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Building the web since the mid-90's. Regional Manager of The Office references. Microsoft Alumni, Stack Overflow mod no 4. Building a better Web @brave 🇧🇷🇺🇸

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Rear-projection, but still cool 🤓😂 I was a boy in Ghana, I once had a massive nail pierce through my foot, and I suffered through a make-shift su…
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@arlenparsa No, they obviously didn't.This is not a GIF. I repeat, this is NOT a GIF. Pretty neat effect from a static image; curious how artists come up… US college education system failure due to COVID after talking to some few family friends, many aren't…
Retweeted by SampsonWatching Mighty Ducks 3 with my kids tonight (watched the first two weeks ago, and the second last week). Laying do…
Daily reminder that CNN is trash. Today, compared to 2016. Do any of us truly believe journalists have a sincere, n… @nickreichart @ElijahSchaffer Fauci hasn't proposed any models to my knowledge; what are you talking about?It looks like @ChickfilA has brought back their peach milkshakes. All is forgiven, 2020. @GlennLoury Get him on the Glenn Show 🙂Some solutions are so simple. Sorting onions by size. @oneofthefewDC @treeman94 @ElijahSchaffer I see nothing wrong with Fauci's comments in that NewsWeek post. It doesn… @Sandy95455811 @treeman94 @ElijahSchaffer I'm aware of the fake studies which caused many reputable entities to sto… @treeman94 @ElijahSchaffer Source, please. Fauci was hopefully optimistic on HCQ in the early days, though making i… @ElijahSchaffer Why?How is it no streaming platform (not even Apple TV) has The Meteor Man from 1993!? Fortunately, I was able to find… @briankardell Closest thing that comes to mind is Chris and Dave's ShopTalkShow, where users can/could call-in and… @JohnDCook I liked that, but I didn't like-like that 🙂I canNOT be the only kid who did this
Retweeted by Sampsonif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
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@tdubwilms Yeah, I was thinking that too. I assume they're appealing to my generation, which listened to Lincoln Pa… Team read an After Effects tutorial or two, and is putting out some incredible campaign ads.'m checking out Parler; I created an account with the same name: The site is okay, but ha… students are paying to attend "COVID Parties" to get sick, and spread the virus. Are they trying to expedit… @SummrWrites I found a website that will put Furtick out of a job: @ErrataRob @zooko @remindmetweets lol I suppose it works better if you wish to be reminded… *inhales* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Filling My PC with Beans and Hiring a Repair Man to Fix it"
@iPadMatt I got the mini a long time ago; needed something light to do some reading on mostly. I often go into Sett… @stshank ಠ_ಠ I should have clarified; it's the "finish setting up" part that bothers me. Telling me about the wond… “Finish setting up your iPad!” Me: *clicks button* Apple: “SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO APPLE PAY!” @ErrataRob @zooko @remindmetweets So, that appears not to work very well. @ErrataRob @zooko @remindmetweets 5 minutes @ErrataRob @zooko There's a Twitter bot that can be summoned to do this. @slicknet VWPXJ? I wonder if this could be difficult for some people, but fairly easy for others. Perhaps a matter… Cubers coming to Netflix:
Retweeted by Sampson @ACupofKofi Rocking that one now 😊Imagine sitting across the table from somebody casually detailing how they dissect unwanted babies, and watch as th… was going through a box of my old CDs in the garage and came across a collection of Darwin Hobbs discs. Glad s… humble Command Prompt has some super powers of which I was not aware before today: @rossnixon I'm sure it is, but then I wouldn't have a really awesome computer in my house 😂 @chrislawsonknox Sentiment Analysis would let you isolate and appreciate the dumpster fire even more 😂[11510/11521] LINK(DLL) chrome.dll chrome.dll.lib chrome.dll.pdb Analysis would be nice too. "Show me positive Tweets. Hide negative or abrasive Tweets for the next week." @chrislawsonknox Yeah, Sentiment Analysis would be nice. "Show me only positive Tweets." @rossnixon Depends on the diff-size; if I pull in latest Chromium master, it takes hours, and hours. Incremental bu… @sinclairinat0r I was reading Google's README on building Chromium, and got to the bit where they say "64GB is not… for Twitter: "Follow this person during <temporal condition>," for following people during business hours, wee… heart says "buy and assemble a new machine to build Chromium," but my bank says "AAAHHHHHH!".
