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Author of THE RAVEN, CHILDREN OF THE DARK, and THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER. Represented by @spinablackyarn.

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Am I the only parent who adds a sinister twist when reading to his kids? “And the girl’s mother smiled an evil smi…
@pinheadspawn @Id3aN0vel Thank you! @usmantm That's gorgeous. @Id3aN0vel I loved this. Thank you so much!!!Excellent review and picture for THE NIGHTMARE GIRL. @SadieHartmann @OffLimitsPress @RonaldMalfi @ChadLutzke @TananariveDue @BrianKeene @DamienAWalters @JohnBoden1970 @thebookdad @darthjager_ @OffLimitsPress @deathsheadpress Thank you!!! @MikeH5856 @Matt_Wildasin @IntoStaring @brandenburgdm @JonathanRaab1 @Rudy53088 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet GOTHIC is on sale for $5 via Kindle. Only a few hours left before it goes back to its regular price. Get it…
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @Tina_Ry_7 I’m so sorry.
@LWhannell @clmazin Happy Birthday! @MikeH5856 @Matt_Wildasin @IntoStaring @brandenburgdm @JonathanRaab1 @Rudy53088 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet @ErikaSwyler I'm sorry. That would be frustrating. @MikeH5856 @Matt_Wildasin @IntoStaring @brandenburgdm @JonathanRaab1 @Rudy53088 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet @SillyMillyPi I can't believe I didn't notice it! You see more than I do. :-) @SadieHartmann @OffLimitsPress @RonaldMalfi @ChadLutzke @TananariveDue @BrianKeene @DamienAWalters @JohnBoden1970 coming-of-age list. @Matt_Wildasin @Rudy53088 @brandenburgdm @MikeH5856 @IntoStaring @JonathanRaab1 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet @Matt_Wildasin @brandenburgdm @MikeH5856 @IntoStaring @JonathanRaab1 @Rudy53088 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet @henrymackattack Thank you, Henry! I've got it all done and polished, so hopefully you'll see it sooner rather than later.Shout-out to @lastbookstorela. Thank you for carrying my books. Your store looks awesome! I hope to make it out the… @SillyMillyPi Whoa! You know, it might have happened unconsciously, as I’ve read that novel three times and love it… @NikkiHaley @standamericanow The future you describe is bleak, Nikki. It would be awful if Americans had health car… @IntoStaring @Matt_Wildasin @brandenburgdm @JonathanRaab1 @Rudy53088 @MikeH5856 @ArmandAuthor @ProjectEntNet I LOVE… awesome podcast that includes an excellent review of CASTLE OF SORROWS. work from @astrangerdream_ (though the thought of more of me is a little terrifying). @Marcel_DeVitto Thank you for reading it!Reading one of my newest horror books 📖 ‘House of Skin’ by @JonathanJanz while this Relaxed Violin 🎻 playlist strea…
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @literarilyjess @AdamParkhomenko @pattonoswalt A lack of white supremacist roles in animation? @blacklionking73 @TheRealAndrew_
@joelansdale @GiveMeYourTeeth!! FLOATING STAIRCASE by @RonaldMalfi is $1.99 for the Kindle right now! #BookTwitter
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @LWhannell It's such a liberating feeling. @PRMcDonough RED. @DavidBegnaud @JeffStrand
This is incredible news. PROVIDENCE is one of the best books I've read in years. @theJessMcHugh @matthews_mark @thebookdad @RVthebookslayer @QueensofHorror @SinisterGrinPre @CarolineKepnes @SeraGamble @Neil_Rrr @peacockTV That'll happen today. :-) @CarolineKepnes @SeraGamble @Neil_Rrr @peacockTV OHMYGOSHILOVETHISNOVELSOMUCHAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! @noveliciouss On my desk here at school. @kayleighmcenany If only you lived or understood one word of that amazing verse. @JonathanMaberry I love it so much. So do my two oldest kids. Like you said, the nuanced character work is remarkable. @thebookdad @RVthebookslayer @QueensofHorror @SinisterGrinPre @QueensofHorror @RVthebookslayer @SinisterGrinPre Thank you!!! @RVthebookslayer @QueensofHorror @SinisterGrinPre This was awesome. Thank you for the picture and the review!Potential new cover quote for CHILDREN OF THE DARK. @BrianKeene We love it so much. The bow in the climactic episode...when a single bow contains so much emotion...whe… @harrisonjaime @JoeBiden @TheDemocrats This is an inspired choice. You’re a leader, a person of integrity. You’re g…
@BrianKeene Yuji Okumoto really sold it. I couldn’t imagine liking him at the beginning of the episode, and by the… @BrackenMacLeod @riahthelee Truth. Signed, A Christian @Rio_Youers Happy Birthday!!!Well lookie here ! Goodreads is doing a giveaway for BLACKTOP WASTELAND! @Flatironbooks
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @ThunderstormBks Thank you, Paul. That means more to me than you know.Trust me Janz puts out hits after freaking hits!! Recommend my favorites “Exorcist Falls” and “The Dark Game”
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @SillyMillyPi You rock, Milly! @HightowerLaurel @JoshWichard Yes! So cool. @JoshWichard sometimes people can be amazing. A huge thank you to the wicked-talented actor @JoshWichard for making and send… @sepinwall @sonorawrites @Grumplstilskin3 I’m so sorry to hear this. All my good vibes heading your way. @FullFrontalSamB @RVthebookslayer @gaijinjonny Front cover blurb. @RVthebookslayer @gaijinjonny That. Is. Awesome. @gaijinjonny Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. :-) @Sewergirl71 @QueensofHorror @0Leelee2 @ConnieJoJo2 @Sheena_655321 @SweetEmmyCat @47young1 Thank you for this, DP!!!Good evening #HorrorFam! Come check out this great book club I've joined @QueensofHorror 🖤 We are reading…
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @meganamram @funder @rgay @JoshMalerman @blacklionking73 @jgetzler @QueensofHorror That is so awesome to hear. Thank you!!!
@QueensofHorror This has been a blast so far. Thank you for everything!!!Not even halfway through #jonathanjanzuary. There’s still time to join in the fun! @ProjectLincoln @RepDLesko Preach! It's not like any political party would *ever* rush something important, like, say a Supreme Cou… finished The Siren and the Specter by @JonathanJanz for #JonathanJanzuary with @QueensofHorror. 4.5⭐️, another solid read!
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @melissanowark @QueensofHorror Thank you so much! I'm glad you dug it!Sincere Life Tip: Note what @Jim_Jordan does; then do the opposite. @ApatheticPawn @CarolineKepnes @mtgreenee HWA Diversity Grants couldn't have happened without these donations. THANK YOU all! Every cent in, went out to…
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @RepSwalwell @Jim_Jordan @JoshMalerman @RepGosar and fans are raving about the number one bestseller END OF THE ROAD. Find out why! It's available in paperb…
Retweeted by Jonathan Janz @travisakers @AshaRangappa_ @TorNightfire @casskhaw @Paintagram Gorgeous.
@RAforAll @HorrorWriters @nytebird45 @DWUhlfelderLaw @chrislhayes @BookishPredator @EdwardLorn Wow, thank you so much for this!!!