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[Key-oh-dee-nee] Head of Video for @joindicebreaker, occasional Dungeon Master for @outsidexbox / @outsidextra. Formerly @eurogamer. He/him

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Listen, I had a shitty journey home and I needed to let off some steam @DarrenIndeed Ruby splashtails
If you had to pick between unending world peace and your country winning Eurovision, what would you pick?
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @mrmonkington Your pancake day tweets are always top notchNice, etc @Resistrush Schedule wise no, but we'll be kicking about the show! @liquidmatt I really don't rate the books tbh. I read far too much fantasy so happy to give recommendations whenever, if so desired! @msmouse25 Course!"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist." - Angela Davis Nothing but RESPE…
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @orangerful @joindicebreaker Apologies in advance @AutomaticZen Alright, but a fightstick is very different for me these days...Flying out to PAX East in under 48 hours, hope to get a chance to say hello to some familiar faces. If you are one of those, let me know!
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @ValkyrieLadyK Yep @MDBOAKTREE I'm using it to keep track of the 120 goal but there's just something so satisfying about using a clicker @helloimduken @NightCatArts @MaxVelocity7 @joindicebreaker I know everybody means well but it feels pretty weird to…
I am v tired @r34perman Not really sure - I bagged 24 in under an hour but things sped up when I crewed up with a friend @NoPunIncluded It's on game pass so you can give it a whirl for very little money @NoPunIncluded You absolutely can, although you're more vulnerable to attacks from other players. It's best with fr… @Blondagles It's just not as satisfyingA good start! @philippawarr Yes! Just making dinner but I'll be back on shortly. @philippawarr I don't suppose any of you are endlessly fishing for Ruby splashtails this evening? @johnny_crass Pfffft, nobody's stolen my ship in over a year @r34perman But so does my clicker @zoe_dels Oh my god, it's the best thing I ever boughtLet's do this @Korizain Aah I'm afraid I've got a regular crew that I sail with! @nielsen_holly Labour leadership candidates as pizza toppings is a thread I would absolutely enjoyGod help me, I think I'm actually going to give this a go can catch the VOD of the #Witcher ttrpg 'The Hunt for Dandelion' on @Wandering_DM's Twitch! @TheOperaGeek is a…
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodinimy cartoon for the weekend’s @guardianreview #inspiration #research #writing
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @CAskerneese Waah, this is so kind! I'm gonna be at PAX East doing a couple of Dicebreaker panels, hope to run into you at some pointPETA is an anagram of PATÉ
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @redditships (Banging clipboard) FROGS FROGS FROGS @Legocat2 @Frankenweenian @AoifeLockhart @wyp100 At this point I think it'd be more accurate to describe riceNpea as a Eurogamer barnacle @Frankenweenian @AoifeLockhart TEAM NOT WARREN
@gabanderz Not even kidding, I was once auditioned to be Daniel Radcliffe's body double. @realmonestore @BDaveWalters @TheOperaGeek @DCockle @mustangsart @Wandering_DM @RTalsorianGames @SpecialEffect What a cutie!Sad not to be able to make this as it sounds phenomenal @TripperEgo Sometimes you have to go looking for adventure, sometimes it finds you. Sessions can be extremely chill… processing that this stream actually happened - grab a shirt here if you want to help @SpecialEffect off in just under an hour!
Tomorrow at 10am EST! Join @Wandering_DM as he GMs @TheOperaGeek @mustangsart @johnneh @BDaveWalters and @DCockle (…
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Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @boardgameyogi @Mustiado It's the way she sort of rears her head back a touch before running off @Sismrnoth Yep(I am pleased that Watson managed to build a three act structure into just five seconds of video)When taking a dog out to play, it is important to give them toys appropriate to their size @AoifeLockhart @zoe_dels @IanHigton @johnneh @boardgameyogi @triggertrove @KubeWhelan love all the work you guys ha…
Retweeted by Johnny ChiodiniMy friend Wes says "we're not far from the outpost and we're not taking on that much water. We can make it, we just… of Thieves tweet: Did a skelly fort in the Devil's Roar last night and we got hammered by the volcano while loa…'t wait for this one to air, there are some amazing moments <3 @camillavalerie_ Ahahahaha
@RTalsorianGames @mustangsart @SpecialEffect Naked and playing the banjo, gotcha @mustangsart @SpecialEffect @RTalsorianGames I... need to do some more prep I thinkThe cat started yowling in my face and I turned to my wife to say what an awful pet she is. What I actually said wa… fucking riddance to this week, quite frankly. Anyway here's the dog under a fold down seat on the tube
@HannuhRose Same! @howlieT It is honestly such a tonicI am unbelievably excited about the new Animal Crossing. Like, I think it will get me through this year excited. @DanielTriggeh No that says hoegaarden @MrTeamCorvette That little guy is a direct line to my childhood 😍I didn't make the cut @johnneh @Verenti @quiddie puts on a hell of a show with Pirates of Salt Marsh/Bay on @SavingThrowShow as a recomme…
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @Verenti I wouldn't describe the process as reallocating fame, however. It's a big world and lots of people watch m… @Verenti It's definitely not something I consider to be someone else's problem to fix, although the systemic change… @GameTeeUK latest initiate to the social club @Matt_Styles I'd swap baked and chips, personally, but you are correct in putting hash browns at the topTwo things about this tweet 1) It is spot on 2) There are not enough yikes in the world for some of the replies @CopperD20 @oxventure Oh it turns out I'm dob
@MrTeamCorvette Do you have the one with the big dome shell?! @Crazyreyn walking the dog when I found this bin that's at a canted angle after the storm. Did the right thing. @L_Aitken The way the audio cuts off in this is just perfect @ConstantlyOdd1 Off you pop then, let me know when you're doneHoly shit Pluto is gorgeous @grimsevers_ YIKES @NixCyberPigs Not mine
Robin Hood [hands over stolen fortune]: here you are, my poor friend Friend: wow thanks. I'm rich! Robin [narrows eyes]: you’re what
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @Its_The_Dom Unlikely, I'm afraid - timing constraints mean we can have big gaps between sessions and I feel like i… @NoPunIncluded Root looks delicious, in fairness @partyshiisaa WtafFuckin nope @deanjrodgers @PaidiMc You know itLOOK AT THIS TATTOO MY WIFE JUST DID @SimonMaeder Do iiiiiit @johnneh has played "literally everyone else in the world" for @OutsideXbox, @outsidextra, @eurogamer &…
Retweeted by Johnny Chiodini @ChrisTapsell Super Caley go ballistic Celtic are atrocious @ChildishTombino Vallejo glaze medium
@boardgameyogi @PhotoSonny I've never played and I really want to!G L A Z I N G @kappage23 @jasoncmiller @JasonBulmahn There's a horror game called dread that exclusively uses a jenga tower - no…
@rawrsair Ultimate stealth horse! You give a whistle and it turns out he was in the bush behind you the e n t i r e t i m e @SamTweets72 @VAULTFestival I can't say at this point but I am extremely excited about itSee what happens when you accurately teach the people about their fucked up history and genuinely want to change it…
Retweeted by Johnny ChiodiniJust watched this in its entirety and it actually made my knees hurt. Bloody hell.