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Superintendent, Bloomingdale School District 13, Husband, Father of 6, Father-in-law, Grandpa, Passionate about learning, leading, NHL Hockey, golf & reading.

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Great job @WestfieldDrama and @LynneUhl on a great production! #ILSchoolsStepUp #ilbsd13 nice! #ILSchoolsStepUp #ilbsd13 #DuPageIASA lot of days each of us encounter a new normal that is at best disconcerting. Yesterday & today we are greeting ne…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltLast call, HYBRID Ts! The HYBRID BOOT CAMP from @IllinoisASA is this weekend from can still join! Cra…
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Retweeted by Jon BarteltA3: Getting used to the temporary reality, missing the relationships that will be challenging to establish from six… Buying my pencil box and getting my Dixon Ticonderoga Number 2s inside. #hx_v can do this! a thoughtful and powerful perspective.
Retweeted by Jon BarteltHope everyone has the chance to check out Leadership Matters this month. In your inbox now. Our back to school co…
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@CaposeyGina You too Gina!Wow! #ILSchoolsStepUp #DuPageIASA #ilbsd13’s Virtual Orientation Day at Lake Park for our freshman & new students!! It’s awesome seeing Lancers engage with…
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @teresa_lance Right on point - thank you! @randysquier The same with you Randy! @Tony_Shinall @drorzel My fourth grandchild. Yep, I'm THAT old.Thank you @mikelubelfeld and @npolyak for helping me shake off some @Twitter chat rust tonight! #suptchat you calendars for the next #suptchat on September 2, 2020 @npolyak 7pmCT
Retweeted by Jon BarteltA8: Worked with more than 50 dedicated parents, teachers, staff, and administrators since June 11 to review informa… @fritcherb - better add grandpa to that profile!A7: Students want to be challenged academically, therefore building accountability into the remote learning system… @drorzel Thank you for helping our staffs be ready to face the unknown with great tools and skills through your work.A6: #suptchat The first thing will be rows of desks. The second will be the masks. The third will be the distancing. The f… fast enough to catch @tschlorff tonight on #suptchatWelcome Tony! #suptchat this guy - he's a leader's leader. #suptchat The first two weeks of school is about building relationships, listening, and mobilizing necessary support for… @drorzel #suptchat Working with county health department to provide specific protocols, but isolation rooms for illness, quaranti… @drorzel I'm a bad grandpa - but will have all four this weekendGrandparenting works here Bill #suptchat @SupfromYup The fun is in the trying - glad you are here tonight!A2: Desks will be in rows and standard classrooms will be limited to 12-14 students. Staff and students will main… your calendar!! Westfield Drama presents: Scenes from a Quarantine by Lindsay Price on Thursday, August 6 @ 7:…
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @Tony_Shinall Great to see you Tony! @mikelubelfeld Thank you sir! @mcconnellaw You rock!A1: D13 is considering various self certification programs and will employ thermal scanners in each front entrance… Bartelt, Supt., Bloomingdale SD 13, and I took day trips to Door County Wisconsin, my happy place, to wind down. #suptchat
@KnittleLaura @DarcyKriha I know that place... @KenWallace207
I worked w an amazing group of coaches this summer to create a “Return to Learn” Playbook that offers ideas & sugge…
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @nmzumpano @nbgreene I agree - D13 is very fortunate as she is one of our finest!If you have a topic you would like to see addressed on #ILedchat, just leave it on the hashtag anytime.
