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Loves animals, doesn't eat them

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@lDidNotKnowThat @TheWeirdHistory Would it decapitate a Trump? @chrissyteigen @patriciamkwan @veganhippiesol There's a vegan in you just itching to get out Chrissy, I just know it 😁 @lDidNotKnowThat @LuckiestPeopIe I'd take the Titanic over those nasty behemoths any day, iceberg or no iceberg! @xxEmmajaynecxx Haha same, it's 12.0pm here & I've been up since 3.30am - bring it on carnists/racists/dicks 😁 @veganhippiesol Just left a 1 star review on Google Maps. Shame on them. @LizLemon5759 @parscale Looks like a psychopath @JimmieLynchSays @JimmysSeafood Why u crying Jimmie? @ThePoopmeyer @veganhippiesol I wouldn't feed you to my dogs. They have taste.We don't have to do this. We can put an end to it. We need to stop eating them. The power is in our hands. Our doll…
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@CharlTaylorPage @GoldCaro Hmm, that would mean knowing what they are first.Stranger things have happened in 2020 than the Lilywhites winning their last 4 matches, sneaking into the playoffs… @D6Shirley @lbrooksie101 @SkyNews @Femi_Sorry Why do you like liars Shirley?Protect your health online. Don’t absorb criticism from people you wouldn’t ask for advice.
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @Discoveringme40 You are deranged. @DoctorBuckets80 @Anory12Jack @MarinaHyde That's no bad thing. @dianecope1958 @jeanholton Why?
@ThatTimWalker Yes, in an ingrowing toenail kind of way.It’s Alan Partridge
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱The #dairy industry takes babies from their mums (and kills them) Go #Vegan
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @CarolineLucas If the answer is Chris Grayling, we may as well stop asking questions. Which is exactly what Cummings wants.Alas, what wickedness to swallow flesh into our own… - Pythagoras
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@bigchow80 The Fall 😐Retweet if you’re vegan and I’ll give you a follow 🥰🥰
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @JMPSimor Love his gammon wheeze at the end. He better steer clear of the 'Rona
what a way to announce to the world that you've never had a woman sit on your face
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @timotyka2000 @socalaura @dvillella @realDonaldTrump Whereas Lyin'Donny is lucid af right?
@DiamondandSilk Pair of really ugly on the inside sell outs. @Courtney_Hearst @DiamondandSilk Hate you ladies! @stopadthinkalot @DiamondandSilk Unite to kill 120k citizens and riding 😂 @LanceKilkerney @DiamondandSilk The ones not dead yet 😂
@Anna16486900 @_JJA23_ @m77kat77 @GaryLineker Genuine question Anna: Why are you racist? @Emmalouisajones @GaryLineker You tell him Karen!
@mamith1988 @kjohno10 @GaryLineker Your mind is taking down dome dark roads there Marky might be time for a nap. @Lewip811 But you're Irish, why get worked up over the English? @kjohno10 @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Sex and drugs and ladyboy love, obviously Chris. Come over for a holiday mate, I… @Dave_J_L @GazzaAFCENG @GaryLineker The comeback King! Do you write your own material David? @mamith1988 @kjohno10 @GaryLineker A cohesive sentence Mark. You should be proud of yourself. Look at the positive… @kjohno10 @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Who Bobby? I thought he'd croaked already 🤔 @mamith1988 @kjohno10 @GaryLineker I wounder myself sometimes Mark, I really do. @kjohno10 @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Yes Kris, how perceptive of you. Same as the picture in your profile, what a coincidence! @mamith1988 @kjohno10 @GaryLineker I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship Mark. @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Where'd you find that gif Mark? Can I borrow it bruv? @kjohno10 @mamith1988 @GaryLineker I need all the help I can get Kris. Especially from knuckle dragging Essex boys. @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Your love Mark 💞 @VSavingme @dietcoketrashh @SilkenWizard How did that Vietnamese war go pal? @mamith1988 @GaryLineker I'm actually an English teacher Mark, just say the word & I'll be happy to help you, I kno… @PAULEGWILSON @TheFurryGinger @KentishJane @GaryLineker I'll take that as a win 😂 @mamith1988 @GaryLineker Some what Mark? You might need to take a moment friend, it's affecting your capabilities. @spenweek @PLTop38 @GaryLineker Think you might want to read that again. @mamith1988 @GaryLineker It's would have Mark.​You really should have paid attention in school. @GaryLineker
