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bobby zamora @jojoldn London, England

archiving @blkintheday parties @rec_ess broadcasts @no_s1gn4l

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@earlsundress open for a surprise 😔Outtakes 📸 Selam Fessahaye x Monki campaign
Retweeted by bobby zamoraBIG THRILLS (DEMO) prod. by me enjoy 🌐
Retweeted by bobby zamoraNot surprised to hear boris got the corona my man don’t even comb his hair let alone wash his hands
Retweeted by bobby zamora @shannieloves deh deh“Quick kid I don’t have much time. In 2020 they will release a super virus in a strategic attempt to wipe ou-“
Retweeted by bobby zamora @Model_Est same man, ain’t been on like that since the weekend. who knows !Wonder girl video maybe ? 👀🎬
Retweeted by bobby zamoralive rn ☝🏽 @UnoThemOnes nah i’m not lool i know everything that’s been going on. i just wonder if ppl are gonna do drinkups ag… gonna be using house party this wiken? i think it could be an app for di wiken.Man put a Golden Sticker in 2 Orders from the Quarantine Drop. Whoever got them automatically wins £100. Look ou…
Retweeted by bobby zamorafeels like soundcloud 🥺 you allowed to have phones in jail or am I tripping 😂😂😂
Retweeted by bobby zamoraAmericans are trying to jump on the Brooklyn/NY Drill wave from seeing it through Pop Smoke/Fivio & UK rappers are…
Retweeted by bobby zamoraAll these pop stars jumping on drill cos it’s the undeniable in thing & afro swing got rubbed out. I don’t like it
Retweeted by bobby zamoraI pray my son is never this horny
Retweeted by bobby zamora🙏🏾 guys, @hueagency_ caught up with the amazing @oloni. She is a marvel. Watch the gist here, like and subscribe wh…
Retweeted by bobby zamora @Shaydakisses @NHAmusic @islandrecordsuk yep!A big congratulations to our alumni David Sonubi who has been made Music Week’s Rising Star for his role as A&R Man…
Retweeted by bobby zamoratoo dead man’s griminal but i’ve never been nicked !vibes rn
final show of da day... it's quaratine sessions with @NickBam 🔇
Retweeted by bobby zamoraBored in the house. In the house bored
Retweeted by bobby zamora
Retweeted by bobby zamora🔇 we got @DJ_Jukess running tunes live rn on No Signal 🔇
Retweeted by bobby zamoraCatch man live on @no_s1gn4l tonight from 11pm 🔥
Retweeted by bobby zamorait’s ok same great #DLTBrunch experience but in the comfort of your home 🙌🏾 Cook your own meal, with some inspiration…
Retweeted by bobby zamora*north west
Retweeted by bobby zamoraYou'd have to be in a pretty privileged place to be preaching to others what they should or shouldn't be doing w/ t…
Retweeted by bobby zamoraface ur front man
Retweeted by bobby zamoramuch love @GladeMarie for those 2 hours! now it’s #ABOERADIO hosted by @AyChibs til 7pm. listen:…
Retweeted by bobby zamoraI think about this era with tears in my eyes
Retweeted by bobby zamora @TheJ2ocean healyh my eating has gone back to normal @_Nicksy 😂😂😂lovely 🙏🏾’s cos of houseparty rn > @GladeMarie with some hip hop, soul and r&b to brighten up this gloomy afternoon 🔇
Retweeted by bobby zamoraThat poping hot tea account is one of the ugliest products of twitter. Whoever is behind it is past bad spirited. I…
Retweeted by bobby zamoraand where does CONSCIOUSNESS fall into this my dear brother.
Retweeted by bobby zamoraUK babes vs. US babes debate is interesting. On average, US women / men are definitely more open and forthcoming bu…
Retweeted by bobby zamorabest n worst vibes me something getting passed and it anit no football😂 you can get stabbed in London if you don’t turn up when…
Retweeted by bobby zamora @MrAlves07 famthe king rn > @TLP_presents 'Nostalgia Ultra'. Pressing play at 13:30! lock in 🔇
Retweeted by bobby zamoraI recently found a picture of my dad @ygaraad in Europe in the 1980’s (I think as a student at the University of Si…
Retweeted by bobby zamora"popinghottea" is not a Black woman. don't @ me.
Retweeted by bobby zamoracrazy times. anti african rhetoric from both black n white ppl was pamming ppl’all need to HEALWeirdo to believe a black person tweeted this.
Retweeted by bobby zamora was fuel to an already moving vehicle imo one of my tweets that have “nigga” in it start getting white RTs
Retweeted by bobby zamora🥺☝🏽 fam. i hate it here @levselects damn, i proper didn’t knowtoday’s menu. nostalgia ultra listening party at 1pm ☝🏽 a long month it was indeed Storch is a legend. To blow through your fortune like that then be so wavey that artists are like “nah this c…
Retweeted by bobby zamora @ohjoewalker oh wow ...oh rah didn’t know he did that roots tune’d love to see how rappers think. how do you see words? @judeblay let’s put it on wax😭😭😭’t be silly Fools is cancelled this year pls read the room.
Retweeted by bobby zamoraMy aunt said they’re closing down churches because they know the cure for COVID-19 is prayer. When I asked her why…
Retweeted by bobby zamoramy day was great cos i stopped entertaining crackheads @isthatscully @judeblay facto!! @thekidriss 😔Lol I think about the fact we were supposed to believe the characters in Grease were of high school age.
Retweeted by bobby zamora @mxmsworld Lolstockpiling food 🤝 overcreating contentmate. the road is long and we are doing so much at the start @JungleBoyRuth no brainerWheezy was in the studio like
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@Inrwandaland huhthis is the ugliest dog in the world and no one can disagree with me on that
Retweeted by bobby zamoraDrake really said one wine glass a day keeps corona away. my east african king!
Retweeted by bobby zamorai wonder how sustainable this content islacazette!L2L moment loool280 woworah drake lol516 days until Carnival folks!
Retweeted by bobby zamora @_sailorsteph happy birthday love 🥂 @isthatscully skr8Let me hear ‘unprecedented times’ one more time
Retweeted by bobby zamorafam