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I'm going to say that it's a very good thing that the aesthetic of Remnant isn't completely married to urban grit hello there, wizard tower which apparated in from another dimension you ever feel like a game thinks you're stupid to see the lads getting on Ryan represents Ohio, has bug eyes, and writes a lot of weird books; Seth Moulton represents Massachusetts, has… superpower? I'm glad you asked. It's knowing the difference between Tim Ryan, Seth Moulton, and Josh GottheimerI often wish I’d traded what was left of my pulped brain for more cash, which I assure you can very easily be spent…
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardtfree granny and her boys you bastards
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardtyes, you can watch the full single episode of the show that critics raved "disastrously exceeded the limits of iron…!"Geoff Atkinson maintains that the aim of the show was not to shock, but to examine the appeasement surrounding Hit…"The show spoofs elements of mid-20th century American sitcoms and is driven by Hitler's inability to get along with his neighbours.""Heil Honey I'm Home! is a British sitcom, written by Geoff Atkinson and produced in 1990, which was cancelled afte… fairness and to put this into context, in 1990 the British satellite TV network "Galaxy" aired one episode of a… Robert Maxwell’s #FBI file is getting more classified by the minute
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt(or "You again" or "Ughh," it's clearly not quite supposed to be on this long of a leash)favorite weird interaction so far in Remnant: the antisocial mechanic at the base who yells at you if you disturb h… @keightdee yeah. the font is generously sized for UX reasons, but we're talking double-sided pages here @flangy I can't tell if you mean Aquinas here or not but I'm gonna roll with it @jonbernhardt Disney acquiring the Catholic Church and declaring Aristotle a Disney Legend
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardtthis has already happened, class of 2015 grand total of work that Jack Kirby did for The Walt Disney Company during his lifetime appears to be: "He illu… @Hegelbon so we're gonna have to have another fundraising stream, is what you're saying,almostDisney's two step of posthumously awarding Jack Kirby the Disney Legend (tm) Award in 2017 then referring to him as… @lukemcclung yeah. they're also like...weirdly spaced out? You get the diary in the Ward, the Founder's diary, and…'m fine reading lots of stuff but you gotta break it up a little bit just for pacing reasonsRemnant: From the Ashes's story stuff is just kind of There -- it's very much of a kind with most of the ruined urb… the extent that the insult should be considered on its merits, though, it's especially ludicrous to level it aga…'s not a legit question, as the answer is both completely unknowable and of absolutely no utility. what it is, ho… takes from 2012 that just won in a stunner: Robert Griffin III will have longer NFL career than Andrew Luck. #nfl
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt @jeffgerstmann was this broadcast on a 12 year delay or somethingconspiracy theory Andrew Luck retiring to get healthy and then join his dad in the XFL
literally all this entire sony/disney deal means, afaict, is that the next two spidey movies will be contractually…
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt“As far as the uniforms!?”
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt>disney legend just threw up in my mouth a little
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtThe Democratic Party's centrist caucus -- which has openly criticized the Green New Deal for being unrealistic and…
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtI cannot believe I have to explain this but the Solo twins would be their theoretical children, not they themselvesanyway as I've noted before I'm in an alliance of convenience with the Reylo people because it's pretty much the on… @flangy eh, he got betterat the very least this new trilogy seems like it will have a somewhat novel structure, which is: thesis, then antit… Emperor may have only had important things to do on-screen in ROTJ in the OT but at least he was a constantly-r… palpatine pushing his rey and ren action figures together while mockingly intoning "now kiss" the left wing of the party wants to have a serious conversation about climate change they need to put in the yea… someone says "Twitter isn't real life," think of the strides made by notable too online guy and personal f…'ve now watched through most of episode 3 and my verdict on The Boys is: I'm still fast forwarding through some st… @Sky_Infantry i agree with the implication that The Economist serves Chaos @spookperson a hero @spookperson on a long enough Neighbor Fucking timeline you'll do it gratisfrankly it'd just bring them full circlewe're five years away from this publication running unsigned op-eds for active extermination beat him, if you were wondering. still tilted.this game has the true Dark Souls experience, which is getting a boss down to no longer having a visible health bar… enjoying Remnant: From the Ashes now that I figured out the solo class is the Ex-Cultist. Don't sleep on that Coach Gun.All the good deeds there are can’t replace the lives lost that come with peddling agents of death for profit.
