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Building the web since the mid-90's. Regional Manager of The Office references. Former Microsoft engineer, Stack Overflow moderator no. 4. 🇧🇷🇺🇸

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Stop being afraid I just walked into a comic book store last week and ask them to carry my comic-book Sarai. Th…
Retweeted by SampsonGood thread! @raymondcamden Remember when pressing Escape would stop all animated GIFs on the page? Good times.
@brnaka1 @__ANIX__ Passing arguments is beyond the scope of a do-expression. Just because you can use an IIFE to si… @Toyurc Oh, I agree 🙂 My point was regarding necessity, and convenience. We don't have a necessity for HLLs, but th…
@__ANIX__ Not sure I understand, sorry. do-expressions aren't functions. @__ANIX__ The implicit return is a bit odd looking, but I think I would get used to it far quicker than I did IIFEs back in the day 🙂 @__ANIX__ Performance improvements are taking place too. While TC39 works on the language, V8, Chakra, and other en… @Toyurc Need? As in, can't live without it? No. But then again, we don't need high-level programming languages either 🙂The linked video is one of my favorite talks of all time. Absolutely brilliantly done. Worth watching at least twic… @DanShappir @mfpiccolo @BrendanEich We have implicit returns in concise arrow functions too, so there's a bit of fa… @opvasger Well, it's a lot better than the alternative I shared above 🙂 There's some precedent too, given JavaScrip… @captndestructo A couple are offered in the proposal. Not that it isn't possible to achieve similar functionality t…"Geting last item of Array" is also at Stage 1. It proposes properties that return lastItem and lastIndex, which he… noticed do-expressions are at Stage 1 of the TC39 process. Neat and clean. To achieve something similar, I've… @ericlaw This is the future of Email. Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure style greeting 😉 Would you like… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen It's beyond funny; downright brilliant 🙂
@AngelicGamer19 @nypost The red-headed one. Saved you a click. @megynkelly @goldiehawn They still look as happy, vibrant, and healthy as they were in Overboard 🙂US employers added 266,000 jobs in November, up from 156,000 added in October, the Labor Department reported Friday…
Retweeted by Sampson @RagnarsMate 'Tis the Season 😉 @RagnarsMate I watched the Die Hard episode the other day while my wife watched the Dirty Dancing one. Really great… up at @TC39 meeting, @littledan presenting. I'm supporting.
Retweeted by SampsonVery funny Cameron Purdy blog post from 2006 that I cited at today's TC39 meeting in re the proposal for operators…
Retweeted by Sampson @newanddangerous @jack @elonmusk Showing an orphaned element there ("Message has been deleted by author") is suffic… new invention...
Retweeted by SampsonTwitter threading is a hot mess. Somebody responds to a Tweet in a disparaging way, you respond to them, they delet…
@ericlaw So the answer is Yes, late impeachment is a thing that can be done. This is news to me, but I guess makes… @systmadmin @BraveSampson Correct. Very similar. Anonymous usage pings that don't contain any user information. The… 10.5 million MAUs! Brave continues to see massive adoption.
Retweeted by Sampson @ericlaw I don't. Does ARTICLE I, SECTION 3, CLAUSE 7 suggest you must presently hold office in order to be impeached? @ericlaw Yes, that reading would suggest they could impeach me (remove from an Office currently held, and preclude… @ericlaw That said, suggesting we retroactively impeach Obama is a very dumb thing, IMHO 🙂 @ericlaw Slate suggested it might have been possible back in 2001: Would mean only that th… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen Wrong. But this is a fruitless thread. Abandoning now; informing you out of respect. @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen Disagree. But that's okay. Back to work.This lady leaves out drinks and snacks for delivery people during the festive period and I can't get over this amaz…
Retweeted by Sampson @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen Could it have been a better commercial? Absolutely. Refer back to… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen Entire audience? No, I'm not "blaming" anybody; I'm merely pointing out that… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen Health is about more than physique. Tenuous emotional state? Frigid relations… @allenjs @jimjfletcher To the contrary, go back, watch her facial expressions, listen to her tone, and pay close at… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen "A year ago I didn't realize how much this would change me. Thank you." Her w… @allenjs @jimjfletcher @conservmillen They clearly showed transformation. It's naive to think all transformation is… @allenjs @jimjfletcher With sincere respect, there was nothing disturbing about it. If "he bought his wife an exerc… @allenjs @jimjfletcher If I think the audience feedback is vacuous, I'll say as much 🙂 It's not a great commercial,… @allenjs @jimjfletcher I don't think the commercial needs to communicate any of that. It's fine as it is. Husband b… @jcsdarnell @brave Up to date, nice 🙂 And you have shields enabled on, correct? Please do l… @jcsdarnell @brave Which version of Brave?Peace on earth, everybody.
