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LG Joji @jojiFN florida

@Luminosity | code “joji-shi” | @TabzGTV❤️ @ryswtf

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@cadrentxyz Hey
@rydermccrann Hey lol @ViladiFN Yea it’s mine so take it off ur pfp @SEBBY1X @TabzGTV @whofishy thoughts? @SEBBY1X Yea Fr bro I wish people would just scrimIt’s wildcat or the red ski girl @famousmoxy Bruh I used ginger cookies girl once during duo dh 3 months ago @UzhiaFN I just ended a 12 hour streamWhat’s my main skin? @UnknownxArmy1x Like follow back bro @Co1azo ELL JEE @spookyaddison <3 @haileyxoxoxoxow ral change header @candihotti @candihotti I think u forgot to like @candihotti Lsolo arena domination (predictions) | 3rd in FNCS | !twitter @bugdir Ily @nyfexau Goat @Strodlez @fakeifys HUGE VOUCH OMGHey @fakeifys instead of telling you I thought I'd show you why you should pick me :) If you guys support me make s…
Retweeted by LG Joji @Iucaqt @MeroFN What @MeroFN @ZlemFN K @Cented7 @PAPERCLIPXCII ????? I’m 15 next week @Cented7 Me please @pichxn 🥶 @pichxn 52 @mobadiabs @yungcalc @turntdais @DegenFN @jojiFN @turntdais @DegenFN @Lvl7fn_ fire bro keep it up @Ceice Inv @shardfx @NadavEdits @Skvtz K down @NadavEdits @Skvtz WOAH WHAT NOOO @NadavEdits @Skvtz Make me one70K Solo arena | 3rd in FNCS | !twitter @Iucaqt @Advyyth NO WAY @sickneeqs @EthosFn OMGGGGG @skellyfnbr_ @Luminosity @PlayVALORANT crazy how im the only one on LG comp thats not 0 ping @Luminosity @PlayVALORANT can u get a 0 ping house for fort @pgodtvv BRUH WHY DID I PRESS TRANSLATE TWEET LOLOL @Iucaqt nice im boutta stream @PAPERCLIPXCII I actually just woke up I didn’t mean to @PAPERCLIPXCII Gm @tajiFN No don’t @x2sea_ Yea 13 hours @tajiFN I promise no one caresGood morning @riftmull @Kn1pher @Furiouss @ZlemFN What? @Kn1pher @Furiouss @ZlemFN Y am I at bottom of the tier? @wrigIeyy ☹️ @Frystsama @Sparebow @alexalols @Gaannzo @beckalols Wanna play @angeIicuh LOL @Frystsama @Sparebow @alexalols @Gaannzo @beckalols Ik @Ceice Me pleaseee @Frystsama @Sparebow @alexalols @Gaannzo @beckalols Good morning guys @fakeifys Not a single person deserves it more then @vurtulfn. He streams 10+ hours every day for 2 years and has t…
@asianjeff LOLL @Iucaqt @beckalols 😒 @imsticksfn @whofishy @OhReckz I carried him to some extra earnings for it @ovverthink You can’t impression tweet on a private Twitter bruh LOL @beckalols great boutta go to sleep actually @Iucaqt ty @CBearFN_ 85 likes in 30 secnoti gang? @swazlol @beckalols gmTory lanes WAS IN MY TWITCH CHAT??? LOLOL @riftmull @Nurmacy yea ik wtf @YourFellowArab Other then streamsnipers they make me mad @YourFellowArab Same @yungcalc @Waizfnbr bro i can't just say me then i sound egotistical @spookyaddison @Waizfnbr “Good” @Waizfnbr Me and paper70K Solo arena | 3rd in FNCS | !twitter @cayzxfn nice @Avivv5 Rise avivv @Avivv5 me rise @whofishy Can u shout me out @YourFellowArab can u shout me out please @Klass @YourFellowArab @G2Smqcked fr bruh only one way to say it @TOKY0HIMSELF @CBearFN_ down bad @CBearFN_ ?noti @CBearFN_ @TheSommerset Thx @whofishy no one believed u @neeqoiwnl how do yk? @TabzGTV NICE TABZGEEEDuo arena with Sommerset | 3rd in FNCS | !twitter @Joekool_Twitch @TheSommerset K I wil @TheSommerset I’m getting on @forpzy @TheSommerset @riversan this pic is 10 minutes old? @TheSommerset @forpzy @riversan I JUST FINISHED EATING IM TAKING A SHOWER IN A SEC THEN IM COMING??? @Ace1xx @ZorqFN ur butterfly is ugly @ZorqFN fr bro ppl saying it looks nasty have such bad taste @PAPERCLIPXCII ty @ZorqFN WHY WOULD U STEAL MY PICTURE I JUST ATE THE LAST ONE LOLOLOL @PAPERCLIPXCII 7 minutes ago @Luminosity @TheSommerset @riversan yeah and I'm waiting to get verified but i ain't complaining