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Physician, Professor of Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine; I observe and comment on the American scene, and my views are entirely my own.

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Not on topic specifically about #Presidementia but this may be a sign.
1/5 #DMRConv-5 #TheGameHasChanged We’re ready to play poker. We arrive at the casino poker room Poker rules are…
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD4/5 30% - 40% of the crowd starts chanting, “Rummy! Rummy! Rummy!” The rest of the crowd breaks up in to about…
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD5/5 Our only hope is that when cards are flopped, Casino Manager Roberts & his team affirm the game is Poker. Our o…
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD#MalignantEnabling Trophy for 1st Place goes to ... and his allies are trying to shape the media narrative and intimidate Republicans in the House and Senate but…
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD @bsrichards4 @JohnWDean @BTM829 #Presidementia implies quite the opposite. He was better in 2016 than he is now 3 y… @JohnWDean @BTM829 #TrumpWontDebate because he cannot debate. At this point in #Presidementia it's apparent that Tr… @JVillesvik @Bruce87036 Looks like he had a month off, played once or twice after Thanksgiving, but no so much. See the tally at @MarzapRussell That’s correct. Charisma is the old Greek word for “gifts,” so the charismatic leader, whether Jim J… @SandyH1123 That’s a prescient observation & a point well taken. My fancy phrase describes unconscious processes. (… @ArleneRabenbau1 Psychiatrist Wilfred Bion calls this “basic assumption dependency,” a passive stance based on gran… Friday. Here’s a funny one. #MAGA
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MDTrump claims EPA's water efficient toilets are forcing people to flush 10-15 times #SaturdayThoughts #Resist
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MDThe two boys went from their Mom’s home to the Oval Office, raising the IQ of both places. 7:6: Jesus replied, “Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: ‘These people… to the comments about Trump not seeming “charismatic.” Here is a page from Post’s book, previously cited… @Matt_Nowak5 Good shot! THAT is funny!😆😂😁😊😄 @ArleneRabenbau1 That’s why he wrote the book! Chapter One. @soledadobrien @shoreboy1961 @FLOTUS @soledadobrien @shoreboy1961 @FLOTUS think this past month I played more golf than Donald. (I holed an eagle 2 from 178 yards at Gleneagles DFW, too!)… example of bad #MalignantEnabling of #Presidementia. We sometimes call it “interlocking psychopathology.” @JoeBiden Good read on the subject. folks here have asked about Trump’s followers. I don’t know Dr. Post (wish I did), but this book impresses me.… to read this without getting choked up. Touching at an infinite number of levels. Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited… @martysalo @IiStubby @nytimes Faking symptoms, termed "malingering" or "dissimulation" in clinical jargon, isn't Tr…
@juanb2017 @saltyconchy @joncoopertweets (Saying something in Spanish doesn’t make it true in English.)As John Dean, Oliver North, and many others have shown, hanging around any president in any situation, even ethical… @juanb2017 @joncoopertweets Decir algo en español no lo hace verdad en inglés. #Presidementia @juanb2017 @saltyconchy @joncoopertweets #Presidementia — Decir algo en español no lo hace verdad en inglés. @RichardCCarnes I think so, yes. @DrNancyHoffman @nytimes Something is going on, but as Trump always says, “We’ll see what happens.” I don’t know.#TrumpWontDebate - You will not see an impaired Trump in cognitive decline at a debate, & here are the dates & plac… would it cost if the USA just bought their entire annual crop? (U.S. officials said almost everything they did… @Roslynbooks I think you take control and follow through when ready. I don’t know. @texas_happy Vote him out of office. @lajaharmony I don’t have an opinion, and I would be very reluctant to add to the speculation. I go public about im… of #Presidementia begins at home. This is how enabling works, and illustrates why at times the p… of #Presidementia in its most magnified, shocking form: McConnell’s vow of ‘total coordination’… @bj95432geemale @JohnDean @DrGJackBrown @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler That is correct. John Dean an… the Senate trial gives the House time to use the courts to enforce subpoenas; to educate Congress about…'ve been thinking about this, and so have other people. Seems like a capital idea. Even now Trump is too cognitive… @lynn_gillman I think it's very hard to predict in any given case. He is already at the point where he can't debate… @deannaveg @DesilvaErlinda Paranoid personality has always been a controversial diagnosis, and the main reason is t…
@VivianWheldon @SuziReynolds2 MMSE (Mini Mental State Exam) might be helpful, but early on such instruments have li… demands that a future Democratic president be impeached in retaliation for his impeachment.
