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Chrissy's husband. Father of Luna & Miles. No relation to Arthur. Drink like me: @lve_wines

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@Meghan_Trainor Thank you Meghan! ❤️
We can help returning citizens pay their fees and fines so they can vote in Florida. Every dollar counts! have to keep fighting to ensure that everyone has a voice in our democracy. That's why I am proud to stand with… @KatieKadan @officialKHALEA @IamRoseShort I love this lineup!!Remember when Stop and Frisk was struck down and all these reactionary voices in NYC rose in unison to say it would…
Retweeted by John LegendPlease don’t quote #MLK on #MLKDay, then suppress the vote and support systemic oppression on Tuesday.
Retweeted by John LegendLuna. Styled by Luna
Miiiiiiiiles! my God. Trump’s a threat to our a Democracy & Constitution. Those who ignore it, will go down in history as co…
Retweeted by John LegendA robust case for @ewarren
Yeah, before you announce to the world that you’d rather Donald Trump get a second term than one of the Democratic…
Retweeted by John Legend#ConversationsInTheDark is #1 on @iTunes! Thank you everyone! Keep streaming and downloading! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ of you Bernie supporters do quite the disservice to your candidate, who seems to be a great human being. Try n… @nerdythor Also worth noting that neither you nor Google know what I'm worth. I'm happy to pay more taxes if Warre…'ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in the CA Democratic primary. @SiddKhoslaMusic @NBCThisisUs Didn't we go to school together? I looked your name up when I saw the composer on the…
The lyrics to #ConversationsInTheDark will melt your heart. 😭 ❤️ Don't miss @johnlegend on #ThisIsUs TONIGHT 9/8c…
Retweeted by John LegendTune in to @NBCThisIsUs tonight at 9/8c to hear my new song #ConversationsInTheDark and see a guest appearance by y…🚨REJECT FEAR: Police, prosecutors, & right-wing media allies are fearmongering to undo bail reform in NY. It's cyni…
Retweeted by John LegendI wrote about it. What could go wrong.
Retweeted by John Legend
Your voice matters. Use it. Follow @letsfreeamerica or visit to learn more. #FreeTheVote @kellyclarkson @chrissyteigen Thank you, Kelly!! 😊Catch me tomorrow night in the new episode of @NBCThisIsUs, also featuring my new song #ConversationsInTheDark".… custom these days is often to put out a lower budget "lyric video" then a traditional music video. But I love o…
@ToniMartaz @KirryDragon @ShannonSharpe Exactly. And with Tyreek and Travis @ShannonSharpe Russ is right up there. But I'd take Mahomes since he's youngerThank you @GovMurphy for restoring the voting rights to more than 80,000 people in New Jersey. We now have 19 state… wrote and recorded this one with new country superstar @kanebrown Wednesday. We love it! Will put out the fu…
@__Dutch Penned by Frank OceanI'd love to see them when y'all make them. Tag me and #ConversationsInTheDark! I love seeing this @chrissyteigen you and your husband did :)
.@johnlegend's #ConversationsInTheDark is absolutely swoon-worthy, and we can't wait for his appearance on…
Retweeted by John LegendI could watch old footage of couples in love all day 🥰🥰🥰 john’s new song!!!
Retweeted by John Legend @chrissyteigen 😍😍😍😍😍 @Karen_Fett Canola oilNow streaming everywhere, my new song #ConversationsInTheDark! #IWontBreakYourHeartIn California, we’ve made it easy for young people to get politically involved. If you’re 16 or 17-years-old you ca…
Retweeted by John Legend#ConversationsInTheDark - Out Now. #IWontBreakYourHeart is now the only state with a lifetime voting ban for all formerly incarcerated people without the governor's i…
Retweeted by John Legend @cravings @LeanneStuck This young man already knows the meaning of lifeSo excited for this film celebrating my friend @sergiomendes!
