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i put the ayeee in divorcayeeeeee. Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen. cash app: $johnnyhatchback

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@lzzcat Congrats you two. Really happy for you both!!
@realDonaldTrump @OfficialEveBBK ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @VanityLeshae @pr0cvnt Nope. Huge family, not one has money. You would think the odds would work out eventually, but nah. Feels like fate honestly. @Alaska_Atoms Denver Twitter is roasting dude ZOMBIES @shockv *hugs* I feel you
A person just drove by with a fucking table strapped to the hood of their car. @kidastronavt It's about In n Out.Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head. - me to Satan @bbytrilla Just like the virus, everyone experiences different after effects. It's wild.If you're worried about the side effects of a vaccine you should look into the after side effects of covid (that they've discovered so far).I probably know 90% of the lyrics to that whole album still...This album deserves the same love and adoration as many of the other “classics” we celebrate on here. So fun, creat…
Retweeted by Johnny @kidastronavt Big deep breaths bro. You got it.
My new Hello? #Denver? Are You Still There? newsletter is live! Let's talk MUTUAL AID- what is is, how to be a part…
Retweeted by JohnnyTrump really did a one minute presser to say the dow hit 30k then walked off. Yeah we have the internet and watch t… @_blvckson_ Sittin in a drop top soaking wet @_blvckson_ '1-2in expected' 🙄🙄🙄 @ineefaa Eggzactly. @LinSmitty Way ahead of you fam mutual aid folks: are there any food banks/initiatives that are feeding people people on thanksgiving?
Retweeted by Johnny @ReignOfApril @Buenisi_Ma Very true. Witnessed first hand. Chased by one on my scooter at 30mph and that MF was GAI…
@eyenevermind It's nice of his lawyers to keep giving us these victories over and over. @THEKIDMERO Bro I turned 40 in May. Trash year for it. My friends did a drive-by party but not the same.Trump's legal team be like..., @ComedyWorks was involved in a data breach they decided not to tell anyone about. If you use the same passwo…
Retweeted by Johnnyhow do u guys raw dog life w no mental illness
Retweeted by Johnny @BlockheadNYC @MacLethal It's an exhibition. It's gonna be lame, but, I'm still gonna watch lol.saved the puppy from getting eaten by an alligator and never dropped his cigar, a true legend
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Because of sports betting I have to root for Philip Rivers for the first time in my life. Not enjoying it. @DKSportsbook Colts winning @JamesyDownie @MacLethal Who? @melissius I think that scene impacted everyone who watched it, because it's legendary, but for folks like us.... M…
I never realized how impactful that show was on me. Being from a 'broken family' I think I related so much to will'… watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-air Reunion and cried the entire time. @theperfectRu They were so excited about drugs so pretty much everything is about drugs. Or chicks. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. @theperfectRu I mean they were all on soooo many drugs back then so prollyShout out to the girl that texted me and crossed this out. @aureusvixen
Holy shit this otter...'ve never had sex with a man, but I have hit the hand sanitizer pump only to have it laser beam into my chest, so... @SageFrancis That was not explicitly unique to New York emcees, as I recall. @aureusvixen If they're non toxic it's a twofer*your 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 @eyenevermind Oh I do whatever she says. This is literally what her PhD is in and what she does for a living. @_blvckson_ Need a counter term. Ain'tavist? @mneelzy So sorry for your loss. 💔When you sister has a PhD and you're dumb but funny... need Jesus. No I've been doing a lot of woodworking and I could use help with carpentry.💀💀💀 BARS BRIGADE 💀💀💀 @VanityLeshae It sucks being turnt early because everyone else is still waking up. After kegs and eggs one time we… @VanityLeshae No judgement haha. Get after it! @VanityLeshae It's 9am!! Haha“Crosses,” our new single, is out NOW! Check out the video here and share it like your life depends on it! Video:…
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Retweeted by Johnny @TheCoolestNword I hope so lol. Covers that +3. @_blvckson_ @TheCoolestNword So... The under lol. @desusnice @Bigbadbecerril
Tested negative for covid but positive for being a BAD MOTHERFUCKER. @kidastroneon I got a double breasted suit starch style.Getting my first covid test and they put that probe wayyyyyy in your butthole. Is that how they did yours??First day at In n Out. Don't see what the hype is about...
Retweeted by Johnny @mental_floss @Flipboard Aren't they still? @AP_Oddities @AP 'water pipe' @UncleBlazer 'I'M PISSED NOW!!'Better than the Jets. @Mike_Eagle He was a judge, not a lawyer.Again, imagine that's your lawyer! If rudy was my public defender I would cry and beg for a plea deal. @listenupnerds😍😍😍 your content. YouTube just adjusted TOS so they can monetize on your videos even if you can't yet. There's no s…
Retweeted by Johnny @TheCoolestNword I have a hard time believing they get swept, but cards are hot and Hawks are cold. I typically giv… @littlebeefy @TheCoolestNword I want to say over, but Seahawks put up 16 last week. They get their running backs back so that's…
@knittinginheels The E stands for existential.I don't even know anymore. @WorldAndScience Robots @julesmgio Tell them they're turkey sucks and you're having your own non turkey dinner and calling it onlyhams. @podimportant They just put in a cane's by my house and I tried it the other night. HITTERSSSSSSSS. I would NOT be… @_blvckson_ @IamDetour303 @ageneyrojr Figured y'all would know someone @aureusvixen @Twitter Cool cool cool. Here's fleets 💁🏻 @IamDetour303 @_blvckson_ @ageneyrojr @CashApp $johnnyhatchback @nickkroll @DEADLINE Haha good at business @irljanedoe CAN I PET THAT DAWG??!? @jenleighc @lzzcat He's made huge strides through medication and therapy. He's traveled to speak at an OCD conferen… @lzzcat My brother has severe OCD and it's horrible. I've had to literally drag him out of the bathroom while he wa… OCD is not cute, it's torture. People need to stop with the bullshit. It's like saying, 'sometimes when I driv… @kumailn My cousin was trying to beat street fighter 2 all the way through without getting hit once, he got hit onc… @ineefaa