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John Till @JohnTillUK South East, England

If it’s big and it sails then I want to be onboard. By day I try and make information for rail passengers better. Dwight Schrute lookalike

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@philrichardsuk @pnh14 Indeed @pnh14 Agreed and in our TOC that’s our policy most of the time. @richardavsmith @philrichardsuk @seatsixtyone @RAIL Give me the French / Spanish model for long distance trains any day. @philrichardsuk @AlphaDelta327 Being ultra ultra pedantic, Wales isn’t in “this country” 🤪 @paul_winginit Here’s the alternatives we use @James87AFC @Rossmac212 Agreed - and what about the dignity of the person they are filming @fullenglishpint As someone who’s been travelling to Andorra ( not for winter sports ) at least once a year for 20… @BrianYoung1970 @hannahbayman @grantshapps I agree. I’m supposed to be travelling to Andorra for a holiday there ne…
@tp_johnstone @FrPeterAnthony Has one of the ugliest capital cities in Europe though IMHO ( and I speak as an annua… @TonLinCommuters It is, very soon - trust me on thatBased on these figures I’m at a loss to understand why we’ve imposed the quarantine rules on Andorra... but not Fra… @penaltyfare No, it had a customs union with it but not full member @CllrChrisVinson @philrichardsuk @MicktheMoved @adamparsons How may people are going to take any notice and declare it though? The w…
Bit of a discriminatory travel offer! @GaryWinstanley For Andorra that’s what I’d like to know given it’s a landlocked country and France doesn’t have that restriction yetSupposed to be making my annual pilgrimage to Andorra next month and then this happens @Paula36169898 Shopping at Waitrose @ManaboutLdn Bearing in mind how steep the ladders are to get in and out of them, I’m not sure she’s wearing the best clothing! @ManaboutLdn ROC Observation Post - I’ve been in a few of those :-)
@paul_winginit @SPD_travels I’ve travelled on it loads of times as a foot passenger pre covid. Prepare to be uninsp… @seatsixtyone @StenaLineUK Are all the facilities open onboard? @paul_winginit Cocoa, Florida 2013
@SPD_travels Great question and love the responses. It would be great for you to do this in reverse, the most under… @SPD_travels Bruges @philrichardsuk @seatsixtyone I agree although when GNER offered that I was always apprehensive about leaving my belongings behind
@seatsixtyone Makes me wonder why catering on our own trains - when it comes back - can’t be to an equally high standard @yamesh @philrichardsuk I was being somewhat tongue in cheek but don’t disagree. I’m a packed lunch kind of guy these days @philrichardsuk #middleclassproblems 😛 @TheGasMan1985 @OldBuzzard59 They are on my blacklist along with Wetherspoon for different reasons
@TheGasMan1985 Seems crazy that government have included fast food outlets in the scheme whilst at the same time pr…
@TheGasMan1985 McDonald’s really isn’t good for you 😂 @TheGasMan1985 @TheGasMan1985 ChickenAdding this to the bucket list'm at Kearsney Abbey in Dover, Kent
@HayleyJaneHutch @Se_Railway *you even @HayleyJaneHutch @Se_Railway I raise TOU this at St Pancras @ardler67 @AlexHynes Shouldnt be “an” rather than “a” ? 😉 @SamCEllis Wait for the comments about how you’re a war criminal etcCan’t remember seeing such a purple sky on the train home before @ShowMeASignBryn Ouch! @ShowMeASignBryn Gotcha, you mean these? @ShowMeASignBryn Arms of death?? @webguy @paul_winginit I was just about to say the same thing 😉
@philrichardsuk The trouble is, the majority of travel agents business, specialists excepted, is / was in package h… @philrichardsuk
@jelltex @DriverPotter And come round the corner for a beer in Sandwich @_DHOTYA The biggest load of b**ocks I’ve read all year @RMcCarthy86 Why cynical?Ffs 😂
Retweeted by John Till @That30SGeek It’s not too bad - Direct from Sandwich to St Pancras @MattChorley @rorybremner of course! Then he can be Boris or any other minister @That30SGeek Quod non est bonum. That said, try commuting from Sandwich to Blackfriars.. 2 hours each way
