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From powerful spells for little mana cost to game-winning artifacts, we run down ten of the best Modern cards in Ma… to communicate with aliens in Arrival-inspired tabletop game Xenolanguage, from makers of language-creation R… The Gathering’s next #MTGSecretLair card drop will raise money for charity Extra Life… @haineontheweb @Callum_Li Battle for Rokugan is absolutely amazing! An excellent recommendation. ~MattAgricola creator’s next board game Hallertau has players making beer - and it’s out this week.… Warcry goes dungeon-delving in new core set Catacombs're back in the pod booth later today! Let us know your questions for the team - whether it's game recommendation…
Escape the Dark Sector is a ghost train ride through sci-fi nostalgia. Here’s @triggertrove with her review of the… our chat with Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone about Warhammer, Fighting Fantasy and more later this… board game Project L drops reprint and new expansion.“Ultimate edition” of RuneQuest creator’s King Arthur Pendragon RPG on the way, @Chaosium_Inc announces, with 6E qu…
Friendships are nice and everything but you know what's really good? Jeopardising those friendships with seemingly…
Secret mission party game Don’t Get Got is getting a Shut Up & Sit Down edition miniatures game Frostgrave is getting a sci-fi spin-off, Stargrave, next spring a set of eyes in the back of your head, who knows who's capable of death dealing in this rowdy bunch... We're…, Johnny and Lolies flirt with board game romance novels and resist the tastiest tabletop pieces on this week's… your demigod child to the throne in hidden role game Veiled Fate. World of Warcraft board game review - MMO crossover brings new flavour and complexity to the fantasy conquest… game table Infinity includes digital versions of Monopoly, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and other classics.…örk Borg’s Putrescence Regnant is a grim ‘bog crawl’ adventure releasing as a vinyl music album, complete with a G…
Kabuto Sumo is a dexterity game about beetle wrestling inspired by coin-pusher machines. up comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse on PC and mobile for under £1 - and benefit charity at the… is back in 30 minutes as the gang get down to some hobbying, why not come join us? Wheels will be tac…’s thrilling space combat is the perfect tabletop answer to #StarWarsSquadrons and fight in queer tabletop RPG Thirsty Sword Lesbians. civilisation board game Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition delayed to spring 2021… you play the Game of Thrones (digital board game) you win or you start yelling at SOMEONE for not committing e…
From shiny Charizard to a solid gold Pikachu, here are six of the rarest - and eye-wateringly expensive - Pokémon c… to get into miniatures games, but found Warhammer isn't quite for you? Here are 9 alternatives to Games Worksh… creator’s next game Soul Raiders is a story-driven co-op with over 1,000 cards - and you can give it a go…'ve updated our list of the best #PrimeDay board game deals with some of the latest offers running today, includi…
Watch Wu-Tang Clan rappers RZA and GZA play chess against grandmaster Maurice Ashley for charity… Horror makes you care about its characters because you’re just as doomed as they are… shiny Charizard Pokémon card from 1999 has sold at auction for a record £169,000 year's Amazon Prime Day has kicked off, and there are a number of tabletop deals in the mix - from D&D and Mag…
Dune: Imperium will have two-player and solo modes, supported by a companion app.£44 dice advent calendar lets you count down the d12 Days of Christmas“We had to quarantine our games”: Friendly local game stores’ struggle to survive during coronavirus…’ RPG book series Questlings is getting a companion game co-created by Jiangshi co-designer.… Cheery Engine is a fast, flexible, beginner-friendly RPG releasing in comic book issues, and it's headed to…
If you haven't played @ReposProduction's multi award winning game 7 Wonders yet, you're missing out on a fantastic…
It's a musical Dicebreaker Podcast this week, as Matt, Lolies and Meehan escape Dinosaur World, chat about the next… Red RPG has a release date and price, launching alongside Cyberpunk 2077 from the Loop creator’s next ‘narrative art book’ The Labyrinth envisions a dystopian future.… to get started with Magic: The Gathering's biggest format? Go from zero to 100 (cards) with our guide on pu… Dragon Inn studio’s next game turns players into evil interior decorators. @OutsideXbox @outsidextra @eurogamer (We know it's a video game but it's enough like Werewolf we think we can get a… up at 1pm BST, we're returning to space with @outsidexbox, @outsidextra and @eurogamer for a few more rounds… year’s PAX Unplugged has been cancelled, with no digital event taking its place
Good news: the new HeroQuest is coming to the UK after all Not so good news: you'll need to cough up for the most e… of Bardsung hitting Kickstarter next month, @SteamforgedLtd designers Mat Hart and Sherwin Matthews tell us h… Control this is Dicebreaker, we are t-minus one hour to Escape the Dark Sector stream (3pm BST) how copy?… The Masquerade series’ latest sourcebook Ghost Hunters lets you search for the paranormal as a mortal.… Game of Thrones: The Board Game’s digital edition is out on PC now.
