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Jonathan Ore @Jon_Ore Toronto, Ontario

Senior writer/editor for @CBCRadio online. @OnThatShelf emeritus. Won't stop talking about video games. Intermittent grammar pedant.

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@ckunzelman Haven't played it since it came out but iirc it had this weird abstract sequence where Joker basically… you, I thought I was the only one's no difference between having a few art deco statues in your living room and having a couple of Optimus Prime figures on the mantle
Retweeted by Jonathan OreEvergreen reminder!! If you're not focusing on retaining marginalized people, we can't be there to become mentors…
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On @checkupcbc today: Wet'suwet'en blockades continue. Joining me @ellisbross @1Bob_Chamberlin @lenzyj @BobRae48 &…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreEnvironmental storytelling, so I’ll be wrestling in Toronto in a few weeks and I’m not sure if I’ll be in a tag team match or not but I mi…
Retweeted by Jonathan Oreliterally shaking right now @ the memories*popcorn_eating.gif*
@flarkcon @gollydrat
Retweeted by Jonathan OreI don't see why Bloomberg thinks that Sanders owning three houses is a bad thing when there's a reasonable argument…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreThe Royal Rumble comparison is at least partly apt because I'm pretty sure the first round of debates had about 30… @kierongillen Hell yes to Shockwave murdering all your favs this what Ninja was talking about re: losing in a video game by the What Movie Traumatized You As A Kid... what *comic* traumatized you as a kid. I'll start. TRANSFO…
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @kierongillen @JoelMinty RIP Scrounge, he had An Arm like no other
@Mak_Returnofthe nah, it was always those soft Italian-ish buns like the ones you find at a supermarketUnironically want this. would prefer female Transformers figures that are not designed by hentai artists, YMMV
Sokrates out here going all "DEBATE ME" and questioning the worth of a man's life when the real answer is I hit the… dont know why i made this
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore"The way this WWE Network documentary spins the beginning of World Wrestling Entertainment might be the most blatan… G1 stans are older than millennials. @dkaszor It's more the strange name for the seriesMy reaction when someone recommends Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Sonic movie is the best example of adapting a video game to a movie, because a ton of people crunched to finish…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreIs it just me or is there a huge amount of PS5 rumour or fake news-esque stories out there online? I keep getting r…
Relying on U.S. wire-service reviews of American movies is obviously depressing. But this is a devastating blow for…
Retweeted by Jonathan Orewhen senpai finally notices you #NXTTakeOver
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I would watch the hell out of a show with @mattwasfunny & @AnnaRoisman as a regular duo/hosts 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog is notoriously bad. It was glitchy, frustrating, and had some pretty bizarre…
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Sami Zayn is doing a "protest song" segment on WWE Smackdown tonight. In Vancouver. Uh.Goldust says trans rights
"Okay, so get this. For our final act, we're disrupting ... employment" man. I still liked playing once in a while. a heads up for anyone planning on seeing the Sonic the Hedgehog movie today.
Retweeted by Jonathan OreUntitled Goose Game wins Game of the Year at D.I.C.E. Awards 2020
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @geekunicornweb Canonically, deer tongue. I don't know how helpful this all is though
There's another mercenary after you. "Oh, okay -- " And he's RIGHT HERE attacking you RIGHT NOW. "Oh damn it" And h… should point out: As far as I can tell, at no point should @TOMediaArts have NEEDED to prove it could maintain pr…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreFinally playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I've just been tasked with finding bear testicles to make a viagra elixir for a horny old woman.Move over, #WWE. Pro wrestling shows like Glam Slam and Effy's Big Gay Brunch are subverting what you thought you k…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreHere's a greatest hits compilation of all the hits @mattgallowaycbc took during his pro #wrestling session with…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreWe have a new hobby.
Retweeted by Jonathan OreFriendly Reminder: Jaleel White is the first actor to voice Sonic the Hedgehog. #BHM
Retweeted by Jonathan OreThere's a professional wrestling renaissance happening in Vancouver. @mattgalloway met up with @ECCW's…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreTIL the SparkNotes Twitter account is unspeakably Extremely Online😮 Bass PhishingSo I yesterday I got a lesson in how to be a pro wrestler (#yvr is a hotbed of pro wrestling... who knew?). Today I…
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We've been asking "Is E3 still relevant?" every year for the last decade and change, but I think it's actually neve… @flarkcon "oh god, did I just sign away my work in a stealth EULA"Cooking up the most ridiculous thing I've ever done for the CBC. You're going to want to listen to @TheCurrentCBC t…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreExcali ... poor?? my god I just found the .wav-to-mp3 converter in VLC Player what have I been DOING with my lifewhy all the hot girls from the same country? like where even is 🏳️‍🌈?
