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Pro EU - no fan of political grifters & the Brexit extremists - likely to be droll - eco - all inclusive - x party - #QPR - asking a LOT of Q's of Govt- welcome

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@SusanPickin Appears so Susan....I'm calling for full, all encompassing public enquiries into the Brexit referendum, (including foreign interference… @MHartleyJones Perspective right here Martin... Excellent tweet 👍In the medium term, the Tories sidelining of younger voters will be at a huge cost to them. How much damage they wi… there come a point where the Govt are properly held to account for their catastrophic Covid failures? Or are w…
176 deaths from Covid announced today. Clearly these sort of numbers are to be accepted as normal now. @GuyOpperman @Ker1244 I'm incredibly sorry for your tragic loss. My very best wishes from my family to yours.Pubs are back. And the next peak is coming soon. Health before profits. July 1936 | Belgian Jewish boy Andre Hartstein was born in Antwerp. He emigrated with his family to France. In D…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNPIt's time to invest properly in social housing.Of course there is a border between England and Scotland. And it's likely to be a much 'harder' one soon enough.The loss of freedom of movement is a tragedy. 'Believers' won't understand how it affects them, until it actually… @Sabs29854754 @libdemlife Completely agree 👍 @libdemlife Well that's not what it suggested when I tried to reply to it Simon. 👇 a huge fan of gossip generally - an FYI though that a few credible people are running that some form of the Rus…'s that episode of the Thick of It, isn't it? The one where Mannion & Pearson are up a slide.
@georgenturner @libdemlife Which is the point I'm making!!And my friend @libdemlife deleted the following tweet: Simon is blocked by most Parliamentary Spokes, I'd rather en… @georgenturner @libdemlife Thanks George. I will 😉 the tweet was crystalline - May criticises the politicisation of… @libdemlife I didn't say it had anything to do with it. @libdemlife Yes. May appointed Johnson to that post. As per the tweet 👍5 billion for a green new deal is less than the Govt spent on 2 aircraft carriers. #ContextSo, the selfish ERG enablers in the 'Government' are going to take the economic and societal harm of self appointe… let's see: Airport in the sea, garden Bridge & a bridge from Scotland to N. Ireland over a munitio… Johnson rubbish. Build build build - yeh a massive bonfire to set fire to the UKs economy with a lousy bare… that Theresa May is genuinely furious about the politicisation of the Civil Service, it needs noting that… @EnglishBRights 😬If you could go back to the referendum day in 2016, what would you say to your friends & family that's different today than it was then?Today, this fervent Govt of Brexit 'believers' live - will absolutely prove beyond any doubt, that they will delibe… @libdemlife Great research Simon. Good find... With awful results. @michaelgove Horrendous politics...
Commiserations to the people of Leicester. I guess only the scientists know the facts and effectiveness of the mea…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNP @IanMaher7 I think I'd be hopeful of a little more from my constituency MP - call me an optimist 😉 it's been a plea… @Kitkat74685217 @MrEuanStewart @RadishRave @shilen_rajani @MandyHodgkinso2 @michal_dimitrov Thanks Kitkat!! Your turn next 😉 @libdemlife @MrEuanStewart I wasn't!!! I asked a question, you quote tweeted me! @MrEuanStewart It's very odd.... I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, and on dm, he's fine... Live on Twitte… @TanyaKaroli @MrEuanStewart @RadishRave @shilen_rajani @MandyHodgkinso2 @michal_dimitrov Thanks Tanya 👍 I'll plug you next time!Here we go: how about a quick night time follow back: a few accounts I suggest are - @MrEuanStewart @RadishRave @MrEuanStewart Evening Euan, all well with you? Did you notice that Simon and a couple of his pals were accusing me… again, Jonathan’s on the money here. This government has failed to grasp the fact that public health and the e…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNPGerman #Wirecard collapse has devastating consequences for poor and vulnerable in the #UK #fintech