Join us for an extremely special video as we play Agon with @john_harper and @arthograph! is getting a book series next Halloween. SG-1 RPG lets you create your own season of the beloved sci-fi TV series. Halloween fast approaching, there's no better time to read up on the best horror tabletop RPGs for telling spo… Towns named Game of the Year and Best Board Game at this year's Origins Awards, with Teens in Space claiming t… is getting a Holiday Edition in time for Christmas that comes with a cookie cutter.…
Pandemic is a co-op classic - and once you know the rules to the original, there's no shortage of expansions and sp… the age of video rentals (again) with movie quiz game sequel Blockbuster Returns. Kittens studio’s next game is about shooting balls through a cat’s mouth - and it’s out now.…’s 25th Anniversary Edition - which bundles together expansions and accessories for the board game classic in…
Terraforming Mars is getting a series of novels based on the board game. and Betrayal co-designer Elisa Teague is heading up Clank!, Kids on Bikes and Overlight maker @PlayRenegade's R… your players’ brains and not their patience with our guide on how to make a great puzzle in Dungeons & Dragons…’s pre-painted miniatures are getting a long-awaited makeover. Imperium 4E's first expansion Prophecy of Kings has a release date - and it's soon games by @TimHutchingsFTW, @john_harper, @SeanNittner, @EvilHatOfficial, @CityOfMistRPG, @FriaLigan, @MorkBorg
Beautiful art, gorgeous design, and stunning typography! RPGs have such an incredible history of artistry. Today we…
Join Matt and Meehan as they Escape the Dark Castle, relive Groundhog Day and roleplay with the Wu-Tang Clan, Kate…’s Oceania Expansion brings more birds, boards and bonuses to the acclaimed game. looks like new Descent game Legends of the Dark will be officially announced later this month, following its lea… on the shelf: Will Ferrell Christmas movie unwraps a new board game and card game.
Come hang out for a chilled Thursday afternoon painting stream with @liquidmatt & @boardgameyogi from 3pm BST today… Problems creator’s beginner-friendly RPG Tales’ End sparks memory and conversation.'D&D meets Jumanji' comic book Die is under £1 on Humble Bundle, along with the complete run of co-creator's acclai… your own NASA in Apogee, a board game from astronomy YouTubers Hugo and Maxime Lisoir. giant Steam’s Digital Tabletop Festival features Warhammer, Wingspan, Call of Cthulhu and Munchkin creators…
Power Rangers is morphin’ into a new RPG and deckbuilding game, with @PlayRenegade also bringing G.I. Joe, Transfor… @Chunktopus It's very good - we left it out simply because it's so hard/expensive to get your hands on!Japanese card fighter Sakura Arms is getting its first ‘complete’ English release from BattleCon and Exceed studio… a farm from your pocket in tiny Sprawlopolis spin-off Agropolis. the tension, suspicion and betrayal of #AmongUs? There are plenty of board games that scratch the same itc… Factories is back on Kickstarter with two new expansions.
TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night has a release date.'re live in 10 minutes! Join us here: Cosmic Encounter to Betrayal at House on the Hill, a bit of frustration and unfairness can be worth it for a f… young whippersnappers in Among Us have no chance, we've been playing Hidden Role games since Mafia! Come jo… Day’s board game is like The Mind with Bill Murray.'s Dicebreaker Podcast day! We'll be recording this week's episode later today, so there's still a few hours to g…
It may be 25 years old this year, but The Game Formerly Known as Settlers of Catan remains a proper modern classic.… Heir of Frankenstein’s free companion app is given life, stars Borderlands 2 and DBZ actor.… N4 is out, and you can download its complete rules for free now seen a bugbear, a gnome and a tortle go on an adventure? Watch us play Tigtone: The Never Stopping prophecy an… is flying onto PC and Mac next month.
Matt, Johnny, Lolies and Meehan crawl through dungeons aplenty to bring you talk of HeroQuest's return, exciting ne… Last of Us board game on the way from Blood Rage studio. Imperium and Android are being turned into graphic novels