Retweeted by Jonathan OreThe loser is not the only one hurt. The winner who had to hurt the loser is also hurting. | Kabuki Klash | Arcade
Retweeted by Jonathan OreWanted to be a mechanic, but always broke whatever he tried to fix. | Phantasy Star II | Sega Genesis
Retweeted by Jonathan OreThat's a wrap on our special forum on the future of Vancouver's Chinatown, hosted by @mattgallowaycbc. If you miss…
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @ycc_yvr With the @ycc_yvr, Chow runs pop-up mahjong socials and Cantonese lessons — describing the approach as "ad…
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @EscoBlades I remember tons of people with their 3DSs before the show/at intermission at the last game music concer… @EscoBlades Do people still StreetPass like mad at these showsComing soon ...
@patrickklepek My favourite ones are where it's a video of a person playing the game on their phone, perfectly fram… "Get Cereal" in Terry Bogard's voice @mle_chung Yeah the list only had the mainline games otherwise it'd be four times as long. I remember CC having a l… summarizes Final Fantasy X as "mansplaining framed as a love story"👇 @JamesRRubec It's all real bad (the overall political centrism idea has NOT aged well) but none of that comes close…'m sorry, but W H A T forgot how overwrought (self-indulgent?) the end of Bioshock Infinite was. It kinda feels like a worse version of…
@LurkerLocal @MrBrandonStroud I wonder if the MTV era is gettable for the Network?Anthem, 2019's most famous disaster in games, will be redone. The trend of big budget second chances continues.
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @MrBrandonStroud Are your Heat recaps on hiatus (HiATUS) now? Understandable since there's so much wrestling on TV these days of course.aaaaaaand ... the site is down. up on Oscars talk with @glasneronfilm & @ZulekhaNathoo's online chat Q&A a good list, though I wonder if Mania's inconsistent boss battles might knock if down a notch for me. to cling to this joy you feel now next year when the entire Oscar ceremony is Tom Hanks walking solemnly on sta…
Retweeted by Jonathan OreFun fact: a very high % of the people on a film set are in unions, and basically no one in a VFX house is. A cynic…
Retweeted by Jonathan OrePetition for the Oscars to include a Halftime Show with JLo & Shakira for the non-movie buffs in the crowdVanquish
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Bioshock 2 (and Minerva's Den) featured characters who I actually cared for and, in some cases, worried about their… @loudmouthjulia Does "Party Size" on the Nacho Doritos bag mean very big or very small?It's been ten years since BioShock 2 and four years since this piece. I stand by it: BioShock 2 is great and Minver…
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @jasonvermes Papyrus stan here @Danielleri Just did this a few weeks ago. I definitely holds up. Aged better than the others in a lot of ways imo. @jasonjkee Burial at Sea started off really strong, but I think I hate what it ended up doing with its characters a…
Hot damned if Bioshock Infinite doesn't look gorgeous on current platforms. It's still got one of the most beautifu… @Fobwashed The @DocProjectCBC did a radio documentary about this with some explanation of the science behind it a l… a secretly made recording, Coun. Jim Karygiannis is heard aggressively policing his constituents over alleged by…
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When your TV doesn't have plugs for the A/V cables and you need to get an RF switch do you, chair girl, take coronavirus plane guy,
Retweeted by Jonathan OreA gathering of Marvel and Capcom folks drawn on the iPad in procreate. #holidaydrawing
Retweeted by Jonathan Orecleaned everything up into something i can be Proud Of
Retweeted by Jonathan Ore @navalang maybe, but there's gotta be healthier (and less constant) ways of doing it @navalang I've never really agreed with the idea because it would rarely provoke actual dialogue between parties. i…
Are you a game journalist in the Greater Toronto Area? Interested in writing for not one but two local outlets? CON…
Retweeted by Jonathan Orecontemplating whether I'm at the stage of my life where I want to buy and build three more Ikea bookshelvesThe party truly never stops with @SuperKingofBros and @PeteDunneYxB! #WWENXT
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