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Home Depot didn’t have the conduit I needed so I built this shelf out of edge-glued pine today instead. Nothing fan… thing with this new security system is now I get alerts on my phone about all the neighbor kitty cats. Keeping tabs on the tabbies.Defund the police🤙
2021 after hanging cable in the basement I’m realizing I have an obscene amount of excess cable for these five ru… @hodapp @SixHundredBucks @jralamood @VanTheBrand That's sick. Just PVC conduit? @SixHundredBucks @jralamood @VanTheBrand Yeah I just realized this after installing the new system. I had no clue. @JokeHartzler Hardest working man in Canton
Retweeted by Not Fartzler @jralamood Yeah I'm thinkin' I gotta get PoE to the second floor, might as well get it over with. @VanTheBrand That’s a great idea....hmm. Might need that PoE up here. I'm thinking cable run.I'm at a major crossroads here at the Chat House Autonomous Territory (CHAT). Do I let wifi 6 handle the second flo… @NicholasHamers2 I'm thinking construction adhesive might work. Or gorilla glue? @thebonstergirl You know I thought about that but couldn't find the exact model and then had trouble finding someth… vaccine but our government did manage to execute some people this week with our generous stockpile of lethal inj…
A non alcoholic michelada with the best damn chat in the game and @JokeHartzler
Retweeted by Not FartzlerI'm live on the twitch website, stop by.I don’t care what your settings say, you’re getting tagged too @JokeHartzler
Retweeted by Not Fartzler...two more cables run and this time even terminated into a wall plate. Nevermind that hole in the floor, the jacks work, full success.Dang. I got cocky and missed, drilled a hole through my floor. Not to worry. It wasn’t a very nice house anyway. @ElegantMeats Right!? wtf.LIVE at Five is clawing its way back. Watch me and my old college roommate Sam argue about socialism with neither s…’ weed @JJBilz Thanks for sharing your frightening tale! Be safe out there.
Big show tonight here in Northeast Ohio. We've got Sam back in studio to tell us what's got him fired up lately. Th… @DadHasADD hey that thought jumps in my head sometimes too!Another day of Cat6a. Feel like an old pro compared to my initial attempts. Luckily this house has holes all over t… BMV: 4 out of 5 stars. Only docked a star because I nearly failed the vision test. Otherwise, in and out in… oh I'm an Ohio resident with an Ohio Driver's License and I'm gonna turn your kids into socialists.Good morning y’all
Retweeted by Not FartzlerYour tax dollars at work. @VanTheBrand A. I did A and it worked. @VanTheBrand ...uhhhh......holy sh*t. I did it. @ElegantMeats Yeah might just run out and grab one
Well I accomplished a fair bit today but now find myself stumped by these darn toolless rj45 keystones. I don’t hav… you know that Senator Dianne Feinstein owns between $500,000 and $1,000,000 worth of stock in Boeing (defense corporation)?
Retweeted by Not Fartzler @JP_Pumpkininny GM!...excited for folks to wake up and read this great joke.Santa?
Who got me a potato pillow and how'd you know!?Moments away from another LIVE at Five from the Hall of Fame City. Tonight: My Most Mysterious Mystery Gift Yet Revealed. Only on now I’m at a point where I could attempt to setup the udm pro but I’m a little afraid of starting and then fa… concern is it's near the old water heater so hopefully that thing doesn't explode and start spraying water… used an existing pegboard frame that’s secured into the floor joists and just added some 2x4 pieces to sure it up… kidding. Smart people: Like this? a network rack.’s never been a better time to support local content creators. @jarshsimpson @tuskofsquirrel It was a lovely shoutout!
Okay, so I received maybe the most mysterious mystery present yet over the weekend. We'll get into this and more on… @realmuffinparty Nice! @ElegantMeats Yeah I guess I'm tempted to have stuff on display just cause it looks cool but for routing I suppose… @realmuffinparty Okay no, see not servers but a rack for udm proSmart people of the internet: so where should I install a wall mount server rack? Visible on screen in the streamin… @Natekmn I was just debating that. I was working on the Patreon edit all day so don’t have much of a show prepped.…! At some point you just have to stop working on a thing and call it done.I AM THE BEAR working to bring this latest episode across the goal line here in the Hall of Fame City. This one's a d… @jralamood No it's also funny and entirely my fault. Over it! The future is bright! @jralamood lol
Wow, another Chat House miracle just arrived: Slingshot ammo and a brushed nickel toilet roll holder! #BDCITG @alphabetpizza_ Lol. I was wondering how you felt about this take.Lemme make this a shorter read: 8th grade educations
Thank god we flipped the senate though.Vote? I had a little spaghetti on my mouth during tonight's stream.
Everyone in screen plays either scarfs or devours their food. No one just eats.
Retweeted by Not FartzlerThe chat has overruled my initial decision. Going LIVE at Five from the Hall of Fame City with new mystery package… I just got six packages from UPS. This is ridiculous. I almost gotta go live now...I gotta take a night off the stream, I'm deep in this edit, been at it all day. Will be worth it but I gotta get th… @theseat Yeah it's very fun to sayThe countertops have arrived! Big ol’ chunks of wood. Plus, another mystery package!? Incredible things are happeni… you do not want to miss my next patreon video episode. We're just beginning to pull on this thread and it is…*to. to simplify. Eff.If you livestream and find audio daunting, the @tchelicon GoXLR Mini is finally back in stock. I haven't used this… @alphabetpizza_ ...actually i go to bed at like 830 and hope to get a few good hours in before business starts pick… @alphabetpizza_ Not since I moved to Canton. @stuffhedoes YB!Defund the police @VanTheBrand @jralamood @realmuffinparty LolIt happened again! This time an absolutely STOUT deadbolt lock from Medeco arrived on the Chat House doorstep this… @WeardAdult Honestly I have been researching this for about two days and and have been scrolling monoprice for a we… @realmuffinparty @VanTheBrand Perfect, thank you! @realmuffinparty Rad, I've been wondering about this very thing. @realmuffinparty @VanTheBrand Link @realmuffinparty @jralamood @JokeHartzler “Chat block”
Retweeted by Not Fartzler @jralamood @realmuffinparty @VanTheBrand ...uhhh... @realmuffinparty @VanTheBrand My man!Dang, Sam's karate joke was good.Cat8 cable is worth more than my house.
Tonight on LIVE at Five. My old college roommate Sam is back with another live in-studio sit-down over-the-shoulder… lining Pro Shop overruns Capitol Hill Police.
Folks, this could be the month. Currently averaging 83 viewers in January. If I keep this up I could finally make p… It seems cops, who earn their salaries from the state, are also somehow a right wing force of antigovernment j… probably should have focused more on the bedlam in our Nation's crapitol instead of opening mystery boxes like a… top story tonight: Unrest in Our Nation's Crapitol. Plus, yet another mysterious package revealed. LIVE from th… out to @wichmann_cody for the kindness!