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Father of three; husband of 1. Believer in change; Follow if you think #plymouthdeservesbetter Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View

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We are consulting shortly and I have promised a path to citizenship in due course. This issue predates this adminis… is on its way. The MHRA has formally authorised the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19. The NHS stands r…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerWhy I voted for the regulations last night.. 👇
Veteran Toby is paralysed from the neck down after being shot in Afghanistan. He's filmed this video for you. Will…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerFormer @Proud_Sappers Major @rabbyl reflects on his career and how his work with @CombatStress and @ScotsBravest ha…
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Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing members of the Government's Veterans Advisory Board. First up is…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerOur rate of cases continues to fall. Please remember we are in lockdown until Wednesday so stay at home as much as…
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer @Liberal_Tory You’re kind, thank you. @nickdebois @alexkcrowley All correct!Incremental irreversible change in how this Country ‘does’ Veterans. Proud of the team @VeteransGovUK
Brave unnamed ‘Labour veterans’ no doubt in seats that would vote for an inanimate object provided it was red. Inde… 1 Dec 16th 🤞 @BrianErskine10 They’ll be loads of programmes and help in his area. The Veterans Gateway is a good place to start.… @BrianErskine10 Let me know what I can do to help. @BrianErskine10 Well done. Team effort.So proud of @JJChalmersRM We’ve all had a go at trying to look cool on the dance floor. He’s nailed it. journalism.
@armstrong_lucy @TonyArmstrongDT You’re kind. Thanks.Top work folks.👇👇
Derriford - of which I’m afraid I am a far too regular user - is the heartbeat of Plymouth. It’s has some of our mo… @koinadi @HTCV81 @CllrDexter This in no way reflects my view.
@geo_griff @sarwar_k @DorsetLondoner Love to. Email meNot only did we recruit the first patient in England, @UHP_NHS continues to be the top recruiter for this trial acr…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerLive now, taking your questions after a huge news week for Plymouth over on Spending review, and disappointed to be in Tier 2; here's what it all means for Plymouth *Facebook live tonigh… to @Plymouth_Live, MP @JohnnyMercerUK said he was "disappointed" in the decision to place Plymouth into Ti…
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer🗣 - "There's far better people than me who don't get involved in politics because of this level of abuse." Conse…
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer🗣 - " I don't really expect to be sent poo in the post. I don't think anyone deserves that." Felicity Cornelius-Me…
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer🗣 - "It turned out it was an adult soiled nappy" Conservative MP and veterans minister @JohnnyMercerUK tells…
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer @allyspiers You’re really kind, thanks AllyPushing hard for Plymouth to go into Tier 1. We’ve worked hard - rates are falling and we need to open up hospitali…"Being a veteran really helps - you've got this kind of inbuilt ability to adapt and overcome." @BritishArmy veter…
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Today we have our lowest rate of cases per 100,000 population in nearly a month. It’s great to see the number of c…
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@sarwar_k @geo_griff @DorsetLondoner *great @sarwar_k @geo_griff @DorsetLondoner You guys all do gear stuff and I’ll always do what I can to help you 👍There’s just so much in here.. it’ll take 15 mins of your time, but you won’t regret it.👏 is Vetforce Month, when we celebrate the #veterans, reservists and allies across our ecosystem. Being a…
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I’m so honoured by this, thank you so much! @travelmediawrds
Retweeted by Johnny MercerMen don’t talk about health issues until it’s too late. Stereotype? Maybe, but it’s a stereotype for a reason. Do…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerFantastic news. We spoke about this some time ago - well done @sheryllmurray She did all the work. 30% of jobs in Plymouth Moor View are in the public sector. Unthinkable to accept a raise whilst capping othe…👏👇 proud of how we’re fundamentally changing how we look after people who have served - and they families - in this…'s still time to share your views on how the NHS can improve support for veterans' families in England. Clic…
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The Australian episode is depressing. But I cannot emphasise enough that the bill we introduced does not prevent us…
Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for all the kindness and support this week. Big week for the nation and the mi… military remains the biggest life chances transformer in this country. I’m delighted with what yesterday’s anno…"That's been great for me, working with veterans to solve problems in probably one of the hardest crises the countr…
