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Jon D Arthur @jondauthor Auckland, New Zealand

Queer, bear, 20s, bi. The best sitcom character you never met. My nemesis thinks saxophones are synth bagpipes. I flog books at the link below. Unrepped. He/Him

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@fancylettuce Is this a uterusSome poor confused writer googled "fourth McElroy" and mislabeled Clint as Torvin the Mouthless Horror…
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @CaitlinSnark Did you mean: Boris"There is no forum that can recognise the grief of the people of Ihumātao for the degradation of their land." - Leo…
Retweeted by Jon D ArthurHawking's A Brief History of Time but with a Dragon Age-inspired romance system.
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @laurealis @GeriDmello Cosigned ❤❤❤#PS4share @coopercooperco Real "you promoted your cancelled show on our show, please don't ask anything more of me" face
Retweeted by Jon D ArthurDude Rorschach is my favourite superhero i just wish his mask didnt have a picture of my parents fighting on it
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @insopherable 2 > 1 >>>>>>> 3, I think @GrahamB47 Unless I'm doing something where I put them on in the background, 1 is a big day for me @GrahamB47 I personally can't support it but I forgive many of your unforgivable views. @GrahamB47 I pretty much just listen to a few McElroy ones, Yo Is This Racist, Magic Tavern and Punch Up The Jam. I… @GrahamB47 No irony comedian has ever been worth it @GrahamB47 She's a slow burner finally getting her due @SmolSnark Hmu if you want help fleshing it out with my Patented SystemMostly I'm still jonesing for someone to make a PS1-style FF game with 2019 graphics tho. @tui_talk Next they'll ask why SNL is only at midnight in New YorkGod I wish they'd do a PS1 style remake of this game. Strip out the MMO stuff and just turn it into a good old fash… @tui_talk I genuinely can't imagine what was going through their mind that they couldn't guess why times weren't co… @tui_talk That's some gall they got thereGendry from Game of Thrones gave me a magic axe to throw at the devil who exploded into crystals. 10/10Finally finished Shadowbringers and boy... That's some good Final Fantasy @DangOlWill Don't you mean thank youu @DangOlWill Goddamn @CaitlinSnark @GrahamB47 It's what you get for sacrificing art styleSpider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, 2019 @homewreckwifey He'll call the NHS by his name @David_Cormack birth is gross @simonpnz #HasPaulGoldsmithReplacedHisButtonYet*Turning a big dial that says 'make this about sexism' while looking back at the audience to see if they're into it* @asunflowerpose Irrational dispeptic!Cares enough about aesthetics that he needs it pulled tight, but can't be bothered asking around if anyone has a sp… @asunflowerpose What if I told you, it can be bothIt isn't our fault he can't look after a shirt that probably costs more than I spend on a year's petrol, Simon @GrahamB47 @hideous_pizza I think about that every day
@GrahamB47 Citation needed that Leo is that big outside of teens making Oscar memes @DangOlWill Make up artists have changed a lot huh @GrahamB47 To be so innocent...Good news, Dora has been promoted to Battle Angel
Retweeted by Jon D ArthurThis is my new favorite wild mommy post. It’s me, the millennial slut who just goes to Disney World to make childre…
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @GrahamB47 I have an audience of one (1) but they're loving itA Vampire: The Masquerade system hack designed to recreate Younger, where the masquerade is Sutton Foster pretending to be 25 not 45 @TreasonJenga Imagining this cover but by Thomas Kincade#PS4share @GrahamB47 Anti-animation bias is wild @iatethetv It's certainly a ballsy name given the chance of this happening @BoyNamedShit @boynamedshitoh god oh fuck
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @Xaphriel @GrahamB47 @VK_HM hey that episode rules
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur
@KevKoeser We all failed this city... But he didntThey cut a line from the old cap scene in endgame where he talks about the honor and privilege of getting to vote f…'m increasingly of the opinion that, without even playing it yet, DQB2 is the undisputed GOTY @VK_HM Shostakovich would weep63. We're in the bad timeline
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @CaitlinSnark @CaitlinSnark Get those vogels levels @insopherable Soph no!! @insopherable It's fine, I'm inheriting a three bedroom this week @insopherable Soph you live in the wrong city to be making these tweets @travismcelroy @BrandonJRouth @_CourtneyFord_ @SaraJBenincasa Travis will be on the best tv show, LegendsJust discovered an absolutely incredible EX move in Judgment.
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur @LeFrenchAccent @VK_HM You know what I inserted into Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom? @kvetchings I guess it's true what they say, Mao takes Mao problems @ohlaika_ @GrahamB47 @KevKoeser Yeah @KevKoeser Tfw @KevKoeser If you have access, the ps4 port is way easier to play @KevKoeser Your lack of commitment to tron legacy video game worlds disappoints me @KevKoeser Kev play Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance @GemOfAmara @GemOfAmara Massively underestimating the crowd drawing power of Bob's Burgers: The Movie @GrahamB47 I'm tellin you man, the trailer fucking slayed every crowd I saw it in @GemOfAmara Thor (Natalie Portman) is thrown for a look when her ex, Adrian Skyeman (Hayden Christiansen) arrives i… @DeaExLena I would, but I couldn't care less @rosie_rose Yes. It's a TV show. Hawkguy and Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop @MBCnotNBC Unfortunately I left it until too late, so I am watching star trek... But I have that hannibal fomo @bnowalk Disgusting, trek is hereby disqualifiedA crisis at the lastCrisis over a wealth of options with dinner tonightTina showed me this and I'm still simultaneously in disbelief and not at all surprised.
Retweeted by Jon D Arthur#PS4share they're gonna do bombastic bagman in f4Wait, Fantastic Four? John Mulaney for Mr Fantastic or I riotWhat happened to GoG3 and BP2 tho? CapM 2? Spider-man 3? They're gonna be the full tilt acceleration ones towards U…"eternals" weird choice "shang chi" real b rank pull "black Widow" in this climate?? "multiverse strange" could be… @MBCnotNBC R U L E S @MBCnotNBC It owns so fucking hardOh they're making hawkguy @VK_HM @GrahamB47 He worked for many years as Peter File, didn't stick
@MBCnotNBC Hey macarena @likebricksdont We STAN @MBCnotNBC It's spelled papoose @likebricksdont you hear our fav's dropping right into the culture war? @BetterCallSof @GrahamB47 Five years is my favourite "everything great and everything terribly dated" bowie time capsule