This is making me hungry we should debate going to war before we go to war? Kind of pointless to debate it after. This “now is not t…
Retweeted by John Legend
Tune in tonight to see comedy royalty and a few musicians like yours truly salute our friend, the iconic comedian a… @chrissyteigen 🙋🏾‍♂️Thread, on the staggering human costs of NOT supporting bail reform. Of lives needlessly harmed, broken, upended.…
Retweeted by John Legend @chrissyteigen HiI sometimes get the feeling that Chuck Schumer thinks of Donald Trump as someone failing to be the best version of…
Retweeted by John LegendAt outset of 2020 we are seeing two big perils of coming decade. Climate change and its disasters, and rising autho…
Retweeted by John Legend
Today I'm proud to endorse @ewarren for president. Elizabeth and I share a vision of America where everyone counts…
Retweeted by John LegendBased on Bryan Stevenson's true story, @JustMercyFilm shows us what it means to fight for what is right and reminds…
@CharlesPPierce @Odd_Runt_Palm Twas scoreless on offense. Perhaps he meant that?
Yeah, this Don't trust that people who are the lyingest liars in Presidential history will suddenly start telling… marched on the streets of NYC in protest. I knew Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. I knew our leaders were fish… is usually the closest Trump comes to telling the truth about himself. Look what he said about Obama:
Retweeted by John LegendMadness. The same people pushing the same thing for the entirety of my adult life.
Retweeted by John Legend
@michaelharriot Peanut M&Ms tho @RepBarbaraLee Congratulations!
@Dubs408 Oh shit. @DebbiePrifrel Absolutely!
Watching random bowl games to ring in the new year like... (It's not his martini) @derkie313 @chrislhayes Oh I do!Yes @rhythmflow!! York's African-Americans have no reason to feel safe with this man entrusted with a badge and a gun in their ci… @Jkdobbins22 Congratulations sir!
Sending love and appreciation to @repjohnlewis. We thank you for everything you've done. We pray for your health a… I see some of his colleagues in the House and marvel at the fact that they who can often be so petty and… time I see or interact with @repjohnlewis, I think about all he has done, all he has seen, all of the colleag… learned a lot listening to this. Anti-Semitism is an old and persistent evil. @TheEllenShow @andylassner Happy Birthday Andy! @chrissyteigen #BeastMode #BeastMode
We left Wyoming @ClemsonFB @chrissyteigen You won 2 of the last 3 CFPs so I guess we're all doing just fine. Congrats on tonight. I… The fumble reversal was worse than the targeting call. 3 steps with possession isn't a catch anymore?The defensive player is taught to aim for the middle of the offensive player. If the offensive player ducks and su… targeting call was terrible
Under your administration, homelessness has increased for three straight years. Under the Obama administration, ho…
Retweeted by John Legend @TheEllenShow 🥰 @Sifill_LDF Thank you for your leadership and inspiration!! @tystiklorius Love you!!!By the way, all I want for my birthday is an Ohio State win tonight. Is that too much to ask? @OhioStateFBThanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! My major label debut album #GetLifted came out on this day 15 years ag… @questlove Shout out to my musical director @manmanphilly !!! @questlove You know the only Man-Man I know and yes he's from Philly
@LindseyGrahamSC @davidaxelrod @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer Stop covering up for Donald's crimes and abuses of power.… @thunderkitkat Yes!
Thank you @NYGovCuomo, @AndreaSCousins, and @CarlHeastie for standing firm in their commitment to the historic pret…
The snow is very bright in Wyoming posted a photo Christmas to all who celebrate! May the reason for the season inspire us to celebrate redeeming, uncondition…
Retweeted by John LegendMerry Christmas to all who celebrate. Spread some love today. If you can, give to a stranger in need.
Christmas Day. 5 games. Who’s watching? @ESPNNBA by @Natalieimani on this clip!Merry Christmas Eve! My Christmas Under The Stars performance is streaming online at and in… John Legend performs 'A Change is Gonna Come' at Global Citizen Prize.
Retweeted by John LegendMerry Christmas from @johnlegend and I 🎄 Tag someone who needs some holiday spirit! Wishing you a wonderful holiday…
Retweeted by John Legend @cov_Gretchen Sad that you hate the first amendment
Imagine thinking that this system is better than single-payer (unless you're one of the grifters profiting from it).
Retweeted by John Legend