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John Till @JohnTillUK South East, England

If it’s big and it sails then I want to be onboard. By day I try and make information for rail passengers better. Dwight Schrute lookalike

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@LilyHoward24 I’d say you need better Wi-fi
@Suburban_Jogger Love Regional Railways liveryDid you know you can now contact us on WhatsApp? Add 07971 360 467 to your contacts and send us a message
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@websterng It’s currently sat on my lap.. very friendly chap!, recently stayed in a city and booked via - who now email me regularly telling me prices… @C6Exclusive Fantastic lineup, would love to see the same for the Peugeot 607 but alas doesn’t seem to have as much of a following :-(
@richardtill Me 😀This is cool, live journey updates on @Se_Railway and I can watch first dates too! 👏
Retweeted by John Tillseems about right
Retweeted by John Till @Foordie04 @mazza369 @NatWest_Help I get why the FCA have introduced the new rules but it leaves a bad taste in the… @Foordie04 @mazza369 @NatWest_Help No you didn’t buy you asserted 7/10 would, my suspicion is more than 3/10 NW acc… @Foordie04 @mazza369 @NatWest_Help I have a platinum account with an interest free overdraft of £250. Once this kic…
@Se_Railway thanks to your excellent customer service today via WhatsApp I was able to get to my donor appointment @GiveBloodNHS
Retweeted by John Till @StenaLineUKIE hi! I’ve just noticed I’m missing my extra points from one of my recent crossings with you. I receiv… @JGamblin @philrichardsuk @AndyBTravels @jonworth @SilentHunterUK1 @grantshapps I agree with you re passport checks but not a… @RyanJLTarrant @Nad_Pad Quite the contrary - I’ve worked for the company for a number of years and am proud to do s… @KentishHack @itvnews Exactly - clearly has no morals @itvnews Totally and utterly disgusting
For those who follow this railwayman:
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@ac_esq @seatsixtyone Living where I do nowadays, I prefer to end ( or start ) my long distance rail journeys at Ca… @seatsixtyone What I really mean is if you didn’t get the meal, would you still pay the extra? A bit like say GWR o… @seatsixtyone Is the meal and wine worth £55 though? 😉 @pjkitchen @swlines But South West Trains is changing it’s blasted timetable on December the 12th. Now I suppose we… @swlines I remember the campaign well, literally hours spent across a series of nightsanually putting in associatio…
@_doublearrow Give me InterCity Executive livery anyway - best livery BR ever had IMHO
@lesles68 @thecarolemalone @uncleporkie I didn’t realise James Hewitt was that wealthy? @BacchusMG @bendolino Cheers :) do you know where from?A duck feeding its friends
Retweeted by John Till @bendolino So ‘94? thought it was a bit earlierWhen you kiss your side chick and realize your marriage is over cuz you're on camera 😂😂😂
Retweeted by John TillAnyone know when Dover left the InterCity Network? I know there was motorail to / from Dover in the past but assume… @philrichardsuk @MrTimDunn Was looking at the 1992 Thomas Cook TT last night... the amount of motorail was unbeliev…’s #weekendwalk was from Birchington to Herne Bay along the coast. Not bad going @TheGasMan1985 When I used to do long distance walking and either camping overnight or staying in mountain huts we…
@TheGasMan1985 Sounds like a good idea, enjoy
@herguestridge NopeIf it reduced the amount every month because it took the amount off the total cost of the phone that would be ok bu… @o2 for the most pointless offer. You send me an email offering £75 off the upfront cost of a new phone and…
@LBGplc Not sure Noel Edmonds would agree
@enbsalmon40 @NatWest_Help I’ve asked the same question and don’t get an answer
@banditman59uk @RAIL The Chinese equivalent of “Operating Incident” @mattbuck4950 I found it hard to work out what was going on when I saw it over Xmas but the music was greatBack to school time (@ St Faith’s Adult Education Centre in Maidstone, England) hell that was a quick winter 🤣 @BrittanyFerries @Suburban_Jogger Hard to believe it’s the same train. @Walnut_Rede *trams @Walnut_Rede Yes, we changed teams en-route as the first one we were on only went as far as the station before Hook @Walnut_Rede 6? 1) Fishguard, 2) Rosslare, 3) Cherbourg, 4) Hook of Holland and 5) Harwich?
