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johntdrake @johntdrake Los Angeles, CA

VP of Games at Disney (BD & Licensing) \\ King of the Skies \\ Ex-@PlayStation \\ Ex-Harmonix \\ Ex-Drummer @TheMainDrag \\ Loves games, music, TV & Diet Coke

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@feliciaday I think @andrearene has been calling it a catalog party, but I can confirm if my wife told me "have to… @GameOverGreggy @PlayStation @VinceZampella I'm so glad not to have to field the 80 policy questions you'd raise on… @minakimes Oh no it's the groundhog day nightmare of your job @priaribi @votesaveamerica @travishelwig @MikeMartinezDC A) I didn't know you were from Chicago. Represent. B) I… @KindaFunnyKevin HBD Big Dawg @sgroll He's like...mogul skiing on flat land. @OneLetter @andrearene I think I need to get some now! :) @kazamatsuri Subscribing for the result in the morning. @michaelphigham Strong @JamesWillems @ElyseWillems @andrearene
@gameism @andrearene Please turn off the bugs you clearly have in our house. @ElyseWillems @andrearene @JamesWillems It’s not our fault, Elyse. The siren call of the “live” button makes interruptions so much sweeter. @Nate_Ahearn @onewingedkefka @pettycommajared @Arumi_kai Diddy Kong Racing or bust.This is @andrearene trying to do her show while I do projects around the house. @MrPope @HuskyHog Again with the glove related lawsuits, Eric. First Blitz Mitts, and how husky gloves… @BangBangClick To the kid or to the dog? @gavinpurcell Oh there’s so much more to come…Either they’re the Ubs and the Reds or they’re the Cubs and the Creds. Figure this shit out, baseball.
Retweeted by johntdrake @onewingedkefka @pettycommajared @Arumi_kai Get out of here Jared, you blasphemer @samred @FelixAyada linked me to frankerfacez which is a chrome plug-in that lets you edit a bunch of these settings out. Godtier. @FelixAyada This was a GREAT solution. Huge thank you!! @BobbyBlackwolf Oh interesting!Is there any way to close out of remove the “subs/top cheers” bars at the top of twitch chat? I think it’s great t… @TimGettys @MaximumCortez He’s the realest FPS streamer in the game and legit the “most dedicated to a bit” member…
@giordanobc This is…not how the pasta I’ve eaten in Japan has been. It’s been super respectful of the traditional ways. Huh! @joeyfameli @andrearene And I think I read an article tonight that will fix an OBS monitoring bug with our hardware… @AkilahObviously @NYGovCuomo talking about his daughter’s boyfriend @andrewcuomo
Retweeted by johntdrake @ToddStashwick riddler: how did you catch me?? batman: the riddle explaining how to catch you mrs. the riddler: i told u steven
Retweeted by johntdrake @ToddStashwick Todd.
Our afternoon storm ends with low hanging rainbow behind Chicago's Hancock Center. #weather #news #ilwx #chicago
Retweeted by johntdrakeHaven’t spoken to our family in North Dakota about this, but this kind of statement is the best we can hope for - a… @RoboCrouse Hell yeah!Go try out the #IronManVR demo, available for download now! #SuitUp
Retweeted by johntdrake @karengillan Yessssssssss @gankstrr @gankstrr’s great Trump is golfing rather than governing; Trump should golf more often rather than less often; people upse…
Retweeted by johntdrakeDid a really aggressive recabling of all the audio in the studio - got a snake, swapped out old patch cables, check… @SheaSerrano Now pick one of each.Trump is golfing today. In 2014 on Fox and Friends he criticized Obama for golfing when there were *two cases* of…
Retweeted by johntdrake @ZachariusD @lucyjamesgames @RobertHandlery @BenJanca I’d say you’ve never been more wrong but we both know that isn’t true. @ZachariusD @lucyjamesgames @RobertHandlery @BenJanca @xuhulk
So good! The side hustle takes the most muscle. And by muscle I mean “runs to target to buy 5 bottles of rose!” Ch…, my god. @garywhitta is gonna have Sting and Shaggy on Animal Talking to both debut new music.
