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No longer the lowpoint of either man’s career @laurasnapes Ah thanks, missed that - will readCarey Mulligan is also excellent in the very different The Dig btw - which is out this week, I think, on Netflix. A… film that’s stayed with me for weeks - PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN. So easy to watch because it is vibrant and funny, b…
Snow in London today very much like the pandemic since September - a sprinkling of hope and joy all gone within about half an hour
@rickburin The only one I really like is The Darjeeling Limited 🤷🏻‍♂️ @rickburin “I have no idea who or what this smug, unfunny, charmless, tonally incoherent mess is for” - what I think of most of his films @DaniGraph I haven’t yet but the chat around it is exhausting
BREAKING: Biden signs executive order that limits drone shots in documentaries to establishing and concluding only
Retweeted by Jonathan DeanAbsolutely buzzing for the Oscars this year, in which a parade of expensively dressed A-Listers accept their awards… @Myboysmum Good point, sorry to doubt themAlso, if you’re going to defend your company using crucial open green space during a pandemic of infectious disease… the Secret Cinema boss says they "put places on the map and then other businesses come in our wake” - the site t… @GerardCorvin You’d hope so! But it’s a shame - we spoke about a lot that was really good, a year agoCan’t wait for people to read my long zero relevance Rami Malek interview from March 2020
@BillyNM5 I didn’t say it shouldn’t be cancelled @mattmecham I don’t know. Festivals are complex - you need bands to be confident enough to be touring, for one. Whi… depressing stuff of that ilk 👇 is what manager @colinprolifica told me last September, so it’s utterly dimwitted to think of the cancellation…’m sad about Glastonbury because I always have a lovely time there, but I’m mostly sad for the artists and crew be… @jamie_graham9 Fair point @jamie_graham9 It’s aged very well I think - in fact, it deals with themes slightly ahead of its time - and I also…
@Fish_o_wick Ah that rings a bell now. Really works too. Clever bunch @stephens_ben Don’t think he can do wordsDoes anyone know why he picked YMCA? morning. I may have this framed.
Retweeted by Jonathan DeanInAWEguration’s *quite* hard explaining to young kids exactly why Trump got elected without going down some complicated rabbit…
@julianstockton @paulmcevoy Yes, I agree - perfect. I spent a lot of time with Richard the director during the edit… years of DONNIE DARKO then. A film I couldn’t love more. Saw it… six times at cinema? Obsessed with its beauty,…‘Until’? @JNRaeside Yes - the moment they decide to jump back and forth is flawless. The tension building works really well… @DizzyJB Oh god really. I hadn’t seen that complaint. I mean, yes, I think a lot of viewers are lazy and passive, b… thing I really like about The Serpent is how frequently and clearly it jumps time. I thought the same about Ger…
@jamie_graham9 @rickburin (You’re not alone - did little for me too) @rickburin @jamie_graham9 Interesting you mention Silver Linings Playbook - a film I loved - because I was about to… @hattiehattie No. Just a ghastly cabin thing somewhere too far out of Venice that was covered in mosquitoes and had… @hattiehattie Watching it has reminded me how much I hate backpacking. And I only went for about a week, around Italy @shelf_abuse @jamie_graham9 Ah I think The Pledge is superb as well @jamie_graham9 Off the top of my head, for more recent years, to add to the list… I’d chuck in… Annihilation, Mindi… @griffaldo2 I reckon There Will Be Blood and The Master are, tonally and stylistically, very similar so I definitel… @Dorianlynskey Yes that’s very interesting and I totally agree - I’m surprised too. I did hear though that quiz sho… @Dorianlynskey A lot of new films - Pieces of a Woman, News of the World, One Night In Miami - were finished in Mar… @jamie_graham9 Yes. There is a bit toward the end where Barry Pepper breaks down which really stuck with me. Great… think about the film The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada an awful lot. I remember it as being incredibly prof… @jamesjammcmahon Will accept Studio Ghibli 👍 @BBCSangita If lockdown goes on much longer, it can become a long novel @BBCSangita Maybe it’s this weird time - but I found it rather emotional tbhI think my 6yo just wrote the opening scene of the new Pixar film 🦭 @VinnyHolliday That was all there was on that I’m afraid. But worth raising - we met over a year ago. Where are those songs!?The last thing we need is The Terminal 2
@stuartmcgurk Just remembering it more and I think I only got a 40% mark for the Chomsky piece, jeez @emmacox Never too late! @The_Shiznit I saved four of the Chomsky quotes for Nuts week actuallyJust remembering when I was a journalism student and we had to write a news story and I emailed Noam Chomsky for a… bad news. Secret Cinema coming to Walthamstow to deprive children’s football teams of their playing grounds, i…
Retweeted by Jonathan DeanThis is Lana Jean Clarkson, the actress Phil Spector murdered.