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD @EarlyR61 I remember my high school civics teacher saying, in 1964, that the Republican Party was dying, as evidenc… @deannaveg Yes, when cognitive slippage and brain deterioration set in, Trump's neurons stopped holdings hands, so… @OliveSquig In that 1997 CMatthews MSNBC interview, Trump speaks clearly of "getting even" as modus operandi. This… @fringephile @JohnCarmack @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 John and I carried on with this back and forth, and he makes so… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Post hoc note: John, you do have a point here, and I am trying… @RanyhynMyrha Dementia (cognitive slippage & decline) is tricky, because people have good days & bad days. Beyond m… @PognandDestrier Now THAT is funny. At many levels! Cheers - T👍🏼 @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Thank you, John. I hope many others will read this thread. We h… #MalignantEnabling 12/13 Briefing: Asked to comment on impeachment, Trump rambled for >5 min (witch… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 John, I am very sorry that you feel that way, and I apologize i… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 I hesitate to use other historical figures, like a dictator or… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 The law does not disagree. There are protections for confidenti… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 You’re still applying the concept incorrectly. If “John Doe” is… @RickDerek1 @MelissaJPeltier I take your point, but I don’t think it’s an analogous situation. We shall see! @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 And if you don’t teach principles correctly, people can adopt v… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Well, John, saying it multiple times does not make it so, as Pr… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Can’t resist pointing out, perhaps to my own detriment, that I… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 So.. When you cast your vote, you will consider his mental stat… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 And if psychiatrists see a person who is dangerously impaired,… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 See the American Academy of Psychiatry & the Law article cited… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 John, I respect your passionate views on the topic of the presi… @RickDerek1 @MelissaJPeltier I agree that manipulation occurs. I am just pointing out that FMS as a concept origina… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 And specifically how am I harming the marginalized, having spen… @msmarianpinky Dialogue, give and take, back and forth, conversation. Trump talks AT people, not WITH people. He se… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Caregivers & enablers are two vastly different categories. An e… @RickDerek1 @MelissaJPeltier False Memory Syndrome is a different critter and not in play here. A controversial uno… @JohnCarmack @fringephile @RamsdenMF @SuziReynolds2 Is it that you oppose Trump but disapprove of asserting that he… @Floridamiz1 @cspanwj #TrumpWontDebate because of #Presidementia, and #MalignantEnabling staff will have a narrativ… @DMRDynamics & #MalignantEnabling may crescendo after the first of the year. No one will suggest or recommend eng… @david_setter Who, me?😳 @DiaboliqueNo1 He is incapable of basic give and take dialogue, much less rigorous debate. This is brain disease. @RobertMaguire_ #TrumpWontDebate because of #Presidementia and #MalignantEnabling ... A cognitively impaired & ment… #Presidementia Department of You Heard It Here First — Will Trump Debate a Democrat in 2020? He’s… @TomJChicago @MelissaJPeltier Prevarication and confabulation strike early and often at this White House.
@BandyXLee1 Vegas odds favor Trump as of today: Trump is still the odds-on favorite in Vegas to win re-election in 2020. @BandyXLee1 I agree with Dr. Lee, and when I heard an attorney suggest withholding referral to the Senate, it made… Cay Johnston has been invited to be on the Lawrence O’Donnell show tonight to discuss my latest op-ed with DC…
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MDThis is my question, precisely:
Retweeted by John M. Talmadge, MD @joan8904 I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know what his options are, nor do I know what situations he will encounter… @PreetBharara @DrDamienLowry @gino50 @gino50 Thanks for the comment. Here's an article you may find of interest on the subject. @JohnCarmack @gino50 John, I don't agree, but you are accurate on all but the fine points. Video is commonly used i… @Mistmi01 @comicsdaughter @BandyXLee1 I like your sense of history and context! Cheers - T👍🏼 @stallablu @miamidecor Certainly could be. Cheers - T👍🏼 @beightman @HCandler @kylegriffin1 No, he hasn’t. See the earlier tweet re msnbc interview 1997. @JohnCarmack @gino50 Respecting your sensibility on the matter: Thanks for your opinion. Fair enough. But where my… @noelle_nole1 Apparently from his dad, who suffered Alzheimer’s dementia; from cheating on his taxes State and Fede…