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no way my dad called me to come pick him and my siblings up bc they were stranded after preaching abt getting AAA 😭We need to find every Jonny in the whole Splat Community to make the biggest Jonny tournament up to date and the wi…
Retweeted by jonnyOh, it’s starting to rain
Retweeted by jonnyTired of Reddit retweeted is so freaky man, like oooh yeah pass me around 🤤🤤 toss me yeah this tweet so fertile fr
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Retweeted by jonnyshe was so crazzzzzzzy until she wasnt
Retweeted by jonnyI love being home alone ugly and at peace 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Retweeted by jonnyいいね押して♡
Retweeted by jonnymasculine but like in a peacock way
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Retweeted by jonnylove victor season 2 holy FUCK
Retweeted by jonny+£6£;£86£!£6£?2(#5£;?£
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thinking abt this on the back of my dads car time I ate my girlfriend cheesecake.
Retweeted by jonnyno way computer force updating two hours before homework due
Retweeted by jonnyi sure spend a lot of money for a bitch with no job
Retweeted by jonnyfresh talking stage is so fuckin annoying 😫😫😂😂
Retweeted by jonny @robbiecontours @bjbjonez this would happen to me
Retweeted by jonnyoh she sick downnn
Retweeted by jonnythis is such a tough choice
Retweeted by jonnyModerna HIV vaccine to begin trials. HIV. Vaccine. Using mRNA technology. This is amazing. We should all inves…
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Retweeted by jonnylove when cats are chatty. like hell yeah mew mew dude what else you got to say
Retweeted by jonnyDecided to leave the mental illness community It's just not for me
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Retweeted by jonnyjigglypuff and clefairy at the start of gen 6
Retweeted by jonnyi masturbate loud as fuck, if you don’t like it then go on a different plane 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by jonny @b1g_damage @YEE_HAW_BOY I just think the men should show some ass, thats all
Retweeted by jonnygot my car title today :>
@jexeex i’ve learned about dream has been against my own will
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Retweeted by jonnymen’s guides to shorts this summer
Retweeted by jonnythe way I’ll just miss a turn if I don’t feel comfortable changing lanes❤️🗺️ The Among Us Roadmap 🗺️ what's next for us?? here are just a few of our future plans: 🔹 15 players & new colors…
Retweeted by jonnywhere should i go for lunch yallllllThis is how our cat prefers to be held..
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Retweeted by jonnytexted 17 ppl and 5 group chats . this has to be a mental illnessme texting like 15 ppl rn when I’m motivated to talk but it’s like 1am so none of them are up but like when i wake… spoiled the next part of haikyuu for me yup yup should see a penguin who is excited for a cuddle
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me feeling denied help by my healthcare provider time to just never get better i guessOMG SHE DID THE THING 😭😭
Retweeted by jonnyidc what drugs i took once i drink a naked smoothie im healthy again
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Retweeted by jonnywe gotta get rid of the trope where two teens have a crush on each other and then their parents also start dating
Retweeted by jonny @TaalKheru king @GwendlynBunny @gaydreain I cant take it anymore I cant take it anymore I cant
Retweeted by jonnysaw guests over as I was pulling back in and didn’t want to say hi to them so left and now im sitting outside my dads house for his wifi 🗿cicadas: everybody get naked let’s see who cicussy the best
Retweeted by jonnythis is what a lot of twitter discourse sounds like to me
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Retweeted by jonnyMy love language is quietly leaving a meme in your dms like a cat leaving a dead lizard or bug on your doorstep because it likes you.
Retweeted by jonnypeople with healthy relationships w their parents be chilling in the living room
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Retweeted by jonnychoose wisely
Retweeted by jonny青ゴーグルピチュー
Retweeted by jonnywhat was i going on about
Retweeted by jonnyhxh really is the best anime of all time
Retweeted by jonnyi need a new solid relationship bruh. only have like two close friends irl and im tired of surface level interactionsboba time!the way i felt like i was burdening people who did not understand my mental health issues and stopped having authen… would i ever go outside? outside: -hot -uncomfortable -people can see you (bad) inside: -have cat -have toile… miya twins stans ever:
Retweeted by jonnythis life shit gettin boring we need an alien invasion or some shit soon
Retweeted by jonnytraining my cat to punch the fuck out of people i dont like
Retweeted by jonnythe two worst feelings in the world are not having a job and having a job
Retweeted by jonnykinda feeling like boba tnAfter saying anything to anyone
Retweeted by jonnymade my therapist laugh three times today, which meant i got to pick a prize from the prize box
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Loved it fast delivery
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Retweeted by jonnyHey, Twitter besties 😘 Just wanted to say we love you on #NationalBestFriendsDay. That's it, that's the whole tweet.
Retweeted by jonnyaggros after they lose the opening fight bc they didn’t wait for armor as planned
Retweeted by jonnyシェルダーマカロンができるまで 👀 👀 👀 👅 👅 👅
Retweeted by jonnygirl why were men socialized like that ong can’t express a single sentiment w/o dyingi have badminton and volleyball groups like kinda in the making rn and i kinda want them to live but it’s still amb… an actually attractive man on tinder today please god let us match pleeeeeeaseblanket smells like deeply fermented farts 🤨打球時跟沒打球時ㄉ感覺
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Retweeted by jonnyppl with good relationships with their family have a head start in life n most don’t even know that tbh
Retweeted by jonnyI don’t understand this shit❤️
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Retweeted by jonnyDon’t be afraid to go outside raw. No wallet. No phone. Your friends paying for everything and yelling at you to stay nearby
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i want something like this omggggggg!😩😩😍😍😭😭😩
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Retweeted by jonnyboutta buy a Samsung after my current phone dies, lmao i bet they won’t touch the predominantly heterosexual apps t…