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNPOn estimated figures, half the Covid deaths eminate from 3 of the most populist, hard right Govts in the world: Jo… mini lockdown in Leicester... Schools and non-essential shops to close, those shielding have to keep shielding… @Ride4Truth Not sure.....Serious point: how many surgeries has PM Johnson done for the residents of Uxbridge & South Ruislip since re-electi… @Tidy_Box How did that work out Philip?This week on Rogue Traders, has this man offered to build your extension? He claims to be from the Uxbridge area -… 😜Barnier: Marc who? @shefshakespeare 2 questions I don't have time to answer now... @HartleyHare2 @Lynn_GT Rude Hartley you flea bitten mange monster. Just rude 😉 @cactus_woman Is that Jon? He's a good guy..... I like that.Gadzooks! Odds Bodkins... @staxis I'm not sure we should. Just musing.... 👍 @VelvickChris @russelltongue @trevor_stables I like this..... @alloaboxman @IanMaher7 Morning chaps, sense as always from Ed and Fr Ian 👍 @HardingMike Morning Mike, always a pleasure 👍 @Jonathan_MBanks Interesting seeing the responses. #FBPE has been a rally cry which called so many of us together w…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNP @working_eu @nickynoo007 Who on earth do you say is trolling you? @JackieRushby It's seen by *some* as antagonistic - some of these people we might be better convincing than shoutin… @JamesMelville @IanMaher7 @peterjukes @MarkFrancois12Monday morning controversy: is it time to retire #FBPE as the unifying Pro EU # and what should replace it?Surely there are 40+ Tory MPs with the integrity to say ‘enough is enough’ to the Cummings-led cabal that is not ju…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNP @working_eu @nickynoo007 I'm not. I'm supporting a friend going through a tough time. Why do you ask? @working_eu @nickynoo007 Lol!!With Sedwills seeming 'removal' to be replaced by Frost - who appears to have 'negotiated' disingenuously being Cum… @working_eu @nickynoo007 Then by your own words, act sensitively to a sensitive situation. And yes, different scena…
@stonesister7 @Taximan5416 @peterjukes I'd like to take the chance to understand why you believe what you do. I'm g… @working_eu @nickynoo007 What he said is you appear to be trolling. It could be said you're being provactive and d… @working_eu @nickynoo007 Redundancies include multiple agreement features in morphology, multiple features distingu… @stonesister7 @Taximan5416 @peterjukes John. We should talk... @DariaHassQT And Darias in the lead!!What would a Cabinet Minister need to do to actually have to resign?Jenrick surviving breaking lockdown, and the Desmond/Westferry scandal shows that the Govt quite literally believe… turning off of FM transmitters to go DAB only went very quiet. Anyone know what's happening there? @MarishaRayLD @coleman_rachael I'll have a look Marisha. Hope all well with you 👍This in effect 'overthrow' of the Civil Service wasn't in the Tory manifesto. Neither was the anarchist overseeing… @kercle Ooof!!!48 hours from avoiding asking for the much wanted & entirely necessary #Brexit extension - social media is awash wi… anyone else find the (understandable) lack of public toilets open an erm... Inconvenience? @fantoma68yahoo1 You're most welcome. Pleasure to engage 👍 @JoeOttenX @mwkitching @libdemlife Hi Joe, do feel free to unfollow me, then the frequency issue will be resolved 👍 hope all well with you. @libdemlife I asked a question. That's all. Opening up debate. It's not my view as it goes. @hillier_mandy Quite! @Garybro82547780 It's poundshop politics GaryNow we have David Brent, will he do a worse job?
@robertcp @KimSJ That's why there will be an extension.... However the Govt have to be dragged kicking & screaming towards getting one....I've tried throughout my business and political life, to try to do my hardest to do the 'right thing' without fear… great day on Twitter today. Thank you (you know who you are!) for the laughs, engagements and giggles. Hope tomor… @sandypuke I certainly wasn't accusing Paul. It's crossed my mind. I wondered what Twitter thought. @heeney77 Hi Steve, hope all well. I've asked you to give me contact details. Please do so, and stop obsessing over…'m concerned that the suspension of activities by Wirecard, and pre-paid debit cards by Pockit and Anna etc, means… @pluto_blues_ How lovely. Are you coming for a walk with me? 🙈 @07glen 🙈 @BeechSbeech I said all views welcome. Including yours 👍This has the potential to be a very interesting thread. All views very welcome...Is it possible that #dominiccunmings trip to Durham was pre-planned, they knew the press it would attract, and knew…
@mdrogerson Hi. I have already acknowledged this, to an earlier handle, and accepted my error 👍 best wishes