beach pad... @SFShag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @JohnKingSFChron It's going to be a hotel...
Retweeted by John King @seanyodarouse Missed that! ThanksHonestly, this apartment building at Sacramento and University in Berkeley has been under construction for longer t…
@zachmortice I'm jealous! And now back to the weekend project.... @IngaSaffron @BiRiteSF It helps that the space is 4.5 acres. The problem isn't being too jammed, but how to keep la… @IngaSaffron @BiRiteSF Rest assured, we had one last holidays for the first time ever! That said, it only took a co… City Hall’s plaza gets two privately funded playgrounds and a @BiRiteSF. Philadelphia’s gets .... (take it, Ing…, your commute sucks. Are they going to do something about it? 11 big Bay Area transportation projects. #
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No need for this afternoon's caffeinated fix -- just follow our Native Son columnist, @carlnoltesf, on an aromatic…, people! Just kidding!)Not sure about the facade on this new Mission Street tower @jef_poskanzer Not so Morse code-ish, though equally cool the joys of a big city? Seemingly static buildings with an infinite capacity for surprise— such as the old Cr…'ve written a lot over the years about the fine and focused work of Pfau Long Architecture. This twist took me by… Long to pack its bags in South Park. Next stop: Perkins+Wills' Embarcadero digs.
@SovernNation Hey, now you're getting personal!My piece on today's merger one of SF's top firms, @PfauLong -- architect of choice for the Warriors and SPUR among…
Retweeted by John KingWe are so happy to be joining the team!
Retweeted by John King @kimmaicutler @anthonyflint @TribTowerViews When it comes to effectively striking a balance vs. striking a self-rig…
BAY AREA WRITERS: Today I start a 2-month residency as the Chron's lifestyle editor, helping us expand the scope of…
Retweeted by John King"I’ve been waiting for the Defenders of Free Speech to step up and defend Knox, but they seem to be too busy suing… @JohnKingSFChron
Retweeted by John King @wrtdesign But, uh, sorry about the photo caption in the paper .... 🙄Very smart @anthonyflint take on how the YIMBY movement has both clarified and intensified urban housing debates. P… My review of a big new hospital in SF that, like big new hospitals in many big cities, is an awkward fit fo… @YaManning @chiggy515 @SFCityInsider I didn't see cost as an issue -- the facade's materials aren't cheap, and a st… the bright side! @SmithGroup's Van Ness campus for CPMC is 653% better than Kaiser's 2014 Oakland tower in terms… site of the Jack Tar Hotel -- “an eruption of nouveau riche Texas boorishness,” in the words of my ever-quota… @jonvet707 @poormanstwtr Yeah, except for the utter separation from Van Ness, the Jack Tar nnow seems almost quaint!
Another high point in today's paper: @owenthomas on how Salesforce came to be + how Marc Benioff et al mastered, uh… in American journalism writes about the homeless with more knowledge, empathy and restraint than @KevinChron @mckosky Geez, I would LOVE that. Orderly and tranquil, but with occasional shots of syncopated color to enliven the day @Amenfoto Nice! That's as good an angle as there is. Earnest, carefully arranged and modulated, but …. @SarRavani Wow, that IS beginner!In which voluptuous clouds bring drama to the flat-topped Oakland skyline cubes, squared @JohnKingSFChron I think it’s a nice addition to the changing neighborhood— particular the landscape on van ness. I…
Retweeted by John KingBTW, the architects say they took their inspiration for the tower's curtain wall from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.… review of a new hospital at a major S.F. intersection that tries hard to fit in -- no easy feat when you fill an…
Cool talk alert: On Tues. 3/12, Cal's @ed_archives is hosting two speakers on Aaron Green, an internationally know…
Retweeted by John King @zeeohmara An ideal spot .... holiday cards as well!
Shoddy bookkeeping, major financial woes, sketchy contracting, decrepit living conditions for many of San Francisco…
Retweeted by John King @art_files Would definitely be post-1906 ....To mark Salesforce's 20th birthday, my 2012 look at the Mission Bay campus scuttled at the 11th hour by Marc Beniof… @JeffSpeckAICP Idiosyncratic vernacularism, pal! :-) @JohnKingSFChron Because it’s tawdry, inhumane, and in no way unique? Nice sign, though.
Retweeted by John King @shawnmicallef I haven't yet checked the firm's "official" photographs. They probably were shot then!If this mid-century Market Street facade hasn’t yet been declared a vernacular landmark.... why not? the piece that this accompanies: “Nothing like 12 or 15 foam models on a table to get the conversation started” From crude blocks to icy glass, the evolution of a 56-story tower in six 9-inch models via @sfchronicle @shawnmicallef Not this year! Sunny today, but lately it has felt like we've been possessed by gray skies.... @shawnmicallef Local architects of a dour new complex here, clad in variations of dark blue and dark gray, have ren…
And my sidebar: six variations on an architectural theme, and the 56-story result that opens this spring"Models offers a tantalizing hint of what-ifs, sculptural skyline icons unfettered by economic or bureaucratic real… @jqmcd Man, it does look fun..... @throgers Indeed.... @aarieff Thanks! This is ne of those pieces that nag you as a concept for years, and then the opportunity to write… of which, my 2015 piece on the unreal world of renderings: look at the heartening endurance of architectural models in the creative process. One reason, I am told: "Archit… @Amenfoto @fougeronarch @theeastcut Nice!In which @fougeronarch and OMA’s Jason Long show me how to design a skyscraper — in six easy models via @sfchronicle @urbanlifesigns @MotorMK @sfchronicle Soon, all will be revealed! But smart eyes, turning your focus to real life.... @MotorMK @sfchronicle You are warm!Teaser: tomorrow I have a package coming your way in print and @sfchronicle that offers architectural urban eye-can…