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Jon Kentfield @jonclarkpond Kokomo, Indiana

Jon Kentfield, proud alumni and volunteer for @firstweets #omgrobots Manufacturing Manager at @andymarkinc. President, @STEMRainbow 🏳️‍🌈 he/him/his

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@bsoper I’ve seen those before. Or at least, a similar one. But for $240 I can buy like 3 air mattresses and still… yesterday while flying from Denver to Jacksonville, I had my first encounter with a white man who didn’t want to…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @AforAugustus Bring bagels back to Indiana. I will pay a delivery fee. But I require them having been fresh within a day. Just sayin.
@FRCTeams @starwars How perfect! You already have them in a container to ship! @andymarkinc would love cookies from our friends up at HQ! 😍 @MarkSummersShow @ira @marcellacomedy @disneyplus They do!
@MattMaurer4x @NickChase9789 I mean, kokomo gets there at least once every couple of years it seems. I should be able to do it once 😂
@greentheonly @drusse11 Yea. Thanks autocorrect... honestly it was pretty unavoidable no matter what, I’m just grat… @greentheonly @drusse11 Didn’t say I was waiting for it. Literally there was about 2 seconds from when the deer bec… @drusse11 @greentheonly Yea, unfortunatley this is the second time in 18 months it’s been in for body work due to a… @drusse11 @greentheonly Not when the car is in service mode.If only the @CityofKokomo and @KokomoPolice would do this when people in non-EVs parked in the EV spots downtown. (… is one of the most pure things I’ve seen in a while.
@greentheonly I mean, it can’t detect a deer in time to avoid it... granted, I’m not sure what release mine is on r… @CarKnobz I mean, it’s definitely a pain, but like, it looks amazing. @BurtyButt You did good work Burt. @CarKnobz Omg where this this tile going?! I’m in love. The colors, the herringbone, yesssss.
@kkanagas @WmLeverette Be grateful.Congratulations to FIRST alum Tia Singh, recipient of the Evelyn Kamen Rising Star Award. Tia is following in the p…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldWhere ya from? Why did you choose Pete? #ImTeamPete I’ll go first! Hi, I’m Chasten. I live in South Bend, Indiana…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @Chas10Buttigieg I’m Jon, from Kokomo, IN (though originally from Connecticut). #ImTeamPete because he understands…
@Model3Owners @Teslatunity @Kristennetten @Sofiaan Unfortunately, another keyed Tesla. Please RT if you would!…
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@firstmentormike @RobotMom9958 @FTCLouisiana @Tulaneclark @FRCBayou @FTCTeams Yea. The no sleep til Houston thing is real for y’all too. @firstmentormike Then you look at my FIRST® Robotics Competition season schedule, which current has 1, 2, and 6 boo… @firstmentormike You say that. But you don’t understand. I have no less than 6 events for FIRST® Tech Challenge thi… @BigFootBetty @FTCTeams @FTC_Indiana Nice! I have my second FIRST® Tech Challenge league event on Saturday as well.… @klardotsh for making that the last text I sent...Kentfield 2020: 😂😂😂 starts @FTCTeams season for @FTC_Indiana with our first league meet of the season! I’m pumped to start my…
@Devynnjcr Neither can I @Devynnjcr I feel like someone should @ that dude who was complaining about spending time at his kid’s FLL tournament last year. @CarKnobz Darn it.Don't forget that tonight astronomers stop the rotation of the Earth for an hour for routine maintenance (mantle fl…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldGot some really cool news, robot friends. Tomorrow morning (November 3) at 8am Eastern, the Sunday Today with…
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@chrisisme Don’t forget the bag fries.
@synth3tk Look around, if you already have like the Milwaukee M18 tools, or like the green Ryobi set or something l…
Tonight's episode of #chasingsunsets might actually be my favorite! @tesla @elonmusk
Retweeted by Jon Kentfielda cis kid getting puberty blockers then changing their mind effects them for about as long as they're on blockers.…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @Teslatunity @Tesla 🤷‍♂️ my luck. The surprising thing is, the car didn’t even alert or attempt to respond to the d… you’re a hippo. Hippo: I don’t like how I look : ( God: oh no why not? Hippo: i’m too big; the other anim…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @Teslatunity @Tesla I tried when my car got backed into but their insurance wouldn’t do it. I just hit a deer this…
@AforAugustus You’re important to me Gus. @mabsmith I couldn’t watch it all. I still can’t. It’s absolutely outrageous that this could happen. Let alone to a… any new followers, and to old ones as well, do me a favour and put your pronouns in your bio. Normalising using…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldWhenever I post an opinion based on my personal experience, feel free to not hop into my mentions to tell me why my opinion is wrong.
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @BurtyButt Ahhhh. Got it. @BurtyButt But I thought you liked the tote?
