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@rvafugitive @MadModMonkey @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief @detboringfrog No definite plans. I was toying with en ep whe…
@MadModMonkey @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief @detboringfrog That WAS pretty much it, though, right? I can't describe BCSD better. @zacmoncrief @hireBRADFORD @detboringfrog Eh, I was just following your orders. I'm pretty sure I recall your direc…
@rvafugitive Hey Matt - both. Over and over. Most studios won't take unsolicited submissions, so go through agent o… @MissEmmiKat Hey, you know how hard it is to get just the right amount of wobble into a Velma arc? @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine MY phone? Dude, this is all you. Enjoy the ride. @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Yes, it becomes crisper and clearer with every added detail. @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Nice. @joncoltonbarry One of the funniest moments from "Worst In Show" is at 3:20, with Shaggy r…
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry @blytheandferb21 I liked that ep. Fred's impossibly tense shoulders was a good bit, too. @MissEmmiKat Cool! How is it? We nailed it, didn't we?
@hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Of course, it all makes perfect sense now! @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Feels like we covered a lot of that ground in "Ghost In The Mystery Machine,"… @MissEmmiKat You're probably right - though Fred had the extra stress of wrangling four people INCLUDING Daphne - j… @LoveStruckLlama @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Obsessed? No, Nicole. You just have remarkable, visionary taste.
@hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine Eh, I couldn't lose Fred. I would rather do a Fred and Daphne spin-off (if th… @hireBRADFORD @MKurinsky @MADmagazine A BCSD spin-off of what? Not sure I follow - and am very sure WB isn't champi…
Check out "LEGO City Adventures:Harl Hubbs Day; Ann They're Off" on DIRECTV.
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryIt's another day of ALL NEW Lego City Adventures on @Nickelodeon! Harl Hubbs gets to be helpful on his very own day…
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New episodes of #LegoCityAdventures today on @nickelodeon ! We’ve got everything: Monster trucks, Magicians, a man…
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I've been watching Scooby-Doo cartoons and if you guys haven't already seen "Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!" you really shoul…
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryLEGO City Adventures is another great example of 2D & 3D animation. This scene has a beautiful mixture of it! Btw,…
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@TimTangDemons Nah, just punchy from exhaustion.Old(er) sketches of my fav! I just don't know what I am even drawing when it comes to LCA... °_° On a sidenote..I…
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryLook! I drew a thing! With a background even! #LegoCityAdventures #myart
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryI drew the good boy! #LegoCityAdventures #myart #chibi
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry#InsteadOfHandshakes use PUPPETS! *this advice courtesy of Daphne Blake #BeCoolScoobyDoo #ScoobyDoo
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry @noctblues Denial is dangerous. "Be Cool, Scooby Doo!" has been watching YOU very closely, through windows, parked… @hireBRADFORD Great idea! As the title suggests, the 101st time is the charm with that ep. The chase music's basic… @MadModMonkey It's hard to imagine a situation where you see could see enough of the humor to "get it" BEFORE seein… @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief @detboringfrog Yeah, well I'm sure that's bound to happen eventually. @hireBRADFORD It's not appropriate to leak them. The Mystery 101 chase music is based on one of our themes, also ba… @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief @detboringfrog I'm sure we all appreciate the optimism, but I cannot imagine any scenari… @hireBRADFORD No worries. I never liked the BCSD them. We wrote better ones, but WB insisted on that one. My father…
@hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief @detboringfrog I am probably the only person with the original version, but there's a re… how French VFX and Animation studio Circus used Golaem to populate cities with pedestrians and car traffic…
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief Yeah, Zac? Were there?!!!!"The funniest show that has ever been" is totally inaccurate! We have absolutely NO idea of the quality of many co… @MollyOstertag Honestly I keep rewatching Be Cool Scooby Doo. It got a lot of hate but it's so funny and the gang…
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryBe Cool, Scooby Doo: knowing, funny and worth your time
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry"Therefore "beauty" is just "science" for people who are bad at math" - Velma's full quote. @d_yeisley @TishToshTesh BCSD was not created by the same guy who created TTG. It was created by two "Phineas & Fer… @AjepArt2 Haha. Not exactly as we were picturing him, but nice job!
@Mechasauria Not bad at all.
I have been enjoying The Owl House and LEGO City Adventures. Anyone else like thos shows?