My house is now down to its final 64 rolls of toilet paper. Things are getting serious. @uribrito Great write-up! I watched that interview yesterday, and kept wishing there were a third voice involved. @nntaleb It's such a painfully obvious scam, yet YouTube continues to fail at containing this nonsense. @SlowToWrite Wait, would this reasoning cause us to conclude that Eddie Brock as Venom is blackface? @PeterSallaiMEd What surprised me most was that the majority of the consoles he purchased weren't event broken. The… video: There are relatively few people who are brave enough to approach a problem, and… is pretty incredible. Fella buys 22 "broken" PS4s for $2,387. Only 1 is irreparably broken. Most of the others… Apple's Engineering in an Hour — c’mon, Apple hardware people, your loyal fans and t…
Retweeted by SampsonJust as true all these years later.'ve watched @kanyewest's new video 3 times. Each time I see it in a different way. This man is an artist. I am off… @RitaPanahi Nice gif. Is that Cuomo with his COVID sculpture? 😂 @ImKingGinger @getongab If I'm not mistaken, they were removed due to content posted on their platform which violat… just reported this to us on
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@shots_of_brandi Same. AirBnB for but cats and dogs. @marclamonthill, I really enjoyed the dialogue with @RealCandaceO. It's refreshing to see two people with very diff… we have an answer! @DLoesch I thought the typos were odd too; I mean, they couldn't even nail down the first line. @desiraethinking Property owners released a statement recently too (TL;DR is they support BLM, and were responding… Love how they slipped in some Fortnite. Although, that's a rather outdated clip; looked like the small barn ou…
Going through 2020 like… @DaisyBelleLace @TheCheekyTaurus @mVespa1 Oh, are we doing this again? *sigh*Note, when I say "17K papers" I'm referring to 17K different newspaper publishers; not printed papers. Millions of… curiously queried over 17K papers from 1925 to 2020 for the terms "racism" and "president racist". We saw a spike… @Grummz In fact, what somebody labels a dog-whistle often tells me more about them than it does the thing to which they're referring. @Grummz In my experience, when somebody calls something a dog-whistle, it usually isn't.Today I tried to git clone Chromium onto the same drive which holds Fortnite. — good timing by perfectly safe audience guy who unmasks to take a drink of water. People a…
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Happy to be part of this match! GO USA!!
Retweeted by Sampson @WebReflection I think what caused much of the issues with verification was how they let it evolve into an endorsem… @WebReflection I agree 100% 🙂 I just recalled reading long ago that they're quite sensitive on this matter. Their e… @WebReflection Careful, imitating a verified badge is punishable by Twitter's terms, IIRC.
I watched Yesterday (2019) with my wife yesterday—great film (ending was unexpected). Today I told her she was "sim…
@HopForNothing @MrColionNoir @handleitgrips Oh, thank you for pointing that out. I assumed the link was for the gun or something else.Lovely. My guy walked up with tassels and all, blew everybody away, then just waves and walks off like a complete l… @MrColionNoir @handleitgrips What safe is that? My digital, fingerprint one is horrible. I'd love to replace it. @MAJTOURE @cyantist @blkgunsmattr Whoa, @cyantist is incredible 🙂 Keep up the great work, Maj!Bashing PHP and JavaScript is a cheap way to feign superiority and intelligence. I said what I said. Fight me.Elephants have their trunks; giraffes have their long necks – and human beings have their ability to do this... (…
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@bradleymeck I assume you could getComputedStyle, and read out the zoom level, but that is terribly involved. @bradleymeck Oh, sorry. I missed that you were talking about the CSS zoom property. I thought you were zooming the… @bradleymeck Multiply by devicePixelRatio, right?Advice to the young: You don’t have to listen to anybody. You can learn everything from your own personal experienc…
Retweeted by SampsonTwitter is falling apart, by design. @tomselliott @karol @SlowToWrite
@GaDawgforTrump @PHXGTR @scrowder I'm old enough to question photos circulating on Twitter 🙂 Not saying it's fake,… @GaDawgforTrump @PHXGTR @scrowder Thank you. Somebody else just shared this photo with me; do you have an official source for this? @Egon084 @scrowder Ah, thank you. Official source?