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@cotufa82 Did you have any T1D friends to talk to? My wife would be happy to talk to you if you need someone who truly understands
@macsikora @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence you must be fun at parties :D @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence I'll write up something at my laptop tomorrow @alexhillman @jhooks whoa, whoa, whoa. Those are some strong words... Now I must find this snack. It will be mine. @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence then "custom hooks" close over main hooks and "cus… @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence var x = "" function hook(){ return x } let value… @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence hooks (closures on steroids) kinda conflict with s…"Living With Yourself" is so good. Couldn't stop watching. Had to binge the whole thing in a single sitting. Nice o… @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf @dan_abramov @ryanflorence Must... resist... mentioning... streams... @amyhoy optional, but nice to have: a sense of humor
@hspecter07 Thx!Cost to repair our Nintendo Switch that won't boot: 20 minute service phone call $116 3-7 week turnaround #BossLevel"eslintConfig": { "overrides": [{ "just let me live”: true }] }
Retweeted by John LindquistA roundup of some of my favorite macOS tools, apps, and plugins
Retweeted by John LindquistThe resemblance is uncanny me your favorite themes from any ecosystem. From @WordPress @GoHugoIO @jekyllrb @gatsbyjs or anywhere else you…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @jsjoeio @chrisbiscardi @Netlify @sveltejs @fauna Nah, it's a Friday. Wait until Monday morning to rebuild everything @jsjoeio @chrisbiscardi @Netlify @sveltejs @fauna After my extensive 5 minutes of research I have concluded that th… @Rich_Harris @Netlify @sveltejs @fauna @chrisbiscardi has a course on @eggheadio about Fauna if you want a great ov… I used @Netlify with @sveltejs + @fauna . It's crazy how much the dev experience keeps changing. I'm curious what the ceiling is 🤔
.@swyx - "Screw that, pipe it through node!" #WordsToLiveBy @tylermcginnis @geddski oh double snap! @Netlify @DavidWells @chrisbiscardi A wild @swyx appears!In a @Netlify serverless functions workshop taught by @DavidWells (he's a great teacher) Hanging w/ @chrisbiscardi @geddski 👀
@johnlindquist @alfredapp Penultimate paste:
Retweeted by John Lindquist @johnlindquist @alfredapp Dash/Alfred integration is awesome for docs, and an emoji one I use. I've made a bunch of…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @johnlindquist @alfredapp Oh so manyyy Kill Process, Dash, Convert, Giphy, AudioSwitch, Menu Bar search, Tab search, Wolfram Alpha...
Retweeted by John Lindquist @altryne @alfredapp keep going... :)What are you favorite @alfredapp workflows?
@4lpine @chrisbiscardi @jhooks I'm really looking forward to the day I can replace my monitors with VR/AR headsets.… @4lpine @chrisbiscardi @jhooks I used to lug around a Dell Streak. Thing was a beast @jhooks @chrisbiscardi @chrisbiscardi @jhooks Ironically, I can't find a way to respond to this tweet with a memoji @jhooks @chrisbiscardi Twitter, but sketches only? @jhooks @chrisbiscardi I am so glad I got the smaller one this time. @swyx @chrisbiscardi Well, iMessage kinda like a separate app. Like Slack or whatever. It's easier to form/manage g… @chrisbiscardi @swyx I have a basketball group message where Android users only find out from a secondary textI wonder if Apple knows that iMessage is the only reason I use an iPhone. I swear the protocol was supposed to open up at some point 🤔🚨 New self-paced workshop 🚨 Learn how to apply Immer to any immutable data-oriented context from @mweststrate
Retweeted by John LindquistKarabiner supports thumbsense again! So excite! Blog post incoming thanks @tekezo !!!I would love to live to see the day that I don't have to pack a single cord when I travel. 💼Been working on a top secret @Netlify project 🤫 Excited to unveil tomorrow at @jamstackconf SF 🤗 Stay tuned!
