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Jōichi @Joichibro Read Zaregoto

“What a riot!”

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@Zibii5 Damn gonna have to check 86 out once the anime finishes airing @chus_jnc Man I can’t put it down 😭 @Anci3nts Nite nite anci💚 @CEOofLowQuality Night qt😘 @Greylikesanime @freedomsenpai @freedomsenpai Night 😘 @Greylikesanime 😲 @Greylikesanime Your pfp is upside down🙃 @iSaintsreal Nite nite babe😘 @ExiledCroww Night crow💚💤 @GodofCalamity90 @Greylikesanime It’s way past your bedtime @Zibii5 Gn gn zibii💙💤 @_f1ame Umu supremacy🔥 @fhs791 Night fam💤 @DemonEmperor_ Night dazai and yup yup gonna try and finish it in the morning🤟 @DemonSlayerJon Night Jon bro😴 @Animecontent9 Night goat🦦 @TheBlaseMaestro Night Ougi goat💤💚 @CEOofLowQuality Pucker up 😘 @MrBlackClover Gratz sis @NadekoNakano After last volume she was 100% my favorite such a wel written chracter😭矢式さん🐬
Retweeted by Jōichi @_ukiyoo_ Whole lotta 🔥 ukibro! @Moonless_Dai Night goat @bageIman 😲😲 @YuukiHaru21 Damn😭😭 I’ll have to go check again tomorrow @bageIman @YuukiHaru21 Yo that early bake 9🔥 went yesterday and my Barnes still hasn’t put it out😭☀️私服アスカ☀️
Retweeted by Jōichi @Greylikesanime 😩 @JoshawottYT 😂😂😂 @NarukamiJoestar @TheBlaseMaestro @toxruu 😂😂 @TheBlaseMaestro @NarukamiJoestar @toxruu Rally the troops @Greylikesanime Yeah? @NarukamiJoestar @TheBlaseMaestro Shinobu Oshino right👀 @Greylikesanime 😲 @Greylikesanime @CEOofKomi Who tf are you👀 @NarukamiJoestar @TheBlaseMaestro You’re forsure the katanagatari hive leader or at least the CEO of togame @TheBlaseMaestro @freedomsenpai I don’t think there is one other than doujins😭 @CEOofKomi Whole lotta 🔥 @TheBlaseMaestro @NarukamiJoestar 😂😂 @freedomsenpai lil booty tug at the end 😳
Retweeted by Jōichi @freedomsenpai 😩😩 @_f1ame Morning flame bro @TheN0nsenseUser It be like that sometimes @CEOofLowQuality Night sexc @AndrewMcLemore1 Lol 😂 @Yamete565 You’ll have a blast since you’re just starting but after around Adventure rank 30 it just becomes extremely Grindy @AndrewMcLemore1 @Yamete565 It’s pretty repetitive but the waifus go crazy @avocadoguaco Super excited to get more best girl🥰 @AndrewMcLemore1 🦦 @Utzyyy Night babe😘アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッドさん。月姫リメイク楽しみ2
Retweeted by Jōichi @_ukiyoo_ Clannad peak @CEOofLowQuality Nice nice anime or the manga? @Greylikesanime 😘 @NadekoNakanoStarting Classroom of the Elite Volume 7.5 @CEOofLowQuality Big chillen how bout you kJ babe🦦 @freedomsenpai Qt foreal @TheBlaseMaestro Yessir @TheBlaseMaestro Shinobu uses it in Monogatari monster season! @TheBlaseMaestro Need them to animate Shinobu doing it😭 @CEOofSacchin Fr fr still don’t understand why they changed kei to horikita for the pool filler or why they even ha… alabama banjo music actually started playing i'm crying 😂😭
Retweeted by Jōichi @freedomsenpai @FreedomKohai 😂😂 need her tho😩 @CEOofSacchin 10/10 wish we could see it animated need to see Ayanokouji 1v4 class C 😭
@NadekoNakano Yessir🤝 @NadekoNakano I’m bouta start it in a bit super excited to see how she interacts with Ayanokouji after everything that happened on the roof😭#金木研
Retweeted by Jōichi濡れハイレグBBちゃんです
Retweeted by Jōichi @NadekoNakano Can’t wait to get to it love the mystery behind her and how hasebe brought up how it’s insane she’s s… @NadekoNakano 6. Ryuen 7.Kushida 8.koenji 9.hasebe 10. Shiina @NadekoNakano Foreal man it was so good been hearing 11 and 11.5 can give it a run for it’s money can’t wait to get to them😭 @Baka_Los My goats😂 @Greylikesanime Bro didn’t even give me 20 seconds to answer before complaining🙄 @Greylikesanime The nonsense user from Zaregoto @Baka_Los He pissed me off so much last episode😭 mans bitch made Fr fr @Grid_Glxy Congratz goat🤟 @Greylikesanime Good @Greylikesanime Cuz you were tryna watch the anime but you still need to watch knk too @Greylikesanime @Utzyyy I told you to read the manga but you don’t know how to read @Utzyyy Japan gets it on august 26 hopefully the English release comes out before the end of the year😭 @Greylikesanime @Utzyyy Shut up you ain’t even peep it yet fake ass fan🤧 Brunestud💛
Retweeted by Jōichi @Utzyyy Queen🌙 @Utzyyy Fr I didn’t like the beginning but it’s pretty hot rn forget her name but the blonde chick with the bob cut my favorite🔥🌼
Retweeted by Jōichi @Utzyyy 14 volumes for Year one and I think they’re like 4 volumes into year 2 And I’m all caught up on a wonderful new world 🙌 @Utzyyy It so good I can’t put it down! Gonna try and catch up by the end of this month🙌 @JoshawottYT Congratz josh 🤟 @CEOofLowQuality Boobs. @bageIman That mono and Tonikawa 🔥🔥 @clairetsun So good! 😭😭 @TheN0nsenseUser Nice nice hope everything goes smooth bro 🤟