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Teacher, NUFC fan, Hockey player and Labour Supporter. All views my own. Proud father of two amazing sons.

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@Haggis_UK Is he working under "Australia Rules"? Idiot.
@DrewLawDesign Blackpool?
Which modern day ex British Prime Minister would be a better option than Johnson in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis?
Retweeted by johnpsimonPlease retweet for a wider audience.Which modern day ex British Prime Minister would be a better option than Johnson in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis? @the_tpa Shhuuusssshhhhh! @WeWillBeFree82 And the Darwin Award for 2020 Nominees are.... @OnlyOneTeeta He is an embarrassment to the profession. Hope you are ok @No_es_bueno_Bob @AndrewRosindell Yep.. Especially Cadburys @No_es_bueno_Bob @AndrewRosindell Easter eggs on New Year's eve? @piersmorgan A Public Enquiry needs to start asap. It needs to especially focus on Test and Trace and how the Gover… @NadineDorries Nadine hasn't exactly got the best record on getting her facts correct. @DeborahMeaden Don't let Laurence Fox see this... @SuzyWrack Football has so much to learn from Rugby. No players should be laying hands on officials. Ever. this. #wetherspoons #BoycottWetherspoons FOR PEERAGE: The one who defended IRA terror The cricketer PM’s Russian-born billionaire pal Tory donors P…
Retweeted by johnpsimon @DrewLawDesign Nigel Farage2 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@Conservatives This aged well... @ThatTimWalker The knives are sharpening...
Why do they keep saying we’ll be trading ‘like Australia’? Other countries have a similar deals to Australia so wh…
Retweeted by johnpsimon @DrewLawDesign Cadavera vero innumera..... Seeing as Johnson likes to quote latin. @andreajenkyns It was the plan all along... Let's see how "Oven Ready" we are on January 1st. irony: #BrexitReality day, another story in the newspapers making excuses for a man who murdered a woman. Enough.
Retweeted by johnpsimon @vivamjm Reminds me of the "Coalition of the Willing" in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11.
@JulieBrexitdone Did you watch the programme? Btw what do you bring to society? @JulieBrexitdone @realDonaldTrump 😂 @ed_marriage Me too. We forget how bad it was. @ShaneManfield Why? @KathyConWom Triggered? @JulieBrexitdone @realDonaldTrump Ok snowflake @JulieBrexitdone But you tweeted about the BBC2 programme... So expect to be challenged on your views. The White House was a revolving door. @JulieBrexitdone @realDonaldTrump Bannon? Read Cummings @JulieBrexitdone @realDonaldTrump Freddie is a legend. Trump is not. @h4k Steve Bannon? @Sarcastit Defeat @JulieBrexitdone @realDonaldTrump Interviewing Steve Bannon too?#JohnsonHasFailedTheNation #thatcher never cared. are in this situation because the government has failed to deliver a test and trace sytem that works, despite ha…
Retweeted by johnpsimon#JohnsonHasFailedTheNation @gorbalsgoebbels Yes. It was back in the Spring with all the Cummings and goings.4 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Please don't call it the NHS test and trace system....
Anyone else feel like the UK, well England, is some sort of metaphor for a Village Hall jumble sale with right wing… @bbclaurak Grow a backbone please. @SimonUbsdell @bbclaurak She is in their back pocket @WinstonCProject @RobertJenrick Are we surprised given his boss? No. @danbloom1 Ireland had produced much better simple guidance weeks ago.
@DailyMailUK I would suggest you aim your vitriol towards Johnson and his inept Government rather than the leader o… people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @MartinDaubney Another simplistic binary choice... Where have we seen that before? Ridiculous poll.
2020 @MrMountstevens @educationgovuk How about a modular style system with assessment as students go along, perhaps in y… And an earlier article along the same topic. An interesting read and take on the seemingly ever prevailing #zerotolerance mantra in some schools. @JMPSimor @willbramhill @SchoolsWeek Perhaps someone such as Isabel Oakshott? @davemacladd Surely "Journalist" is just a euphemism for something else... I just can't think what.... 🤔
@darrengrimes_ @ReasonedUK @SpeechUnion @AvaSantina' pay rise: £3,300 a year Universal Credit: £4,400 a year
Retweeted by johnpsimon @SteveLawrence_ What?? You're going to miss the amazing Festival of Brexit!! I hope you will return to the UK to ce…
@joe_yer99 Prefer Gogglebox guy @funsucker6 @GillianKeegan Good @thisisAlanTurk My comment was slightly tongue in cheek...he would make an excellent Widow Twankey. @thisisAlanTurk Is he doing panto this Christmas? @GunnerMighty This is his #SpittingImage profile*off @michaelsparling @AndyBurnhamGM No money for Deloitte etc for local solutions....#bbcqt just a reminder that in 2008/09 the banks were bailed out to the tune of £900 billion... #Furlough is a long way of that yet. @its_johnmartin @GillianKeegan Get Covid done? @IanJohnsonChron Kevin Keegan would do better... @ChichesterCA @GillianKeegan @BBCOne You're kidding right? She didn't have a clue about Furlough. @squadling72 @AndyBurnhamGM Well for a start... A proper track and trace system. Not run by Deloitte etc. @davidhiggerson Hoping an apprenticeship question may come up? @squadling72 @AndyBurnhamGM Portillo just made a good point... Give Local Authorities the responsibility. @FREDDYENGELS Do remember he was beaten by a Twigg... @squadling72 @AndyBurnhamGM I would guess more ideas than you pal. @oenanthe54 He needs to call her Gill... @LizMcInnes60 @GillianKeegan Par for the course when it comes to this inadequate Government @realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo @FoxBusiness This is hilarious 😂😂
Retweeted by johnpsimon @RobinFlavell @RobinFlavell He isn't even in the room.5 people followed me // automatically checked by
@DrewLawDesign Whole lotta love! @thatginamiller @BorisJohnson @HouseofCommons @alanempty @TrumpFragile @JamesMelville Over zealous tweet? 🤣
@ThatTimWalker @luckyma_man @TrumpFragile @JamesMelville He wasn't a great footballer... Not a good interviewer either by the looks of it. @DailyMailUK @IsabelOakeshott since September, day in day out, teachers and support staff have been working hard in… @BorisJohnson @DeborahMeaden He doesn't even know how much a loaf of bread is so why should we expect him to know more detailed information? @JStephens2007 @Iancoll94354676 Perhaps he is breaking the law in a very specific way?
“Don’t be afraid of Covid.“ How preposterous!  210,000 American people have lost their lives! Children have lost th…
Retweeted by johnpsimon @paul__johnson Even better still... The buck stops with me: mean you just don't like being called out @MattHancock?