Retweeted by John LindquistParcel 2 alpha 2 is out! 🎉 📢 LESS, SASS, Pug, and more 🐠 babel.config.js 🏷️ Inline <script> & <style> 🚀 FASTER cac…
Retweeted by John LindquistI created fresh @eggheadio course about #immer this summer, and it is now publicly available! It's packed with sma…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @chrisbiscardi Sweet, sounds like a "rockin'" time to come to SF! @tlakomy @sveltejs I managed to do it in 209B 😁😆 @sveltejs 👉 <script>let a=[{n:"X",s:0}],…
Retweeted by John LindquistTherapist: ok, let's start from the beginning. Where do you think all your stress began? Me:
Retweeted by John Lindquist @GarthDB @bit101 I guess you could take a picture of the Sun and look at it any time of dayYou may see the Moon during the day... but you'll never see the Sun at night. #DeepThoughts @EricBolikowski @acdlite I would check out @cyclejs 's React integration so the reactive components are isolated
Oh dang! We’re halfway to sold out for my @eggheadio workshop! 😱🤩 I’ll be teaching you how to create a highly dyna…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @jhooks is it really subtweeting when you only wait 30 seconds tho 😂
Retweeted by John LindquistToday on stream, we used Karabiner Elements to customize some advanced keyboard shortcuts for ultimate typing comfo… now! to stream 😇 ⌨️Advanced OSX Keyboard Shortcuts with Karabiner ⌨️ at 10:30 Pacific today (Oct 14)'m trying to resurrect the Observable proposal by simplifying it. I think if we also standardized on cancellation…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @andrestaltz I've only used Nightmare for scraping. I'll have to give Puppeteer a shot @Benghamine @chrisbiscardi @DavidWells @Netlify I'll slip you a $20 if both Chris and I get in 😉😬
@chrisbiscardi @amustycow NICE @kyleshevlin @sxywu @Swizec @iPancreas @BergFulton I'm sure @shanselman would RT this for reachI thought that "Titans" had really gone downhill, but that one scene with Krypto the Superdog made sitting through…
@EricBolikowski I dunno. @acdlite has mentioned they'll break "concurrent mode". But I haven't done enough research… @bit101 I wonder what it's like scrolling through a twitter timeline when you follow 611k people.My wife and I have _very_ different tastes in TV. But we decided on "Veronica Mars" (neither of us have seen it),…
@jhooks @khalalw @eggheadio You're welcome @chrisbiscardi I already have an electron app receiving commands and playing sounds. Gonna work it into something t… @chrisbiscardi looks like the API is a fairly standard web socket. Could definitely break… @chrisbiscardi yah, just got a streamdeck 🤔🤔🤔 @chrisbiscardi Does StreamLabs have an api to switch scenes like that? Hmm @chrisbiscardi Oh snap. What an amazingly terrible idea. I love it.Camera source unexpectedly reset on stream today, so ended up with 5 seconds of this. Thought it was cute. Might de… NOW. Come hang out! LIVE on twitch talking about @sveltejs in ~10 minutes's likely a point next week where @jhooks , @chrisbiscardi , @jlengstorf , and I will all be in the same room.… @NytroNovel
Retweeted by John LindquistStreaming some @sveltejs tomorrow at 10am pacific (in fact, probably streaming a lot of @sveltejs in the future ♥️…🚨 Workshop announcement! 🚨 I’m teaching an online workshop on @eggheadio that’ll dive deep into using @gatsbyjs fo…
Retweeted by John LindquistThis is the way we are developing self-paced workshops these days:
Retweeted by John Lindquist
Awesome thread. Thanks for dropping knowledge @robpenner'm currently working on building an @eggheadio playlist for Theme UI ( Are there certain…
Retweeted by John LindquistSo here it is: (WIP) A design system for Vue.js, if you are interested please consider cont…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @chrisbiscardi @jhooks @sveltejs I'll develop a schedule after we get back from JamStack. Now I'm just happy my stu… @AndrewDelPrete Awesome 💪💰 Making Other People Money
Retweeted by John Lindquist @chrisbiscardi @sveltejs Probably gonna bump it up to tomorrow around 10 Pacific. My racquetball buddy got hurt so my morning it open @jhooks @chrisbiscardi @sveltejs It me🦋 Join @chrisbiscardi in this live Advanced Gatsby Themes Workshop on Oct 23rd at 10am Pacific. Early bird price!
Retweeted by John Lindquist
Next week I'll be giving my first "tech talk" at the @JavaScriptKC meet-up! I'll be doing an introduction to…
Retweeted by John Lindquist*stares in Every Breath You Take*
Retweeted by John LindquistCaption this: cc @jlengstorf for hanging out on the stream today! Gonna stream some @sveltejs on FridayWant to come to @NgAtlanta, and @NodeAtlanta ? Like and RT the post below from @renderATL and my pinned post, and I…
Retweeted by John LindquistLive Now :)📺Live on Twitch in 7 minutes (11:30 pacific) 📺 Exploring React and RxJS Delaying to avoid overlap with @LWJShow hosting @Mappletons Go check them out now instead. I'll hop on af… 10 mins: Live on Twitch with: Exploring React with RxJS jq command is extra dope. It's the best way to work with JSON from the command-line and helps me prototype infr…
Retweeted by John Lindquist @jaredpalmer The Goddess of empathy that cares deeply about our well-being