@michaeldwoods2 @TheFactCompiler Im going to a concert of Mozart’s requiem next month, not a piece I’m familiar with - any good? @TheFactCompiler 16:30 and still light here and birds singing @TheGasMan1985 The contrast between the Irish crossings and the Hoek to Harwich is massive. Last nights meal was absolutely superb @TheGasMan1985 There were definitely some areas that need quite a bit of improvement. The catering on the Irish Sea routes is simply awful!The route: Thurs: Sandwich - London - Swansea - Fishguard, ferry to Rosslare then ferry to Cherbourg. Fri: Arrive i… @seatsixtyone @GarethDennis @joncstone @LostChordof1963 @AdamTyndall @thetrainline Good - It’ll stop the complaints… 3 Ferries, 5 ports, 8 trains,2 trams, 2 buses and 1 taxi later and after 1,631 miles over 79h48m I’m finally hom…
@0wley Afraid so :-( all boarded up @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc I’ve been to both.. @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc It’s Butlins - aka Wetherspoon resortshow to play catch with your dog (hdbrosriley IG)
Retweeted by John Till @comedylopez And then everyone else in the carriage cheered no doubt @_DHOTYA @pnh14 You are of course right, it’s been about 15 years since I last went on one so had forgotten just how fast! @tomdon1759 @StenaLineUKIE I think you mean a ship 😉Gutted that my favourite bar / Brasserie has closed down :-( @politiciansruse Train Companies and Network Rail work closely together to communicate how they are working in part… @politiciansruse @afneil a “blame culture” telling the passenger the delay is “someone else’s fault” won’t make the… @politiciansruse @afneil And we, well certainly the train company I’m employed with, do just that. Obviously there… @Stuart73269692 @afneil @SteveWhiteRail Sorry Stuart but if you actually knew Steve you’d realise that it’s very mu… @Se_Railway @Jadie_Gray Alas it’s not, Anne is our at station voice. Onboard it’s the lovely Julie Berry aka @voiceoverdiva @_smalla @afneil Ok, and what about the massive amount of freight that also travels on the rail network? @politiciansruse @afneil passengers will be interacting with and ultimately claiming compensation from. @politiciansruse @afneil Because that’s who the customer has the relationship. They pay their money, the train comp…
@RMcCarthy86 Looks more like a plane and everyone taking the brace positionWho was in charge of setting this up? Did anyone blame anyone else for sending the wrong dial in? Did they all say…
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@StenaLineUKIE have to say that our staff on the Horizon are treating us like royalty. I know I said I was trying t…'m at Stena Horizon Rosslare - Cherbourg - @stenalineukie @ManaboutLdn You ok?Quite strange seeing one of your team on the big screen @0wley’s Christmas again @PhilipPullman Sorry but I don’t think most people actually give a damn about her skin colourStill, it shouldn’t affect me getting to my ultimate destination which is Harwich.So the train has now left Swansea after all 🤣 is now my train to Fishguard as the booked service is cancelled ( signal problem I believe ) @LeeRender Indeed. The first time I did this route it was an HSTNever seen a seat reservation on a pacer before and at confused, the seats and coach numbers aren’t labelled so how… don’t have a problem with Pacers per-se but not looking forward to going to Fishguard on this. Not sure it’s idea… chargeable regardless of your package, is it worth looking at removing the advice to use the shortcode? 😀 from… @tfwrail hi, just spotted the default notice on your CIS at Newport ( and presumably other stns ) which says “for t… @tubemapper Hi, what an amazing picture! Any chance I can drop you a DM?
@NatWest_Help @MartinSeal360 Could you give me a calculation for a £250 overdraft for someone with a platinum accou… @robertwwing @Se_Railway Send me a DMSo is hobbling still a thing? 🤷🏼‍♀️👣🙏🏼😂 📸: 👣 #passengershaming #crewlife #flyingfeet
Retweeted by John Till @robertwwing @Se_Railway My team can respond to these points in real time, as I’m sure they will, but by all means… @robertwwing @Se_Railway Hi Robert, I’m really sorry to see this tweet. I’m Southeastern’s Head of Information Deli… @sharonodea @RAlexJimenez @DangerousKisin Then don’t send self entitled tweets, job done :-) @pjkitchen @TheGasMan1985 Gotcha. Sure why not - would he sign as ^HRH or ^HW though ? He can’t sign as ^HH as we’v… @pjkitchen @TheGasMan1985 ? @HantsKentFlyer @TheGasMan1985 @nickw84 Keep an eye on our website.. advert should be live by the end of the week @KavanaghCk @EgglestonMathew @AtlanticFyoo @sharonodea But they were doing their job properly by making her sign it…