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and because it speaks to a specific action (defunding) and requires context, it creates a lot of opportunity for mi…
Retweeted by rogue.@JSullivanMusic is readying her first full-length in 6 years
Retweeted by roguePretty Please - Dua Lipa >I wanna feel a different kinda tension Yeah, you guessed it, the kind that's funStop trying to be everything for everyone. It will have you resentful & drained. Because the more you give the more they take.
Not chasing. Everything that is meant for me will be for me & will find it’s way to meNo lies defected here. She writes her ass off, produces her own music; NOTHING before, current, nor after sounds l…
Retweeted by rogueUnless God sent you baby I’m unavailable want chic fil aYou are not a placeholder for unhealthy non-reciprocal relationships.I am dramatic 😭😂I’m a nervous wreck 😰Winter is a very depressing season so I always try to make sure I wear color and not always in greys & black. Oli… fact. Yellow is one of my fave colorsMe before leaving the gym body ody ody @TheCurtisJr_ @TheCurtisJr_ I’m always missing the fun stuff🤣😭 in Tulum 🇲🇽
Retweeted by rogueHe doing this on purpose 😭I love seeing you too friend ! this man is doing yoga & stretching in front of me and chile he is in doggy style position all wide up ass in… on Twitter daily. don’t always agree w/ y’all on here just like y’all might not always agree w/ and that’s OK! No need to comment o… B in Iris Van Harpen is exactly what I needed on today.
Retweeted by rogueI’m excited to see who Jazmine Sully collab with. But I deff would t mind if she didn’t at all. 🙌🏾
Retweeted by rogueLmao finished coming on Jan 8th and I couldn’t be more excited.
Retweeted by rogueAre we still wearing beauty supply colored contacts still in 2020? Will it carry over to 2021?
Retweeted by rogueWhere u at boy ! things for certain Kollin gon style the fuck out of Cardi B‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by rogue
Retweeted by rogueIdk which is better pop or rap music in the gym while you workout cuz i be getting it in w/ the girls while doing h… fact that a 50 lbs dumb bell feels like a 15 lbs to me. 🥴😭I’m such a menace. I’ll go to Starbucks order my drink before my gym sessions ... use the restroom & this what happ… give myself permission to feel good. 😊
Retweeted by rogueMy belt don’t be doing it’s job. It dont be on my waist it be above it 🤔🥴😭Mariah when it’s time to make a remix
Retweeted by rogueWhy ya’ll be cheating? Do y’all even know?
Retweeted by rogueNot the student loan people asking me if I'm experiencing a financial hardship like they aren't the financial hardship
Retweeted by rogueBreakfast was an everything bagel w/ avocado spread, bacon, egg whites w/ red pepper & veggies then Sriracha sauce 🙂 @imakeelit @wilcg83 But whose account is it fren? Lol @imakeelit @wilcg83 And you could’ve easily looked & kept on scrolling. @imakeelit @wilcg83 No one called you here. Y’all ran here lmao @imakeelit @wilcg83 Inconsistent TRASH ! i walk into Starbucks & this what they’re doing today... they woke up today & chose violence 🥴 @iDavey Text 🙂 @iDavey Shake it next time i see u lol @iDavey U still be shaking it from time to time ? @iDavey Lmao shaking that long back to the rhythm lol @iDavey Lmao omg what’s going here hahahaIt’s cold outside.
Retweeted by rogueMustard yellow is a good color on me.. wow 🤩Only I can make a large sweater look like muscle shirt 😅🥴I was gonna wear sweats to work and ended up looking sexy w/ out trying 😅
Retweeted by rogueAre we keeping it a buck? Something about men when they turn 30 makes their 🕳 turn into sunshine.
Retweeted by rogueOn my terms, how I want it.
Retweeted by rogueI think today is a Cardio & core day at the gym and then second visit will be weight training & legsThe Beychella episode of Insecure is undefeated.
Retweeted by rogue4am we have to stop meeting like this
Retweeted by rogueMy abs are finding their way back. Come out -thank ya new core workouts 🙋🏿‍♂️Can i wear sweats to work today 🤔GoodmorningI fell asleep w/ out eating that’s how tired I was.Smelling good is one of my favorite luxuries.
Retweeted by rogueWhite people will never be the standard for me
Retweeted by rogueDecember lowkey going by fast
Retweeted by rogue“Your attractions are not sin. Your desires are not sin. Your love is not sin. Your longings for touch and affectio…
Retweeted by roguei think we all can agree that rihanna
Retweeted by rogueI’m hungry & neeed to eat1 more thing left on my to list today. 4 outta 5 done but I’ve literally been up since 4:30 AM... i don’t see why I… @JustCallMeREAL_ AMCWhen is A Discovery of Witches coming back? I really was getting into that show !!! @TheCurtisJr_ I can’t wait to see this makeover... come on out property brothers lol @TheCurtisJr_ Of all your mountain of clothes that gets bigger and bigger/ higher Everytime I visit 😂 @TheCurtisJr_ @nickystizzy Lmao. Don’t get me started THEE COUCH 😂🤣 @TheCurtisJr_ @nickystizzy Well i like to take my time. Hygiene is everything lol @TheCurtisJr_ @nickystizzy I was just being considerate of your water bill that time. You know i have a shower play… @TheCurtisJr_ @nickystizzy I’m gonna just go ahead & say most likely me 😭🤣 @YesMrHoward lol it really be y’all !? Lol I just used my iPhone to scan my 47 page password. Looks at technology 😲🤯Lord protect me from what i can’t see
Retweeted by rogueYou are valid, loved, and heard. 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️
Retweeted by rogueI still have 2 more things to do on my task of things to do today... I’m drained tho 😭Creatine for brains deleted that tweet.
Retweeted by rogueRun, FAST ! act like saying “excuse me” or “thank you” will hurt their soul.
I’m such a worry wart 😅Black Twitter today. @jaspyology I’m so sorry JasperYes. But also it depends on their age & certain situations.’s not the first time, it’s definitely not giving “woe is us,” & it’s certainly not the last time that I’ve seen…
Retweeted by rogueDear Lord, Today, Thank You for guiding me to another month. I’m so glad I made it this far. Now, may You bless my…
Retweeted by rogue @HuffDaddySays I know that’s right lol left the gym for the second time today. 🙂Netflix has been fumbling the ball lately since HBO Max came into the picture