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@ForwardAssist1 @RichardSkerritt @SaluteHerUK @SharonHodgsonMP @TedGranger2 @AthertonNWales @JohnHealey_MP spoke to ⁦@Plymouth_Live⁩ about today. The military is the beating heart of our City; the skilled employment, su…; from someone who has always been completely honest with his own Party when it comes to defence, I must say… recognise the criticism that some have locally that I drive too hard on military matters. I will work harder to r…, currently turning Oxygen into CO2 in the commons achieving nothing, has got this one wrong. historic increase in defence spending will enable our Armed Forces to modernise, plan for the future and adapt…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerAnd he’s absolutely right. One talks the talk, says nice things looking somber. The other actually does somethi… are investing an extra £16.5 billion to defend our people and way of life 🇬🇧
Retweeted by Johnny Mercer“Why did you support Boris Johnson to be PM?” ✅ Legislation to end vexatious claims ✅ UK’s first Office for Vetera…
Defence spending has been increasing nationally since 2015. Since 2015 Defence money and jobs have increased in P… is the future - a world class blend of third sector and state provisions to ensure that this Nation’s veterans… promised a third strand in the NHS Mental Health programme for Veterans to complement the Transition and Liason S… through Lockdown 2: detail on further financial support right here in Plymouth, bang up to date figures on i… @gavinmarshall1 @UHP_NHS Oh..First trip with the new Veterans Railcard (on a Swiss Stadler train no less) - IMHO an understated but serious inte…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerTen people died yesterday on a terrible day in the fight against COVID, in Plymouth. A vaccine is hopeful, but un…
@SeanJonesMC @VeteransGovUK Have commissioned review today. Am you email Thai to me too?’mIt’s a huge honour & privilege to be on this board - and as a group we’ll be focused on results, tasks & actions fo…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerPaying tribute to @AthertonNWales for her efforts on improving the female experience of being a Servicewoman and th…
Another important moment today as as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster chaired the UK’s inaugural Veterans A…💪 @ZacGoldsmith Teletext.Reflecting on a bruising period introducing the Overseas Ops bill to Parliament; about the stifling lack of authent…
I might be biased, but this is hoofing. Well done @JJChalmersRM 👏👏 @PoppyDevon Amazing. Amazing 👏
Pubs are shut, but a long week still ends in the correct manner..
@CharlotteLeslie You’re kind, and I know you’ve had it much much worse. @Jacob_The_Pilot @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @RAFBF Yes! Top lad.It’s been a long week. I’m so proud of my wife for coming on this journey with me, and I absolutely stand by her…
@AllyGordon10 I was an air cadet. DM me her details and when Parliament reopens come down for lunch and PMQ’s in the gallery? @petertait98 Bloody hell.
A long day at the despatch box.. I was honoured to close the Remembrance debate reminding colleagues inside and out…👇 @JohnnyMercerUK pays tribute to the @PoppyLegion in the @HouseofCommons on #ArmisticeDay. #LestWeForget
Retweeted by Johnny MercerGreat to see him awake.. 7pm a searchlight will shine up into the night sky over our Royal Naval War Memorial, for people to view from fa…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerJamie Small has received a #PointsofLight award from PM @BorisJohnson for his fundraising & awareness-raising for…
Retweeted by Johnny MercerThey say a soldier prays hardest for peace, for he knows the horrors of war. Take a moment to watch this. It’s why… the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them. #LestWeForget
Retweeted by Johnny MercerClimate change matters, but the Cenotaph on Armistice day should be about one thing only - showing our respect for… will Remember them. #Remembrance #LestWeForget
Retweeted by Johnny MercerThis morning I was up early to join a really special @GWRHelp service from home to London collecting wreaths at eve… @mandy4small @gee198_ @kathryncrossla2 @SSAFA @suffolkssafa @farlingayehigh You got the SSAFA video of him talking about it? Will repost.
Retweeted by Johnny MercerHugely proud of Mandy and Jamie this morning. Jamie’s dad took his own life; Jamie’s dedicated his young life to ra…
Thanks for all the love and support. Remember the vast vast majority of people are nice. And kind.… publicise this stuff not because I want sympathy - I’m very privileged. But I do think people should be aware o… fantastic to see the Welsh Government joining this initiative. The mission of the @VeteransGovUK is clea…
The number of COVID-19 cases in Plymouth has risen again. A further 81 new cases have been confirmed today, meaning…
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City leaders came together on Friday to remember in the usual Plymouth way, and the service will be streamed live o…