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Reliably & always pro EU. Asking lots of q's of corrupt & incompetent Tories. All about the equality #eco #QPR #Sustainability #Droll #indyref2 #Engagement

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About that two week circuit breaker that the Govt ignored the science & advice on.....
Something darkly amusing about Priti Patel stanning Basil Fawlty...
Dear world: most of the UK doesn't agree with this. Love from millions of us x can't listen to Jenrick anymore. A duplicitous truth denier. Why say the Govt are following the science, when the… & Hopkins: the newly 'free' UK should have invoked the 'baggsies - no returns' rule... 🤨
They won't. And they have had little intention of ever helping that I can see... how many billions of our money has been mis-spent by the Govt using the pandemic as a cloak? @alanburkittgray Yup 👍🏿Ah John Penrose. Nice chap. Thinks that parents who send children to breakfast clubs are 'chaotic' which is quite s… Dyer 👍🏿 Superheros come along rarely, and are often the least expected amongst us.
The Telegraph should print a huge apology for all the #COVID19 questioning they've been busy hissing at their reade… a week to go. The ending of Trumps idiocy will further isolate Johnson & Vote Leave. A rallying call for… @ermatruth This was a terribly sad message to read. I'm not sad for myself, I'm sad for you. I can't begin to conte…, how would the Tories present their 'modern take on workhouses'? And I'm half serious... 🤨 @MrSimonMount1 @MadeleinaKay Simon. Can I ask why you even felt the need to tweet that abusive message? @GarySambrook89 How has this tweet worked out for you? @SBabadook64 No, but apparently it is her name! @danny_cocker I think he's a talented young manager 👍🏿 @NickTay61782758 And I agree with Andrew Neil. Strange times.. @Stanbowles82 Don't forget your coat! @h_theduck @Bluestockingmum Again? 😬😬So Deloitte types are getting 180 million in #Brexit consultancy fees - but the Tories can't feed vulnerable childr… @FrightfulEeyore Liking that one! @A4Dent Boom!! @Richy01288326 And we're off! 😜 @chriostoir_g Very good Chris. Its been a cruel summer hasn't it? @liverpool_Jon 😬😬😬😬I heard a rumour that Bananarama are trending?Tweeted because it made me laugh! UK conducts more trade with Ireland than with Brazil, Russia, India & China combined. That's because countries… Let's be clear. I politically detest all current Vote Leave/Bluekip ministers. I'm an equal opportunities detes… till these 50 MPs find out about the damage #Brexit will cause...
Let's stop debating the cost of food, and discuss affordable housing, and supporting benefit claimants by giving th… @QuakerPete Saved me writing the tweet Pete 👍🏿Yep same here. I stood on a proud Remain ticket exactly because I don't want people to suffer. #Brexit is…
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNPTo be fair Remainers warned us years ago what's at stake ...
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNPNot sure why, as a remainer, I would take any responsibility for Brexit. I campaigned for, and voted to remain. The… The inevitable u-turn. How exactly will the Tories even start to go about persuading THEIR voter base that chil…
@benedict_cane @sharron_honey @CliveMitchell54 @LJD1977 Benedict: Sharron is the Lib Dem version of Jess Phillips..… @sharron_honey @benedict_cane @CliveMitchell54 @LJD1977 Lol Sharron!! Benedict is on-side. He has an 'advanced' soh!! @colinpennkenny Made I laugh!!! @DC65551676 You say that in jest 😬😬Tier 20, to be announced on Christmas Eve, will mean the only person allowed outside the house will be Santa Claus 🤨Outside the office of @Gibbo4Darlo thanks to @QuakerPete @Liberal_Isms @AllRiseWomxn @phenomemum @gazdevere Absolutely Amanda.Delighted to give full credit for this excellent work to: @gazdevere, photos. Campaign organised by @AllRiseWomxn @AllRiseWomxn Excellent work! All power to you👍🏿 @AllRiseWomxn @phenomemum @Liberal_Isms @gazdevere Congratulations!!!! Outstanding work! Hope I've helped promote i… @benedict_cane @CliveMitchell54 @MrRobertBob1 @LJD1977 I did genuinely laugh at your reply!! @Cornishchuckle Many are hoping so AliciaOutside @SimonClarkeMP's office yesterday Thanks to @slowbones @slowbones Thanks Nick 👍🏿 @CliveMitchell54 @MrRobertBob1 @benedict_cane @LJD1977 I could just repeat my answer, I have a lot of lower number followers. @MrRobertBob1 @CliveMitchell54 @benedict_cane @LJD1977 Nothing RB. Because I'm just as keen to hear from people wit… anyone else feels so inclined, Govt 'plates' could really start to topple...Does anyone have photos of this happening anywhere else? What a fantastic, effective and Covid safe protest. @Liberal_Isms I found these 3 as part of a collage a blue tick local journalist had tweeted. Hope all well. @vespalien Nope Steve. Its not.Excellent work...... Anyone else? @TsalP 👍🏿 We are all rooting for Joe over here.What a great protest . Perhaps other locations ...?