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @johnccarver Hang in there John!I was going to answer this, but I love this response. #iledchat @nmzumpano Route 31 near Fabyan or Route 25 near the huge windmill. @nmzumpano One hour circle with awesome views. @mikelubelfeld You got this friend!A3: Walking the Fox River path with my bride #everydaya5k #iledchat is really awesome! #iledchat @drorzel @IllinoisASA Takes a leader to know this - 🙏 @JGreenmc You are definitely super (and I appreciate the correct spelling of your name)! #iledchatA2: Learning how to better receive feedback, understanding my role in advocating for all students, and finding new… There is physical strength & mental strength. How are you preparing to be mentally strong? #ILedchat
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @amber_heffner That kid is a doll. And, yes, I am biased. @Mschroeder6 Thank you!A1: Trying to take time each day to focus of self care. Walking, reading, reflection. #iledchat @kim_lohse4 Kim, it is always great to learn with and from you #iledchat #asd4allGood evening folks! Jon Bartelt, Supt, Bloomingdale SD13 and grandchild number 4 is my summer highlight. #ILedchat @MCUSDSupe You have a face for television; I have a face for radio. #truth
A3: I have taken pies in the face for many a good school cause in my career. #IASAPDA1: #IASAPD
Join @jmaraldo & the ILEdchat crew to kick off the school year STRONG on August 3 at 8:00 p.m. @kimdarche
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @PassarelliLisa How wonderful! Congratulations! @Dan_Cox Proud to be your colleague @Dan_Cox
Ts!!! Did you know? If you are signed up for a Remote Learning session this week or next, we are doing a drawing fo…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltTop story: @npolyak: 'When we get back to #suptchat this Wednesday at 7:00 pm CT, We'll be tackling the topic of Re…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltTestimonial from MS/HS Remote Learning: "Tons of resources and advice on how to teach effectively during these chal…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltWhen we get back to #suptchat this Wednesday at 7:00 pm CT, We'll be tackling the topic of Reopening Schools this y…
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River Grove SD 85.5 will kick off the school year on August 20 with Full Remote Learning. Please view this video fo…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltHappy Birthday to @mikelubelfeld - a tireless leader for his @NSSD112 students, staff, and community...a great pers…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltJoin @jmaraldo & the ILEdchat crew to kick off the school year STRONG on August 3 at 8:00 p.m. @kimdarche
Retweeted by Jon BarteltThanks to Gary Howard and @scotthelton7 for the great dialogue about education leadership and equity! @BonnieJordan3 @EdLawSteph1 @krihabouceklaw That’s the one I’m wrapping up!
Way to go @D54Supe - a leader’s leader! YOU!!!!! Do you say that enough???🤔🤔🤔 @thomascmurray #hxvsummit
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @thomascmurray leading my learning today as part of the live stream from #hvxsummit - thank you @Humanex of ANY grade- this is for you...LAST CHANCE to take a seat in the 3 day cohort that starts TOMORROW from 5-8! Yo…
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Here is your schedule for the 2020 Impact & Legacy Summit! #hxvsummit
Retweeted by Jon BarteltTweets are already scheduled! Please join us on 8/3 for a great chat with the best educators in the state!…
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Testimonial just in: "I really liked all of the different options for meetings. I could cater this day of conferen…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltHow Can We Make the Most of Synchronous and Asynchronous Time in Distance Learning?
Retweeted by Jon BarteltGrab a friend and join us to kick off the school year STRONG with @jmaraldo & the #ILEdchat crew on August 3 at 8:0…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltWell done everyone - let’s keep learning together! Nice job @SturmDon and @drorzel on facilitating this tonight! #iasapdA3: This #IASAPD One of my favorite teacher memories is when my kindergarten teacher, nearly 50 years ago, celebrated my birthda…
Grab a friend and join us to kick off the school year STRONG with @jmaraldo & the #ILEdchat crew on August 3 at 8:0…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltI’m confident in my crew at 7pm tonight...and yours, too. @jonbartelt @mikelubelfeld @drkevinbrussell @DukesBrian
Retweeted by Jon BarteltTeachers: just look 👀 at these remote learning tools’ sessions for tomorrow...offered by practitioners- just incred…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltLet's get this party started! I'm so proud of our presenter line up. Show this link to your District and say "Hey.…
Retweeted by Jon Bartelt @jonbartelt @TerriBresnahan @docclark05 @stawick @mikelubelfeld @npolyak @PorterSup205 @Mschroeder6 @jpowellteach
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Retweeted by Jon BarteltThis is going to be a great Virtual conference!
Retweeted by Jon BarteltDon't miss this! We still have some seats open for tomorrow's @IllinoisASA Remote Learning Rescue Fill Your Toolbo…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltTwitter Friends: Today we launch the IASA Remote Learning Rescue series...first up? A Twitter chat tonight from 7-…
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#truth #LeadershipMatters Rescue! Registration is still open for Monday’s remote learning tools virtual conference...sign up today so…
Retweeted by Jon BarteltWhat I have been waiting for...