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Chrissy's husband. Father of Luna & Miles. No relation to Arthur. Drink like me: @lve_wines

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I can ALMOST guarantee these malignant doofuses own an interest in a company selling this drug. They can't stop tal… to be part of this project produced by #GetLiftedFilmCo and @RocNation - #ATLMissingandMurdered premieres ton… first performance of #LastTimeISaySorry is tonight on the #ACMs journalists have repeatedly asked for race-inclusive data on coronavirus but people keep wondering why we wan…
Retweeted by John Legend @DrDonteLHickman Respectfully, as my pastor/grandfather used to say, I ain't talkin bout you less'n it's you. I un…
I say this as a pastor's grandson and nephew. I know how hard it is for many churches to pay their mortgage and th…'t let these pastors kill your auntie or grandparent @judijorgensen Exactly why I tweeted thisThis story is for anyone even contemplating, considering, thinking, imagining, dreaming about going to church on Ea… on me 😢 Roy: "Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. Thi… Trump is firing the independent watchdog who *followed the law* by providing Congress the whistleblower compla…
Retweeted by John LegendThe captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the intelligence community IG were fired and Jared Kushner is running the pandemic response.
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#StayAtHome won’t stop us from making a music video, it just means we have to be our own cameramen. Head over to th… @GovLarryHogan, @CAGovernor, @GovPritzker, and @NYGovCuomo: A #COVID_19 outbreak in prison would inevitab…
Retweeted by John LegendBill Withers and I when we celebrated his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He hadn't sung in public for… way he communicated it was via a long, funny email that I later discovered was a trademark of his. I always lo… and I became friends after he saw this YouTube clip. His friend Bill Russell (yes that Bill Russell) called… song will always mean so much to me. Our performances of it were always epic and emotional. Some of my favori… the great @michele_norris for a tribute thread and some education on his deeper cuts.Mourning the loss of my friend and inspiration, Bill Withers. He was such an incredible songwriter and storyteller… when you need to stay at home, a new song needs a music video! #LastTimeISaySorry official video premieres TOD… Two months before the novel coronavirus likely began spreading in Wuhan, the Trump administration ended a $200…
Retweeted by John LegendAs a reminder, ten million Americans lost their jobs in March. South Korea, which recorded its first COVID case the…
Retweeted by John Legend @PadmaLakshmi DuckNow, finally, this is an actual factual statement from this White House exactly is the federal stockpile for if not the states that comprise the Union?"Kushner has succeeded at exactly three things in his life. He was born to the right parents, married well and lear… @dakee1_david @NBCTheVoice Good idea! Stay tuned!
Catch me on @SHODesusAndMero TONIGHT! #DESUSandMERO #SHOWTIME if you agree with my idea of getting rid of voter registration and sending every eligible citizen a ballot…
Retweeted by John Legend @akilahgreen It really does look like a reasonably good scone @goldietaylor @GovKemp God help us @MatthewACherry @Quibi Yessir!The Speaker of the Georgia state House doesn't like mailing voters absentee ballots during the virus outbreak. Why…
Retweeted by John Legend @wyntonmarsalis ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love being stuck at home with this little angel was the patriarch of such an influential musical family. Thank you, Ellis MarsalisSending love to the Marsalis family. Condolences to them and all of those who loved Ellis Marsalis. @carlanray @JoeBiden Hahahaha you said Gizmo. At least learn how to spell this idiotic q doctrine properly @JoeBiden Medicare for All please @larissasienna We use a T Fal electric deep fryer. It regulates the temperature very well and is easy to clean.
