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@MustyySZN Thanks brother 🙏🏼 @MustyySZN I haven’t played with ransoms ever! Going to bring in people from chat and IRLI wanna stream tonight and hang out with some people! What game should I play? Among us so we can talk to chat mor… @KronozeSensei Good luck bro🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @InMyBagP They don’t wanna see you winActually feel bad for @DeSeanJackson10 and that’s coming from a giants fan... Speedy recovery legend
@reasonTDE I can make it!!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @TmarTn Copyright law states this pretty plainly. Our copyright laws are completely OUTDATED. So they don’t apply f… @TmarTn I happy you replied. Companies can cease you from profiting off their game if they want. They’re profiting… a knee when speaking to the king 👑 @DrLupo wasn't taking any shit about streaming with @AOC and @IlhanMN.
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @TmarTn He’s actually right. He is using twitter to tell you guys so he’s not explaining fully. But he’s correct... @PappaFaded VouchW @tobas5676 @ProjectLincoln Wait someone hit me with a link so I can use this in arguments for why they’re trash @LifeOfOHZEE The man who’s better than you at apex👀 @CronicBrownie Bruh I know what your talking about so much it hurts @LifeOfOHZEE 🧢 @CronicBrownie LmfaoooooooIs the retweet button not working or am I just fried
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @officialjosamma @omgeeitschriss 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @ebqG_ Fuck again dude @LifeOfOHZEE Fuck dude
@Xchronic3 I want something wireless and not too expensive @Xchronic3 Lol just wondering because I’m upgrading around Christmas! @Xchronic3 How many mice have you had?WHATTTT. Imagine not clicking this link below! (That's what I said and you cant prove otherwise!) If we get enough…
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @InMyBagP Lowkey happy clubs are closed😆😂Wish I could incorporate dancing into my twitch grind
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @InMyBagP This be me deadass @reasonTDE Keep killing it my G🙏🏼🙏🏼 god speedDon’t comment on my tweet n not like that shit @InMyBagP Just stay consistent and things will happen🙌🏼🙌🏼FitzMagic be like... 😂
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusSerious Time! / Road to Plat / For My Daughters / Partner 2020
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @IAmAlexTTV Yeah just funny he thinks big tech companies have a lot to answer for... if your buying their products… @InMyBagP Don’t feel bad bruh you getting more numbers every day🙏🏼 you got this 🔒I know I’m on the same shit. But I ain’t getting clout off the ignorance lmfao“Twitter for iPhone” 😲 (🎥: IG/3dsagepix)
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Hackers in a BETA?! COME ON.
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusI thought it was a pack before I clicked it John Wall was playing spades during a TV interview 😂😂😂
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusBiden- "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @MyGuyyy_ Snipers aren’t even that strong imo @FreshJoonyuh @TheeTrueLu @TylerMahlum @Treyarch Game looks insane on PC. Not as “realistic” as MW but that’s good… @Radimorr You about to blow up bruh I’m telling you @RuthlessLang @RobbinOlsson_ @n0qz84 @charlieINTEL Idk ghosts maps and MW maps ride at a 3/10 for me lmfao @AvarishEdits @charlieINTEL Understood. Score streaks I’m on board with but then rolling over idk about... I’ve see…’s settle this right now. ❤️ for MODERN WARFARE 🔁 for BLACK OPS COLD WAR #SkirataFamily #Forever1615
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @AvarishEdits @charlieINTEL But there’s no realistic way to push it back because of contracts they have. Also what… @RobbinOlsson_ @RuthlessLang @n0qz84 @charlieINTEL I agree it’s an upgrade from MW but that can’t be our standard.… @HiiImPaul @charlieINTEL In what way? @charlieINTEL Why is everyone saying to delay the game? Y’all are CRAZY if you think that’s even an option for them @charlieINTEL Can someone tell me a gun in the Beta that was actually bad. Gun balance seems to actually be amazing… @RobbinOlsson_ @RuthlessLang @n0qz84 @charlieINTEL So I don’t know how I feel about the maps yet. But why do you li… @TwitchStrafe_TV BEAST @TheeTrueLu @TylerMahlum @Treyarch Looks insane on PC. 8 yr old consoles can’t keep up @TylerMahlum @Treyarch MW is really horrible. 6v6 is borderline unplayable because of the lack of weapon balance an… WHAT??? 😭😭
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusHow to fix SBMM problem in Cold War Add Ranked Public matches should put top 70% against each other and the bottom 30% against each other.I’m thinking of doing a podcast just so I can call it “The Seth Rogen Experience”.
Retweeted by JohnnyViruswelcome Twitch's fastest ever path to partner @AOC
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusSo.... calling people "hateful" and saying they "look down on people" is not treating them with "hate and contempt"…
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @PhysicsGod95 @HiraiShisui @BobC1231 @gnuman1979 @PhysicsGod95 @HiraiShisui @BobC1231 @gnuman1979 Damn... give me like 6 years I’ll be able to understand all of it @HiraiShisui @PhysicsGod95 @BobC1231 @gnuman1979 Fuck yo. What y’all saying👀When you gotta take yo lie to the grave
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusThis is so funny to me
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusMy biggest fear is one day finding out my partner wants to make couple skits for the internet.
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusIf only we could have seen this coming
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @Reidboy24 That’s what I’m saying. Idk why people think they’re OP. You have a better one shot zone with a MW carbine lmfao
@sus_ralph @Radimorr @souljaboy FATTER MF VOUCH @totally__kyle__ Lmfao I had to try @totally__kyle__ Pics or it didn’t happen @alexthe1kdbot Gotchu bro. Stay safeWeird that Dr. Fauci has worked under 6 presidents and has never needed a security detail before
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @ExileNations I honestly get a shit load of hitmarkers from both lmfaoIM STILL SPEECHLESS, JUST RT. #ColdWar
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus...yes
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @InMyBagP Facts bruh 😭 @alexthe1kdbot Congratulations my g🙏🏼🙏🏼LeBron really put Bronny inna pack😭
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusShe got on that Ariana Grande filter .... oh wait @KronozeSensei @aydan Why are you getting so cool all of a sudden😂this is how keys are made
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @kingocraigo LolTwo dudes, two vibes.
Retweeted by JohnnyVirus @vKeyboardx It’s intentional brotha. They want everyone to not have to grind to test a beta!uhh people are saying this is good?? it’s actually kinda cringe lol, i’d be embarrassed if i were her. yikes.
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Bro declared hood bankruptcy
Retweeted by JohnnyVirusMy favorite @rapsody verse gotta be on “I Can Make It” off @reasonTDE new album! Whole album has no 🧢
@dutch_codtuber It’s a huge reason why I quit as well. Would hate to see it ruin this amazing game tooWait you liked it.... Some constructive criticism has to stand with the lobbies splitting up! I love meeting peop… @AllGunny Sheesh chilllllI applaud @Treyarch @Tony_Flame by giving us great patch notes! Including why your making decisions really helps u… had shrouds stream on for hours and still no code... @GunDo___ What platform?I am a huge shroud fan but he is really bad at Call of Duty compared to other games he plays Kinda makes him look human
Skill based matchmaking has killed my love for standard Call of Duty multiplayer There is no “pop off” game. There…
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