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Queer, bear, 20s, bi. The best sitcom character you never met. My nemesis thinks saxophones are synth bagpipes. I flog books at the link below. Unrepped. He/Him

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Yahya Abdul Mateen ii as Jacob in a mass effect series. Send tweet. @RowanKaiser @BetterCallSof hey luuke fucks @BetterCallSof sof you say that like it's the first time that's ever happened and wasn't a core part of every third EU book @BetterCallSof he's alongside paul in the "what are you doing" camp @BetterCallSof not sure he beats my big deal criteria (even though he's a big deal To Me) @BetterCallSof having said that, that's actually very useful for my thing so good point @BetterCallSof paul's #problematic because he takes his whole prophecy and decides instead to become a worm @BetterCallSof literally there in the name @BetterCallSof oh shit i forgot my boy @BetterCallSof i'm trying to shy away from explicit capital-S Superheroes for fear of this thing becoming a bad wat… currently on the list: em: alice, dorothy (both dubiously chosen) m: katniss, luke skywas research for a thing, i'm trying to narrow down chosen ones in fiction (written / filmed / whatever) that were B… @MBCnotNBC @KevKoeser you missed a star @DangOlWill My friend, I gave you a first and last 35 thousand tweets ago @fauxparse No intermission?! Has she not done enough evil? @hideous_pizza You know any good knock knocks @GrahamB47 God I kept losing it every time he would bounce off a tom hardy riff. Great stuff. Really looking forward to ep3. @GrahamB47 It's got a real fun energy. Very The Good Adult Swim type vibe.Quality content laid low by the cowards retweet @alexpgwoodward Oh, I'm making capital gains, just not net gains @alexpgwoodward Thank you, please capital gains tax my fleshI'm the landlord of my own body in that I've not had anyone in it for a while now and its costing me wildly more in… service announcement: NZ edition #kiwichristmas
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @GrahamB47 Instat̍ͦ̈͏͚̹̣́h̷̷͍̜̘ͦ͛͠o̱̰̞̘ͪͫ͋̐́ͧ̓ͩt͍͖̰̩͆̓ͪ͂͢ @GrahamB47 Year after year we hear "cthulhu hot", "cthulhu hearthrob", "bust my bussy wide open daddy cth" but the… @KevKoeser Excuse me, yahya from the get down thank you very much @SmolSnark I'll Google how to build a house turret @SmolSnark The plan: convince Chris and marty to save for a house deposit so you can move in and we can become spinsters @KevKoeser @RowanKaiser @ErnieLies Would you believe these tweets are the plot of death stranding @trashmatsuit Like congrats dude, I guess you're winning at your own horrible standards @KevKoeser @RowanKaiser @ErnieLies What do you want me to say, that twitter is the only place that let's me live th… @KevKoeser ❤️ @RowanKaiser @ErnieLies @trashmatsuit That's it! That's the whole ballgame in one tweet! Just brazen 'I only came here to establish I, the… @RowanKaiser @ErnieLies Rowan, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you aren't a twink @RowanKaiser @ErnieLies No, he's the twink from difficult people @ErnieLies @RowanKaiser Cole is just fucking 😘👌👌👌 goddamn does he have the troll tweet down @RowanKaiser The dream of the 90s is alive in portland, rowan @RowanKaiser Moving to Portland @ZeppoMarxist @FutureHasbeen i wish someone had reunited busy with her eyebrows in that pichot dang that semi-acoustic now that i found you really takes off @FutureHasbeen i have long been on record that it should include reaction shots from every cw show current and pastWho wants to buy my spec Goodfaggots
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @bradycanoe @bnowalk they've really got their foot on your neck which, you know, could be better, could be worse @ABillionSuns @bnowalk it's not cronenbergian it's just fetish content @bnowalk @OdoSouterraine my I Don't Know Anything About Churrolapse shirt is making people a lot of questions already answered by the shirt @bnowalk we're just long donuts (churros) @BoyNamedShit you merely missed it, my friend but have you seen the entrances to that body? the fleshy unbroken tube within us? fuckin' s e x y @ko_kendra_ahau can't believe they gentrified what used to be $20 for a tub the size of a child @ko_kendra_ahau sure sure!!! @kvetchings fuckin jameela jamil radicalising me into anti-choice politics just so i don't have to side with landlordshad a ridiculous mechanic where every time you did a physical attack, you chained together punches or hits using a… out @jondauthor’s books too!!
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthurjoke's on you, that's brie larson of legaia did and still does rule @VK_HM Peterloo (and Paddington too) is my new YA novelReal Life PUBG? This Japanese High School Class Was Forced To Fight To The Death On An Island…
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @David_Cormack i'm 29 and own a replica pip-boy from fallout, so i know who the real winner is hereFor those who didn’t know Yaddle was mentioned in Fallen Order. Is this a sign of more Yaddle to come?
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @GrahamB47 oh, saul! such a great turn by odenkirk he becomes a key player and gets his own show.
@GrahamB47 oh i forgot there's just a repository for these @digifreak642 @GrahamB47 oh sandra, now THAT's an ascended extra @GrahamB47 santana and brittany on glee are big ones, they ended up anchoring half the ensemble despite being hired… @KevKoeser all i know about kramer v kramer is a mad magazine from like 99/00 that made it about seinfeld @MBCnotNBC i skim-read this as "a second away from making the main characters queer" and girl same @MBCnotNBC sutton foster brings big "i'll abandon these kids at the first opportunity" energy and it carries all th… does the death stranding spoiler wariness period end because i wanna talk about the four fucking "here's why i… @bnowalk @VK_HM shit that's a good gag @GrahamB47 i jest with love @GrahamB47 top ten episodes that make you go WOAH @HonestUniverse agreed. @HonestUniverse the greenlane one should just be removed though. why!! if you need a sign it should be removed entirely!! @HonestUniverse i have driven through there so much and never clocked it was meant to be a footpath @HonestUniverse i guess living in auckland for all my life has ruined my ability to tell how fucked up our public spaces are @HonestUniverse mark i don't know what to do with this information because it's literally seized me with fear @VK_HM what's it called when you do something 3x as much as normal? that's hard. wolfhard. wolf hard. three wolf mo… @HonestUniverse thanks i just broke out in a sweat thinking about this @VK_HM we regret to inform you the democratically fan controlled space opera universe has voted to call itself KEKverse: Triggered @HonestUniverse i was laying some footpaths for a fallout 4 mod and thinking "these are too narrow, nowhere has foo…
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @bradycanoe lisztomania? that's right, niles' secret middle name is liszt and folks,Undone Director. Hisko Hulsing
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthuri don't mean to spoil a part of this Unraveled, but i just can't get over how *good* the sad clown paintings were
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @GrahamB47 he deserves it @MC_Odd i'm also very 👀👀👀👀 at the deliberate use of Cyan screenshots, even those he's leader for a fraction of the time compared to TerraNintendo Power, Oct 1994. Summarized pros/cons for "Final Fantasy III"
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthuroh my god I think I just cracked this wide open
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @GrahamB47 it's because no one wants to admit that the only thing keeping them from letting the guy who works the d… from #Auckland 📸 @alexkaneperkins
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthurdistracted boyfriend who rose consistently over course of last National government and this government. In their first term, it rose f…
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' ArthurPLUNGING INTO FIRST PLACE
Retweeted by Jon D 'Justice for George Michael' Arthur @oriwa_ @ColeyTangerina Gays can't drive is a myth of our oppressors to keep us down! We accept it at our own peril! Gays rise up!love when my wife blows up the problem clown
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