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had three pieces of Jet’s Detroit style for breakfastone thing i am definitely afraid of is the k-hiveBoop
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Symbolic firsts are no substitute for substantive gains. We have been celebrating firsts for fifty years but the ga…
Retweeted by john wilmesgoing to ban my children from listening to music until they are 18 so they can then hear everything for the first t… @chipfranklin he owns his companythey won the game bitch @DUNOTS what happened did Joe Kennedy delete this tweet? Was it conviction or political convenience?
Retweeted by john wilmesthe hateful eight abreu is makin me smile @petesegall this has always been my spirit!!go white sox @TrentonHassles those people always do the most identity politics loli wrote a bit about how chicago cutting off the loop fits into the evolution of unrest policing in the last couple…
Retweeted by john wilmes @alfonsohoops @andytobo yea exactly. the election is a referendum on trump plain and simple. most people don't care what the DNC ticket is @alfonsohoops @andytobo basically all of those ppl would also vote for bernie against trump @alfonsohoops @andytobo yea it's just not very convincing tho! anyone who buys that was already in the bag @alfonsohoops @andytobo well first of all i sympathize bc my parents also watch that shit all the time, but secondl… @andytobo yea. there are no radical leftists in the united states senate lol. maybe later! but i doubt it @andytobo i don't agree that bernie is a radical leftist but yesobviously i wish bernie was the nominee but the implied analysis here is terrible. trump is def going to say this s… latest episode of our podcast "The Politics of Everything" looks at the hundredth anniversary of the Nineteenth…
Retweeted by john wilmesIn Minnesota, we know that organized people will always beat organized money. Tonight, our movement didn’t just w…
Retweeted by john wilmes @TrentonHassles he’s the game’s greatest hagglerwhen i’m not in someone’s circle of friends
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@TwoStonians_Pod i think most americans would struggle to name three vice presidents pre-2000 @jackAbrazil @mousehousebooks @damonagnos my manAlways nice to open the mail to find some world class literature @mousehousebooks @damonagnos @johnwilmeswords
Retweeted by john wilmes @FieldersChoiceW going to a buehrle game was like going to the area's fastest catholic mass @FieldersChoiceW i mean everyone loves him here make no mistake about it @DUNOTS yep. it's that and bad incentive structures, but you address both problems more effectively just by shorten… @FieldersChoiceW lol i haven't heard that rumor tbh but buehrle does love to kick em back @DUNOTS this is what at least 2/3 of every nba season past all-star has been for a long time and i wish they'd consider it a problem @FieldersChoiceW i mean we got to witness a historically dominant world series run. most fanbases never even sniff… @higley_alex downers grove edition @FieldersChoiceW i mean i always thought we did have that but now i'm seeing that so many of my brethren are just angry negative SME people @ShutUpAndrosky lightfoot is an enemy of the people @knickerbacker i mean, the cubs fans do lol @veryimportant i have only recently become more aware of what sox fans are like online and i'm like oh shit guys i… @petesegall you are proving my point.......... @petesegall i like myself!! @knickerbacker cubs fans are very obviously the worst part of chicago culture @petesegall i'm a sox fan!! @NBAcouchside i need to not see the '83 sox logo turned into a marx logo again @NBAcouchside a lot of them are just SO NEGATIVE and a lot of the more positive fans are doing too much projecting… around to the unfortunate reality that i dislike the energy of many, maybe even most, white sox fanslooting is politically effective @higley_alex should've thought about it morelooking at the TL of someone who has been pulling a Sheen for like 24 hours straight @ThomasAwful @itsautumntbh @John_Here @freemaneric exactly what i said @John_Here @freemaneric d fox and g harris are fastest i think, tho harris might not be anymore w all the injuriesimagine fucking up so bad that these two do an alley oop on you
@knickerbacker more than any paper (that i know of) they have an op-ed section in direct war with its reporting @knickerbacker they are always so close yet so far away... @blazerbanter guess people have amnesia abt harden being one of the most beloved players in the league until maybe… @ryneprinz yes lolracism @corbinasmith lmao very truelooking forward to the songs taylor swift writes about her pussy in 4 yearsvisualization of takes about chicago from non-residents saw how lying about this stuff went for rahm right @freemaneric @thislouis yes, he is also listed at 6-1 @freemaneric talking to @thislouis about how chris paul is listed as 175i am an NBA height and weight truther btw. i believe almost none of the listed measurements @thomaschattwill @lhfang thomas just gotta say, think you are extremely annoying in general but that you're right this time @thingsnoticed @mcmansionhell running for the office doesn't necessarily mean they want the job. lots of benefits t… @thingsnoticed @mcmansionhell yes, but i think we might be at a crossroads where the the even worse people don't wa… @mcmansionhell you can't really become the mayor of chicago without being like thisSad sad day in Chicago. Segregation, disinvestment, and violent repression of minority communities now in its seven…
Retweeted by john wilmesjd duke is onto me! @rprose @perlberg if he loses, he will still be covered the same way trump still evokes hillary and obama as opposi… makes us confront the truth that many americans have more emotional attachment to big box retail than they… to “What about Chicago?” today
Retweeted by john wilmesnothing but respect to kim foxx, chicago's best defense against its authoritarian mayor and police forceThe real #ChicagoLooting period!
Retweeted by john wilmes @chicagobars what exactly is surprising about this?without any comprehensive video of what happened in englewood yesterday, chicago reporters need to not report CPD-p… - if you report on Chicago looting please include all of what happened yesterday a healing circle lead by Ch…
Retweeted by john wilmes @ThomasAwful personally speaking i am itching for dat imperiumwoah dude @itsautumntbh @ThomasAwful this is messed up guys @BradyKlopferNBA john crotty @corbinasmith @llamsoyd @blazerbanter idk if you talk about this pelicans thing in therapy but seems like u should @llamsoyd @blazerbanter @corbinasmith it is true that a top draft pick being bad can be more impactful than them be… @corbinasmith @blazerbanter you should really save takes this astute for the daily beast @blazerbanter @corbinasmith lol erik you trying to lose some more money w this take? @corbinasmith your worst bit @JRFegan been open throughout the pandemic! @JRFegan storm already came & went in logan sq FYIyou can b just like horse washington and have a nice day with it soon: @stodgeoff ty sir!!
worse than skip imo about how Ronald Reagan’s transformation from b-list actor to wingnut corporate spokesman would have gone…