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I made @frontpagetech. Tech analyst. Apple leaks & memes. 85.5% accurate according to @ApplTrack - Blocked by @pschiller. Leader of the #ToiletSquad 🧻

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The iPhone 12 Pro feels so unreal. It’s hard to believe that Apple made the phone look and feel EXACTLY how I want… @BenGeskin You’ll end up with one 😂 They’re so good this year @_Bethesdad 🤤yo that gold iphone 12 pro looks good enough to get me pregnant @dbrand what kind of plugs? 😳👀
@GregoryMcFadden @dbrand @DannySmallman @dbrand It was literally a joke 😂 I actively leak apple products. Of course he’s not going to send… @DannySmallman @dbrand You claimed that I was entitled — not me. I’m not “entitled” to anything at all, ever. I… cook refused to give me an iphone for some reason 🤔 so @dbrand did instead @AkramRafiq4 you feel better?
where i got it (not an affiliate link) @thisistechtoday @Jaime_Rivera I’m talking about the people who are like “this is why you use a case” or “glass is… @Jaime_Rivera PS: you people making excuses for them in this thread is lame af 😂 @Jaime_Rivera Oh god.. no... oh no @TheHacker894 LOOOLevery fuckin dayyo im not tech support @ThisIsNoahEvans @AppleTerminal Oh no... @twizmwest @UpAndUpAgain @Vyyyper @podcastage I also don’t care what you think I’m saying 🤷🏼‍♂️😂All final performance testing for AirTags (B389) will be 100% completed on November 6. After this testing, produc… up and eat your magsafe
Retweeted by Jon Prosser @UpAndUpAgain @Vyyyper @podcastage YouTube TV ftw! @UpAndUpAgain @Vyyyper @podcastage I thought he said “good” too, so I rewound the stream and listened again — it wa… @Vyyyper @podcastage Definitely looked at the moderator and said “go ahead”, as she was trying to ask a question
@alimomen Not true — because getting the devices early is still a privilege. Saying anything *too* negative could… fact: The media / reviewers that get the iPhone early for videos don’t actually get to keep them. They all h… @TechhubPro Yes - by the end of the year @Jioriku the first “foldable” phone was the royal flex pi so, yes 😂 this is still very true“bUt sAmSuNg DiD iT FiRsT” Nobody cares. Being “first” is absolutely meaningless. Be best, not first. There’s… @MightiJamie Literally said multiple times that they won’t be at the event, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about 😂 @MightiJamie have you been paying attention or nah? @KyleParkinson6 damnitI leaked the name “AirPods Studio” I’m also the one who leaked the renders... Looks like Huawei is taking both… iPhone 12 MagSafe *does* work with cases? how is @dbrand the only company who tested this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol a…
Enjoy your iPhone videos! iPad Air embargo lifts tomorrow (10/21) at 9:00am ET ⏳ 👍🏼 @AndyS_OSU Wait until you see iPads tomorrow then 🤷🏼‍♂️ @Mrwhosetheboss 👀iPhone embargo lifts in one hour. ⏳worse than this is the absolute worst design from apple ever god so terrible @nit2308 @9to5mac @L0vetodream @benlovejoy Yep @CubeCDM @9to5mac @L0vetodream @benlovejoy Correct - I didn’t specify anything regarding how many sizes. @9to5mac @L0vetodream @benlovejoy 1. It’s spelled “Jon” 2. I followed up on this report 5 days ago. (Tweet linked)… @waxeditorial @DimSartz_ @MacRumors @L0vetodream That’s... what leaks are 😂 @waxeditorial @DimSartz_ @MacRumors @L0vetodream The same reason any of my tweets ever reflect what’s happening wit… @jroman951 @rsgnl I’m just telling you what I was told. iPhone on Tuesday iPad Air on Wednesday
@LeaksApplePro I’ve had enough fun for today, internet. @ILEAKApple @LeaksApplePro @electropicks Update: he thinks some dude from a random logistics company is my source.… @ILEAKApple @LeaksApplePro @electropicks I bet you my whole account that you don’t know a single one of my sources within Apple. 😂 @ILEAKApple @LeaksApplePro @electropicks Who is it then? Oh, wise one. @LeaksApplePro @ILEAKApple He’s still goin @LeaksApplePro @ILEAKApple lol @rsgnl That’s @Gizmodo for ya @kingabdo098 @naveen_kumar12 No - but when 5G is standard in a year or two, guess who already has it? @naveen_kumar12 “Most required features” 😂 Apple doesn’t give a shit what nerds on twitter “require”. Just because… internet: “Apple is always YEARS behind the competition!” Apple: *Adds 5G to all iPhones while maintaining co…
@heyyoudvd 9:00am ETMy tweet about iPhone tweet about iPad a reminder of what I said last week regarding iPhone 12 and iPad Air videos / coverage: Media received iPhone… @LeaksApplePro @WinterSkiis @Jioriku Not what I was told @AJavier_E @AlexmercerMe @samsheffer ... @AlexmercerMe @samsheffer They’re going portless There’s no reason to ask consumers to start using USBC for a yea… @samsheffer I’ll help! 🙋🏼‍♂️ - not happening (ever) - happening - 50/50 @iup_date @zollotech @jaimegarcia401 @jonprosper ❤️
@chihane_mattia Oh you’ll be fine @iosjbenthusiast @that_chapter Yep! @Bellarinaa and I LOVE some @that_chapterholding everything that comes in your iphone box @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach @madebygoogle Is my dirty ore all wet? 😏 @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach @madebygoogle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I did do that @MaxWinebach @madebygoogle Ship happens @MaxWinebach @madebygoogle Those shore are great photos, Max. @Bellarinaa @WinterSkiis @LeaksApplePro @MaxWinebach @MaxWinebach @LeviGuyan @Bellarinaa @LeviGuyan @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach You’re right. I’ll send her deck pics @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach You’re so sex sea @WinterSkiis @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach You mean, you didn’t ask to sea this ship @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach Meet me in the bedroom when you’re feeling nauti 😏 @Bellarinaa @MaxWinebach You might live with me, but you can’t pier pressure me. 🚣‍♀️ @MaxWinebach @MaxWinebach Max Weindock @jc_gtrz @Bellarinaa @aswin_ramdas_ Correction: Jern likes mexican * @that_chapter ever just look at the blue iPhone 12 pro like
Retweeted by Jon Prosser @Bellarinaa @Jioriku BRB gonna delete my account @Bellarinaa @Jioriku Okay alright that’s enough. You can’t just fuckin waltz on in here and be funnier than me. @Jioriku @Bellarinaa HE DELETED HIS WHOLE ACCOUNT NdnsnkakKskzkama I’m fuckin ded 😂☠️ @Jioriku That’s @Bellarinaa for ya 🥶 @appltrack ❤️ @aswin_ramdas_ 1. Meet @Bellarinaa 2. This is literally you.’m now limiting the ways you can contact me. If you work at a certain fruit company and want to share some info…
50% of my photos are just screenshots that i took on accidentConfirmed 👍🏼 @L0vetodream “MESA” is Touch ID. “uts” is “under the screen” @L0vetodream @9techeleven My tweets about it (people may have missed it because Twitter was broken 😂) iPad Air…