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Jolie Menzel @joliemenzel Vancouver, British Columbia

Senior Narrative Designer @coalitiongears・Ubisoft・Telltale Games・Tweets are my own・she/her・日本語OKはずだ

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I think the last time I gave up something for Lent I was 7 and tried to give up my Gameboy which lasted approximate…'m taking a break from social media until April 10th. I'll still be using DMs/FB Messenger/Discord and of course e… @aaronlinde can we ever be ready for the puppy @tha_rami Thanks for the reminder Rami! Now that I'm coming from Canada I'll need coverage.I really, really, really want to emphasize travel health insurance for US travel. The US health care system is pred…
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I'm 9 and playing Pokémon but I feel very ~sneaky~ because you technically need to be 10 to be a Pokémon trainer @cynixy I’m just tired. So tired. Of explaining to people why “the refusal of the call” doesn’t work in a goddamn p…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @stephenjmcmanus My thoughts darted between "I have to save Steve" and "Steve you need to watch this anime about so… 23 years.
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelIn 2010, I had good union health insurance. Obamacare was the law of the land. In November that yr my 1yo son was s…
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@shaunfinney He really does it all @ADovichi @heyjohnnyoh Our love is stronger thanks to Cats to see why this is the most relatable pic of a presidential candidate u have ever seen in your life
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After much discussion @heyjohnnyoh and I decided that we both unironically enjoyed the Cats movie. We will be takin…! I rent, borrow, and thrift my clothes. (It’s also environmentally sustainable!) 🌎 The Post is just mad that y…
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelToday, February 22, teenager Laura Palmer writes a diary entry about an eerie dream she had that took place in a st…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @colporteuse Yay thank you! @colporteuse Is this an actual set for sale? I've been looking for one and I really love the minimalism of this one! @AkshayB get hype!!!! @JiskeyJasket come here and show me how!!
@SelectiveVirus worst thing Gen X did to millennials:
Retweeted by Jolie Menzellooking like they asked random people on the street for their pronouns and lined up the first five who said they/th…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @kindofstrange You're not a real gamedev unless you want me to bring you something for dinner tonight#EXCLUSIVE — photos of Bernie Sanders’ million dollar vacation home
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @fakeCSchroyer Yes!! I have some friends in Japan who I think would be super into this too
A reminder that thresher sharks constantly look like this
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Retweeted by Jolie Menzelits 1am and im literally crying at this tiktok
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@TheMarkVernon mark this is a Good TweetI don't know who needs to hear this but no one has this range
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelThe phrase “I’m so full” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what you didn’t finish, quitting, incompletion of…
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@GregRicey We absolutely used GDC as an excuse to make a stop at French Laundry this year 😂 great list, enjoy!! @radenwa_tweet blessed postOther artists : has reference folder for body anatomy, poses or muscles Me :
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelYes all dogs are good bois and I love the dog memes as much as anyone but just as a PSA, if you are meeting a dog f…
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelI am organizing the Arabic Game Dev Dinner at GDC again this year. As part of Epic Games, I plan to make this an an…
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelIt's better to write the worst version of a thing than to stare at a blinking cursor and end up with no version at…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @ADovichi Look at you using that metric system!!! 😭 @mindstatex Definitely! @mindstatex yeah!! I live here now 🍁i don’t know who needs to hear this, but NO ONE has this range
Retweeted by Jolie Menzeli think it's reached the point where we should consider recording voice logs about climate collapse and just leaving them strewn around
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@johnnemann @Nelsormensch come to vancouver johnnemannnnnnn @dirtbagboyfren i legit thought this was an ad for some kind of vampire drama and I am here for it @Nelsormensch Licorice Parlour! there's one on Granville that's smaller and a bigger one on Commercial :0I still think about this line.