Retweeted by Jonathan DeanWith apologies to @jamie_graham9A piece that I could write in my sleep - a guide to the films of PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON. One comment? ‘Why no mention… meeting KINGSLEY BEN-ADIR - who is excellent as Malcolm X in One Night In Miami. Had some interesting thing…
@Solzaar @rht73 You been to Fischer’s btw? On Marylebone High Street? Really good (and £££) Austrian place @rht73 @Solzaar 🇦🇹 @DaisyDudeLilley Christ on a fucking bike @Babypicturethis 👍 @Robynandhergla1 That’s a very generous reading! @Hemmo It’s just all so disgusting @Babypicturethis Oh I was trying to keep his name out to skip the bit where his fans descend and attack...I would enjoy WandaVision a lot more if its lead hadn’t sent these texts @BurndtOutWard Don’t think you need to trade it in? Can have both (I think)Had no idea this was a thing, but the replies about other accidents - from somebody marrying their brother-in-law t… @marionfitt Goodness @julietsimmons No not all. Just a form off the Austrian embassy site and then some document verifications - this is… @KatieMcCay That’s weird
@bendotvc Yes wild isn’t it? Embassy closed at the moment, obviously, but planning a day out there, with Austrian f… @helenredstone But thanks for the DJing @Solzaar Sure - can’t find the link I’m afraid (I’m quite far into the process) but it’s this -… @maid_marriott You got a meal in return ffs @RosamundUrwin Oh god this reminds me - someone messaged Rosamund about her ‘new baby’ after your piece in the paper the other week...Incidentally, which is also interesting, the passport thing was because my grandfather was a Jewish refugee from Au… @GrantTucker @greg_jenner Me or Greg? @sharonlhanley Certainly throwing up some new things @bellamackie I need to go to Tower Hamlets registrar office and find someone to sign it ☹️ @LizziePaton @joshglancy I got Ugg slippers this week too and I cosign their worth. Duvets around my feet @JasonCritic NobodyBig news today. Had to get our marriage certificate verified for passport reasons and it turns out the registrar di… @hattiehattie Aren’t we all people of destiny though, via definition?Just drove past the last place I had a proper non-curfew night out - early March 2020. Felt like another life. As far back as university @robbiereviews Yet to see the film but hugely doubt it’s as good as that joke tbh
@Magic_Kitten Just on that patch of ground though @spatialanalysis Oh god I didn’t realise. Wasn’t that on in Leyton only about five years ago?I bet the film is ContagionSidepoint - that’s right next to my local dumpIf Secret Cinema becomes the cockroach of the arts and survives this when things that aren’t completely stupid don’… @greg_jenner See! I see a photo of Foo Fighters I could swear they’ve added another bloke @maxdeveson Lockdown 3 the Godfather 3 then - when the kids really suffer @Martin_Hemming Yes definitely had drier socks @missbarton @juderogers I have just sent these tweets to a friend who makes such showsLockdown one now clearly The Matrix of lockdowns, compared to The Matrix Revolutions we’re in today