Retweeted by johntdrakeAs golfers say, @tribandtweets knocked it out of the park with this one. 🏌️‍♂️ Here's some great quotes! @GameSpot
Retweeted by johntdrakeThe Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy & Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast physical Limited Runs for Switch &…
Retweeted by johntdrakeWhy is the DNI issuing policy statements? That is literally not his job.
Retweeted by johntdrake @kreilly77 @giocorsi @Camouflaj @PlayStation @MarvelGames Don’t know what you’re talking about - we never take cred… to #SuitUp as the Armored Avenger for "Marvel's Iron Man VR"!
Retweeted by johntdrake @AgentTinsley oh obviously, I figured that went without saying. I'm resigned to pushing insanely hard with almost n… @AgentTinsley I mean, if we're picking in that corner of the political spectrum? 1000%. @AgentTinsley I'm just not psyched about her as A) a candidate that's "the future of the party" if he 1-terms it as… @disneyplus
Ow my brain. again. Still wrong. Every Michigan registered voter has a right to vote by mail. I have the authority & responsi…
Retweeted by johntdrakeBLATHERS: I am tempted to purchase these for my personal collection... FEDS LISTENING IN VAN: we got him, we got y…
Retweeted by johntdrake @Lin_Manuel Kid’s got taste.
@Papapishu These are the challenges of our times (basically audio routing in windows not improving for 14 years whi… @Papapishu Do any of the SW routing options let you take control of individual program audio sources and route them…
@TimGettys @kateburning @andrearene @KindaCoolGreg @TIDAL @britneyspears @linkinpark I love people trying to ration… @agentbizzle @GriseldaRecords @WHOISCONWAY @WESTSIDEGUNN Weird dj set but alright. @Kahjahkins exhaustingImagine having to write this letter.
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THIS IS HYPNOTIZING @JoshMacuga @andrearene never heard of her. @abbieheppe well done @freemagic Even the audio quality - I wish that the audio was clearer and there was a bed underneath it. When it… President of the United States is unhinged.
Retweeted by johntdrakeHey friends! I decided to tool around in #ACNH today on stream so if you want to come join me I'm live now at…
Retweeted by johntdrake @drewarcher3090 I'll take it.Can't tell if Microsoft Teams is doing weird digital zooms to people, or if those people are just framing themselves badly. @TheZedroth (it's an angled roof with planks of wood, but you're 1000% right. :)) @TheZedroth holyshit lolol amazing call out. @RandomHajile35 @MarinoV1 Those are some choices!Important revisionist history we ALL AGREE ON. DiCaprio watching this doc
Retweeted by johntdrake @PabloTorre Pretty sure it was Bong. Can’t wait for the State Farm commercial with you and @minakimes in 25 years… @THEKIDMERO “Gentle push to create separation” - cut to him hockey checking mj in the chest.“I ate the whole pizza by myself. No one else had any” - the most Chicago thing MJ has said during this series. a light shove 😅 #TheLastDance
Retweeted by johntdrakeThe entire state of Utah is on the list
Retweeted by johntdrakethe only time four guys delivering one pizza was acceptable during the 90s.
Retweeted by johntdrakeIs this where we find out Michael Jordan bought that pizza joint and shut it down out of spite?bryon russell told michael jordan he could guard him when jordan was retired so jordan came back and hit two game-w…
Retweeted by johntdrake @MarinoV1 I mean I took them off a few minutes later because who are we kidding."it became personal for me." - Michael Jordan describing the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, also every single min…
Retweeted by johntdrakeMJ punching Reggie Miller in the face
Retweeted by johntdrake“Dont ever talk trash to Black Jesus.” - Michael Jordan to Reggie Miller
Retweeted by johntdrakeAlright, 72-10s on, volume up. Last two episodes of #TheLastDance - LET’S GO!
Pizza Baby is the world’s most adorable lil' chef.
Retweeted by johntdrake @shawnethegirl I’ve yelled at this guy for burning incense in a practice space before. @ira So good. @shawnethegirl The word “completely” in this sentence makes me nervous.been laffin at this clip of Fred Willard on Undeclared all day (h/t @maggieserota)
Retweeted by johntdrakeA coal lobbyist runs the EPA A pharma exec runs HHS An oil lobbyist runs the DOI A Raytheon lobbyist runs DOD A…
Retweeted by johntdrakeElect @SaraGideon three types of veteran game developers
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