Retweeted by SampsonMy desktop computer is rarely restarted these days. Only after updates, for the most part. Browser and many other a… @tvanfosson This is my thought exactly. @alex_wykoff All that said, I wonder if a regular exercise bike with a Netflix subscription would have been just as… @alex_wykoff I've asked my wife for fitness equipment before in the past 🙂 I would love, love, love to come home an… Opinion: The more I watch the Peloton commercial, the more I see nothing wrong at all. It turns into a sw…🔥 Thread😱😱😱 Styling the <style> element! 😱😱😱 Shouldn't this create an endless loop and crash the entire browser render en…
Retweeted by Sampson @CalebMaclennan @w0ts0n I do engage scammers as a hobby; though I'm no @Kitboga 🙂Strong men treat women well.
Retweeted by Sampson @BoldCoder Oh, I'm 100% not participating. I'm just a sucker for learning about these types of ruses and how they function 🙂 @BoldCoder Even still, at the end of the day, I have no idea who this person is that they are writing about. The in… @BoldCoder It's coming across more and more legit, the more I look into it. They just achieve scale by some arguably inefficient means. @BoldCoder The agreement they sent binds the signer to handing over 25% of any claimed funds. And nothing if LII is… @BoldCoder That's what I suspected would be the case, a pro-active offer to see if anything is owed. It may be the… @ericlaw 😉 @BoldCoder I'm after the nature of the scam though, so there is edu-tainment value in this for me. It looks like th…
@BoldCoder There's another possibility that we are neglecting; Lillian is a time-and-space traveler who happens to… @BoldCoder Ah, good point. Yeah, I assumed she was a Chicago native who moved to Clearwater (thus her passing would… @BoldCoder The mailing I received has that name and the address I shared. A Lillian B O'Donnell was listed in an ob… they are on the BBB website: It's bizarre how few (if any) negative reports you can f… company that contacted me is @LauthCR; they've been inactive on Twitter for 5 years. They claim to have a solid… name of the deceased in this case is Lillian B O'Donnell. After doing my own search, I found that she passed aw… a letter saying I may b entitled to $8,132 from somebody's estate—name wasn't familiar. Called to see how… @ErrataRob Renting can be tough on landlords. I didn't fully realize this until I rented my own property out, and h… @_ohaha_ There will still be a considerable degree of that, IMHO. My point isn't that people won't be doing unique… @findus_ff It absolutely is. Also, I absolutely work for Brave, and intend to help keep it better than all other browsers as best I can 🙂 @OneScripter When I say "Edge exists for profit/control," I'm not speaking disparagingly either. These aren't bad motives. @OneScripter Exactly my point 🙂 When I was on the Edge team, we spent millions of dollars/hours trying to make Edge… @_ohaha_ Engine diversity isn't the most important battle right now. Tracking and surveillance matter more than hav… @othermaciej @Avodovnik Agreed, but that is my point. I believe the soft forks will diverge with time. We enjoy gre… @emaringolo I think we're saying the same thing 🙂 @Avodovnik Blink is WebKit, so Apple wins. WebKit is KHTML, so... That reasoning doesn't work, IMHO. Google doesn't… wants Chrome to dominate the market. Microsoft wants the same for Edge. And I want this for Brave. This is w… @jonathansampson @realDonaldTrump Christmas at The White House is magical. Check my feed over the next few days, I’…
Retweeted by Sampson @brianbondy Shields Up! @reybango Indeed it was. Saw Lincoln's china, Jefferson's old office, the private theater and more. Security was thorough 😉
I had the great honor of walking the halls of the White House today. Room after room, rich with history and beauty.… @SanchoWest There are no mistakes; only happy accidents 😉 @RagnarsMate How much are school rings these days?Just tipped 30 BAT each to @Wikipedia, @guardian, and @internetarchive using Brave 😎👌#GivingTuesday
Retweeted by Sampson @Kdubtru God bless the two of you 🙂 Where's she from? Wokeanda mentioned get being born abroad. @DarrellPrichard Bad weather today (raining, cold, windy), but it was still very much worth it. Take the first chance to get 😊Visited the Arlington National Cemetery today with the family. I have watched the Changing of the Guards online pro…
"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us…
Did you know that Brave blocks browser level connections to Google which adblocker extensions can't block in Chrome?
Retweeted by Sampson @hulu_support Just called. Told the wait time could be 20 minutes. Don't have that kind of time right now. I'll try later. @pers0naluni0n Only to those who would want to see it that way; just as some are wanting to see this as a 'creepy joe' act. @AsheSchow Agreed. Cute moment. Not embarrassing.People are making fun of Joe for this; they shouldn't. This is clearly a husband playfully reacting to his wife's w… @webbyla Thankfully, I have a naturally-imaginative brain that allows me to enjoy all sorts of intriguing stories,… my mother-in-law asked me to fix her computer. Her mouse was mounted to a old, dilapidated riding lawn mowe…