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Jonah Lobe @Jonahlobe Brooklyn, NY

Artist, Gamedev, Educator & World-Builder · Creator of the Skyrim Dragon & the Fallout Deathclaw · I like songs that build ·

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Hey everyone - I'll be illustrating this little scene here tomorrow on Adobe Live at 12:30 EST! The wonderful… @Dr_Greenthumbz9 @YouTube Yayyy excellent Dr! @LauraJayArt @YouTube Aww thank you Laura!
Are you trying to work on your art during the quarantine, but you just can't find the energy or inspiration? I came…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @livingcardsmtg I really hope you enjoy it! @LowBudgetFonzy @YouTube It’s all very difficult! Maybe you will find some ideas in this video for writers block… @ronniemick I’ve been known to make a thing or two in my time 🤷🏼‍♂️ @SlawomirKlaja Thank you Slawomir!Are you trying to work on your art during the quarantine, but you just can't find the energy or inspiration? I came…
@TGalanodel @Goblins_Mordor @rolokipp @GeekGirlBookWrm @bloodyjackyl @hobbyistgirl @GorillaBrush @GarethHreidmar @muses_touch @Goblins_Mordor @rolokipp @GeekGirlBookWrm @bloodyjackyl @hobbyistgirl @GorillaBrush @GarethHreidmar @malkalypse That would be soooo metal @xXDibbs Totally agree Dibbs! @rolokipp @Goblins_Mordor @GeekGirlBookWrm @bloodyjackyl @hobbyistgirl @GorillaBrush I will DEFINITELY provide!I published my first 3-hour class on Creature Design with a 3rd party company, but after seeing how much 💰they took… @MiniPainterMeg @eobet @ICantThinkEm @Darcy_Bono Good to know, and thanks for your honesty! @ICantThinkEm @eobet @MiniPainterMeg @Darcy_Bono Ok no worries, thanks! @ShadySparrow That’s so fun! Thanks for saying so. I think for this first one or two, I’d want someone who does i… @RasiaNadjkovic Oh you do beautiful work! Thank you, I will investigate and I may reach out! @jeffsimpsonkh @SOI128 That truly is everything I could want @mloi_3d Yes yes this!! @IamH0oligan more than ever it's important to shop local, support family businesses, and individual entrepreneurs and artist…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @FelixIrnich Well said! @ShadySparrow That is very sweet. Do you paint miniatures then?
The holidays are upon us - DO NOT ORDER FROM AMAZON IF YOU CAN HELP IT!! Jeff Bezos is a horrible money-hoarding… aren't always easy. These are tips that I find myself commonly reiterating to myself, friends and/or…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @jeffsimpsonkh I want that too! New York used to be such a good place for that… @finnanddash Ugh that’s sad! @SarielSnowings @MalevMinis Maybe we could do a freestyle stream and make it happen 😂 @ArthurDenison Haha well it would not be me painting, I would just be providing the little models. I love the enthusiasm tho!’Art stream in 20 minutes! 😁 @Jaychel2016 They did such a great job, thanks Jay! @SwordOnTheRange @Elessarion30 Excellent, thank you! I will look into this... @ICeasarus @ESO_Danny That’s so cool thanks Danny! @teacup_art @Batophobe Ooh now that is good work! @Chippers_ @PearForceOne Excellent, how exciting - I will be in touch! @SiegeStudios @TheWolfenbach Excellent, thank you @SiegeStudios and @TheWolfenbach , I will be in touch! @PsilocybearSWE This is exactly the resource I I was looking for, thank you! @blue_cosplay Oh I didn’t know you painted!I’m thinking of buying a handful of Skyrim and fallout miniatures, but I don’t have the means to paint them. Does… @Jibade_Najja Hahaha!Artist tip: did you know that there are many indie magazines looking for existing artwork to license for covers? I…
Retweeted by Jonah LobeSome of my favorite swords from ⚔️ Swordtember ⚔️
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @ArtcoreCosplay Ahh I have trouble with Shadowheart, any tips for how to play her?? @Himmapaan SO GORGEOUS Natee. Just beautiful. @BS_artsss I just LOVE how you do lighting, it’s so cinematic.When people ask me who my favorite artist is, I usually just tell them “I really like animals.” #AnimalArtistsUnite may be a creature designer but animals will always be my favorite thing to draw and paint. #AnimalArtistsUnite
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @ArtcoreCosplay Who’s yr ideal party tho? @EricR42 I haven’t gotten much of a chance to meet him very well, because my OC is a rogue so I dont need him. @rolokipp Yeah I’m sad Shadowheart isnt better, Im really unimpressed with her over all.
