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Jona @Jonaaa6_VAL secret base

22 | F/A @ggsquirtlesquad | Peak #1 Radiant | Previously @TeamSerenity @ProjektRadiant @Kudos_VAL

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@neT_valorant HAHAHHAHAHA FK OFF FIRST TWO SEASONS OF SAO ARE GASSharing my anime list with @neT_valorant @LarryBanks05 @mehzyVAL @vinnerwinner and they're just roasting my ratings......... @st9llar no u @bruCSGO you slaying demons out there @fletcherrVAL hey fletch nice job today @DerrekOW LMAO YESSSSSIR @koalanoob dont let the people know man!!!highest omen ACS of day 1. this means absolutely nothing, i just wanted to flex on all of you. friendly reminder:… @megchu99 tough love buddy @Chrom1e @TSM ggs @megchu99 no. cheer up. on the day. Playing vs. @TSM tomorrow! #VCTSo we won map 1 ascent, and all 10 of us are just stuck in this screen no matter what we do. Plz fix, I just wanna… is currently 50 disconnects going on mid game every round. LFG #VCT !!!!
GAME DAY! #VCT Playing with @d1msumboi this time around . @ggsquirtlesquad
@vinnerwinner @PlayVALORANT becoming a yoru main... @crunchyyworld @flexinja @PlayVALORANT it’s the price you have to pay when you wield the $400 rectangle of death @hirakzu ur 🍆 my 🍑 @joytuai no. i’ll be playing 😤 @DnorValorant @PlayVALORANT professional thrower 😎 @cozyjozie @PlayVALORANT yeah its wack :/ @truoVAL @PlayVALORANT bro same...YOOOO @PlayVALORANT FIX THIS PLZ AND TY . . idk why this happens but its annoying asfffffff
@Subroza @TSM omgggg 😋 @ItzBoltzy @juliaaiis @ChoicePlays @TeamSerenity i enjoyed my stay at @TeamSerenity
@kevinchoiboi everyday is a blessing bro. glad you're okay now. love you man!
@Justinovah felt this. @valorant_gf @megchu99 same lol @slothsuu bro.... just let me cook for u @valorant_gf @megchu99 all girls do is lie and hurt me @megchu99 now ur just all cap weirdchamp 🧢 @megchu99 no you dont. i was kidding. @megchu99 i’m a hoe 😈 @DekyFPS zack always pull thru when needed most 😭 @Lear_VAL gone too soon... @_PLAYERR1 truly inspirational @neT_valorant who? @maidchu @Eshotz_ thnx you maidchu @Ban_Val okay bro we get it, you’re kinda good at the game..
@frostyZK havent washed mine since i got it 6 months ago 💀 @xeboda bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bowl bo…
@careertwitch i do not play valorant (and i liked this) @vinnerwinner @1juniorcs @Bjorlulu @Kasche1x LMFAOOOO @nillyazVAL @neT_valorant you are no longer a squirtle. @_Bewd dope as fuuuuck
@CoachTrippy but but but but but but but but but but i like my aim routine @vinnerwinner @Kyrokana actual fax. ty vincent @Kyrokana @vinnerwinner i must say, this is quite the nice highlight video. @1EDEN_ i am ugly and silver 3 @texerino dyac technology is what makes zowie monitors different from other 240hz monitors so i have it on. but tbh… @VirtuosoVAL W @careertwitch @eliter3k love you arman @fletcherrVAL the amount of 140 in 1s... @dcopGG @pax @VirtuosoVAL unlucko:/ @realmocking @1leakcs @xeboda u confuse me mocking @Bankroft you wrong for that @Lear_VAL @Eshotz_ fending off the unrated demons lol @ciaolyx @Eshotz_ thank you ciaolyx. @ItzBoltzy @harmfoo @Subroza @Critical_Val @daps 70 ping. that looked a whole lot diff on my screenHaven't posted a clip in a minute, but maybe I should grind ranked again cuz I been feeling myself 🥶 Ty for being m… @Zellsis factuals
@ethanarnold @tarik @psalm @ashIeybtw @HarleyW_ #SignHarleyW_ @plooful smae. and yes. @frostyZK bro honestly same lmao, but i haven't changed in like four days so i'm proud of myself for that @vinnerwinner you can so much in a year with content and gaming. worth it. @realmocking @1leakcs what even are you @1leakcs hey nice clutch leak
@OkinFPS @YFPGamingLive @nerdstreet ggs mister okin, good luck rest of tourney! @jet_fps @YFPGamingLive @nerdstreet ggs bro ur nutsSheeesh we drop 0-2 to @YFPGamingLive. GGs, Gotta give credit where it's due, those guys out gunned us hard lol. Ou… @TeddyTran_ pop off for us bro 😭 @kevinchoiboi make us proud kchoiboi uwu @ciaolyx @neT_valorant @ciaolyx you have horns? @1flyuh @T1 YOU LIVE IN SEATTLE XAVIER?!?!?!? WHY DIDNT I KNOW THIS. also gratz <3 @vinnerwinner @nerdstreet @DarkZeroGG had to do it to em 😩 @TestyFPS_ @Recon5Org @nerdstreet 🙏 @r3p_valorant @Recon5Org @nerdstreet thnx bro, yall too @StealthyNP @Recon5Org @nerdstreet GGs fam, you are nutty2-1 over @Recon5Org and we make day 2 of @nerdstreet Summer Open. They gave us a run for our money, definitely sur… @megchu99 ur pissin me off meg. love urself ur great.
@KOLER1337 @nerdstreet @DarkZeroGG LOL FAX @ScrewFaceVAL @nerdstreet @DarkZeroGG i watched anime before the match... @DaniVAL__ @nerdstreet @DarkZeroGG was watching DaniVAL__ streams all day yesterday and taking notes 🤓2-0 in groups of @nerdstreet Summer Open Quali. Went demon mode to get revenge over the boys at @DarkZeroGG. Round… @valorant_gf @DekyFPS @ctrrlz V @Vanityxz i believe in you.
@nancmnguyen @nart_val let the lil guy be horny @tytitv i got u. perfect jett portrait i made 4 u. @Karizmahkv @Lear_VAL @psalm all good @valorant_gf @neT_valorant just get a fx zero soft and call it a day bro trust me
valorant preschool (3/?) ☀️
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@valorant_gf oki. stop yelling !! @nateschanker @Ban_Val no 🧢 @ItzBoltzy @Ban_Val email for meowned lol @Ban_Val @GeezaOfficial @pl1xxval @Vanityxz @Ban_Val @codeyluvskittys all good.i stopped using the superlight for a couple months bcuz i thought it was trash. i'm back on it now and can safely s… @aloeson @Strafe_val @SkimVal strafe is mine.