@AndrewLSeidel Idk, seems pretty appropriate that he had to drop the book because he was starting to light himself on fire. 🤦‍♂️
I’m not crying. You’re crying. No, lets be real. I’m crying. Woodie was an amazing man, and this is a great remembe…
Hey @jonclarkpond & @TAWexler can you get this out to any @STEMRainbow folks (and/or Allies) in the NYC area that m…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldWe're hosting a Pride Community Night for all LGBTQ+ undergrads and young professionals in NYC! Come meet the Vayne…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @kkanagas Seeing and hearing Carrie made me cry. Not ready for this.
@kkanagas Give it another 10 years. Suddenly it wasn’t over after all. Disney loves money too much.
Incase anyone was having a bad day :)
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@shelbynewman700 @STEMRainbow @FIRSTweets We are working on something to replace ribbons elsewhere, but the ribbons… matter. It’s why we at The Rainbow STEM Alliance provide pronoun badge ribbons, for free, at the…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldThe fact that a lot of people are using #PronounsDay to attack the identity of trans and non-binary people PROVES w…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldHappy International Pronouns Day! She/Her/Hers. He/Him/His. They/Them/Theirs. Calling people by the correc…
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@CarKnobz @AforAugustus I’m with Carolyn.This is why I leave sentry on. @kkentfield @MikellTaylor Still beyond bummed I missed that one.
My heart is literally broken right now. Seeing all these tributes to Dr. Flowers is actually hurting. @CarKnobz Legit. This is now making my cry in Tijuana Flats. 😥
Boomers: Ugh kids and their participation trophies. They think they need a trophy for everything! Millennials goi…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldRaise your hand if you need @theebillyporter as Cinderella's fairy godmother in your life. 🙋🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldJust saw someone finish reversing into a supercharger with the door open and literally half hanging out of the car.… people ask me why I worry so much about the intersection of science and ethics: this is why. It’s only been a…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldOn this day, 21 years ago, Matthew Shepard died, becoming the victim of one of the most notorious anti-gay hate cri…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldAs we reflect on another #NationalComingOutDay, we want to remind everyone that coming out is a personal journey. E…
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My message on #ComingOutDay is - you don’t have to The ability to come out as LGBT+ is a privilege, for some it’s…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @bfammerman25 @nalgene how about that one? @bfammerman25 @nalgene Payment can be made in the form of a donation to @STEMRainbowHow would I respond to someone who says marriage is between one man and one woman? #EqualityTownHall
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldThat was the incredible @BlossomCBrown who took the mic just now and spoke out for black trans lives. #EqualityTownHall
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldIt speaks volumes about @donlemon @BetoORourke @andersoncooper and @PeteButtigieg that they handled the disruptions… to @CNN on allowing protests to occur, and hearing from and letting these protests occur. #translivesmatter strongly support teaching children about gender identity. We live in a world with a lot of different folks who lo…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldAs soon as she is introduced, @KamalaHarris immediately shares her pronouns. Then @ChrisCuomo promptly ruins the im…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield“There is no right or wrong way to be gay, to be queer, to be trans, and I hope that our own community, even as we…
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldMeet Jacob. 9 year old boy just made me cry watching the #EqualityTownHall. Thank you Jacob for living your truth and asking… says we can’t let Channing Smith die in vain. We must invest in mental health, battle youth homeles…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @Chas10Buttigieg where did you get the lapel pin you’re wearing tonight at the #EqualityTownHall? I need one!
Every other democratic debate/town hall, etc has been free to watch live. @CNN CNN is paywalling the current LGBTQ+… @glaad @CoryBooker If only it wasn’t being blocked by @CNN paywalls. So much for free democracy. @HRC seriously can’t listen to @BenSPLATT sing “Run Away” anymore. The song was powerful enough, but then @netflix had…
You know nothing of Javert I was born inside a jail I was born with scum like you I am from the gutter too
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This is the future America deserves.
Retweeted by Jon KentfieldHave you ever wanted to work for an amazing @FIRSTweets Crown Supplier? Do you know CNC machining and programming?…
I love the @FIRSTweets supplier community! Ordered one of @REVrobotics’ new Ultraplanetary gearbox kits to play wit… @BurtyButt Fascinating. Must see video at some point. @BurtyButt What is a catnip bubble?!?!
Allies: Reach out to your LGBTQIA+ friends, family, staff, and students this week. Vocalize and codify your suppor…
Retweeted by Jon Kentfield @Nick__Lawrence @MyCatIsAMonster Now I want pierogi. @Nick__Lawrence Ya missed a spot
@BurtyButt Don’t break the screen Burt.Hey non-LGBT people, it's going to be BAAADDDD next week for us queers. The Supreme Court is hearing 3 cases that…
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It happened! XENOMORPH ALIEN! Fully freehand #crochet, no pattern! He glows in the dark too!! #Alien #xenomorph
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Remember: messing with Teslas never ends well. Sentry Mode security system records and can and will be used to ca…
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@POTUS44 I miss you. @J_Milez Ahh makes sense. Definitely throws more caution to the whole thing then.