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @DanAmrich @CaveMonsterArt The good quality licorice really makes all the difference! Plus the salty kind pairs really well with coffee ☕ @ADovichi Oh yeah, Tobias totally introduced me to it back when he'd bring it back to SF - I think I was the only one who ate it XDI just learned they have a larger store in East Van with over 60 types?? Licorice is officially my new viceI was warned that this one is "a commitment" due to its "extremely long chew" which was both correct and also the b… found a shop with over 15 types of licoroce candies ranging from sweet to Extremely Salty and I bought most of t…
@SarahSahim @HazelMonforton Oh yeah, and it can also be the withdrawal from the medicine wearing off causing anxiet… @HazelMonforton @SarahSahim It can chill out in your system at lot longer than it is technically "effective," thoug… @SarahSahim @HazelMonforton This! ☝️ definitely bring it up with your phych, and keep track of dosage time and timing of attacksMe: Hey I was thinking it could be fun to show my mom a Studio Ghibli movie while she’s staying with us.
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelso they put Olive Garden in the Sonic movie.... why not Chao Garden
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelwhen your boss shows you around work on your first day
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelにこもころも顎の下を触ってもらうのが好きみたいです。 この動画はころちゃん@ 'ェ' @
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelthis post my mom made on my birthday a few years ago still makes me cry 🥺🥰
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelno context sonic spoilers: - - - - - - eggman and his assistant definitely fuck
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @colporteuse @JiskeyJasket proud of u @JiskeyJasket @colporteuse Everyone was just Very Good Friends do not shame my ace ocs @JiskeyJasket @colporteuse Your OC who was dating eggman is finally redeemedBumping this again! -3D Environment Artist -3D Character Artist -Freelance Concept Artists Feel free to reach out…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @JiskeyJasket I was super into him having a sub/dom relationship with latte guy
@stirpicus I just assumed you had @Llyann @stirpicus classic molly @SelectiveVirus Yeah, I'm gonna call foul on the Dr for not at least pointing out the bipolar connection there 😬 ma… @SelectiveVirus I was talking about this with my therapist back in SF! Grain of salt since I'm not a DR and this is… cats cats 🐱
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @Nelsormensch "Teeth"Here’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make.
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel((softly)) ᵇᵉᵉʰᵃʷ
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @johnnemann Just looked up the meaning and 😬 thanks for the heads up!
@ja2ke I'm so pumped for y'all!! @telarium Same here - both the offensive sides and defensive sides of behavior that the social climate bread. And t… @CarlMuckenhoupt Aw Carl, I never found you to be on the offensive side of any of that drama. I really enjoyed working with you! @legocrimes Also so many of these symptoms could be cause by comorbid anxiety/autism/literally anything! I don't se… @legocrimes Big same. The tone of these to generally demand that folks with ADHD be unquestionably excused for tran… @TheMarkVernon @annabananastand Mold is a big, expensive problem in the Bay - I remember Ryan D actually went throu… Comics was a very short-lived (1987-88) outfit dedicated to English translations of Korean comics... lots o…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @KERONPAS_ this point I had a year of professional development under my belt at Telltale but (realtalk!) the environment th… met @vectorpoem @chrisremo @antumbral @Noughtceratops (and others) at the first Molyjam in 2012. They interacted… scene raises so many goddamn questions how the fuck did this get approved? 💀
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel"A very cool find on Google Earth" (watch to the end)
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelNot only did the Japanese step right up with medical aid- no politics, no recriminations, no bullshit. The boxes ca…
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Good opportunity to work on a cool game with cool folks for any of you producer/PM types!
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @fakeCSchroyer @noricssunny I haven't seen him yet, but there's two whole floors I haven't explored 😂 @apocalynds This feels really basic but there's a quest in Skyrim where you get blackout drunk and wake up on compl… Anime: The Netflix Adaptation:
Retweeted by Jolie MenzelOver the next couple months I'll be hiring the following: - Writers - Editors - Book Layout Designers - Graphic De…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzelhoroscopes and personality types mean nothing, what REALLY matters is this: which one do you use when making a hous…
Retweeted by Jolie Menzel @Peter_Blackburn @CoalitionGears Glad to be here!