@TheFactCompiler @christianwolmar I always use “Turn incoming video off” on long meetings on Teams :-) @TheFactCompiler @paulbyrail @LNER Indeed, I was just joshing with Paul about “longish” @paulbyrail @LNER M&S at Kings Cross probably a safer ( and cheaper :-) ) bet ( sorry LNER, your catering is lovely as well ) @phil_dfc Absolutely gutted with this news. Have been to see this 3 or 4 times... wonder what will happen to the lo… @paulbyrail @LNER Longish journey? That’s my daily commute in each direction! @LittleRedTrain @holdmch @Modern_Railways And therein lies the problem @ianeditz @holdmch @MrsRecruiter75 @Modern_Railways The railway, pre covid, simply doesn’t have the capacity to enc… @holdmch @LittleRedTrain @Modern_Railways But it works in other countries so why can’t it work here? For long dista… @philrichardsuk Which isn’t an unreasonable proposition @GayToryJon I’d love to know if that’s ever been enforced @GayToryJon Not that you should have to, but couldn’t you and other gay men who still want to give blood just lie o… @philrichardsuk @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc *if - and I include myself in that. I’m due to go to Andorra in September… @philrichardsuk @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc Or people should just think twice about a holiday abroad this year or they… @phil_dfc And there I was thinking it was because I’m a nice guy lol @TheGasMan1985 @philrichardsuk @phil_dfc I agree - I’m talking about future @phil_dfc Hey I voted leave so we do have something else in common lol @phil_dfc I tend to agree to an extent, travel abroad at the moment should be very much “at your own risk” and I’m…
@KentishHack At the start of all this I had a genuine nightmare where it was identified that cats were the cause of… @CllrChrisVinson @KentishHack at Saturday frequencies on a Sunday. Good luck with the unions on giving up Sunday premiums for example! @CllrChrisVinson @KentishHack And that’s a valid argument, I suppose I’m just old fashioned but it still feels nice… @CllrChrisVinson @KentishHack I suppose the risk is around Sunday becoming just a normal day, which obviously would… @KentishHack I still remember the Sundays where the newsagent would be open until 1300 but if you wanted anything a… @KentishHack The French seem to manage with closed shops on Sunday 😇 @KentishHack Not everything about modern life is good @KentishHack See Sunday trading laws I don’t have an issue with. I’d be happy for big shops to be closed on Sundays…
@sightDOING Sorry first link won't work, try this: @sightDOING I'd also highly recommend many of the walks listed here: I did several when I f… @beckb35 @ManaboutLdn Agreed, holidays in our own country are way too expensive, especially when it comes to eating… @RMcCarthy86 With a “click, click, click” noise in your head from the very loud clocks @sightDOING @travelingmitch Andora is amazing for hiking, I’ve previously done the “GRP” path which is a circular r… @philrichardsuk @Ryanair My flight in May was cancelled but I changed it to September ar 0 cost before it was formally canx
Is this something @SimonCalder or @MartinSLewis have come across before?It’s an international against domestic flight they would charge flight change fee which practically wipes out cost… Contact Ryanair who say I can change flight for free, but I can’t change a domestic flight to internatio… flight from Lille to Toulouse for May this year. Trip postponed because of COVID so change it at no cost f…’ve been trying to give @Ryanair the benefit of the doubt but my current experience with them reinforces my view a… @stusmithdotcom @glenagalt Although Operation London Bridge means something completely different now of course... 🙃
@pocket_rocket96 That’s just wrong on so many levels @WHS_Carpet And I’d argue that’s the correct position for them to take @iansderbyshire @KentishHack @SteveWhiteRail @Captain_Deltic @SirPeterHendy There’s many a great TOC / NR tweeter,… @celtjules66 @busandtrainpage Having chat with elderly friend who said he voted Lib Dem in the last election instea… @SmoggieWolf @paulbyrail @Se_Railway Why don’t I believe you on that point 😂 @SteveWhiteRail @Captain_Deltic And the vast majority of that is down to the amazing @KentishHack of course - 1 in… @trbell_ Good luck with finding the £££ under the current EMA with the DfT! 🤣🤣 ( I say this as a fellow innovator i… @philrichardsuk I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the nation we’re becoming where people are grassing on their neighbours etc @philrichardsuk I’ve seen a lot of reports of the French, particularly in holiday resorts / locations, not wearing masks