For once, @realdonaldtrump spoke the truth, when he said that if all eligible Americans are able to cast their vote…
Retweeted by John Legendwatch this and retweet it far and wide
Retweeted by John Legend @rachyc32 @chrissyteigen Yes. Estelle was signed to my production company and we wrote the song together!We made this chorus very easy for Miles to pronounce, @charlieputh. #IDo coming soon.... ready for a virtual reunion with superstar (and Chocolate Galaxy co-writer) @johnlegend. 🔥 DESUS & MERO, Thur…
Retweeted by John Legend.@kanebrown + @johnlegend = a duo we didn't know we needed! 🙌 Ask Alexa to play the #SongOfTheDay to hear their ne…
Retweeted by John LegendWe’ll be discussing the impact coronavirus has on currently incarcerated individuals in @letsfreeamerica’s Facebook… @chrissyteigen It was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥There are tens of thousands of people in PA jails & prisons who are too old or feeble to be a danger to the public.…
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HE WILL NOT CHANGE AND IS FUNDAMENTALLY INCAPABLE OF DOING THE JOB. That's the story. I know it's fun to watch th…
Retweeted by John LegendNew cover of @rollacoaster poses an immediate threat to vulnerable populations in LA County jails, but it's not too late to protect t… Sunday encore! did a special acoustic version of #ACTIONS on #HomeFest with James Corden @latelateshow @simprome @McQueen @Lucasde17966436 Yes! We're pretaped through April. Figuring out how to do the live shows for May while distancing
More #VoiceBattles in 15 minutes, East Coast! See you soon! (we pre-taped before the quarantine, and my beard is… President continued to advance this racist rhetoric about the virus even when told publicly it was leading to a…
Retweeted by John LegendTrump is the 13th US president in my lifetime. I feel secure in saying he’s the first who doesn’t care if you live…
Retweeted by John Legend @chrissyteigen
Literally the shittiest possible person to be in charge right now you are age 65 or older or have a chronic underlying medical condition, and have symptoms such as cough, shortne…
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I'll be streaming live on @Twitch during their #TwitchStreamAid today! They're raising money to help @WHO fight COV… @imnotmiaa @chrissyteigen Ok. He really does look like me. 😀 @womenstanding1 Thank you. All of the shows currently airing (through April) were taped well before the quarantine.… @Traveljerzgirl Fingers crossed!! We're still planning to be there and hope we can all be back to some semblance of normalcy by then @LexiMalden I was amplifying the tweet and agreeing with it by adding my own supporting commentary. @jhuapaya92
Hi, Mr. President -- thanks for tweeting that interview. Gen. Semonite and the Army Corps are indeed doing great wo…
Retweeted by John Legend @ErinAndrews It's so good @saquon @LVE_winesPlease know that most artists are not millionaires. Most are living paycheck to paycheck like much of the rest of t…❤️❤️❤️❤️ you, Christian! you @AmazonMusic!
Retweeted by John LegendNew song with @kanebrown is #1 on @iTunes! Thanks everybody! #LastTimeISaySorry teased this track a couple months ago and I'm happy to share my new song #LastTimeISaySorry with @KaneBrown is… #Census2020 is here! As we're seeing with the coronavirus, it’s more critical than ever to participate so commu… @NYGovCuomo, @AndreaSCousins, and @CarlHeastie are working to protect New Yorkers from the coronavirus, tr…
Retweeted by John LegendNew song #LastTimeISaySorry with @KaneBrown out now! @samsmith ❤️ @Kjunsup @chrissyteigen We approve
@brinabyte @chrissyteigen Summertime is the obvious answer. This is STILL on my bbq playlist @blakeshelton Where's the mullet tho @djeman Thanks brotha!
Chrissy was born to do this show describes his upcoming album as his “sexiest album to date” #FallonAtHome
Retweeted by John LegendI was on @FallonTonight from home today! Airing on the west coast soon! @alicenotalis @chrissyteigen Stay tuned. #SlowCooker @GeorgeShornack @jimmyfallon The plaques are all on that side. If I turned them around you wouldn't see what I won them for.
The projections for transmission of #COVID19 in the U.S. don’t account for #massincarceration. Courts, jails, and p… @ReaganGomez Do it!More new music this Friday! Collab with @kanebrown! #LastTimeISaySorry
We pre-taped, y'all. New episode of @NBCTheVoice tonight! Census is about money and power. When we’re undercounted, we’re deprived of resources we need to thrive. While… @chrissyteigen FANTASTIC