@rolokipp This is very helpful, thank you! I appreciate how seriously you took this. @polywags86 Ohhhhh I be loved Viconia!! We should really look that up. @p_e_b_b_l_e_ Yeah he’s fun! I like that there are layers to him, and I like his whole look, with the eye and the scars @lidselarv Yes, it’s not the best name, but given that she comes from a sect of neutral evil individuals, I can ima… who else is playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and who are your favorite characters?
@JenyceGArt Thank you Jenyce!Art stream starting in 1 hour! @The_Beef_Dev You should reach out to them and say hello! @MichaelaHMN Thank you so much!The Sentinel of the Sun ☀️
@mercai @digisculp Agreed with Valentin!Worshipers of the beast, when deemed ready, are infected by blessed parasites. The misshapen horrors howl their cri…
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@CandraHope @JuliaMetzgerArt Candra I imagine it's probably just Twitter cleaning house. You should feel lighter already! haha @PallaGoon Gorgeous work!Heyy #SMITE!! Just got Living Alloy Jormungandr rendered out and on Artstation! Check it out there~…
Retweeted by Jonah LobeStop Motion Star Wars needs to be a thing🙏 #stopmostarwars
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @SonnyVirgi No reference! All from my head 👍🏻
Finished Akira: Book 1 and just had to draw dynamic figures in perspective. I honestly think I’ve had a sort of br…
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@ellinainthesky @AndrewSimmons3 @Rgdraw I’m here, you can watch some of my old streams and decide for yourself: @ellinainthesky @AndrewSimmons3 @Rgdraw I enjoy it! Not as many people as on twitch, but growing bigger. They are p… Akira: Book 1 and just had to draw dynamic figures in perspective. I honestly think I’ve had a sort of br…
@ElbenherzArt No never I swear!! @JohnnyBuschi HahahahGonna stream some art in 10ish minutes! @ElbenherzArt Omg the Pokemon in the back 😂Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate. In the middle of probably the worst spike of the COVID pandemic. 250,000 live…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @PaulAllor @beckyjewell Now Paul that is a VERY cool idea. Too bad they didnt go for it... @CoastlCreature Yeah the toothiness is a HUGGEE draw. @ArtOfSoulburn Having just finished Akira Book 1, my mind has been totally blown by Otomo’s attention to architectural details!!Why is Venom the most fun to draw @GioNakpil Oh I like the direction you’re approaching him from...
@Rgdraw I am so jealous! That sounds like a dream come true. @Rgdraw HOWWWWW???Feeling inspired - art stream in 30 min? @PeterJConlin Now that is gorgeous. @moons_artwork Honestly, you might be right. It is pretty immaculate.VOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM’s like... everything. Every frame is perfection. @pathengart Had no idea! Talent runs in their family... @BPerschall @beckyjewell Oh that would be so fun... @PeterJConlin No but someone else recommended that too!! @beckyjewell That is absolutely stunning, and we should be doing this kind of thing everywhere. The drawings are so… @Jonahlobe It's so much fun and definitely something to celebrate and love. I went to Tokyo last year and in one ne…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @spacejam_kam This is awesome. I am from Seattle originally, and this artwork speaks to my soul.So hello! Your fellow Black/Native history nerd is gonna show you some cool stuff. This time being a transformation…
Retweeted by Jonah Lobe @pyapor It’s just such an impressive art style, so meticulous it’s amazing. @SirChadimus Ugh yeah those spray on muscles are awwwwful’! @notcapnamerica @carriecordero