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt @NaturallyKatz okay but what if you combined jermaine lewis and jacoby jones into a guy named jermaine jones @NaturallyKatz well, it should be. @NaturallyKatz lewis. jermaine lewis.they just care so much, that's the thinggood to know the Orioles are helping pitchers do literal spring training stuff in August clap and come to my podcast show tomorrow at 7 PM
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardtthe mandalorian trailer reveals very little about the show except that every establishing shot and wide scene that… @chicken__puppet in fairness i hear that's a lot more about no man's sky than any individual card @PRTejeda yeah that's what i'm afraid of @NaturallyKatz yes, for the funeralI would have to watch it first, and I'm still building up to that. @MichaelBaumann he should not have been in the Boys, because now i'll eventually have to watch the Boysthey can still fix it, Urban is the perfect age to be playing the family patriarch to a bunch of 18-24 year olds no, clearly the fake front mag contains all the specialty ammo, like the hotshots. Immersion restoreda fun prop issue is that they built out the Judge handguns from prop pistols with a fake front-loading whe… DREDD 2012, more convinced than ever DC missed a step by not having at least two Karl Urban Batman movie… @chicken__puppet yeah my 1060 is great now but there's like a 14 month timer on that @chicken__puppet yes, and what you're looking at now is after prices spent some time coming downiirc specifically Benny's was a Columbus Day troll, which while vile at least makes slightly more senseIt's also one they're recycling from Benny Johnson a couple years back, if I recall correct may notice, for instance, that black Americans are very explicitly NOT indigenous victims of this country, and… lol at the pose in the author picthe whole of conservative intellectual rigor is incoherent trolling. there is absolutely no reasoned connective tis… fairness I am far less worried about, specifically, the project that Ewan McGregor has been begging to do for li… @GuyFoxNews the new omnibus streaming service that's going to destroy that section of the marketDisney+ now has what, 15 or so Marvel and Star Wars offerings announced? Sure hope they're running quality control… the biggest Disney fait accompli in years finally hits. guy's list doesn't even have Dick Cheney on it! Dick Cheney!there are some "worst people in modern American history" lists going around right now based on what I've seen peopl… elves allowed of the most baffling aspects of Walker Texas Ranger is that Chuck Norris exists in the Walker Texas Ranger Univ…
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Looking forward to a whole new genre of apocalyptic neo-Westerns based around robbing massive self-driving "trucks"… @ConnorSouthard once they work out the incredibly, violently dangerous self-driving trucks from Logan, you'll get y… anyone editing the politics desk over at the Times understand what a "mic drop" is, because when you do a mic… before the dracula nerd panel 1000x mean he did say he was going to court Republican voters feels like Biden is actively trying to tank his numbers now out of petulance and it's just, not workingHmm. when the resistance bros drink white claws and do misogyny at the President
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtWhen you see people on here saying, "don't be a ghoul, you may not like his politics, but David Koch had a family",…
Retweeted by Nathan Bernhardt-"Smart" pulls carny shit -Usual crowd says this is the new way to do things -A bunch of people say to be cautious…
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtWould be nice to know if the Kochtopus is just funded in perpetuity at this point, or if an entire sector of the US…
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtInterview: We Imprison Hideo Kojima In An Interview Room Until He Breaks Down And Admits He’s Just Making Shit Up A…
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtBen Shapiro is a truly special boy because he's the only other person on this website where, without fail, there is…
Retweeted by Nathan BernhardtKoch Family guards drag a screaming Paul Ryan into the tomb, there to serve Pharaoh for all eternity.
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