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry @hireBRADFORD @zacmoncrief Well, it's a radical departure in tone and style even though it's very faithful to the c… @spywrite @zacmoncrief Haha. "Big Sandwich" was a great scene - the actors, artists and Jake's music - all made su… @zacmoncrief You know, I'm SO used to the look of BCSD, the classic look doesn't work for me anymore. Our version o…
@hireBRADFORD Groucho Marx. I wanted to have more variety of monsters, funny ones. I liked the idea of the bad guy…
This had me cracking the fuck up Be Cool Scooby Doo
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@SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick I would have just changed the theme number song instead. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick I didn't work on the last season, but I think everyone agreed it was time to close up shop. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Ah, good! Then it's not my bad writing, it's my writing in the context of Scooby Doo t… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Sorry, is that a good or bad shruggy emoji? Do you like Phineas? @SugarSchweetz @Eddy_2208 @RiseFallNick That's the beauty of SD - every fan has a different favorite and every inca… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Dang, the ONE ep you might have liked and I messed it up. I owe you a series you like, Kara. ❤️ @Eddy_2208 @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Thanks, Luis. I don't know if Guess Who is my second favorite (too safe for… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick No, he wasn't. He was adorable and lovable, It was an attempt to make EVERYONE love Scrappy. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Nah, I actually wrote a Scrappy ep, but we had to pull him out for lack of space to de… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Not offended in the slightest. Difference of opinion is healthy, but has been turned i… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Yes. yes, it is. Glad you're enjoying it. I have lots of friends, very talented people… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Thank you for ther chat, Kara. It was very nice meeting you. Bummed you didn't dig BCS… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Gotcha. yeah, BCSD was a radical departure. In the end, even though it wasn't for ever… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Soft? Yikes, then I failed miserably. I was trying to make her an independant, stong,… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Not at all! I sincerely appreciate the discussion. Obviously I;d have a different pers… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Sorry, not complaining about your opinion. Just exploring it. Daphne just didn't seem… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Nah, just chatting with you. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Agreed - JM is a genius. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick "Smart one" "Loves traps" "kicks ass" are not personalities. They are one dimensional… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Forced? Ugh. We tried to dimensionalize and create distinct comedic POV for each gang… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Yeah, I have a feeling it's pretty non-traditional. Lots of talented people worked on… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick oops. 50 years, I mean @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick You just described every single BCSD episode apart from Velma's glasses. I assume you… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick I think ALL of the SD over the last 5 years were TRYING to be comedies apart from SDMI… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Haha. No we got death threats. I don't mind criticism. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick That's true. We took big risks with making it an equal comedic ensemble and giving rea… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick I saw. I appreciate the feedback. Constructive criticism is invaluable. @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Yeah, we get that a lot. It WAS supposed to be more comedic, but if you really watche… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Understood. Odd, though, as BCSD was the most conservative Scooby show in terms of the… @SugarSchweetz @RiseFallNick Interesting. Out of curiosity, APART from the design (we know people don't like the ar… @SlinkyDoughnut @RiseFallNick Damn straight! @hireBRADFORD @spywrite @Trapperboy220 @timothycsimons If we're talking about the BCSD gang, I think "Vote Velma" i… @Slicknickshady I'm sure the great crew is doing their best to make it as entertaining as possible, but my guess is… Dinkley #ShouldBeA2020Candidate considering her impressive mystery-solving skills and 2017 mayoral campaign p…
Retweeted by Jon Colton BarryHear THAT all other SD series? We got Quaarkbeast on #TeamBCSD - which HAS to be some kind of tipping point, if my…
@TomKonkle Then there's the psychology of a talking dog. Studies in the Journal of Veterinary Science have determin… @MasqueradesFox Awesome! BCSD is an animated pandemic - slowly spreading exponentially. @TomKonkle HAHA! "The dramatist must be certain the dialogue spoken by the 3 of 5 primary protagonists is interchan… @TomKonkle @hireBRADFORD Haha. Could you imagine? "Uh, hey, JCB, it's WB, this is a little awkward, but..." @TomKonkle Well, if you go back to Aristotle's Poetics, his thoughts on the nature and function of "a blonde guy" i… @TomKonkle Thanks, old friend. "Great" is kinda blurry. BCSD didn't do "great" by any normal industry standards, bu… @ToonGrin @LoveStruckLlama Ha! I'm still amazed they let us do that. That scene couldn't go on long enough for me.Thanks, Catherine! LEGO City Adventures season 2 is much more about having fun exploring the city and characters th… @thatsartfolks Yes, BCSD I'd be happy with BCSD being the Tom Waits of animation. @LoveStruckLlama @ToonGrin Thank you, Nicole. That's very kind of you to say. @ToonGrin @joncoltonbarry I agree so much with this statement. Be Cool Scooby Doo is one of the smartest and funniest shows I've seen.
Retweeted by Jon Colton Barry @Kusundree I apologize but the info is wrong. I had nothing to do with either. I did not work on the Star Wars cros… @MissEmmiKat Ha! Yes, BCSD's Fred is a walking Dad joke - told by a Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein.What is going on? Not complaining, but I'm enjoying the irony of the growing love for a show that got its ass kicke…