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @Pavelsleftfoot @JudgementDay89 Nah they were wannabees who got there arses spanked. @PaulC0704 @GaryLineker Whereas your racism is the act of an individual eh Paul? @GazzaAFCENG @GaryLineker Bummed you has he? @dukefxckers @GaryLineker Got him Dukey boy! @GaryLineker 50 shades of gammon @malikaiarna @OwenJones84 @SkyNews Al JazeeraThis is the kind of treatment that every farm animal 😍🙏🧡 deserves. 😍 RT if you agree! 🙏🧡 #Vegan 🌱💚 📽Santuario The…
Retweeted by John Ouanchamphone 🌱 @PAULEGWILSON @TheFurryGinger @KentishJane @GaryLineker 8 and a half Paul. @TheFurryGinger @PAULEGWILSON @KentishJane @GaryLineker I can play with racists all day mate, how long are you on for? @AoDespair Community policing by police officers from said community goes a long way too. @TheFurryGinger @PAULEGWILSON @KentishJane @GaryLineker I'd still outrun you fatty even at my age 😜 @PAULEGWILSON @TheFurryGinger @KentishJane @GaryLineker Cheers Paul 🍻 @tezilyas There you go bamboozling them with pesky facts again Tez. @TheFurryGinger @PAULEGWILSON @KentishJane @GaryLineker There you go sweetcheeks 😘 @HPDX2 @lazaroumterror @pritipatel Glad you admit that most nonces are white. @SJJB55 @DeniseDoris59 @JoTibballs @paulrey99 @pritipatel Just fucking own your racism pal, you scared or something? @TheFurryGinger @PAULEGWILSON @KentishJane @GaryLineker You look quite hard in your picture mate. I reckon you'd ta… @PAULEGWILSON @TheFurryGinger @KentishJane @GaryLineker Thanks Paul. It must be difficult to go through life with s… @TheFurryGinger @PAULEGWILSON @KentishJane @GaryLineker Actually I took offence to some Joe punch clock having a st… @pritipatel @DailyMailUK That smirk does you zero favours lass. @lealandtrue @pritipatel Greatest leader and unashamed racist. @SecretSam999 @thearmchairwar1 @ChrissieGrech @pritipatel They have a cause. It's called patriotism. The last refug… @SouloftheNorth @numb15 @ChrissieGrech @pritipatel No you thick Geordie cockwomble. @123inger @BaffledBeff @pritipatel It's a known fact that anyone calling themselves Rocky is soft as lard. @RandEnoch @pritipatel Aww diddums, the fascists are getting upset 😂 @SJJB55 @JoTibballs @paulrey99 @pritipatel They sure did blud @Watsonmrk @pritipatel I hope your 4 kids have minds of their own and don't believe the racist BS that comes out of your mouth Watto. @HPDX2 @lazaroumterror @pritipatel You do know that 95% of grooming gangs are white men yeah? Many of whom vote Conservative. @DeborahElder @newstart43 That's terrible. @davidfrum MAKE AMERICA GAMMON AGAIN @wesstreeting @ThatTimWalker @hopenothate They didn't want to fight those Russian lads in Marseille did they? @ThatTimWalker I don't know how she sleeps at night. What with him sprawling and taking up all that space. @TheWednesdayy @PeterKGeoghegan @mrjamesob It's true Kylie, go to any pub near a ground in London on a match day. G… @PAULEGWILSON @TheFurryGinger @KentishJane @GaryLineker No he's right because he triggers snowflakes so easily 😂 @G4FFER_ @amyythevegan Funny how they're all shit at fighting too. Russian hooligans pissing themselves at this. @JackieC5225 @TheFurryGinger @buckley_darren @GaryLineker London Cabbie defends racism - SHOCKED! @DeborahElder @newstart43 I remember reading that dog owners leave plastic dog sh*t bags tied to branches in the UK. Like WTAF? @jetfury A speed freak? @PeterKGeoghegan @mrjamesob Those right wing thugs are not such a small minority in the UK. Go to any pub near a fo… @LaurajoRiley Does your Mum know you're a racist Laura? @LaurajoRiley @Dangy98 @paulmasonnews You blooming tell him Karen! @evelyn_thea @paulmasonnews No he did mention old people Evelyn, play fair now. @OleSaxon @silverqueen51 @yogachampagne @ShennaFoxMusic @realDonaldTrump God would be so ashamed of you if she existed. @ShennaFoxMusic @realDonaldTrump Are you teaching your kids the same values as Trump Shenna? Lying, grifting , sham… @realDonaldTrump MAKE AMERICA GAMMON AGAIN @sturdyAlex @BBCNews It's almost as if they have an agenda... @AndrewFeinberg @gtconway3d THE BILL (I'm British) @Weasley2019 @saulhare @GaryLineker You are handsome, can I slip one up your fat Gammon arse?