Retweeted by 🔶Jonathan Banks🔶 Parliamentary spokes RNP @DrewPea00233491 😬😬😬This is not going away is it? Rapidly becoming a Poll Tax moment in political history... Southend Tory HQ. should be celebrating this particularly, it's just one of the many, many downsides of the sham that was deli…, can you let us know your relevant qualifications & experience that allows you to publically declare a Prof w… fear will soon be project here...A permanent extension to the £20 per week Universal Credit payments should be announced now (not in April) to give… to see Labour keeping the pressure on and putting another vote forward on free school meals tomorrow. How many… Lewis: "we all need to take personal responsibility for following guidelines" apart from Cummings obviously… what's Bernard Jenkin up to? A squeeze on Johnson to speed up his exit? Is he being genuine? Or is he going roun… it is #FakeMelania, its more likely that Melania is responsible for fake Melania than Trump.
2020 late entrance for the most bizzare Tory MP Twitter showing of the week goes to Johnny Mercer. Its a good effort,… @CHOLLY2808 How kind Sir. Thank you... @AnneKennedy61 Anne!!!Lots of Tory MPs consoling each other today over an (admittedly poorly chosen) phrase - but not so much in the way… @WhingingTeacher @BBradley_Mans My bit for you guys Nick 😬 @GraWitMik Have I ever told you what my handicap is?Just spent half an hour shaking my head at the train wreck that is @BBradley_Mans timeline. This guy is actually an… @GraWitMik Well Graham. Now there's a question!me if the Tories try to politicise this next, 'jingoistic nostalgia' 'we don't need Europe setting our clocks' etc.… do see the issue for my many Scottish friends, but as we head inexorably towards #Indyref2 I assume NS intends to… to that industry. (Hopefully post) Covid, the financial benefits to tourism and leisure would be a needed boos… year, the EU countries will stop altering the clocks twice per year. 1. If the UK continues to change, surely… or treat: under a second spike, I think parents might want to help children celebrate in different ways this…
I've given up with fury. Rage, anger & frustration. I'm at the pity, and disappointed stage now. And that's probabl… @ktn1977 @AnnSkelly3 @BBradley_Mans @SelaineSaxby Hi Karen, I have a friend who's daughter was taught by Selaine, a… @Tsunami65 @BBradley_Mans Politically horrendous... @Tim_Kelly @BBradley_Mans Any idea what might suit him better Tim? @MrEuanStewart @BBradley_Mans Hhhhmmmmm!!!!! @MrEuanStewart @BBradley_Mans I love Ben to debate me Euan.... You can sell the snacks for charity 👍🏿 @MrEuanStewart @BBradley_Mans 😬😬😬😬😬 @MrsMe15556009 @mavisluvspeas @BBradley_Mans Lol!! I'm actually laughing at this guy now. It's past parody... @Tim_Kelly @BBradley_Mans He needs to Tim. Atrocious.... @mavisluvspeas @BBradley_Mans He's done. Wholly unelectable now Mavis. My dog Barney would stand more chance at the next GE 👍🏿How's Friday night treating you Twitter? Better than @BBradley_Mans I hope, who's having the worst night of his 'po… this horrendous video had not been posted by Patels Home Office - the appaling attack may not have occurred. Ac… Rashford is what this country is really about. Not this Tory Govt. @richardwiegold Eek concentration levels.... More coffeeNarrator: "if you call us horrid, we'll starve children" from the Politician on record that she would never serve i…